Frantic, multiplayer action involving Nazis and dinosaurs! What are you waiting for? This is World War II as it should have been!
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"Day of Defeat: Source + Nazi Dinosaurs"
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26 noiembrie

Jurrasic-Sized Update and DLC Released!

The Jurassic-Sized Update

The long awaited graphical update to Dino D-Day fixes some issues that our community has noticed, bugs that were hampering gameplay, brings an entirely new version of the Source engine (Portal 2) to the game, and also brings a huge facelift to characters, animations, environments, weapons, and props. You’ll see some models that have been replaced, and others are completely new. We hope you will enjoy fighting the great dinosaur war all over again inside the newer, better looking, better playing Dino D-Day. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Check out some additional before and after shots here.

Dino D-Day: Last Stand

The pulse-pounding co-op survival game where you and your friends play through 10 intense waves of snarling Nazi Dinosaurs is out of beta and ready for you to join the team. As you fight, you’ll pick up gold from every kill you make, and can spend it in the new Quartermaster store on upgrades, special abilities, new weapons and animal companions. Our old friend Trigger is there, alongside new addition Vengeance Goat, a goat who--with the help of an allied supplied Tesla coil--serves out revenge on his former masters the old fashioned way: electrocution. If you’ve chosen your friends and your upgrades wisely you might just survive to face the rocket-firing “Red Baron,” a big beast faster and meaner than anything you've faced before. Available now on Steam.

One additional note on both of these game changers: We are actively working on refining the play experience, even after we've launched. We expect to make some tweaks as we receive feedback from players, so let us know what you think! We've had our dedicated team of beta testers working for months now, and we feel like the game plays well and is much better looking. However, we want the input of our entire base to really fine tune Dino D-Day in a way that satisfies both new players and those who have been around for years. We appreciate all of you and hope you enjoy what we've done!

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29 septembrie

Dino D-Day Public Beta is now open, Beta DLC Last Stand is up for sale

Dino D-Day now has an Open Beta where players who want to check out our upcoming free overhaul of the game, can do so. The Dino D-Day Jurassic Update isn't finished yet - but it is playable and we will continue to take feedback as we polish it to completion.

We invite you to come play with us and let us know what you think of the direction the game is taking. If you have thoughts and ideas we would love to hear them!

You can also purchase the Last Stand DLC now on our main Steam page. This is also a very playable version of the game which will keep getting refined as we get player feedback. It has new dinosaurs, a new Quartermaster upgrade store, new maps, a terrifying boss battle at the end of it, and finally and most importantly: it has a goat out for revenge who shoots lightning from his horns for Freedom.

For more info, and detailed instructions on how to opt into the Beta, visit our blog

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Ce spun criticii

“Now featuring new maps, modes, and playable thunderlizards we felt Dino D-Day is well worth a second look.”
PC Gamer, January 2012

New Content Released Since Launch

  • 5 noi dinozauri jucabili, 9 clase de dinozauri jucabili în total.
  • 3 hărți noi încă de la lansare
  • Stil nou de joc - Punct de Captură
  • Arme alternative acum disponibile.
  • Urmărire completă a statisticilor pe Steam
  • Suport-bot și mod offline, mai târziu!

Despre acest joc

Este anul 1942.Adolf Hitler a reușit să învie dinozaurii.Hoarda de reptile a călcat in picioare Europa și zona Mediteraneană.Chiar nimic nu poate opri armata de dinozauri a Naziștilor?
Dino D-Day este un joc frenetic cu un multiplayer de acțiune care te aduce într-un Al doilea Război Mondial care ar fi trebuit să existe.Tu și prietenii tăi vă puteți confrunta online alegând tabăra Aliaților sau cea a Naziștilor.Tabăra Aliaților include șapte caractere jucabile incluzând Trigger, un Protoceratops salvat din mâna Naziștilor.Fiecare clasă a Aliaților are arme unice si abilități ce pot fi folosite in luptă.Doboară un Dilophosaur cu celebra armă M1 Garand, aruncă in aer un pterosaur kamikaze cu mitraliera Thompson, sau aruncă un iepure de câmp mort pentru a ademeni un raptor într-o capcană.
Ca jucător al Axei vei avea oportunitatea de a alege una dintre cele trei clase umane și una dintre cele patru clase de dinozauri.Prindeți inamicul într-o ambuscadă cu viteză și invizibilitate ca Raptor, zdrobește fără milă inamicul cu o armă de calibrul 20mm ca Desmatosuchus, intră violent între grupurile inamice ca Dilophosaur sau ridică un corp si arună-l în inamic pentru a omorî două persoane dintr-un foc!Sau dacă preferi să joci cu o pușcă, clasele de soldați Germani sunt completarea perfectă a camarazilor dinozauri.
Probabil că te-ai mai jucat jocuri din Al doilea Război Mondial…dar ai mai jucat jocuri din Al doilea Război Mondial cu dinozauri?

