A modern tycoon-style sim where you design, build, and manage every aspect of an airport. Build your terminal, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out infrastructure, and manage your airport -- from the ground up.
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6 mar 2017

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Gioco con accesso anticipato

Ottieni l'accesso anticipato ed inizia a giocare ora; prendi parte a questo gioco mentre viene sviluppato.

Nota: i giochi in accesso anticipato non sono completi e potrebbero venire modificati in futuro, oppure rimanere incompleti. Se non vuoi giocare a questo gioco nel suo stato attuale, ti conviene aspettare per vedere se verrà sviluppato ulteriormente. Altre informazioni

Cosa dicono gli sviluppatori:

Perché l'accesso è anticipato?

“The foundation is in place and incredibly solid -- now for the real fun to start! We need your feedback & support to help bring SimAirport to the next level.

Our goal is to develop the best modern tycoon style building & management game -- we need your help to do that. We need the community, you the player, to be our direct feedback loop. Get hands-on with the game, provide your feedback, and guide us towards making sure that SimAirport is the tycoon game that you've dreamed of ever since you were a kid.”

Per quanto tempo questo gioco rimarrà in accesso anticipato?

“We anticipate being in Early Access at least through mid 2018 -- if not substantially longer!

It will of course depend on the level of community interest and engagement, but we're incredibly passionate about SimAirport, just as many of our supporters are. We hope to work on the game, hand-in-hand with the community, for as long as we possibly can!”

Quali saranno le differenze fra la versione completa e quella ad accesso anticipato?

“We've already got a really great foundation to build on, and there's no shortage of ideas. With your guidance, our goal is to implement as many of them as we possibly can and to let the community play a key role in crafting the future of SimAirport.

Roadmaps are released once every few months, and they give you an idea of the things that we are actively working on and that you can expect to see in the game over the next couple of months. Check out the Latest Roadmap, SimAirport Late 2017, to see what you can expect during the remainder of 2017! (or view the prior SimAirport Early 2017 Roadmap to see what we've already accomplished so far!)

Updates to Edge happen almost every single day, and 'Default' updates roughly once a month. Updates typically feature new features, new content, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and general gameplay enhancements & improvements.

We really hope to be working on SimAirport for a long time into the future, and while we may not get to all of these, we do hope to get to many of them -- several are even on the current Roadmap for 2017! In no particular order, here's a very small sample of the ideas and concepts that we'd love to have the chance to tackle, though there are many other ideas too (and we often see an idea in a forum post and we jump on it, we love implementing community ideas)!

Some Ideas...

  • Random Events
  • In-Game Tutorial
  • International passengers & layovers
  • Additional terminal content (bars [drunk passengers], lounges, smoking areas, etc)
  • Cargo operations
  • Parking Garages
  • More aircraft models & airlines
  • Staff Scheduling & Duty Assignments
  • Multiple level terminals [Coming in 2017!]
  • People-Movers (moving walkways, trams / intra-terminal transit, etc) [Walkways coming in 2017!]

Qual è lo stato attuale della versione in accesso anticipato?

“SimAirport is completely playable and all major functions are there, and they function well -- from building an airport to scheduling & operating, you can do it all.

The game is NOT finished however -- there is no tutorial, some UIs are ugly and poorly explained, it's not well-balanced, and there are plenty missing gameplay elements. You will also undoubtedly encounter some bugs -- and it's possible that future updates may introduce new ones, too.

Generally though, SimAirport is very playable and is ready for new & more advanced features to be added!

Key Items Not Implemented or Lacking

  • Random events not yet implemented (security breaches, emergencies, incidents, VIP movements, etc)
  • No In-Game Tutorial
  • Player defined Pathfinding ("arrivals only"), one-way doors, and Staff Only doors
  • General aviation not implemented
  • Gameplay balance is not fine-tuned
  • Passenger & Airline 'Feedback Loop' is unrefined

Limited Content

Even some fully implemented systems have a limited amount of content or are not completely finished. While the vast majority of the content works very well already, our motto is that everything in SimAirport is subject to change -- we listen closely to player feedback and we have no problem making changes based on the community's collective wisdom.”

Il prezzo del gioco varierà durante e dopo l'accesso anticipato?

