A modern tycoon-style sim where you design, build, and manage every aspect of an airport. Build your terminal, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out infrastructure, and manage your airport -- from the ground up.
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“The foundation is in place and incredibly solid -- now for the real fun to start! We need your feedback & support to help bring SimAirport to the next level.

Our goal is to develop the best modern tycoon style building & management game -- we need your help to do that. We need the community, you the player, to be our direct feedback loop. Get hands-on with the game, provide your feedback, and guide us towards making sure that SimAirport is the tycoon game that you've dreamed of ever since you were a kid.”


“We anticipate being in Early Access at least through mid 2018 -- if not substantially longer!

It will of course depend on the level of community interest and engagement, but we're incredibly passionate about SimAirport, just as many of our supporters are. We hope to work on the game, hand-in-hand with the community, for as long as we possibly can!”


“We've already got a really great foundation to build on, and there's no shortage of ideas. With your guidance, our goal is to implement as many of them as we possibly can and to let the community play a key role in crafting the future of SimAirport.

Roadmaps are released once every few months, and they give you an idea of the things that we are actively working on and that you can expect to see in the game over the next couple of months. Check out the Latest Roadmap, SimAirport Late 2017, to see what you can expect during the remainder of 2017! (or view the prior SimAirport Early 2017 Roadmap to see what we've already accomplished so far!)

Updates to Edge happen almost every single day, and 'Default' updates roughly once a month. Updates typically feature new features, new content, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and general gameplay enhancements & improvements.

We really hope to be working on SimAirport for a long time into the future, and while we may not get to all of these, we do hope to get to many of them -- several are even on the current Roadmap for 2017! In no particular order, here's a very small sample of the ideas and concepts that we'd love to have the chance to tackle, though there are many other ideas too (and we often see an idea in a forum post and we jump on it, we love implementing community ideas)!

Some Ideas...

  • Random Events
  • In-Game Tutorial
  • International passengers & layovers
  • Additional terminal content (bars [drunk passengers], lounges, smoking areas, etc)
  • Cargo operations
  • Parking Garages
  • More aircraft models & airlines
  • Staff Scheduling & Duty Assignments
  • Multiple level terminals [Coming in 2017!]
  • People-Movers (moving walkways, trams / intra-terminal transit, etc) [Walkways coming in 2017!]


“SimAirport is completely playable and all major functions are there, and they function well -- from building an airport to scheduling & operating, you can do it all.

The game is NOT finished however -- there is no tutorial, some UIs are ugly and poorly explained, it's not well-balanced, and there are plenty missing gameplay elements. You will also undoubtedly encounter some bugs -- and it's possible that future updates may introduce new ones, too.

Generally though, SimAirport is very playable and is ready for new & more advanced features to be added!

Key Items Not Implemented or Lacking

  • Random events not yet implemented (security breaches, emergencies, incidents, VIP movements, etc)
  • No In-Game Tutorial
  • Player defined Pathfinding ("arrivals only"), one-way doors, and Staff Only doors
  • General aviation not implemented
  • Gameplay balance is not fine-tuned
  • Passenger & Airline 'Feedback Loop' is unrefined

Limited Content

Even some fully implemented systems have a limited amount of content or are not completely finished. While the vast majority of the content works very well already, our motto is that everything in SimAirport is subject to change -- we listen closely to player feedback and we have no problem making changes based on the community's collective wisdom.”


“We plan to raise the price gradually over time as the gameplay experience expands and improves, and as the game becomes more complete in general. We will post an announcement on Steam letting you know of any upcoming price increase prior to it going into effect.

We anticipate the first price increase will be in 2018.”


“Community involvement is crucial to ensuring that SimAirport continues to mature & evolve into the incredibly fun and engaging experience that we strive for.

Our Participation

We're extremely active participants on the community forums, and we frequent our subreddit often. We have been & will continue to work directly with the community to develop new concepts and to refine existing ones, in order to achieve our stated goal -- ensuring that SimAirport is the best tycoon-style management game it possibly can be, that it lives up to its full potential.

Community Involvement is Critical

The community involvement in SimAirport is the key to making SimAirport into the game we want to achieve in the long-term, and that's our sole goal: to create the best modern tycoon game we possibly can.

It is critical that the community actively participates and provides feedback to help us achieve this!


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Edge Translations and Progress Report

Tonight we’re releasing an Edge update which accomplishes a major milestone: game localization and translations. We also want to take a few minutes to provide a brief status update on our progress so far this cycle, and let you know where we stand on this cycle overall.

Progress Report
We’ve been quieter than normal lately, as you have probably noticed - for the first time since release we’ve been able to slow down a bit and really dig into some larger scale undertakings. Towards the end of 2017, the holidays and a few positive personal events took place, but as of the last few weeks we’ve been back to work as usual.

We’ve continued to be a bit quieter still, but it’s for a very good reason! We have been working very hard, staying very focused, and we're on track to hit the two major milestones we have set out for to begin the year -- localization and multiple floors!

It's our intention and expectation that we will hit both milestones this cycle; we're very much on track to do so. That said, we do also expect that the cycle will be running a longer than normal, most likely about two months in total -- this will allow ample time for bugs to be found & fixes and for any mechanic adjustments and balance changes which we anticipate will be needed due to the extra dimension.

