War has been waged across the kingdom of Myrtana. Orcish hordes invaded human territory and the king of the land needed a lot of ore to forge enough weapons, should his army stand against this threat. Whoever breaks the law in these darkest of times is sentenced to serve in the giant penal colony of Khorinis, mining the so much needed...
User reviews: Very Positive (527 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 15, 2001

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"Atmospheric, well-designed and hand-crafted, Gothic sets many important open-world ARPG standards. The wonderfully German dialogues are an added bonus."
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About This Game

War has been waged across the kingdom of Myrtana. Orcish hordes invaded human territory and the king of the land needed a lot of ore to forge enough weapons, should his army stand against this threat. Whoever breaks the law in these darkest of times is sentenced to serve in the giant penal colony of Khorinis, mining the so much needed ore.
The whole area, dubbed "the Colony", is surrounded by a magical barrier, a sphere two kilometers diameter, sealing off the penal colony from the outside world. The barrier can be passed from the outside in – but once inside, nobody can escape. The barrier was a double-edged sword - soon the prisoners took the opportunity and started a revolt. The Colony became divided into three rivaling factions and the king was forced to negotiate for his ore, not just demand it.
You are thrown through the barrier into this prison. With your back against the wall, you have to survive and form volatile alliances until you can finally escape.

Features include:

  • One of the biggest RPGs with over 100 hours of gameplay
  • A large variety of weapons and spells for your character
  • A living world where people go to work, sleep, eat and fight to survive

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/2000/ME/98/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
    • Memory: 256 MB Ram or higher
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 32 MB Ram
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
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Posted: October 27
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Posted: November 13
one of the first games i ever played and still one of my favorites
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Posted: November 17
if you have windows 8 or 8.1 ... not sure about 7

save your money it does not work

always an error occurs while i press the NEW GAME button , and it exit the game .

x/10 ...** can't review it duo to the problems that occured to me **
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Posted: November 12
So I purchased this game and it didn't work.
I contacted Steam Support; we went through all the troubleshooting, everything. Told them: small window pops up saying

executable has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Option: Close program.

They replied to me "We apologize for the delay.

Support for this title is provided by the original developer or publisher. Please refer to the following article for more information on contacting the support team for this title".
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Posted: November 25
should make an update for the game to be installed with pre reqs for windows 8 and 8.1. Also making a new update with newer control scheme for more casual players would make the game more usable.
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Posted: June 29
Good game, but do not buy it for Steam. Application errors and "access violations" up the ♥♥♥. Save yourself the headache and get the Gothic series from GOG.
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47.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
I lost my childhood here
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Posted: October 15
Best RPG.
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Posted: June 2
Overall the game aged remarkably well and left me quite stunned as to how modern-games have regressed in terms of making games. To start off I will say there are elements in the game that are rather old-fashioned in comparison to how games have progressed, for example the developers took an extreme use of the ctrl key that is normally used for crouching (or walking depending on the person). So that being said the combat, menus, lockpicking, and nearly every action you can think of is bound to the ctrl key which takes time to get used to.
The story of the game was all that a generic story tells and nothing more. I wouldn't expect for people to play this game and be stunned as to the twists that the story told, everything comes at face value in the game, and it's meant to be taken more light-heartedly than other RPGs of it's kind as told by the dialogue and various cutscenes.
The combat is relatively interesting and I was reminded of the style of combat that Witcher (CDProjekt RED) decided to use as well. So much so that I even thought perhaps it was the same developers working on the games. I can't say for sure but it is mighty suspicious knowing that Gothic 1 was distributed by CD Projekt a subsidary of CD Projekt RED. It's mainly odd that no one mentions the connection that Gothic 1 had rhythmic styled fighting where you press the directional movement (with ctrl) in accordance to how your character holds the sword. At any rate I can help but feel that Witcher was inspired by Gothic possibly through the connection mentioned above or simply because it was quite popular for it's time, your choice.
I'll go ahead and say there wasn't anything sound-wise in the game to make me hate having to hear the same song over and over again. But I also won't say I heard anything too spectacular aside from the one german band that wandered it's way into Chapter 2 of the story in Old Town.