“We plan to raise the price gradually over time as the gameplay experience expands and improves, and as the game becomes more complete in general. We will post an announcement on Steam letting you know of any upcoming price increase prior to it going into effect.

We anticipate the first price increase will be in 2018.”

Come pensate di coinvolgere la Comunità durante il processo di sviluppo?

“Community involvement is crucial to ensuring that SimAirport continues to mature & evolve into the incredibly fun and engaging experience that we strive for.

Our Participation

We're extremely active participants on the community forums, and we frequent our subreddit often. We have been & will continue to work directly with the community to develop new concepts and to refine existing ones, in order to achieve our stated goal -- ensuring that SimAirport is the best tycoon-style management game it possibly can be, that it lives up to its full potential.

Community Involvement is Critical

The community involvement in SimAirport is the key to making SimAirport into the game we want to achieve in the long-term, and that's our sole goal: to create the best modern tycoon game we possibly can.

It is critical that the community actively participates and provides feedback to help us achieve this!
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2 ottobre

Patch - October 2, 2017

We're rolling out the default update tonight, this time around we've got a number of additions -- including the Fuel System & Marketplace -- and numerous important enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes, too. We're very happy to announce that tonight's update also officially brings Linux support to SimAirport!

It's been a great month for us, and along with the additions & fixes there have been a ton of enhancements that we expect will have quite a positive impact on gameplay. Altogether, the gameplay experience is now getting to a level that allows us to more freely put our efforts into the advanced, deep-gameplay features that we all want to see -- that we've started calling out in the SimAirport Late 2017 Roadmap -- and that be "layering on" from here. It's incredibly exciting for us, it means we get to focus more of our time on the "fun stuff" -- features, content, and even more robust simulation elements (multiple floors, anyone?), and it means we get to deliver these fun things to you, and that's what we really enjoy doing! =)

We'll soon be kicking off the next cycle on Edge, as most of you probably know (and if you aren't familiar with Edge, come check it out & say Hi! Updates are released almost every day during the cycle!). We're really excited for the next couple of rounds, there's a lot planned and we think you're going to really enjoy what you'll be seeing.

Lastly, we'd like to give a thank you to those of you who are in the forums helping us & others, and especially to those of you who hang out with us in the Edge forums every day! Thank you for your unwavering support & for your continued feedback. We really couldn't do it without you, and we really appreciate your help & guidance. Keep it coming -- feedback, reports, and saves -- and we'll continue to keep the updates flowing!

We're truly excited about what's to come, and we hope you are too! We'll see you all on the forums where we will be kicking off the next round soon.

Thank you everyone!

  • Full Linux Support
    • New 32/64-bit Linux builds added

  • Fuel System
    • Buy and sell jet fuel in the exchange with dynamic market price model
    • New infrastructure including fuel depot, fuel tanks, underground pipes, and output port gate upgrades
    • Manage refuel services successfully to attract greater airline interest
    • See details: Fuel Systems Setup Guide

  • Public Address System
    • Announces boarding & last-minute departure warnings to affected passengers, encouraging more complete boarding of flights
    • New infrastructure including PA speakers, amplifier, electrical zone, and CTO

  • Assignable Ticketing Desks
    • This can help steer passengers to deposit their baggage at the correct desks so it ends up at the right Baggage Depot, or to facilitate other more advanced airport configurations.

  • Misc.
    • Smarter Janitors: they now optimize spatial locality of jobs over all else (i.e. cleaning the immediate area first)
    • Queue Improvements: much better throughput, minimized gaps, and increased robustness in the face of integrity errors
    • Queue Edit Tools: revamped with drag & drop multi-tile drawing, consistent with other build tools

