Frantic, multiplayer action involving Nazis and dinosaurs! What are you waiting for? This is World War II as it should have been!
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發售日: 2011 年 04 月 8 日


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"Day of Defeat: Source + Nazi Dinosaurs"

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01 月 29 日

Free Weekend and New Comic DLC!

In related news, this weekend also brings us issue #1 of the brand new Dino D-Day digital comic. Let's face it, if you are already a big enough nerd to enjoy a video game about dinosaurs in WW2, you are a big enough nerd to read the origin story in a comic. Embrace your hopeless inner nerd, like we have, and pick up this comic at Dino D-Day's Steam store page.

Because we’re also comic nerds, we’re super excited to have gotten renowned comic creator Tommy Lee Edwards (Google him) to break away from his work with Marvel, DC, etc to design our book and create the layouts. We used the game as a virtual prop house to create the final look over his layouts, which means that the end result is nerd squared! With the comic you also get TLE’s original full-color layouts with a toggle switch that lets you click back and forth on each page.

Operation Genesis tells the story of how Captain Jack Hardgrave and Nigel Blythe-Crossley first met: on a combined allied mission to a mysterious new Nazi installation on the French coast. What is lurking within the damp concrete walls of this base? Chances are, it is something with enormous teeth and rancid breath! Nigel and Hardgrave have to learn to work together and use all their dino-fighting know-how to deal with this new menace. All the thrills, chills, and tongue-in-cheek humor of Dino D-Day the game, but now with story! Spoiler: there’s a new character on the last page. Beautiful? Yes. Deadly? Of course! Help us make issue #2, where she helps busts our heroes out of Nazi captivity, by picking up the comic along with the game!!

But wait, you say, why do Hardgrave and Nigel look different in the comic than they do in the game? The characters depicted in the comic book are derived from new designs created for some planned narrative projects and we wanted to show off the new looks in the comic!

The comic DLC is available on Dino D-Day's product page, and will go straight to your game client. Read it right from your main game menu, or as a high resolution DRM FREE pdf! Excelsior!

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“Now featuring new maps, modes, and playable thunderlizards we felt Dino D-Day is well worth a second look.”
PC Gamer, January 2012

New Content Released Since Launch

  • 5 new playable dinosaurs. 9 playable dinosaur classes in total.
  • Moved to an updated version of the Source engine!
  • Awesome new game mode, 'Last Stand' now available!
  • 6 new maps shipped since release
  • Brand new game mode – Capture Point
  • Alternate weapon loadouts now available
  • FULL, Steam-integrated stat tracking
  • Bot-support for offline play!


The year is 1942. Adolf Hitler has succeeded in resurrecting dinosaurs. The reptilian horde has trampled Europe and the Mediterranean. Can nothing stop the Nazi’s dinosaur army?
Dino D-Day is a frantic, action-packed multiplayer game that transports you to a World War II that should have been. You and your friends can battle online choosing to serve the cause of the Allied nations or the Nazis. The Allied side includes seven playable characters including Trigger, a Protoceratops rescued from the Nazis. Each Allied class has unique weapons and abilities to use in combat. Gun down a Dilophosaur with your trusty M1 Garand, blast a kamikaze pterosaur out of the sky with your Thompson sub-machine gun, or toss out a dead jackrabbit to lure a raptor into a trap.
As an Axis player you will have your choice of three human classes and four dinosaur classes. Ambush your enemy with speed and stealth as the Raptor, mercilessly pound the enemy with a heavy 20mm gun as the Desmatosuchus, rampage through enemy groups as the Dilophosaur or pick up a body and throw it at an enemy for a double kill! Or if you prefer a rifle in your hand, the German soldier classes are the perfect complement to their dinosaur comrades.
You’ve played World War II games before…but have you played a World War II game with dinosaurs?

Key features:

  • Frantic online multiplayer action involving Nazis and Dinosaurs
  • 7 playable dinosaur classes: Velociraptor, Dilophosaur, Desmatosuchus, Stygimoloch, Trigger the Protoceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Styracosaur.
  • 9 playable human classes
  • 26 classic World War II weapons and plenty of exciting dinosaur attacks!
  • Powered by Valve’s Software’s Source engine – the technology behind such mega-hits as Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal2, Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2!


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz P4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or AMD64X2 (or higher)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space
    • Video Card: Video card must be 128 MB or more and with support for Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon X800 or higher / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher / Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher).
    • Sound: Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
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張貼於:06 月 17 日
以前就有注意到這款遊戲,但是畢竟當時沒有使用者評論,只有評分。在被分數誤導,以至於認為是糞 Game 之下,一直沒能接觸這款遊戲。甚至買一些 Bundle 低價取得後,也一樣是放置 Play。

直到暑假特賣-95% Off
是的,一款遊戲賣你 15 台幣,要不要推別人坑買?要阿!
朋友踩到地雷怎麼辦?才 15 塊跟他哈哈哈就過了!
搭上近期恐龍生存遊戲(ARK),以及電影(侏儸紀世界)的風潮,恐龍的話題又再度炒起來,因此這類惡搞 Game 接受度就自然變高了。

  • 如果要用一句話簡單來形容遊戲,就是「DOD:S + 納粹恐龍」。
  • 玩的時候可能早已 Patch 到爛掉了,很少看到遊戲不平衡的問題。
  • 人少(8v8)的時候很明顯地對軸心國有利,人多(12v12)的時候同盟國就有一定的優勢。
  • 雖然軸心國滿滿恐龍,看起來超強,但恐龍操作要上手,還是有一定的門檻在。
  • 總結來說,這遊戲的賣點不是恐龍,而是人比恐龍還恐怖這件事情。

  • 老實說M1 Garand有點太強勢 - 特別是給瞄準快的人用,殺恐龍比殺人還快,不過不少二戰遊戲也這樣設定就算了。
  • 地圖熟了之後,人類才是最終 Boss。恐龍在室內有移動限制,人在室內簡直在打COD,太適合游擊戰術了。

以 FPS 來說:8/10。
以無腦紓壓 Game來說:10/10。

遊戲帶來的新奇度給這款遊戲很高分,但是如同 Source 遊戲的通病一樣,你說要耐玩,大概要非常有愛才能繼續吧。
就像以前打 CS:S (34hr) 和 DOD:S (12hr) ,以及後來的 TF2 (272hr) 一樣。
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張貼於:06 月 18 日
價錢跟買1杯豆漿差不多 是時候踩這塊steam放的地雷了
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張貼於:02 月 2 日
I played it for an hour or two.

Pretty fun game.
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Dino D-Day 101: How To Play The Game.

Step 1: Open The Door

Step 2: Get On The Floor

Step 3: Everybody Walk The Dinosaur

Follow These Steps And You Might Survive.
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張貼於:01 月 29 日
used for my WWll report... gave me an F
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