Now for some odd faults I found with the game. I'll say previous to this that there was an unofficial patch I found out about after finishing the game with a vanilla playthrough. This could be a fix to all the problems I'm going to mention, but I feel I should say some of them anyways.
-Ladders are completely broken in certain areas which can leave players stuck
-Enemies can completely dodge attacks infinitely until you block and allow them to attempt a shot at the hero
-Enemies grouping give an unfair experience due to you being unable to attack anything but the single target you lock on to while they can mindlessly swing at you
-Getting hit causes the hero to get 'stunned' See: Enemies grouping^ to understand why this sucks so horribly
-Any and all animations are not invincible animations and while I can understand why this is placed in certain areas, the final boss desperately should have had some sort of invincibility frames when doing actions
-Humans are completely annoying to kill which leads back to invincibility animations as you have to stop attacking them when they fall to the ground, and THEN press ctrl+up to finish them off otherwise they'll infinitely stand back up
-Mud again because he got me stuck in the bed when he tried to dialogue with me as I tried to sleep and was forced to reload a save quite a ways back
-other odd glitches and whatnot such as clipping through the floor and just dying or sliding off areas that didn't appear to be unsafe leading to untimely deaths

Overall despite the glaring flaws towards the end of the game (at least to me), the first half of the game was amazingly fun.
The main reason I disliked the last half of the game is because it felt like it was working backwards while trying to progress, for example I had someone working on giving me a piece of armor while I had already gotten the end-game armor. And he still hadn't finished the armor that was weaker than the one I'd gotten. It just felt like I was constantly dealing with stuff like this. Another instance was when I was a high-ranking member of the city and was told that I couldn't buy armor since I was a stranger.
To me this is something easily worth checking out and be sure to look for the unofficial patch, perhaps it'll make the game even better for you than I since I had encountered so many bugs.

Also there are tons of bugs with simply STARTING the game
Here's a quick troubleshoot list before I found an end-all solution for my problem
If you get an error when you try starting the game, i.e. you can launch the game but then you get an error when you load or start a new game.
-Disable Steam Community
If that doesn't work
-Run Gothic as an Administrator
The final one
-Disable sound in the .ini Gothic file or in the settings menu
This doesn't have to be the background music, but it does take away all dialogue/sound effects for the rest of the game including cutscenes. But doing this fixed the game entirely for me and I no longer had any start-up issues.
Again patch may or may not fix this.
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Posted: October 19
Still one of the best RPGs ever made with great quests and immersion.

If you want it to run in all resolutions, Windows 7/8/10 and 60 fps use the Gothic System Pack. You dont need other workarounds.

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Posted: July 4
This is one of the best games ever made and a must-have for every RPG enthusiast !
Although the game has been released in 2001 and thus doesn't meet current graphical and gameplay standards à la Skyrim (2011), obviously, it clearly proves that the German developers Piranha Bytes understand how to thrill players with astonishing medieval in-game atmosphere, exciting main and sub storylines, hilarious patters, avid anticipation for level-ups, rewarding skillsets, story influencing decisions, powerful orchestral music, and a real existing in-game live band !

I played this as a teenager and I feel like playing it again from time to time because in terms of atmosphere Gothic remains unmatched to date. Several different endings and skillsets encourage players to replay the game and dig deeper into the story.

Thank you Steam for offering this (rather old) game on your platform !!! :)

Some technical remarks:
To get the game running on newer OS avoiding the Access Violation Error right after the start you'll have to make sure GOTHIC.exe runs in compatibility mode (Win XP works fine here). The file can be found in Steam's standard directory:
C:/Programs (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Gothic/system