  • Major performance improvements in the render pipeline, including multiple lighting/shader optimizations
  • Adds a new research option for expanded capacity LRT trains
  • New objects:
    • Toilet Stall has replaced Toilet
    • Outdoor Pole Light & Outdoor Flood Light
    • News Stand
    • Decor Statue A & B
  • Enables a few new audio sources
  • Several minor balance adjustments for Passenger AI & objects
  • Improves the distance heuristic used for assigning outdoor baggage tasks which should result in increased efficiency
  • Removes an unnecessary heuristic applied to selecting metal detector vs body scanners
  • Body Scanner now takes less time for pax to use (whom also now lift their arms up briefly during scanning)
  • Misc. icon sprites updated; fixes ‘Show Wires’ not disabling object placement controller if active
  • Various Aircraft pathfinding changes & improvements
  • Adds new ‘Ramp Agent’ contractor; hire a Ramp Agent temporarily to get rid of stuck aircraft
  • Runway selection now based on a hybrid heuristic; factors in runway ‘occupancy’, favors smallest suitable, nearest distance from gate
  • Default airlines have had their core ‘Concerns’ updated to include minor interest in refuel services
  • Objects with transactional income (e.g. vending machines et al) will now show their pending batched income by day instead of hour
  • Staff dialog now shows “busy” count too
  • Minor tweaks to Electronics Vending, ATM
  • Numerous minor user interface changes (tooltips, scrollbars, verbiage, icons, etc)
    • Flight Schedule UI now allows column resize & right-click header to hide/show columns
    • UI Zone Notifier now includes a check for garbage zone capacity, is silenced for the first 30s of gameplay

  • Fixes a crash caused by a certain threaded job
  • Fixes “DLL not found” startup crash (when path contained non-standard characters)
  • Fixes an issue that could have caused application to hang on exit
  • Audio optimizations & culling; fixes audio stutter issue on large/dense maps
  • Fixes an issue with a subset of pax stuck after deserialization
  • Fixes a cascading movement failure
  • Fixes Small Aircraft Gate stairs not being flush with side of aircraft
  • Fixes Small Aircraft Gate stairs in wrong position when deserialized into docked state
  • Fixes movement contention (wiggle) with passengers wandering while waiting to get picked up
  • Reduces the amount of trash passengers leave around — the probability is now simulated correctly with respect to game time
  • Planning mode now always above all other layers, including bugfix when above wall-occlusion masks
  • The gender constraint applied to Male/Female restroom zones is now active for all object types (was previously only sinks, toilets, urinals)
  • Fixes LRT Platform limit 1 validation
  • Fixes a bug that could result in incorrect agent sorting order if Y-axis delta is very small
  • Fixes multiple bugs related to agent culling at low zoom
  • Outdoor-only foliage objects are now blocked by roads
  • Fixes the scrollbar on Operations Menu: Runways
  • Fixes a bug preventing placement of certain above-ground objects over conveyor belts
  • Fixes a placement validation erroneously applied to underground objects (usage markers walkability)
  • Above-ground ‘Demolish’ tool no longer demolishes underground utilities
  • Fixes a bug that caused Janitors to double-charge their hourly rates
  • Fixes a bug when trying to create a food order for an out of stock kitchen
  • Fixes SaveMenu + FuelMenu from blocking hotkeys — is now only enabled specifically when input fields are focused
  • Fixes a bug that caused passengers to sometimes be too happy with their current activity leading to missed flights
  • Fixes memory leak related to luggage loading & unloading
  • Fixes depth sorting/visual for several of the Retail/Food Kiosks
  • Fixes a shader related bug that may have rarely caused some graphical anomalies
  • Prep carts can no longer be placed on top of other objects or outdoors
  • Fixes runway lights not turning on/off as intended
  • Fixes an issue causing Garbage Trucks to get stuck
  • Various aircraft visual fixes including sorting order, lights, shadow, and rotation-related quirks
  • Fixes a bug in old save-fixing code (auto-dismantle objects with invalid placement) to prevent multiple construction projects being enqueued for the same object
  • Fixes an issue that caused aircraft to get ‘blocked’ for a short time when near a gate that another aircraft recently docked at
  • Numerous minor performance optimizations
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7 settembre

Patch - September 7, 2017

SimAirport launched 6 months ago yesterday -- it's been an awesome ride so far, and we've got a great update for you tonight -- and we have a lot more in store for you still, too!

Just to give you an idea, and even though this patch took a bit longer than usual, this patch contains just under 500 "code commits", or individual sets of changes -- just in this patch alone! In total, we've shipped several hundred builds to you. On top of that, we've had hundreds of interactions with many of you directly, here in the forums & across many of our different channels. The community that has formed around the game is second to none, and we're sincerely grateful for the opportunity you've given us -- and for your continued support & feedback.

