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Du har blivit utvald för aktiv tjänst i kommandostyrkan och måste ta dig an åtta nya farliga uppdrag. Vare sig du är nybörjare eller erfaren av uppdrag bakom fiendens linje får du chans att testa din taktiska förmåga och ditt mod till max.
Utgivningsdatum: 7 Apr 1999
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Köp Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

Paket som innehåller detta spel

Köp Commandos Collection

Innehåller 4 saker: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

Om spelet

Du har blivit utvald för aktiv tjänst i kommandostyrkan och måste ta dig an åtta nya farliga uppdrag. Vare sig du är nybörjare eller erfaren av uppdrag bakom fiendens linje får du chans att testa din taktiska förmåga och ditt mod till max. Som ledare för en liten elittrupp som befinner sig långt inne på fiendens territorium kommer du att få nya utmaningar och sätta nya mål med de här nya uppdragen. Nya fordon, byggnader, vapen och två svårighetsnivåer är tillräckligt för att såväl garvade kommandosoldater som nykomlingar ska bli nöjda.
  • Avleda och gör fienden förvirrad genom att kasta stenar och cigarettpaket.
  • Kidnappa tyska soldater, förstör tågmonterat artilleri och sabotera flygplan.
  • Utplåna motståndare på långt avstånd med Enfield-geväret.
  • Två nya spelfigurer: en kvinna från den holländska motståndsrörelsen och en major från de jugoslaviska partisanstyrkorna.
  • Oskadliggör fienden med hjälp av eter, handklovar, en klubba eller dina egna nävar.


    Minst: Microsoft Windows 95/98, 166 MHz-processor, 32 MB arbetsminne, 1 MB SVGA-grafikkort, DirectX 6.1-kompatibelt ljudkort, DirectX 6.1, 225 MB hårddiskutrymme
    Rekommenderas: Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB arbetsminne
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The Commandos series are one of my favorite childhood games. I bought the Commandos collection, great games, worth every penny.


I highly recommend buying the collection.

P.S. Running great on Windows 8.1 x64 with no speed problems/compability issues.
Upplagd: 2 Mars 2014
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Fantastic game, absolute classic!
Upplagd: 3 Mars 2014
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This goes for steam and not for the game, steam guys, why are you sellings games that doesn't work??? I had to fix a bug problem looking on forums wich made imposible to save game, and after that the game crashes on the main menu or in the esc menu. Really, why do I need to create an account to get support if I already have my steam account, lookes like a trick to avoid giving support to your users..
Upplagd: 24 Februari 2014
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I bought this along with the other Commandos games in a collection pack and just like the first Commandos game, this game runs WAY too fast on modern PCs. It is impossible to react to anything since everything moves too damn fast. Stealth is a must when you play this game, but since everything is in super speed, you won't be able to time it correctly when trying to avoid the enemies line of sight. If you are seen, they will kill you in the blink of a eye and all you can do is just start up a new game since you cannot even save or load your game! This game is one of those games where saving and loading on the fly is very important, but there is no way to do that for some unknown reason. What is even worse is that Steam is actually selling this game online without fixing it. Yea, it was not that expensive, but someone is still making a pretty penny off of this games sales. It is sad because this game is actually good, it's just these bugs that prevent it from being playable. The least they could do is patch it up or if all else fails, take it down the store. If the glitches were fixed, I would definitely recomend buying it.
Upplagd: 3 Mars 2014
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I do recommend this game. It is the one and only Commandos that we have. Please make a new game like this one exactly the same but works with HD graphics and no time or problems with save then see what happens...

Love - Commandos Rulez...
Upplagd: 6 Maj 2014
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Purchased as part of a bundle from Bundle Stars. I played the first two games in the series to death back when they came out.

The game stands up today much as it did when it came out. It's a damn fine strategy game that's a blast to play and highly rewarding. However unlike it's predecessor this game is more of an expansion pack, with only 8 missions they instead ramped the difficulty to near frustrating levels.

While still fun and rewarding for the most part I really started to detest the 'mansion kidnap', 'rail yard' and final mission for the sheer bloody minded difficulty of sections those missions where trail and error started to get irritating.

There are some missteps for sure with elements that are seemingly only solvable in a single method and theres one right in the first mission that can leave you stranded just as you thought you were done and you have to go back a few saves or even start again.

As with Behind enemy lines there are a number of serious issues with the game on a modern PC that make it almost unplayable.

See the page on the 'Commandos Wikia' for 'Commandos: Beyond the call of Duty Fixes' for a collection of bug fixes to stabilise the game and make it playable.


The Good:
*A classic formula that stands up today for it's simplicity and functions.
*Missions can be tackled many ways.
*The settings have a historical context and introduced as such.
*Missions are huge and diverse.
*Fast save/load system makes experimentation less frustrating than you'd think.
*Huge sense of triumph from executing a plan that takes out even a single awkward guard.
*Looks pretty good considering it's age.
*New mechanics, some of which are interesting and alter your tactics.

The Bad:
*Installs ok on Steam but multi-core affinity issues requires some manual tweaking.
*Many missions have sections where there is only one practical solution.
*The difficulty level is a massive leap up upward over the original game.
*A new character only appears in a single mission.
*Cigarette packs effectively give everyone a Decoy box, messing with the balance.
*Shorter tougher campaign.

Recommended for: War, Action and isometric strategy fans and fans of the original.

7/10. Once the stability issue is fixed it's a reasonable follow up to the original.
Upplagd: 26 November 2013
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