For many steam users the game starts in window mode and won’t let you access full screen mode.
To fix this you either need to install a patch as described in Karuhm’s Guide:
or people who don’t want to do that can simply overwrite the video resolution settings in the GOTHIC.ini file, which is located in the same folder as GOTHIC.exe.
If the non-cancellable Pyranha Bytes intro video annoys you, just search for the „playLogoVideos“ entry in the .ini-file and set it to 0. There are lots of useful settings in there.
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35.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 19
Gothic was released in 2001, but it already had advantage gameplay features and graphic you can't find in other games back then: a lively open world with rich dialogues and voice acting, you can climb, swim, eat,... and pretty much everything that makes a RPG great and immersive. (and they say Morrowind was a revolution in gaming, PFFFFT!)
the story is not the best, but it's good enough and interest enough to keep player in the loop. combat and control will confused people who just started the game, but you will get used to it.
because the game was made by a German company and wasn't well marketed in the America, it wasn't well known (even up to now) and was result in being a very very very underrated gem. therefore, if you are a RPG player, this game is a must.

here are some recommend mods for you:
Unofficial patch: http://www.worldofgothic.com/dl/?go=dlfile&fileid=164
the game itself is not buggy, some claim this patch causes more trouble than it worth but I had no problem with it.

Texure patch: http://www.worldofgothic.de/dl/download_247.htm
Gothic 1's texture is very dated, with this texture patch it will bring most textures from Gothic 2 to G1. it's not your kind of fancy HD texture pack, but it will improved the graphic A LOT and keep the visual style in a lore-friendly way.
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28 of 46 people (61%) found this review helpful
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Posted: July 12
Don't wasting time, just best of classic role playing game in the world! Gothic is the perfect choice for hardcore old school gamer, i'm enjoying, i have this game :3
Hope you'll get it ASAP too.

Do not forget about this:

Well you can get all three game at once in Gothic Universe Edition.
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
12.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 26
A classic! And part of my childhood. This game is one of the best RPG ever made. The soundtrack is really beautiful and the gameplay is good if you can get familiar with the clunky combat. The game world atmosphere is great. It will surly absorb you with his hostile world, if the 2001 grahpic isn't a problem for you.

Btw I would recommend it to get it from GOG or if you have it on Steam, download Gothic ½ SystemPack for widescreen support etc.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
26.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 26
Best RPG I've ever played. 12/10

-always join the sect camp because of their delicious weed
-dawgie can bite ya
-steal from poor homeless people
-sleeper is a lie
-little troll is cute as hell
-get everyday your swampweed portion and enjoy it!

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26.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 7
Gothic is an RPG made by a German developer known as Piranha Bytes. It was released a long time ago - back in 2001. After the tragedy, that was Ultima IX, 3D RPG devs had an opportunity to shine - PB didn't waste it.

Gothic takes place on the island of Khorinis - the most profitable place in the world in terms of magic ore. There's a war going on between humans and orcs, and the human king, Rhobar II, needs magic ore to make enhanced weapons for his men, which would provide an incredible advantage in the war. The ore mining is a task assigned to convicts who were sent to the Valley of Mines for their crimes. Since the situation started getting worse and worse, the King started imprisoning people for the smallest of crimes, and to make sure nobody could escape, ordered 12 mages to erect a magical barrier, that would kill anyone who would dare to flee. Something went wrong and the mages trapped themselves inside along with the convicts and guards. The prisoners quickly took advantage of the situation and took over the Colony. They divided themselves between three camps - the Old Camp, whose members trade with the King; the New Camp, full of rogues and bandits, and the Brotherhood of the Sleeper, a Sect who believes in a being called the Sleeper.

The story begins with our Nameless Hero getting thrown into the Colony. The first priority is to survive and establish yourself in this place, while hoping that maybe a chance to escape will come soon. The Hero isn't an idle man, so he takes action and seeks this opportunity. You know, this makes for a really good and original (at the time) setting.

For 2001, when 3D RPGs on the PC weren't that huge of a deal, this game looks pretty decent. The character models look pretty good, and the environment is nothing to spit at. The Colony is an interesting place to explore. There are a lot of places that seem unfinished, though.

The atmosphere is probably one of the best aspects about this game. It's dark, awesome, medieval, and really draws you in.

The soundtrack isn't very long, but the music is fitting and supports the wonderful atmosphere of the Colony. The outside areas have a medieval feel, while the mines and dungeons provide a variety of ambient sound effects. There even was a German band - In Extremo - who provided players with a piece of their usual medieval metal, but they were removed from the version that came out outside of Germany, due to copyright issues. Pity.