Most importantly, the game itself has improved dramatically -- hundreds of bugs have been fixed, numerous new features have been added, performance has improved by orders of magnitude, and overall we've implemented hundreds of things based off of player requests and your direct feedback.

The evolution you've seen so far -- just over this first short 6-month period of time -- we've come a long way. But we've got a lot more in store for you, and we're still here working hard every day, listening closely to your feedback, and iterating based off of it.

We're still incredibly excited for the future of SimAirport, and there's a lot more coming (we're already super excited about the next patch cycle's progress, soon to be on Edge branch!!).

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the most recent SimAirport 2017 Roadmap, and if you aren't participating in the forums yet there's no better time than now, and we'd absolutely encourage you to jump in!

Once again, thank you! We thank you for your continued patience, your support, and your participation and feedback. We truly do have a lot more planned -- and, as usual, we'll have more for you very soon! =)

And now, here's what you can expect from tonight's patch:

  • Adds Airline Mods -- Custom Airlines

    • Create and play with custom airlines and custom art. Includes full Workshop support. See how-to / schema info for details.
    • Working examples of more complex JSON setups, PDF templates, and more are available via the 'How To' topic
    • Thank you @Plotz for the PDF templates!

  • Adds Runway Operations Control Panel
    • Adds 'Runways' tab to the Ops Control Panel; allows you to set runways to allow only Departures, only Arrivals, or both.
    • Requires researching the new 'Aviation Operations' item
    • Adds 'Crosswind Maximums', makes various runway upgrades impact the maximum thresholds
    • Numerous changes to Runway selection, including smarter distance & size-based priorities

  • Adds Small Aircraft Gate
    • Has stairs and no jet bridge
    • Aircraft adjustments to appropriate gate sizes
    • Adjusted prices and material requirements for Small, Large, XL Gates
    • Default map now comes with a Small gate

  • Revised Passenger Satisfaction
    • Changes to top UI and hover, now shows trend direction & intensity
    • First class pax now have an increased impact on overall satisfaction score
    • Satisfaction now less volatile, will be a bit more challenging in general
    • Tweaks to initial spawn values, object/action interaction modifiers, need rating weights
    • Needs used only for driving AI no longer directly factored into rating
    • Note: When loading a older version save, the satisfaction rating may temporarily be skewed. Old saves are compatible however it may jump up or down for the first few minutes after loading -- after a few minutes it'll be using the new algorithm entirely & behaving the same as it would on a newly-created save.
    • As always, please let us know your thoughts & feedback. Too difficult, too easy? Too fast or too slow? Let us know, we're listening!

  • Performance Improvements
    Numerous performance improvements! We've optimized numerous aspects, with a focus on movement and agent rendering: threading adjustments that will allow us to better utilize multi-core processors and parallelize computationally-intensive work; other various startup and runtime optimizations, including memory/RAM optimizations; multiples rendering pipeline optimizations and improvements.

  • Misc. Additions & Improvements
    • Adds configurable key bindings settings to Preferences (page 2)
    • Added 'Ramp' outdoor tile, can be used for aesthetic purposes around your tarmac area (via request on Reddit)
    • Separates 'Break Deadlock' and 'Force Departure' buttons on Aircraft menu
    • Adds additional columns to Flight Status UI; column visibility can now be toggled via the "I" button, top left of the flight status screen
    • Adds a button to “Show All Queue Assignments”
    • Passenger object/action selection improvements -- should improve passenger distribution & object selection variation. May increase missed flights a bit, likely needs some further tweaking, is hopefully a solid improvement to pax behavior in general.
    • Adds aviation-style wind heading & velocity to the top UI weather hover
    • Left control key now displays crosshairs when using build tools

  • Staff Job Selection
    Revised to be more efficient. Includes fixes for a few staff-related bugs when more than enough staff are present (wander, stacking, fanning out evenly). Known: Janitors still need to be smarter.

