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Bege dig in i en pensionerad yrkesmördares värld som tvingats tillbaka i spelet på grund av förräderi. Även om du dödar mot betalning är du ändå lojal och rättvis. Besök de mörkaste vrår i en värld full av kriminalitet, girighet, förnedring och vanära. Och ett förflutet som hunnit ikapp dig. Lita inte på någon!
Utgivningsdatum: 1 okt, 2002

Köp Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Paket som innehåller detta spel

Köp Hitman Collection

The Hitman Collection includes the complete library of Hitman titles ever released for PC, including the Elite Edition of Hitman Absolution - the critically acclaimed, purest Hitman experience yet, along with all the extra downloadable content created for it.

Om spelet

Bege dig in i en pensionerad yrkesmördares värld som tvingats tillbaka i spelet på grund av förräderi. Även om du dödar mot betalning är du ändå lojal och rättvis. Besök de mörkaste vrår i en värld full av kriminalitet, girighet, förnedring och vanära. Och ett förflutet som hunnit ikapp dig.

Lita inte på någon! För det rätta priset kan din närmaste bundsförvant vara den som skjuter dig. Dina målobjekt kan gömma sig på de mest avlägsna platser på jorden, men deras undergång förhindras aldrig – den bara utsätts.

Lär dig ditt yrke, bemästra dina verktyg, ta dig förbi eventuella hinder, var smartare än dina fiender, tillintetgör dina mål! Kom ihåg! Ogenomtänkta beslut leder till obehagliga konsekvenser. Du måste veta när du ska slå till direkt och när du ska avvakta. Lyckan står den förberedde bi. Att misslyckas är inget alternativ.

  • Ta dig an uppdrag på exotiska platser som Sicilien, St. Petersburg, Japan, Malaysia och Indien.
  • Agera i en icke-linjär värld där resultatet av dina handlingar och förmågor som yrkesmördare mäts baserat på smygtaktik och aggressivitet.
  • Förfölj och eliminera dina målobjekt på nära håll, antingen i första- eller tredjepersonsperspektiv.
  • Utför dina uppdrag med hjälp av en varierad utrustningsarsenal, allt från krypskyttegevär som kan skjuta genom pansar och sprängmedel till kloroform och giftiga pilar.
  • Skaffa och bär vapen och verktyg från uppdrag till uppdrag tack vare ett förbättrat förråds- och sparsystem i spelet.
  • Musiken har skapats av Jesper Kyd och framförs av Budapest symfoniorkester.


    Minst: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP, Pentium 3 450 MHz eller motsvarande, 100 % DirectX 8.1-kompatibelt grafikkort med minst 16 MB VRAM, 128 MB arbetsminne, 100 % DirectX 8.1-kompatibelt ljudkort, 800 MB okomprimerat hårddiskutrymme, 100 % Windows 98/ME/XP-kompatibel mus och tangentbord

    Rekommenderas: Pentium 3 1 GHz eller motsvarande/snabbare, 256 MB arbetsminne, 100 % DirectX 8.1-kompatibelt grafikkort med 3D-acceleration och 32 MB VRAM, 100 % DirectX 8.1-kompatibelt EAX Advanced HD-ljudkort

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15 av 16 personer (94%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.9 timmar totalt
Infinitely better than the original, fun to play, well explained, better controls. Everything is improved and more fun.
Upplagd: 30 mars
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13 av 13 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
35.9 timmar totalt
Hitman, is doubtlessly my favourite game franchise ever.
As my first experience with that genre, these games litterally turned me into a stealth weirdo. Here, I'll review the first four games at once, to avoid disorder in my evaluations list. (I haven't played Absolution, so it won't appear there.)

I remember back in my college days, when a good friend of mine gave me Hitman : Codename 47 for me to try.
His words were the following : "It's an amazing game! Non-linear, and you can choose the way you want to complete your objectives and kill your targets! For instance, there is that mission in which you can disguise as a waiter and poison the food!"

(I didn't know yet, that much later I would just end up on the roof and snipe the target from a little concealed window, because screw the poisonned food. Hiding on the roof like a coward was the way I did it.)