The sound effects are about as generic as they get, but for some reason, they work really well.

The English voice acting is pretty terrible. The only salvagable part about it is its cheezyness.

Now, this is the part that aged the worst about the original Gothic. The battle system is really clunky, and the interactive stuff is really unintuitive. You'll find your character stuck in an animation, which can get you killed. The game is also really glitchy (typical for a WRPG, especially this old).

As far as difficulty goes, it's really hard at the beginning, but you'll break it very soon, which will make this game a cakewalk. It's not that bad, so I won't consider it a con.

The stat system, magic, and weapons work as desired. The most problematic thing is the bow/crossbow combat. Whether the projectile hits is a random factor influenced by your skill with the weapon, dexterity, and distance from the target. So yeah, you can't aim manually.

The story is pretty good for back then, and even for now. I can't go into much detail without spoilers (I don't care if the game's 15 years old now, shut up), but I can guarantee it has its twists and turns, and keeps you interested. The lore is also very rich.

Since this is a WRPG, most of the characters are NPCs, who aren't memorable. They feel realistic enough, though. Characters worthy of note are the Hero, Xardas, and the four friends of the Hero - Diego, Gorn, Milten, and Lester. You'll see as you go along. The main character does his job really well - you know nothing about his past which allows you to associate with him more, but he's not a silent protagonist, so he does have character. He fits into the setting really well.

Gothic is a game with a good story, an excellent setting and atmosphere, but with gameplay that leaves a lot to be desired. The game is glitchy and ridiculously unstable. It crashes left and right, and when you reach the final dungeon, you'll most likely encounter a missing/corrupted sound file related to the bosses in there, which will cause to you reinstall the game. The game also crashes when the GameOverlayRenderer.dll file is present. I recommend it, but have a careful approach.

+Good story
+Excellent setting and atmosphere
+"From zero to hero" feeling
+Good soundtrack
+Believable characters
+World that seems alive, the day-night cycle and weather effects also help
+The Barrier is one of the better excuses for world boundaries I've seen
+Interactive world elements - most of them don't do anything, but it's a nice touch
+Rather decent difficulty...

-...but the game is easy to break
-Buggy and crash-heavy
-Terrible voice acting
-Doesn't support the Steam Overlay
-Clunky combat and unintuitive gameplay
-Some enemies have a weird hitbox, which makes them immune to damage, and you can't damage stronger enemies at all until you reach the sufficient strength amount
-Some cut/unfinished content
-Rather bad final boss fight
-A lot of settings are in the .ini file instead of the game itself
-Ladders (you'll see what I mean)
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Posted: August 1
Ruined my life. Again.
5 stars
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Posted: July 10
Alright... just played through Gothic 1 and got some impressions...
It should be mentioned that this piece is over a dozen of years old and for me it's a game of my childhood. I couldn't beat it back then and after many years I bought it again to fulfill this part of my childhood. It was quiet different than I remembered, to be honest.

