Fight’N Rage is a brand new old-school side-scroller beat’em up. Inspired by the classics from the “golden age”, and with an art style that mimics the aesthetic from the 90's arcade gems, this game pays homage to all classic gameplay features that makes this genre one of the best from its time!
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2017년 9월 19일

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2017년 11월 17일

New Update! (Update #4)

While I was seeying how a lot of people playing my game, and reading discussions I tought a lot of things about the gameplay itself. I noticed how some players try to play in the best possible way at high difficulties, while others just try to unlock all costumes and extras while playing more casually... as player, I like to play in the two ways too, it depends on how much compromise I want to have with certain games. I noticed that some players just can't finish the game on hardest settings, because they try to keep continuing in the last level (which is the hardest way to achieve it)... to be honest, I must admit that continuing in hardest levels is not a good option... maybe it can be fun on people like me who enjoy this type of "frustrating experiences" on this type of games, but not for every type of player. somewhere in the line, I was thinking about keep continues limited, but I think that will not solve the main problem... considering that usually those players who like challenges always aim to the 1cc.

I hope with this update, more type of players can enjoy my game, and could have more motivation to try hardest settings too... while those who already aim for the 1cc run or want to play on insane and unfair difficulties, keep the same challenge as before.

Thank you to all players around the world that support me buying this game, talking about it, and writing good reviews. This update is for you! Enjoy! =)

Changes and improvements:
-Added a new costume for each protagonists (all with new styles). You must do 1cc (one credit clear) in single player (any difficulty) in order to unlock those. (Note that if you already was achieve a 1cc, it must be on this version, old versions 1cc doesn't count due the game was not known which character you were used when you got the 1cc) (another reason to play! =)
-Score Rank S costumes were modified to feel more unique.
-Gal weapon attack is slighty better than before (less startup frames and smaller passive collisions).
-Slighty incremented the attack power on some Gal's attacks. (Which means that needed Score for Rank S is higher now.)
-Added more details on the floor of Runaway Path stage.
-Added more details on the beach stage floor.
-Now the "New" mark on extra section items dissapear at 0.5 seconds of viewing instead of 1 second.
-Costume price is now 400 instead of 500 (because there are more costumes to get now).
-Hard and Hardest maintain its previous difficulty but Continues are now by section (just like Normal), so, obtain all costumes will be more accesible. (By the way, Insane and Unfair still don't use section checkpoints, but beat the game on those difficulties is not needed in order to get all costumes.)
-Pipe, sword and boomerang are slightly more powerful (now, it's a better idea to keep the weapons).
-Now, stage title gadget change its color depending on the current difficulty. (I thought it simply looks cooler! =)
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2017년 11월 6일

Technical Update

While I was working on some new content for future updates I did some adjustments and fixes. I hope you like it!
By the way, thanks a lot for the amazing reviews! This is a great way to keep this game alive. I really love to read such great comments!

-Now Easy Difficulty is a little more easier: I added an extra live, so it's pretty more easy than before now, specially if you use continues.
-Some texts descriptions were updated: Due the fact that Unfair Difficulty was completed by some players around the world (included me =D)!, the description in the extras section was updated!
-Now player can skip score conversion counter more faster: I notice this some time ago, when I finished unfair, but now seeying other players having the same issue, I think that's pretty annoying the amount of time you have to wait.
-Now easy difficulty is cheaper: Easy difficulty is a pretty cool way to play the game, it's a shame that some players get discouraged to buy it by prefering buy a costume instead, so, it is much more accesible now.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an extremely rare bug that could happen on an extremely rare situation at the raft stage. Thank you Not Anonymous, for reporting it! That was a really interesting problem to solve!
-Fixed a cutscene english text that appears in spanish. (When you defeat G.Tigar with Gal and F.Norris, Gal were talking some spanish quotes!)
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게임에 대해


Fight’N Rage is a brand new old-school side-scroller beat’em up. Inspired by the classics from the “golden age”, and with an art style that mimics the aesthetic from the 90's arcade gems, this game pays homage to all classic gameplay features that makes this genre one of the best from its time!


Genre: Classic 2D side-scroller beat’em up / brawler.
Number of players: From one up to three players local co-op.
Available languages: English and Spanish.


