Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is a game of real-time tactics that places you in command of an elite unit of Special Forces behind enemy lines in the European theater of World War II. From the shores of France to the heart of the Third Reich, strike fast from land or sea infiltrating hostile territories and conducting raids to disrupt...
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发行日期: 2003年10月14日


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"A lot of the good mechanics of 2 have disolved, for better or for worse. Tactical turn based strategy, this one is the hardest of the series."


Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is a game of real-time tactics that places you in command of an elite unit of Special Forces behind enemy lines in the European theater of World War II. From the shores of France to the heart of the Third Reich, strike fast from land or sea infiltrating hostile territories and conducting raids to disrupt the German war machine.
Key Game Features:
  • Engage the enemy across Europe, from the Eastern front of Stalingrad, to the Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin, to the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach, each offering unique tactical situations and more action than ever before in the series.
  • Navigate detailed interior and exterior environments using ambushes, assaults, stealth and sabotage to disrupt enemy advances.
  • Prepare your commandos for a variety of strategies as enemy bombing raids destroy and alter the surrounding environment, requiring you to change your tactics on the fly.
  • Experience WWII warfare head-to-head in a variety of all new deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer modes.
  • Improved accessibility: Commandos 3: Destination Berlin features more detailed, smaller maps providing more action-orientated missions that form part of an overall campaign.


    最低配置:微软 Windows 98SE/2000/XP(需要管理员权限),奔腾 III 700 Mhz(或速龙(tm) 同等处理器),Windows 98SE 需要 128 MB 内存,Windows 2000/XP 需要 256 MB 内存,32 MB DirectX 9 兼容 3D 显卡(英伟达 GeForce 或者 Ati Radeon 芯片组),Windows 98SE/2000/XP-兼容 声卡(100% DirectX 9-兼容),2 GB 空余磁盘空间,100% Windows 98SE/2000/XP 兼容鼠标和键盘
    推荐配置:奔腾® 4 2.0 GHz(或速龙(tm) XP 同等处理器),512 MB,128 MB GeForce 4ti 或者 ATI Radeon 9xxx 同等显卡
    多人游戏需求:奔腾® III 1.0 GHz(或速龙(tm) 同等处理器),256 MB,64 MB GeForce 或者 ATI Radeon 同等显卡,局域网,ADSL 或者有线宽带
    Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz (or Athlon(tm) XP equivalent), 512 MB, 128 MB GeForce 4ti or ATI Radeon 9xxx equivalent
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这游戏说多了都是泪啊(关卡设计的简单些可以不!!),这有这代勉强过几关。 但是强烈推荐这款游戏,就当收藏了吧。
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Hey all, a great game I finally got this working for me by using the following:
Windows Compatibility Mode : XP SP2
Disable Visual Themes
Disable Desktop composition
Disable Display scaling on high DPI settings
Use Windows 7 Basic Theme
(Also if you have an alienware falling back to the integrated graphics rather than the ATI Chipset should help)
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so many bugs on steam verison
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Grafic problems on win 8,1 64bit
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Screen resolution is very poor, came in a collection pack with the other commandos games which didnt work correctly, steam support did not help with this matter. If you remember these games from there release and want to play them again dont buy this download, buy the original disk, you will be very dissapointed with this if you have played them befor
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screwed up my graphics. so many glitches
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Bought this game for 99 cents. I feel cheated, and I want my dollar back.
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this game sucks i keep getting noscoped by some hardscoper 0/5
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This game's predecessors set a high target for it.
It managed to surpass them all.

20.6 小时(记录在案的)
Works very well on 8.1. Just finished the game! 10/10
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why this game not have the system of achivements . its a pity . the game is extraordinairy but without achivement .we feel less funy .i hope the official can modify it .
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I recommend this game, but only if you have played any of it's predecessors. Why? Because this one is even harder due to improved AI, time limits and fewer shortkeys which is not very beginner friendly but also because it is simply not as good as Commandos 2. The developers removed a lot of features that made Commandos 2 great, such as being able to seach furniture for useful items, bonus levels, difficulty settings and many more smaller things. Sure there were improvements too, like a fully 3D engine and a bigger variety of level designs but this was not enough to make the game stand out from it's predecessors.

In short: It's very challenging for Commandos veterans and other strategy gamers but near impossible for beginners who are better off starting with Commandos 2 to get used to the gameplay.

Looking at the negative reviews of this game reveals that Commandos 3 might not work for your computer for unknown reasons. If you want to make sure you can play the game without any issues you'd better buy it at GOG.
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Best game ever. Commandos series=must have games!
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One of the best games about WW2.
Viena no labākajām stratēģijām par 2. pasaules karu, visiem iesaku!
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good game
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Worst Commandos sequence. They thown away everything good of Commandos 2.
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Another legend commandos game but i prefer commandos 2.
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best game ever in my life...
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Don't buy if you have a new computer, there are many graphic glitches, such as half of the screen missing, as well as an inability to use the sniper.(everything goes disco pink) I purchased this for 79cents and now am short 79cents.

Also, the green beret sounds like a viking.