Out of pure curiosity, I gave the first Hitman a try, and I loved it. I spent my evenings on it, struggling on the hardest missions, but enjoying it nonetheless. Eh. killing a drug lord with a minigun has its own benefits.
Two weeks later, I gave the game back to my friend and said "Boy, it was epic."
How big was my stupefaction when he told me they did a sequel called Silent Assassin!
My first reaction was approximately similar to "I NEED TO PLAY DIS NAOW. NAAAAAOW."

Besides I'd like to thank Liam sooo much for gifting me the whole Hitman collection during Christmas 2012. Liam if you read this, you're awesome and I love you.

I could finally try the second game, which improved a lot from the first. It's a must-have for all Stealth lovers around here, and I had my best Hitman hours on this game! You can even murder evil twins, one of them eating crisps and pizzas in the basement of a Malaysian airport, the other relaxing in his jacuzzi at the top of a highly guarded skyscraper.
*Applies "Only featured in this game!" stamp of awesomeness*

I then, tried Blood Money, for the fact everyone recommended that game over the two previous ones. Graphically, it was a stunning improvement. As for the gameplay, it had been, once again, perfected : Body hiding, Weapon customisation, beverage poisoning, etc... And those custom newspaper articles at the end of each mission are hilarious! Blood Money is worth gold, and I really recommend your to play it once in your life.

Finally, I acquired Contracts, as known as Silent Assassin's spiritual sequel, which subtly links the events from the original game, with a certain chapter found in Blood Money's cutscenes.

Apart from Contracts being a much darker game than the others - although it fits perfectly with its plot -, it's still an awesome addition to the series. Half of the missions are remakes of the old famous ones from Codename 47. And when I say "remakes", I do not allude to the cheap remakes based on graphical improvements. No, those missions had be redesigned completely, the objectives are the same, but the layout of the map and the buildings have changed, and there's even more exciting ways to finish your job successfully.

Well, I could talk for hours about Hitman, or relate my most memorable moments, but the best you could do for now, is try by yourself and take control of the well known Agent 47 for the best assignments of your life.
Upplagd: 10 september
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14 av 17 personer (82%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
17.5 timmar totalt
> Be me, 13-14 years old.
> While at school and during recess i explain to my best friend what type of game is Hitman.
> I showcase him (live action) how to kill someone with fiber-wire.
> Teacher passes by, thinking that i'm trying to harm my friend.
> I end up in directors office explaining what i was trying to do.
> Feel so embarrassed!
> They say nothing (the teachers).
> I'm free to go!!!

Must play 10/10! All the good memories that i have from this game...
Upplagd: 1 augusti
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5 av 5 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.3 timmar totalt
More freedom, more options, and the same intense gameplay of the original. The sequel is much more forgiving on gamers than its predecessor, but the gameplay still remains as addicting as ever.The game’s coup de grace, however, lies in the intelligence of the other characters you encounter.Sure, it could've been longer, and a multiplayer option wouldn't have hurt either, but even as it is, I really couldn't find anything wrong with the game - it's fun, intense, and most of all, highly enjoyable.If stealthy, strategic action intrigues you, Hitman 2 is a blast.
Upplagd: 28 mars
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5 av 6 personer (83%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.2 timmar totalt
First Hitman game i ever played. I will never forget, i played the demo countless of hours ! good Hitman game, i recommend this game.
Upplagd: 6 april
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78 av 81 personer (96%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
4.3 timmar totalt
So, I owned this game back on CD until that one broke, and when it appeared on Steam, it didn't take me long to make the decision to re-acquire it.
This game is one of the classics and my personal favorite of the series (maybe, mabye tied with Blood Money).
Don't expect HD graphics as the game is fairly old, but they still hold up and the gameplay makes well up for it.
The game mostly gives you free reign over how you deal with your missions, wether you go in guns blazing or infiltrate the building disguised as the milkman, take out your target and leave without anyone ever knowing better; the only consequence being a distinct shift in your overall mission ratings (though wether or not a Mass Murderer rating is good or bad is still technically up to you. *wink*).
What you have to know is that if you play it quiet, you play it slow. Be prepared to wait for good whiles to learn guard routes or for your target to be in the perfect spot; be prepared to reload often (if you're a perfectionist) when things didn't go as planned, or quickly adapt to your new situation.
So, overall, if you enjoy the thought of being the unseen angel of death that puts Altair and Ezio to shame, or if you played and enjoyed any of the other Hitman titles (and for some reason don't already have this one), this is a definite must-have.
Upplagd: 28 december, 2013
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