Commandos 3: Destination Berlin ist ein taktisches Echtzeitspiel, in dem Sie das Kommando über eine Eliteeinheit von Spezialtruppen hinter den feindlichen Linien des Zweiten Weltkriegs in Europa haben. Von den Küsten Frankreichs bis zum Zentrum des Dritten Reichs: Schlagen Sie an Land oder im Wasser schnell zu, infiltrieren Sie...
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Veröffentlichung: 14. Okt. 2003

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Kürzliche Updates Alle anzeigen (2)

18. Februar

Commandos Update for Modern Computers

Hi Everyone,

We are looking into all bug reports on our main thread. If you are experiencing any issues with the updates, please let us know here.

UPDATE - You can now access the old build via the "Legacy Version" launch option

Thank you all for your continued support for the Commandos series, we appreciate all the feedback we have received. We have heard all of your concerns and took them on board.

With that, we have an announcement, all of the Commandos games should now run on systems up to and including Windows 10. Significant changes have been made to the code in order to make each of the games run correctly on modern machines.

Changelog for Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

  • Graphic bugs fixed.
  • Performance problems fixed
  • Compatibility issues with modern hardware improved.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Load/Save screen and other graphics bugs fixed.
  • Sniper lens now renders correctly.

We all hope you enjoy the update, and thanks again for all of your support!

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Über dieses Spiel

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin ist ein taktisches Echtzeitspiel, in dem Sie das Kommando über eine Eliteeinheit von Spezialtruppen hinter den feindlichen Linien des Zweiten Weltkriegs in Europa haben. Von den Küsten Frankreichs bis zum Zentrum des Dritten Reichs: Schlagen Sie an Land oder im Wasser schnell zu, infiltrieren Sie feindliche Gebiete, und überfallen Sie den Gegner, um dessen Kampfmaschine außer Kraft zu setzen.
Wichtige Spielfunktionen:
  • Eröffnen Sie den Kampf gegen den Feind in ganz Europa, von der Ostfront bei Stalingrad bis zum Hauptquartier der Gestapo in Berlin und dem D-Day am Omaha Beach, die alle einzigartige taktische Situationen und mehr Action als je zuvor in dieser Serie bieten.
  • Navigieren Sie bei Hinterhalten, Angriffen, Listen und Sabotagen durch detaillierte Szenen in Gebäuden und im Freien, und vereiteln Sie ein Vordringen des Feinds.
  • Bereiten Sie Ihre Kommandotruppen auf verschiedenste Strategien vor. Während die Umgebung durch feindliche Bombenangriffe zerstört und verändert wird, müssen Sie Ihre Taktiken immer wieder anpassen.
  • Erleben Sie den Zweiten Weltkrieg Kopf an Kopf in einer Vielzahl komplett neuer Deathmatch- und CoOp-Multiplayer-Modi.
  • Verbesserter Zugang: Commandos 3: Destination Berlin zeichnet sich durch detailliertere, kleinere Karten für verstärkt actionorientierte Missionen aus, die Teil eines Gesamteinsatzes sind.


    Mindestvoraussetzungen: Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP (Administratorrechte erforderlich), Pentium III mit 700 MHz (oder entsprechender Athlon(tm)), 128 MB unter Windows 98SE, 256 MB unter Windows 2000/XP, mit DirectX 9 kompatible 3D-Grafikkarte mit 32 MB (nVidia GeForce oder Ati Radeon-Chipsatz), mit Windows 98SE/2000/XP kompatible Soundkarte (100 % mit DirectX 9 kompatibel), 2 GB freier Festplattenspeicher, 100 % mit Windows 98SE/2000/XP kompatible Maus und Tastatur
    Empfohlen: Pentium® 4 mit 2,0 GHz (oder entsprechender Athlon(tm) XP), 512 MB, GeForce 4ti mit 128 MB oder entsprechender ATI Radeon 9xxx
    Multiplayer-Voraussetzungen: Pentium® III mit 1,0 GHz (oder entsprechender Athlon(tm)), 256 MB, GeForce mit 64 MB oder entsprechender ATI Radeon, LAN, ADSL oder Kabelmodem
    Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz (or Athlon(tm) XP equivalent), 512 MB, 128 MB GeForce 4ti or ATI Radeon 9xxx equivalent
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Ausgeglichen (396 Reviews)
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( 170.6 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 30. Juni
Train Mission is all patchy and both the town missions are not being loaded
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Obey the Fist!
( 0.1 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 29. Juni
This 3D top down strategy game was once one of the better examples of the genre, unfortunately it's aged too badly to allow a recommendation, despite there being a "For windows" released version.