I had some complications on getting this game to start, as it crashed whenever I tried to start a new game. A short problem, as there are many solutions when you google it.
A bit annoyed but excited I started the game and met the first enemy: the controls! I was so confused that I had to switch back to google and get some explanation. But I don't consider this as a bad point, because the controls may be hard to learn, but easy to master. After an hour of active gameplay it already felt very natural to me and picking up items wasn't difficult anymore.
There are some possibilities to build your character. You can pump your guy to a musclular sausage and focus on strengh, or pay attention to dexterity and use a bow instead. You don't have to stick to one stat though and combine! Magic is also an option and you can spend your skillpoints on max. mana or use better spells (which you can't learn, but buy them as runes).
I've tried everything: Swordfighter, Archer and Mage, and I can tell that the battlesystem in Gothic 1 is terrible and great at the same time. For attacks you focus on one enemy with holding your click. With ranged attacks, such as arrows and spells, you can only hit the actionkey and let the focus aim. There's practically no skill needed and only stats count. Swordfighting on the other hand is a bit different. You keep your focus on one enemy and hit one of the movementkeys for attacks. What I absolutely like is that it really feels like you use the momentum of your weapon. You can use some little combos and it's satisfying when you hit your target.
But what destroys the satisfaction is that sometimes the enemy won't take damage from hits. As a high level fighter it is possible to brutally let your rage go on a lizard for a minute even though you'd one-hit that thing, just because it doesn't take damage for some reason. I don't know if I just overlook something but it's an issue that's not only ruining the fun for me. It gets really frustrating when you face a horde of enemies and while you beat up one beast for nothing, the rest of the crew chews you for breakfast.
But besides the battlesystem, Gothic gives a good first impression when it comes to atmophere. You start with empty pockets and the weakest stats possible. Even the easiest creatures are dangerous and you pick up everything you can, even unuseful garbage. Being on the lowest part of the foodchain, you try to gain some experience to have at least a chance to survive in a fight and you have nothing more than a rusty axe. Without armor it doesn't take much to fall unconcious. So what do you do? You increase your strengh, surprise someone with better weapons with some kisses from your axe and drain his inventory empty. After that, you knock someone else out who has a better weapon whan you and so on and so on... You climb from the bottom to the top and when you joined one of the three camps and get better armor, you can fight like a real man!
But there's an enemy you can't fight with weapons... We call them bugs, and they are present in Gothic! Jammed winches are famous here and you should be happy when a gate opens on action! I counted! In my playthrough I had to pass 6 gates which you have to open via winch and 2 'were jammed' for unexplainable reasons. It's a common thing in Gothic 1 and the forums are full of this problems. The game would be unbeatable when you're stuck in that way, but luckily they included cheats in form of "Marvin-Mode" which lets you teleport to certain waypoints. Probably this Marvin-Mode was made for such situations, but it's annoying anyway when you have to tap out and open up the webbrowser. Oh, and the game doesn't like it when it doesn't have your full attention. You have a 50:50 chance for a crash after tapping out. But even mid-game crashes happen, so save your game every 5 minutes! In my lategame I encountered a crash because a soundfile was absent. It's awfully frustrating and a big minus for the game.
An aspect I enjoyed in Gothic was the simplicity. The HUD consists of only a healthbar and sometimes your mana. There's no questionmarker, read/listen what your NPC has to say, damnit! No minimap in the corner or experiencebar. No textfield which constantly tells you obvious things like "You obtained a Rusty Sword (1)!" and the hotbar for weapons and spells is also hidden. Only the things that are needed right now is on the screen and you have your whole screen to look around the world. Normally you don't have more than 3 quests and because there's no questmarker to hold your hand, you have to think a little bit. I only got stuck because of bugs and I never had the urge to put myself into shame and dig up a walkthrough.

Those crashes, bugs, strange battlesystem and sometimes stupid AI give me a bad view of this game, but it also has a lot of enjoyable things! If I could, I would put Gothic right inbetween good and evil, but because I can't do that I have to choose either "Thumps Up" or "Thumbs Down". And hey, I played many hours, so I had to be somehow entertained. Give this old piece of art a chance!
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Posted: October 26
Note: I've finished this game several times, but not the Steam-Version. I also play with the "PlayerKit", and with this modification, the playing time doesn't count, so don't get confused about my ~1 hour of play time. :D

This is one of my most favourite games. I started playing this masterpiece around 2004/2005 and I still LOVE it! The Gothic-Series (except Part 3) has been the best RPG series ever existed. I also played Skyrim for around 300 hours (~100 with the account of my brother), I loved it, but the atmosphere and the fighting system isn't even near as good as in G1 and G2.

+ Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ FIghting system
+ Athmosphere
+ Character identification
+ Cool armor, cool weapons (altough there could be more)
+ Cool Fractions!

- Not Designed for windows 7/8, I had some work to do to get it running (Nr.1: Delete the "Read-Only" parameter in the folderoptions of "SteamLibrary").
- The graphics are really bad, but this doesn't matter for me (and there'd be some texturepacks out there!)
- The fighting isn't as smooth as in gothic 2
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Posted: July 13
don't buy this game on steam.... I have yet to get it working and have spent several hours trying
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