Caracteristici cheie:

  • Multiplayer online frenetic și de acțiune care implica Naziști și Dinozauri
  • 7 clase de dinozauri jucabile:Velociraptor, Dilophosaur, Desmatosuchus, Stygimoloch, Trigger the Protoceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Styracosaur.
  • 9 clase umane jucabile
  • 26 de arme clasice din Al doilea Război Mondial si o mulțime de atacuri interesante de dinozaur!
  • Dezvoltat cu ajutorul Motorului grafic Source al companiei Valve – aceasta fiind tehnologia din spatele mega-hiturilor gen Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, și Left 4 Dead 2!

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz P4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or AMD64X2 (or higher)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space
    • Video Card: Video card must be 128 MB or more and with support for Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon X800 or higher / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher / Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher).
    • Sound: Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
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Postat: 13 octombrie
Nazi Dino Army VS Allyes with one king of Dino :D

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Postat: 10 iulie
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Postat: 26 iulie
Nice !!
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Postat: 19 iulie
recomand dino d-day
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Postat: 30 octombrie
like killing dinosaurs? this game is for you
like being a dinosaur? this game is for you.
like killing nazis? this game is for you.
like being a nazi? this game is for you.
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When you first buy the game and start playing, you might be a bit lost. Nothing seems to fit in, you can't score any kills and seems like everybody is out to get only _you_. Then you start to learn the maps, game modes, classes and the speed of games. Kill-Death ratio starts to turn, as hours spent in game pass. No dinosaur, big or small, poses a threat to you. And every dinosaur you handle, reaps through the ranks of your enemies. You run, fly and pounce through fields where bullets, grenades and goats fly. This has become your another home.

And after all this, you notice that the fun hasn't disappeared even for a moment. You just continue playing and make friends in the process. Then play some more.
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Postat: 2 iulie
Clever girl...
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Postat: 1 noiembrie
I killed a dinosaur with my bare hands

69/420 -IGN
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Postat: 15 noiembrie
You can throw goats at people.

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Postat: 3 septembrie
This is your usually WWII FPS, almost, but dinosaurs were necessary to add something new to them

The bad thing is, it doesn´t have a story mode or campaing (so don´t expect a scientific explanation for the dinosaur, axis just revived them, give weapons, and tried to change the world war course.

Dead records are exactly the same of TF2....

I whonder why Stalin appears on Allies winning if there aren´t a single russian there.

America faction only have one dinosaur, but every class have their own weaponry (and nacionality).
But don´t worry you still can fight for uncle Sam

Interesting facts:

-Goats can be can be thrown
-T-rex is not only in the game image, it can be used (and being OP of course) in 2 specific open maps (But no triceratops )
-Press "f" as dinosaur to P-I-S-S.
-I bet no ones notices the Zeppelins in the background
-Bot names are from famous and real people (Henry Fonda, Audie Murphy, Charlie Chaplin....)
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Postat: 2 august
It's Team Fortress 2 with Dinosaurs.

It's Team Fortress 2 with Dinosaurs with a WWII theme.

It's Team Fortress 2 with Dinosaurs with a WWII theme and you can play as the dinosaurs.

It's Team Fortress 2 with Dinosaurs with a WWII theme and you can play as the dinosaurs AND THE DINOSAURS HAVE GUNS.

