Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, winner of multiple E3 awards as the best game in its genre, is the continuation of a saga that began in the award-winning The Longest Journey, considered to be one of the finest adventure games ever made.
User reviews: Very Positive (179 reviews)
Release Date: Apr 17, 2006

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Recommended By Curators

"Easily one of the most pleasant easy-going story-driven 3D games. Just makes you wonder why aren't there more games like this."


Gamespy.com - Adventure Game of the Year - "Dreamfall stands so far out of the pack, we believe it would have been a stellar candidate no matter what year it was released". If gaming is ever to be more than merely colored lights and sensation, though, it needs these types of experimental projects to move forward. Gaming may not yet be "art," but with Dreamfall, we're one step closer"

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Gamespy.com - #8 Best PC Game of the Year - "An amazing trip with some of the most fascinating characters you'll ever want to meet through some of the most breathtaking and wondrous scenery you're ever going to see "

About This Game

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, winner of multiple E3 awards as the best game in its genre, is the continuation of a saga that began in the award-winning The Longest Journey, considered to be one of the finest adventure games ever made. In Dreamfall, players are taken on an epic journey of exploration and adventure as they venture through a thrilling and emotional storyline. Dreamfall features a fully interactive world where beautiful music, stunning graphics, fascinating characters and unparalleled gameplay variety promises to bring the adventure genre into a new era. Prepare for a spiritual, fantastic and powerful gaming experience.

  • Unparalleled Gameplay Variety Never before has an adventure game brought this much gameplay variety! Use your brains or your brawn; sneak, fight or talk your way through the many challenges the game offers. Be polite or rude, threaten or sweet talk; in Dreamfall you make the choice, resulting in a game where you never quite know what to expect next.
  • Three Playable Characters Experience the story from three separate perspectives, and learn how their destinies blend together in an epic finale. Each character has unique abilities and world views, giving you constant gameplay variations.
  • Three Worlds Dreamfall spans three beautifully realized worlds, multiple chapters and a stunning amount of detailed locations. Travel across a futuristic version of our earth, journey into a magical fantasy realm and unravel the mysteries of the Winter.
  • Unique World Interaction Bridging the gap between the classic point and click adventure game, where you could click on any given point at the screen, and the action adventure, where you need to move up to an object to interact with it, Dreamfall introduces the brand new focus field feature. In this easy-to-use context-sensitive interface you can scan your entire visible environment as seen by the characters, and use it to get information on far away objects as well as triggering remote gameplay opportunities.
  • Mature "Thriller"-type Storyline Dreamfall delivers a mature and compelling storyline that mixes the futuristic, fantastic and spiritual with a tale of murder, deceit and a conspiracy threatening our very existence. Bringing the classic adventure game into the world of the modern action game, Dreamfall delivers a rare and special story experience.
  • Stunning Sounds and Soundtrack Listen to an emotional and epic soundtrack in 7.1 surround. Hear gripping voices as recorded by more than 50 professional actors, and enjoy soundscapes bringing players to the edge of their seats.
  • A game for everyone 50% of the players of the original The Longest Journey were women. With its cinematic approach, believable characters, mature storyline and easy-to- grasp interface, Dreamfall is a game that any teenager or adult can pick up and enjoy, regardless of their gaming background.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2) only
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Sempron 2800+ or higher required. Intel Pentium 4 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 3500+ Recommended
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB with latest drivers.
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB free disk space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound
Helpful customer reviews
11.0 hrs on record
As cool as it is to visit a 3D treatment of the locations in TLJ, I wasn't too into the new direction the story takes. Add in the unforgivable cliffhanger (the sequel is finally coming) and this one barely still gets the YES.
Posted: October 6
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14.6 hrs on record
One of my most favorite games of al time. It has it's flows, but I love the storytelling. Be prepared to watch dialogs even for 10 minutes sometimes... Voice acting is superb and characters are detailed and lovable.
Posted: October 9
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10.7 hrs on record
I recently played through both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall again. TLJ is a masterpiece in storytelling and has some of the most well written characters in any game. Dreamfall is the sequel to TLJ and it follows a new protagonist and has a new plot but it all takes place in Stark and Arcadia again.

Now, I need to make this perfectly clear: TLJ is a classic point-and-click adventure. Dreamfall is not. Dreamfall is a third-person action/adventure game. This sets the game apart quite a bit; they are not the same type of game.

The lore is definetly the main part of both games and it's amazing. The two worlds, Stark and Arcadia, has a lot of wonderfull characters and creatures that you encounter. Dreamfall continues the story of April Ryan as well but the game is mainly about Zoë, the new protagonist. You get to meet some of the people and characters that helped April in the first game and quite a few new ones. For the sake of the lore, Dreamfall does bring a lot to the table but it's a whole new game that tries to introduce quite a lot of new features and action elements; for good and bad.

