Sviluppato da un team di esperti modders del forum della Paradox, Darkest Hour è un gioco indipendente della serie Hearts of Iron. Il gioco è composto da alcuni approfonditi scenari di guerra ambientati nei più bui capitoli della prima parte del 20esimo secolo.
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"Deutschlands Sieg - Europas freiheit! Be the Hitler you always wanted to be."

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Sviluppato da un team di esperti modders del forum della Paradox, Darkest Hour è un gioco indipendente della serie Hearts of Iron. Il gioco è composto da alcuni approfonditi scenari di guerra ambientati nei più bui capitoli della prima parte del 20esimo secolo. Gioca dallo scoppio della Prima Guerra Mondiale agli inizi della Guerra Fredda!

Caratteristiche importanti:

  • Brevi e lunghe campagne di guerra che permettono al giocatore di giocare durante i più bui capitoli della prima parte del 20esimo secolo, dallo scoppio della Prima Guerra Mondiale agli inizi della Guerra Fredda
  • Una mappa disegnata manualmente che offre opportunità strategiche e tattiche
  • Un sistema diplomatico dinamico che permette al giocatore di avere un vero impatto sul corso della storia
  • Un'intelligenza artificiale che reagisce a centinaia di differenti situazioni simultaneamente


Grandi campagne (dove è possibile scegliere ogni nazione coinvolta):
  • 1914 La Grande Guerra (inizia il 27 Giugno 1914)
  • 1933 L'ora delle decisioni (inizia il 4 Marzo 1933)
  • 1936 Verso la guerra (inizia il 1 Gennaio 1936)
  • 1939 L'invasione della Polonia (inizia il 1 Settembre 1939)
  • 1940 L'Europa in fiamme (inizia il 10 Maggio 1940)
  • 1941 Il risveglio del gigante (inizia il 21 Giugno 1941)
  • 1942 Il nemico alle porte (inizia il 22 Novembre 1942)
  • 1943 Il cambio della marea (inizia il 26 Luglio 1943)
  • 1944 Götterdämmerung (inizia il 20 Giugno 1944)
  • 1945 Endsieg (inizia il 16 Dicembre 1944)
Scenari limitati focalizzati su specifiche operazioni o guerre e dove il giocatore può scegliere solo un limitato numero di nazioni:
  • 1904 Guerra Russo-Giapponese
  • 1939 Invasione della Polonia

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows 98/ ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Pentium III 800 MH
    • Memory: 128 MB Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB hard disk space
    • Video Card: 4 MB DirectX-compatible
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0 or higher
    • Additional: Mouse with scroll wheel, keyboard and internet for multiplayer
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Grandissimo titolo della paradox, sembra HOI 3 in versione migliorata.
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I am going to be honest with you.

This game has stolen many, many hours of my life. I have changed the course of History in an infinite number of ways, and have played most nations, from Germany to the USSR to Cuba to Portugal. It is the best 20th century (until 1950, anyway) grand strategy game in existence. It is far better than Hearts of Iron III.

But what is just fantastic about this game is two things: the community and the mods.

The community is one of the greatest, best bunch of history maniacs and armchair generals I have ever seen. Going to the forums is a rare and wonderful experience. And they are exceedingly nice. And they will advise you and help you. And they will discuss intricate, microscopic details of historical events with you. And you will learn. And you will like it. And you will make friends. A fantastic bunch of people.

The mods, as if the game didn't have enough content already, are incredibly fun to play, and some are incredibly detailed as well. They are not that difficult to install, and you will have a ton of fun with them. I personnally recommend Kaiserreich (Germany wins WWI) and New World Order 2 (get to play during the Cold War as well, including alternative history events for a German victory in WWII). And, of course, the community has also dedicated itself to these mods, especially Kaiserreich.

I have been playing strategy games since Civilization (the first one), and this is the best strategy game I have ever played. Period. If you like strategy games, it is a must own.
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Darkest Hour is one of my favourite games, hands down. but why? I think I will list them in bullet points to make it simple
-Compared to HOI III its not needlessly complex, operating simply allowing you to format your forces with ease
-Graphically compared to HOI II it is a massive improvement, compared to HOI III it is not to bad and has a certain 'style' that is interesting
-I find the game to have the right amount of Historical Accuracy, while things will play as they usually did IRL, your choices really impact alot of things, but the AI also sometimes makes choices which affect you
-The WWI scenario makes Dh in my opinion one if not the best WWI Strategy Games outhere
-In the WWI scenario the Central Powers can 'win', espeically if your playing as them and know what your doing
-The WW2 scenario is good enough I don't know of any issues I've encountered execpt Hitler 100% of time comes to power, (there is an event the player can choose which instead of Hitler coming to power communists can instead)
-Mods, firstly the AAR mod, which gives the player an extended timeline from 1914 until 1964
-Mod33 a French mod that gives new nations, new events, new units, new desicions, it is a very good mod, however the event text is in French, so it is also a way to practice your French
-Modern Day scenario, a very good mod, as it says you get a modern day scenario, with all new techs, all new Units, and a load of new events, not to mention all new leaders,
-And Finally Kaisrreich, firstly no 2 Kaiserreich games are the same, they always turn out different, in one the USA becomes Syndicalist (no communists), in another the Qing Empire re-unite China, in another game you might see an independent Siberia, chanes are you will see many of these in a single game, you might also see none
-Kaiserreich is an extremely interesting scenario, the Central Powers win WW1 and you believe that scenario, in fact it is done so well, to the point where I remember someone on the forums saying "I don't play Kaiserreich that ofter, but when I do, I forgot real History"
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In this game, you can play as FDR, the well known imperialist who conquered South and Central America in the early 1930s, and went on to pre-emptively invade Japan. His famous speech on the day of the invasion will be remembered as "No seriously, guys. I am a time traveller. Japan attacks us in late 1941. That's why I transferred the entire Army to the Marine Corps and based the entire US Navy in Guam." The Belgian Prime Minister, when questioned about his decision to build a massive line of backwards fortifications on the French border facing into his own country answered "The Germans don't actually stand much of a chance against the French and British in 1939 if the Maginot Line continues through Belgium." The Swiss Prime Minister, when asked why he devoted his country's entire GDP to Nuclear research and nuked Berlin in 1944 famously stated "♥♥♥♥ Hitler". tl;dr Alternate History is great.
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It's basically an improved Hearts of Iron II, extended timeline, you can activate events at will, and the research tree seems far better.

TLDR: It's a fun grand strategy at the top most level for every country in the second world war, from 1933 to 1964 (if I remember correctly)
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