It's Team Fortress 2 with Dinosaurs with a WWII theme and you can play as the dinosaurs AND THE DINOSAURS HAVE GUNS and you don't have to worry about ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s trading you all the time just because you have a shiny hat.

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Postat: 2 octombrie
Nazi Dinosaurs with Cannons and Machine Guns on their backs. What more do I have to say?

Dino D-Day is a humorous WWII Multiplayer FPS about what would happen if not only did Adolf Hitler's science teams brought the dinosaurs back to life, but also gave them nerve controlled weapons, the intellegence to comprehend language, ideology, nationality, and not eat their masters? You get this silly game where Dinosaurs have cannons, machineguns, their own claws and abilities, and even suicide bombing mini dinos; I'm not kidding. The game got it's start as a single player mod for Half Life 2, but it was scrapped apparantly and it's assets turned towards a multiplayer game.

There are two teams, The Allies, and the Axis. With some memebers of either having special abilities to use.

The Allies are John Hardgrave (The Leader), who uses either the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine. His ability is when he gets three kills, he can go into a Patriotic beserk spree! Punching facists with his super fists high into the air!

Then there's Joe Spencer, he uses either a Tommy Gun or a Grease Gun, his specialty is calling in artillary strikes onto a part of the map, which is useful for either clearing a certain chokepoint of enemies, or dealing damage to critical targets.

Up next is Nigel Blythe, English Gentleman with a Shotgun, and his choice of either a rocket launcher or a flame thrower to light those jerries up!

Supporting from the rear is Ilona Vike, cute as a button but sharp as a razorblade. This Soviet Rose is the sniper of the team and utilizes her rifle, her revolver for back up, and a dead rabbit to distract certain dinos into losing control and eating, leaving them vulnerable to either Ilona herself, or her comrades.

Supporting at the front is also Camille Brun the medic, she heals nearby teammates with her special or can chuck heal oozing medpacks for teammates to gather around.

Finally, there's Trigger, the wonder dino! Liberated from the Nazi Army, Trigger is the only Dino the allies have, and he's as deadly as he is cute, getting revenge on the long long hunt from carnivores millenia ago, Trigger uses his nerve controlled, swivel mounted 30. Browning Machine Gun on Facists, wether beast or man.

The Axis forces only have three humans, being mostly comprised of Facist dinosaurs!

Kurt Streicher is a simple soldier with no abilities to speak of, Armed with his rifle, his MP40, and some grenades, he does good on the front on his own.

Karl Hissman is the more interesting German, being a falconer, he's trained explosive, suicide Pterosaurs to fall onto where ever he points at, killing anyone nearby (Did I mention you can, if lucky, lock the Pterosaur onto an enemy?). Aside from that, he serves as the team's sniper against Ilona.

The final Human is Don Graff, the Medic and Vetrinarian for the Axis war machine. be wary that even though he is a simple medic, he is armed with an STG44.

The Facist Dinos include the classic Velociraptor, who can use his speed to surprise and overwhelm enemies, and even pounce onto them to rip their throats out.

The Dilophosaurus can pick up one of the many goats (did I mention there's goats in this game?) and lunge them at enemies for damage and laughs, as well as the ability to knock down enemies, pick them up, and toss them for a double kill!

The Desmatosuchus is a walking tank, armed with a medium but still powerful tank turrent, he can supress enemies and kill with splash damage. Be mindful that he and his spikes are big, so it's not easy to get through certain doorways.

The Stygimoloch is the Desmatosuchus, but more mobile, agile, less bulkly, and has a MG34 Machine gun instead of a cannon. He is the German Trigger.

The Microraptor can do it all! He can fly, claw people to death when they don't know it, and blind people with a deadly acid spit, while clawing them to death!

The Compsognathus, or Compy for short, is a suicide bomber dino, though small and his bomb is just a stick grenade, he is still fanatical, and with three kills from his claws, turns his grenade from a weak firecracker, to a powerful bomb that can kill many, and set others aflame!