Let me elaborate. First of all; it's in 3D and not 2D any more. You no longer point-and-click but you control Zoë with the WASD-keys. To find/view/interact things or people of interest you have to walk up to them and press a button. You also have a targeting function where you can view or interact with things from a distance. They have also added a fighting mecanic in Dreamfall in instances where you have to fight. This makes this game a whole new plattform and moves from classic adventure to fore action than adventure.

Needless to say, this upset a lot of fans of the original game and to me it comes across as it's trying to hard to bring a modern design into the genre. It still works but it's quite annoying at times when you get stuck in camera angles and what not.

But this game (weird controls or not) is still a great game thanks to the mentioned lore, amazing story and well written characters so I can only recommend it. I still recommend that play TLJ before this game; not only for the lore but because it's one of the greatest games ever made. Dreamfall is like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ child of TLJ but you need to look past the quirky controls and experience the ride.
Posted: October 5
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10.0 hrs on record
Amazing story, great music, loveable characters. I love this game. The voice actors are top notch, with good puzzles, a bit of combat and lots of heart. I could replay this game over and over.
Posted: October 21
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11.7 hrs on record
Overall this was a pretty good game, guys!!!

If you played TLJ (The Longest Journey) then you'll like the story of this game, but quickly realize how big of a change there was in gameplay mechanics of this sequel. As a very big fan of the original, I have to admit, at the start off this game, with the different controls and lackluster main character, I was thinking I wouldn't be a fan of this one and in turn, would end up being disappointed or would avoid the 3rd game, Dreamfall: Chapters- this ended up not being the case. The story is a 3rd person adventure/puzzle (WSAD/arrow key movement, not Point & Click) with minimal fighting and frequent puzzles. The puzzles aren't terribly challenging and only 1 part of the game has you do a lot of back & forth "fetching". You swap between 3 roles or characters in the game with the main character being a new girl, Zoe. Chat can be fast forwarded with the space bar, game is saveable at any idle time (non-conversation/cut scene), and, sadly, the game does not allow full screen windowed, which is something I enjoy in many games due to my dual monitor set up.

-Game is now realized in a full 3D environment. Graphically much better than TLJ.
-Main character, Zoe, grows and changes from when introduced to the end of the game. I really appreciated this as I initially was very uninterested in her.
-Story developed nicely. It was slow in the start and middle as it built up. The last couple hours of the game I felt very attached and well immersed.
-Puzzles weren't bad and most were easily solved without external assistance. I do want to call out I always use a guide in point & click games because, honestly, I just don't have the time for all the trial and error and I really do enjoy the stories of these games.
-Once you figure out the controls, the WSAD keys, Space Bar, and Tab can control your inventory, action wheel, and every other in game action needed- very easy to play from a laid back position.

-Movement and camera control gave me motion sickness during the game, especially at the start as I adjusted sensitivity and tried multiple configurations to find the "sweet spot". Eventually I gave up and primarily used the movement turn keys to control the camera turn.
-The combat was dumb. Controls were clunky and fighting was unneeded. This was during the game where game devs were trying new features and hitting as many check boxes as possible.
-Main character was kinda pathetic in the introduction and start of the game. I really felt she started to hit her stride when she arrived at Japan.
-Focus mode was mostly pointless and forgotten the majority of the game. A couple puzzles required it, otherwise it didn't do too much.
-1 Part of the game had you go fetch quest items, back and forth, twice. I really missed the ability the double click the edge of the map to instantly move- something found in other Point & Click Adventure games (Deponia trilogy & TLJ, for example).

TL;DR/Bottom line: Get the original, The Longest Journey, and this game, the sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, as soon as you can afford it. I highly recommend them both and they go on sale together for $6.24 at the lowest. The 3rd game, Dreamfall: Chapters released 2 days ago (10.21.2014) and is, at the time of this writing, receiving very positive reviews.
Posted: October 23
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27.7 hrs on record
Following the previous history, with a new history line and lots of surprises you never expect. Really liked how they connect the history and made it into a new one. By the Balance! This is such awsome stuff! <3
Posted: October 25
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14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
12.4 hrs on record
This is a great adventure game with puzzles that challenge the brain and exercise the fingers! I really do enjoy the scenery while playing this game, the music is pretty nice, and it seems that the story has entertainment potential for the future. I look forward to putting more hours in before too long. I like it. So will you, probably. Just don't expect a lot of awesome fighting sequences.
Posted: May 28
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
14.5 hrs on record
The animation is so lifelike, the characters are so relatable. It certainly wasn't that long of a journey, but this game is a really good adventure game, with a splendid story line that is sure to impress. The beginning is kinda lame, but the soon you pass that shet, you sit on your ♥♥♥ and marvel at this gem, just like me.

91/19 I would definately dream again.
Posted: August 19
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
12.4 hrs on record
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was entertaining to play, but it didn't hold a candle to The Longest Journey. The whole game made me wish for less tacked-on combat and stealth and more of the point-and-click puzzle solving that made TLJ a great game. The few puzzles it did feature weren't much of a challenge and didn't require much logical thinking to solve.