Technical problems abound - if you have SLI, prepare for merciless flickering. The engine is dated and was never made to be scaleable - so you have one fixed resolution, and you can choose between "high" and "low" quality, and that's it. Pretty lame, sadly.

Graphics wise - while dated, the graphics are discernable enough if you can survive the technical glitches.

Gameplay - it's quite playable, although not very fun and the controls now feel really clunky.

I think if the developers still have their hand out for Steam cash for this game, they need to put in the effort to update it for modern PCs and fix the bugs.
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( 1.0 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 25. Juni
Disappointed! Nohotkeys sucks ball hard! Recommend hotkey patch manually installed !
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( 0.2 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 24. Juni
The game lacks updates. There is no support or wish to fix the stuff you have to do manually, which pisses me off. They still want your money, but don't care about the product anymore.
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 0.2 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 17. Juni
Constantly crashes even with resolution patches.
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 2.2 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 23. Mai
It's gameplay, graphics, sounds and pretty much everything in it are frustrating! It is very short and different campaigns are not related to each other, maps are small, some commandos men from previous games are missing too.. As a fan of Commandos series i strongly do NOT recommend this game, which is badly executed add-on of Commandos 2.
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 0.2 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 11. Mai
I just want to know, how to set the screen resolution? 800x600 is not acceptable.
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( 2.7 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 8. Mai
Been itching to play this game my whole life but sadly im on windows 8.1,...
if you're also on windows 8.1 then i suggest you dont install the game.. totally unplayable.. sure the last update fixed the sniper scope and some color glitches but the ♥♥♥♥ing field of view is totally wrecked (ive played commandos 2 so not having the view and line of sight is driving me nuts).. it doesnt display the view, instead red and green lights flashes the screen. not to mention the black triangles and wrecked UI on some stages.. tried almost all the fix posted in google and in here but none worked, i even played and tried all the settings on suggested fixes/third party programs.

if youre on win10, you still got hope.. search the fixes, people claim its working but if your on windows 8.1 then dont even try. search some other game instead of wasting your time downloading a game which you probably wont get to work until the next update (or maybe not even).

the game is good tho, one of the best (still i think comm2 is better).
if you really want to play the game on win8.1, go search somewhere else where it's reliably working.
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 0.3 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 8. Mai
These games WONT work on new machines no matter how much research i do I can't get any of these working... Thanks for that steam... Thiefing ♥♥♥♥♥!
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0.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. Juni
Constantly crashes even with resolution patches.
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0.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25. Dezember 2013
Get commandos 2: Men of courage instead.

Ok, I am not saying that this game is terrible. I played many many hours of it in the past. But compared to Commandos 2, It's not what it could be.

Where commandos 2. Had a smooth learning curve. Commandos 3, throws that over board and just throws you into the deep and straight after the tutorial.
Lets compare commandos 2 to commandos 3 for a quick bit.
the tutorial of commandos 2 was ok. First one was quite easy, but explaining the basics very well. Then the second one gave you the feeling of a real mission in a smaller setting. Still a little easier than the main missions, it gave a good learning experience of the game. Mainly because not everything was explained to you.
commandos 3 tutorial was too simple. You began training a whole long missions learning the basic moves of some of the commandos, all in a way too linear fashion. Then the second tutorial should have been the smaller mission. And it is. But compared to the actual missions, this one is way too easy, and again every move you need to make is fed to you with a spoon.

but okay, the main missions are quite hard. they aren't impossible. Just require a whole lot of messing things up.

Missions. Hard, doable but okay. their settings differ nicely from eachother. Though the difference could be as good as it was in commandos 2. But what i disliked most, is the linear feeling most of the missions have. Do this, go to that do that again. It just doesn't feel like the past where you had open levels and you could do them in any way you liked.
Story wise, they did nicely too. They actually managed to add in 3 stories in the game.
one about a traitor, one for the D-day campain. And one about a weapon if i am not mistaken.
Not the spectacular stories you would hope for, but it's there at least.
Diversity in players is lacking though. I feel that I am mostly just using the same players mission after mission. While leaving some alone. they even cut out some players from the previous game. But why they only used the diver in 1 mission i can't understand.