Localization & Translations
The latest Edge update, released tonight, contains the functionality to support game localization and language translation throughout the game. The initial release also includes the complete German Language Pack, and we will be adding additional language packs throughout the next few as, as each is finished. Additionally, support for community-created language dictionaries has been added and we’ll be providing additional information on that in the very near future as well. For now we’d mainly like to focus on collecting your feedback on the German translation quality, and find any bugs or missing/non-translated text that we may have missed!

Head on over to the Edge forum for full details!

Multiple Floors
We continue to get closer with each day's worth of code -- we're quite close to having it ready for initial release on Edge. We expect it to arrive most likely some time next week and, once released, we'll then be spending the following weeks on fixes, tweaks/mechanic adjustments and, if time allows, potentially adding in a few additional enhancements that most likely won't make it in initially (elevators, 2+ floor w/ single escalators, etc).

We're incredibly excited for the future of SimAirport -- we're already off to a great start this year -- but we'll be taking SimAirport to the next level in 2018.
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Holiday Fixes - December 26th, 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We are releasing a small update tonight to address a handful of issues that surfaced from the main December Holiday Update that went up last week.

This small patch includes an important performance fix due to an oversight on our part, a few minor usability improvements that caused some confusion, and it addresses several smaller issues that were brought to our attention as well.

We hope you all enjoy the remainder of your holiday celebrations -- we'll see you back here in 2018 with even more as we gear up and get under way for the next cycle!

  • Disables a verbose agent debug log that was accidentally left on (could cause RAM over-usage/churn, and potentially crashes)
  • Fixes aircraft rotation on vertical runway takeoff directions
  • Fixes aircraft not rotating upon initially entering the runway
  • Fixes flight crew & first class not using correct security wing on some advanced layouts (multi-wing w/ lounge separating 2+ wings)
  • Fixes in-game preview image for Airport Sharing via Steam Workshop
  • Minor UI adjustments on Staff Hub hiring screen, for improved usability and context
  • Fixes a bug that prevented cancellation of dismantle object projects
  • Fixes Toolbox Locker counts being wrong (e.g. preventing dismantle)
  • Fixes Maintenance Operations showing incorrect default thresholds prior to unlocking required research
  • Fixes duplicated repair projects being created under special circumstances during saved game loads (caused "re-repair")
  • Fixes bug that caused Small Bar sprites to show partial bits of other sprites
  • Makes ATC Tower turn transparent when hovering over tiles it occludes
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The Dev Process

We use a rapid & iterative dev process to keep you involved. The game has improved dramatically since release, and it continues to evolve rapidly -- we ship updates to the 'Edge' branch almost EVERY DAY! See also, the 'SimAirport 2017 Roadmap'

Updates & Steam Branches

  • Default -- The default branch, it is the most stable. Updates: ~1x/month
  • Experimental -- Newer features, generally stable. Updates: ~1x/week
  • Edge -- The latest & greatest, not always fully stable. Updates: ~1x/day


SimAirport is a modern tycoon-style simulation & management game where you design, build, and manage an airport.

You will construct an airport from the ground up, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out your infrastructure -- baggage conveyer systems & luggage services, roads, fuel pipelines, runway upgrades, navigation aids, hangars and service vehicles, etc -- and much more.

Your Airport, Your Way. Built & Managed by You!

  • Systems-Based Gameplay: Everything has purpose
  • Infrastructure: Fuel & baggage, public address systems, flight info displays, etc
  • Details: Security, Check-In, Boarding, Food, down to first class & coach queues
  • Research & Advancement: Technology, transport, accounting tools, land expansion, etc
  • Two Gameplay Modes: Sandbox (unlimited funds) and Career (challenge yourself)
  • Play your way! Multiple concourses, or a single large concourse? It's your choice!
  • 15+ Airlines & liveries; 15+ Aircraft, turboprop to turbine
  • Steam Workshop Support: Hundreds of Custom Airlines & Airports to try!
  • Very Actively Developed - regular updates almost daily since release (Edge branch)! Developers that listen & who are very actively involved in the community on a daily basis.
  • Bottom Line: Fun, Engaging, Deep Gameplay.

    Where YOUR decisions truly make a difference!

Who Should Purchase?

We suggest purchasing if you are excited to play the game as it is today AND if you are interested in participating in the development process alongside our developers.

If you enjoy tycoon-style building & management games, you'll probably enjoy SimAirport. If you're not sure yet, we'd encourage you to take a look through our forums (especially the Edge forum!) to get an idea of how quickly player feedback makes an impact on the game & to get a feel for how much fun there is to be had!

We hope to see you in the friendly skies, and around our community forum!


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • 操作系统: Windows XP SP2+
    • 处理器: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or higher.
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0
    • 存储空间: 需要 2 GB 可用空间
    • 声卡: Any
    • 操作系统: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • 处理器: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • 声卡: Any
    • 操作系统: Ubuntu 12.04+ or SteamOS
    • 处理器: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or higher.
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • 声卡: Any
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