Finally the grand daddy of them all, only avaliable on certain maps, The Tyrannosaurus Rex! You can't spawn as him, rather there's a "waiting list" on the Axis team where a random player gets selected to become the Rex until either the end of the round, or death where upon another player is randomly chosen. He is nasty, Armed with two MG42s on the sides of his head, able to pick up and toss airplane bombs, he also uses his might roar to knock down enemies and if they're unlucky enough, The T-Rex can pick them up and eat them for health! His only problem is his pure size and slowness, making him a target for everyone.

The game comprises of three modes. Team Deathmatch (First team to 50 kills wins), King of the Hill (The side that controls the hill point for 3 minutes wins.), Control Points (First team to capture all points wins.), and Objective mode. Otherwise the game is your typical FPS combat, with the Allies being more for group tactics and shooting, while the Axis Dinos are more arena shooter.

Overall this is a fun cheap game, I got this for $1.99 when it was on sale the other day, and it's worth the money if you can find a crowded server. The game is active with a couple of players, so no worries about finding a big game. I would indeed reccomend this game.


-Fun Gameplay
-Gunplay is good
-Dinoplay is amazing


-Weird Control choices (Holding the aim button while in toggle mode won't let you fire your gun, this can be switched to hold down though.)
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Postat: 1 august
Best idea for a game ever.

If you dont like it you are wrong.
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Postat: 6 noiembrie
Best game. Gifted to me by a friend so I can confirm the theory that he actually hates me.
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Postat: 15 noiembrie
I punched a T-Rex to death and died from a small raptor ripping out my throat 10/10.
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Postat: 24 octombrie
This game is fun. No matter your skill, no matter your system, no matter the class you choose. This game embodies the ultimate dream of all young boys and I can assume many young girls. WW2 mixed with Dinos I mean it's magic! I awaited this game from the moment I heard of it. It's surprising a game like this took so long to come out. But the similarity to UT is what really makes this game fun for old school gamers. Let's be honest ever since Halo and CS ruined gaming forever people have been waiting for a game that isn't realistic. If I wanted to crouch and steady myself before every shot I'd go play paintball. I want to jump and flip like a jackass while some poor sap tries to shoot the ball of rubber I've become. It's simple the matrix was cool that's what I want from a game... any game. That said the graphics are ok at best but the gameplay more than makes up for it. The only real problem I have is getting hung up on walls and corners it's sort of the one button mouse of gaming. A nearly unforgivable sin since it was fixed in most games long ago. All things considered it's a great little number I'll be playing for years to come. -SEF
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Postat: 27 octombrie
Ok, I'll be honest, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its addictive, fun entertaining and over the top! I'm only gonna review the game BEFORE the major update and BEFORE the DLC so here it goes:

The numbers:

Graphics: 5/10. Not too good but not the worst. If this review was an electoral voting system grapics would count for 1. All i'm saying: It doesn't matter. Don't be turned off by it!

Controls: 8/10. Like TF2.

Handling: 7/10. Advrage FPS game 'feel'.

Story: 6/10. Not much but it does have somthing, and now with the past few updates has come more explamation.

Game play: 10/10. This is what makes the game great. It is like a lower level COD multiplayer game but with DINOS!!! multiple classes and assortments of weapons allows you to be able to blast through hours of fun! Cant't stress this factor enough!!!

Creativity: 2 part rating here: 8/10
a. FPS: Done before, nothing special.
b. Dinos: Over the top. One of 3 games on steam that have 'FPS Dino' theme.

Price: 10/10. Was FREE at one point but normally goes on sale for $2.50 so save your pennies!!!!!

Hype: 10/10. Thought was gonna be good but ended up being Great!

Over all: 8/10 Very Fun! Must have!!!

NOTE: This is a review for BEFORE THE DLC AND BETA CAME OUT!!! Saved all that for another review.
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Postat: 2 octombrie

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Postat: 9 octombrie
Hitler resurrects dinosaurs

Good theme, ok gameplay.

Get this if you want a game to play for short whiles at a time. Good to play with friends.
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Postat: 13 noiembrie
Such a realistc recreation of WW2! 11/10 would pee on enemys again
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