Then we have the gameplay.
It's okay at best.
As someone who is common with commandos 2 controls this is a whole difference. Because mainly it's the same game as C2. Just with some major ajustments. Some are good, some are bad.
Control wise, It could have done better. A lot of the shortcut keys are gone. And I have the feeling to get a different weapon out I am clicking more than I did in previous installments.
But that is just knitpicking.
Of course there are mods to enable more shortcut keys.

It does improve on some mechanics though.
Weapon distribution and handling is improved. And the free moving camera indoors works great too.
If yhey used these mechanics in Commandos 2, than that would have been a straight A game.

But last thing I am saddened about. It doesn't work as well on modern pc's. Commandos 2 still works greatly on my PC. but commandos 3 needs so many changes to the game files to keep it working. It's just not worth it.

But to make it short.
commandos 3. It is a good game. but only if you are a long term fan of the series.
but don't expect it to be as good as commandos 2.

My reccomendation. Get commandos 2 if you haven't already. It's longer and has better gameplay.
If you already got, and this game does turn up with 75% off. Then it's worth getting. Just so you can feel how it could be better. Otherwise, Just stay a long way away from it.
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0.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30. Dezember 2015
Does not play on modern era computers. Steam refused to give me a refund on this game as well, citing that it "was not eligible" for refund.

Your welcome for the money Valve. Garbage.


You need to have used this product for at least 5 minutes before posting a review for it (2 minutes on record).

I can't even write a review cause the game doesn't work!!!! HAHAHA Seems Valve has thought of it all.
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3.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. Februar 2014
I'm just being a little picky here, it's a great game if you are VERY smart. I really suggest that you get this game when it's about 75% off, but not when it's full price. I'm new to the commandos series and I made a mistake with playing this one first. Here's a little poem I came up with which explains my experience with the game: I love the gameplay, I hate the controls... There's a lot of bullcrap, the Germans are trolls.
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0.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28. Oktober 2014
Hey all, a great game I finally got this working for me by using the following:
Windows Compatibility Mode : XP SP2
Disable Visual Themes
Disable Desktop composition
Disable Display scaling on high DPI settings
Use Windows 7 Basic Theme
(Also if you have an alienware falling back to the integrated graphics rather than the ATI Chipset should help)
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0.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 5. Dezember 2015
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7.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. März 2014
As a massive Commandos fan, I don't recommend it. In my opinion it's a step back from previous games. A lot of content got cut out, game is very short and linear, many missions depend on time and force you to play aggressively (even if you prefer the stealth approach). There are a few nice missions, but they seem more like Commandos 2 Bonus missions.
After such an outstanding game like Commandos 2, I can't believe why they made something unappealing like this.

Only for fans who just need to have a bit more of Commandos (and then probably play previous Commandos games again...).

If you're new to Commandos - skip this game, get Commandos 2 instead, later play Commandos BEL and Commandos BtCoD.

Driver (okie-dokie!) is missing :(
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33.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29. Juni 2014
I recommend this game, but only if you have played any of it's predecessors. Why? Because this one is even harder due to improved AI, time limits and fewer shortkeys which is not very beginner friendly but also because it is simply not as good as Commandos 2. The developers removed a lot of features that made Commandos 2 great, such as being able to seach furniture for useful items, bonus levels, difficulty settings and many more smaller things. Sure there were improvements too, like a fully 3D engine and a bigger variety of level designs but this was not enough to make the game stand out from it's predecessors.

In short: It's very challenging for Commandos veterans and other strategy gamers but near impossible for beginners who are better off starting with Commandos 2 to get used to the gameplay.

Looking at the negative reviews of this game reveals that Commandos 3 might not work for your computer for unknown reasons. If you want to make sure you can play the game without any issues you'd better buy it at GOG.
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15.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 6. Juni 2015
Simply put, the worst Commandos game in the series.

- Graphics are locked at 800 x 600. A step backwards from Commandos 2
- Too many timed missions. Commandos is all about planning and playing at your own pace.
- Too many sudden events triggered for no apparent reasons, often ruining a level especially if one saved at the wrong time.
- Sizes of maps are too small; number of which is too few.
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19.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31. Dezember 2013
Great Game!, if your going to get Commandos get Commandos 2 ITS SOO MUCH BETTER!!!! 7/10
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