Still, the voice acting, environments, and entertaining characters made this game worth playing. I loved seeing all of the familiar faces as well as some interesting new characters. Despite being released in 2006, the environments delivered some solid scenery porn that holds up today. The story was also compelling enough to make me play to the end.

With Dreamfall Chapters in development, this is a must play. If you can overlook its shortcomings and focus on the story, you'll definitely enjoy Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

Posted: September 13
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16.1 hrs on record
This game had an awesome story line. It was a bit tedious at times, but overall very fun. The puzzles were far more straightforward in this game than in the first one, and the added combat was a nice way to break up the game (though it was in no way a top notch combat system).

The storyline remains interesting and the settings change often enough to keep you thoroughly engaged. This series has failed to dissapoint yet! Can't wait for the third installment.
Posted: July 26
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8 of 17 people (47%) found this review helpful
9.3 hrs on record
I was a big fan of the original game and I hate to compare to the original but I won't. The original was far better, longer and well written. The reasons Dreamfall falls down is simple, controls and writing. They completely changed the control of the original and added in some weird fighting system which is very awkward. Apparently this game was ported to the xbox or more likely ported over from xbox to pc because the controls are awful. Some of the writing isn't great either, while the story is interesting some of the characters come across very shallow. The ackgrounds are still awesome. The models are improved on. But I can't forgive this game for the controls and writing. I would only recommend this to hardcore fans who really need their fix or to new comers to point and clicks because it isn't much of a challenge.
Posted: May 21
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7 of 16 people (44%) found this review helpful
10.3 hrs on record
Dreamfall is the second game in The Longest Journey-franchise. It is praised by many but I must disagree. I've played both the first game and this one and I must say that the first one is way better.

In this one they have hyped up the graphics to the 2000's standard and made their own game engine it seems. All character has this blind stare into the distance while talking, with only their mouth and eyes moving, it's creepy as heck to look at.

They've introduced fighting mechanics since the last game, and let me tell you, they are HORRIBLE and unbalanced. The enemy will 9/10 times whoop your ♥♥♥ because of this.

Camera movement and movement overall (mouse and keyboard) are completely worthless and janky, Escape doesn't take you out of the menu or inventory, you HAVE to click the 'Resume Game' or inventory button to get back again. It's probably better with a gamepad, but a plain 360 controller isn't even picked up by the game..

Puzzles in the game are too easy, not even worth calling puzzles because it's just "go here, go there, pick this up, done".

Areas feels very empty, no people are around, most areas are just big empty places with very few things to interact with, and with the janky camera it's not even worth trying to look around and get a feeling of the place.

The first game in the installment is much much better, voice actors have more feeling in their voices as well, helping with the immersion. I hope the third game (Dreamfall Chapters) will weight up for this piece of garbage called a "puzzle" game.

Do yourself a favor and buy the first game instead. This game is just a dust collector with a few references and callbacks to the first one.
Posted: May 17
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2.0 hrs on record
dopeeeeeeeeee. Mad good. I would so play it if i was you!!
Posted: June 26
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4 of 12 people (33%) found this review helpful
6.4 hrs on record
Uninteresting plot. Annoying characters. Emo maincharacter.. Questing in this game is pointless busywork: running between points A and B. Gamebreaking bugs.

This game is nothing like the prequel.. The only thing that comes even remotely close is the gameworld (at times..).
Posted: June 22
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0.1 hrs on record
A beautiful story, characters, and artwork. What's not to love? If you loved Beyond Good and Evil or any kind of adventure title, you will adore this gem.
Posted: April 28
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0.3 hrs on record
I played this game before the first one (I know, I know) around the time that it came out, but I remember after completing it that the story was so good that it stuck with me. I read many times over that the first is way better and that this one is nowhere near as good, but having just played this as reference alone, I really enjoyed the adventure FunCom took me on.

I tend to really be biased toward Funcom as their story telling is IMO the best in the business.

Definitely need to replay through the series and can't wait for Red Thread to come out with the sequel.

While it's now not even near worth the $20 that it's selling for, it's definitely worth it when it goes on sale.
Posted: April 30
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10.0 hrs on record
It's an addictive storyline, really worth it... only con with it is that it leaves you wanting more..
Posted: April 30
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1.0 hrs on record
It's many years old but still a good game with an excellent story and some characters are one of the best ever.

crow conversation :

Can be played on high res too (i play it 2560x1440) even if it's 8yo.
Posted: June 9
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39.1 hrs on record
One of the best non point and click adventure games I ever played, controls might take a while to get used to and the fighting sequences can get annoying at times but the story is brilliant and captivating, can't wait to the sequel.
Posted: June 30
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5.9 hrs on record
One of my favorite games. An adventure game with an interesting story, and (mostly) interesting characters. The stealth and combat mechanics leave a lot to be desired, but don't come up terribly often in the game. Playing the first game isn't mandatory, but if you like this game it's deffinitly worth checking out.
Posted: June 20
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