  • A lot of Combinations: Alternative paths, cutscenes and endings that can change based on the selected characters and your own decisions!
  • Fast and intense single-session gameplay: Each possible route in the arcade mode can be finished in less than one hour! (at least if you have mastered it.)
  • Explosive Combo System: Characters are capable of performing several skillful juggle-based combos that can make your enemies blow up into pieces!
  • Simplified Controls: Using only three buttons (attack, jump and special attack), you will be able to combine lots of movements in order to perform amazing combos!
  • Easy to Play, Hard to Master: Difficulty is not about bad controls or unfair rules… it is about mastering your character’s moves and dealing with tough enemies!
  • Local co-op mode: Up to 3 players with optional friendly fire (which is even more challenging!).
  • Custom Display Modes: Display settings includes optional CRT feels, scanlines and various color styles and more!
  • Lots of Unlockables: Earn in-game coins with your scores and get extra content like character’s costumes, extra difficulty settings, more gameplay speeds, new game modes, new characters to use on these modes and much more!
  • Play as Enemies: More than 20 unlockable characters to play in the extra modes!
  • Training Mode: You can practice a lot of techniques and combos while earning new belts! Are you good enough to get the Black Belt?
  • Different Weapons: Each protagonist handles them in their own way.
  • Speedrun Timer: An exclusive in-game gadget compares current stage times against your best ones! (Of course, the cutscene time does not count, in order to let your fingers take a break… believe me, you will need that.)
  • Fully Skippable Cutscenes: All cutscenes can be skipped or fast-forwarded in order to provide an (even more) intense gameplay.
  • Fair Score Rules: There’s no easy way to increment your score while playing… the score is directly related to your skills.
  • VS Mode: Perfect to play one vs one battles against another player or the CPU, or simply watch CPU vs CPU battles.
  • Parry System: A parry system lets you take the advantage even in the most dangerous situations!
  • Real challenges: It is all about how good you are at the game, not about an “exp” system or other RPG elements that reward your patience. The full moveset of every character is available from the start, so, you do not have to worry about leveling-up anything except your own skills as player!
  • Additional Insane Difficulties: Near impossible extra challenges for pro-gamers (which are not mandatory to unlock all game content).
  • Extremely Polished Gameplay: The playability is focused on fully responsive controls and intuitive commands. The characters can cancel normal attacks into special attacks, release themselves from enemy grabs and perform several chain movements. You will feel the power of controlling a character that perfectly responds to your actions!


In a far future, Earth was devastated by mutants who took control after a worldwide catastrophic event known as “the big pulse”, a global scale electromagnetic pulse that put an end to all electronic technology on the planet. Humans are now enslaved by mutants led by “The Boss” in a world ruled by “the law of the jungle”.
However, not everything is lost… two humans and a mutant rebel are willing to fight in order to stop this madness. Will they be strong enough? Well... that's up to you!

Main Characters

Gal: A girl who escaped from traders of humans. She’s an expert in her own kick-boxing-derived martial art. While her attacks don’t have a long reach, her speed and agility have no equal and her technique and endurance are pretty good too. She is capable of avoiding almost every attack, an ability that comes in handy when facing multiple foes.

Ricardo: A minotaur human-rights activist and a powerful wrestler. He’s not very fast and his technique isn’t as good as his comrades’, but he has a pretty long reach, and his power and endurance are amazing. He’s capable of destroying any enemy in record time!

F. Norris: A runaway ninja whose past is a mystery. He’s the one who mastered the ninjutsu style known as “the forbidden technique”. While he might be pretty fragile compared to Gal or Ricardo, he has a great combination of reach, power and speed, plus an amazing technique that (when mastered) can take control of any situation.


All the game (graphics, design and programing) was created by Sebastián García, while the full OST (composed of more than 40 great tracks!) was created by Gonzalo Varela.

시스템 요구 사항

    • 운영체제: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or newer
    • 프로세서: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
    • 메모리: 2 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: Intel(R) HD Graphics (OpenGL 3.0.0, Shader Version 1.2)
    • 저장공간: 300 MB 사용 가능 공간
    • 운영체제: Windows 7 or newer
    • 프로세서: Core i5
    • 메모리: 4 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: NVidia Geforce GTX 660 or better
    • 저장공간: 300 MB 사용 가능 공간
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