Bound to Light is a dark adventure puzzler set in oblivion where you sneak your way to save souls & bring back the light
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Sep 25, 2018

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Available: September 25

This game will unlock in approximately 6 months


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November 24, 2017

Final prototype version!

Hi everyone!
Today we released Bound To Light version 0.2.0, hype! We’ve been listening to feedback from various sources on how to improve the game, here’s a list of the things we’ve done, don’t worry, no spoilers.

      Squashed too many bugs to count, some notable fixes are:
    • Enemy behaviour is more consistent and less punishing, no more beasts teleporting through walls!
    • Movable blocks should no longer get stuck on edges
    • Lux will attempt to defy the laws of physics less often when falling from ledges, although it was kind of cool to look at in the end we did not want it in the game.

    • We’ve done some tweaking to the visual style of the majority of the puzzles, this includes new assets & updates visual effects.
    • Updated some animations, added some new animations.

  3. AUDIO:
    • More spooky ambient sounds throughout the game.
    • Updated sound effects, added new sound effects, just listen to that swap!

    • We’ve re-designed almost all of the puzzles in the game, these changes vary from minor clarification changes to complete re-designs, try it out and see for yourselves!
    • Some doors have been replaced with barred doors, this change was to make it easier to see what will happen when certain doors are opened.
    • Added new runes that appear in puzzles, see if you can figure out what they mean!
    • Lux can no longer throw rocks. This feature was something that we initially thought would be a great addition but ultimately did not fit in with the rest of the game (it also made development of enemies trickier), therefore we decided to not keep it in the game.
    • You can now look around with the camera using right-stick on controller or moving the mouse when using keyboard and mouse.

This changelog could be much longer, but as mentioned above we do not want to spoil the game for you! So without delaying you further, go ahead and give Bound To Light 0.2.0 a try! Sadly this is also our official feature-stop for a while, but don’t worry, we’re still listening to feedback and fixing bugs!
Now go save some souls!
/Ludwig Babloon

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October 24, 2017

Some new stuff and patches!


- We did some smaller adjustments to some puzzles

- Made it visually clearer that you make more noise when your running or interacting with stuff

- Fixed some stuff with the shadow beasts (more to come)

- Some small performance optimization.

We're planning and working to do more changes, please give all the feedback you can during this time!


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About This Game

Bound to Light is a dark adventure puzzler set in oblivion where you sneak your way to save souls & bring back the light

In Bound to Light you play as young Lux, trapped in a dark world without any light left.
It is up to you to bring back the light by completing challenging puzzles and avoiding enemies.

Note: The current demo is a prototype version, so there will be bugs.
This is not a final version of the game.

Bound to Light is still very early in development and we’ve tried to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. In the future we will add more core mechanics to the game and further develop the existing ones, we have a lot of ideas but we are open for the public to have their say.

- Control empty husks to progress through the dark dungeon
- Command them to follow you or stay in place
- Swap places with husks to activate pressure plates
- Sneak your way past the dangerous beasts
- Move blocks to hold down pressure plates
- Save lost souls on your journey

There may be some minor visual bugs and the tutorial elements are sparse so we will provide you with the keybinds so that you can jump right in and enjoy the game.

Input support:
- Keyboard & mouse.
- Controller with xInput (e.g xbox 360).

Movement - wasd / left stick (controller)

Sprint* - shift (hold) / A (controller)

*=makes sound and attracts enemies to your location so be careful

Interact** - spacebar / X (controller)

**=Interact with husk to possess them, interact again to issue them to stay put.

Swap*** - C / Y(controller)

***=You need to posses a Husk to have something to swap positions with

Toggle between Husks - Q and E / RB and LB (controller)

We hope you enjoy the prototype and we would love it if you could give us your honest feedback so that we can make this game even better.

System Requirements

    • OS: Win 7 or later
    • Processor: Dual core
    • Memory: 1 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5500 or later
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
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