  • Queues set to 'First Class Only' tinted a faint blue, helps distinguish them visually
  • Further adjustments to improve boarding rates, early boarding, boarding time awareness
  • Several queue adjustments, including a change aimed at improving the 'slow queue join' issue
  • Changes to default Airlines: interest rating sensitivity, interest percentage component adjustments, and sizable changes to Airline pricing sensitivity (now more price-sensitive, especially at the high end of the spectrum)
    NOTE: This change may result in reneged offers when initially loading any existing saves!
  • Zones that require non-secure area will now fail to meet requirements
  • Relaxes pathfinding constraints when starting on security exit/dividers — should reduce number of MM370 warnings
  • Passengers will no longer spawn for flights that are accepted but not yet scheduled
  • Adds some additional zoom-based culling, including hiding of construction indicators at higher zooms
  • Small adjustment to make passengers more likely to line up at Gate Agent Desks during pre-boarding
  • Updates Baggage Depot description and tooltip
  • Aircraft Gate hover info are now less verbose unless zoomed in
  • Electronics vending machine tweaks
  • Changed worker task assignments to prevent excessive 'task swapping' and retain priority properly
  • Adds ability to cancel queued but not-yet-started research
  • Updates descriptions on ILS/PAPI regarding maximum crosswind tolerance
  • Further tweaks to Passenger action/object selection; should be more attracted to gate area pre-boarding, less likely to miss their flight during boarding, and a bit more 'decisive'
  • Crosswind maximums adjusted: 12KT default; 15KT with PAPI upgrade; 20KT with ILS upgrade
  • Realtime Flight Status now shows # of ticketed Pax and # boarded pax; can be toggled on/off via the column settings on the UI
  • Aircraft will now prefer the smallest suitable runway that is available, and will select the nearest to their gate if multiple of that size are available when needed

  • Improves the movement code to now anticipate collisions with walls, mitigating an issue where agents could become stuck behind a sheer wall after getting pushed too far off path by other agents. In certain cases, this could also result in stuck aircraft (if waiting for stuck agent).
  • Fixes a few internal errors producing integrity check warnings
  • Fixes construction sometimes failing to complete based on erroneous ‘path available’ validation
  • Fixes an issue that could result in large swaths of passengers not moving because of a failed background job enqueue when engine is under extreme load
  • Fixed a bug on Flight Scheduler that showed an incorrect gate size requirement
  • Fixes LRT drop-offs, should always avoid Drop-offs zone
  • Fixes a bug that caused saves (and Land Expansion) to fail when a Small Aircraft Gate was present on the map
  • Fixes water emission position offset on sinks
  • Fixes an issue with agent appearance position offset not getting reset after using chairs
  • Fixes an issue with janitor serialization that could result in stuck after load game
  • Fixes an issue with pax not leaving after missed flight
  • Fixes an issue with passengers sometimes taking shortcuts through non-secure areas to reach a destination in their same sector (high chance of resetting their security status)
  • Fixes inconsistent mouse position / 'offset' when placing objects
  • Fixes an issue that could result in stuck aircraft if indoor luggage and no baggage claim zone
  • Reliability improvements to task assignment/manager for employee agents
  • Improvements to janitor clean floor task to be more resilient
  • Resolves an issue that could cause passengers to occasionally walk through walls
  • Fixes an issue that could result in queues becoming deadlocked (e.g. if placed on the edge of a sector or zone boundary)
  • Fixes a 'Move To Object' failure abort condition
  • Fixes a vehicle risk condition that could sometimes occur on parallel, half-offset roads
  • Vehicles should no longer drive on pending construction roads
  • Fixes indoor flooring, no longer removes walls (just excludes those positions now)

  • Adds a new Command Line option ("RESET") / advanced option (or 'Safe Mode'), which forces the game to forget all settings, preferences & graphics configurations
  • Updated code base to the latest engine version
  • Multi-core/multi-thread code runner updates, now using higher performance sync structures
  • Optimization to saving/loading game; reduces risk of 'Out Of Memory' crash and truncated output/corruption
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The Dev Process

We use a rapid & iterative dev process to keep you involved. The game has improved dramatically since release, and it continues to evolve rapidly -- we ship updates to the 'Edge' branch almost EVERY DAY! See also, the 'SimAirport 2017 Roadmap'

Updates & Steam Branches

  • Default -- The default branch, it is the most stable. Updates: ~1x/month
  • Experimental -- Newer features, generally stable. Updates: ~1x/week
  • Edge -- The latest & greatest, not always fully stable. Updates: ~1x/day

Informazioni sul gioco

SimAirport is a modern tycoon-style simulation & management game where you design, build, and manage an airport.

You will construct an airport from the ground up, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out your infrastructure -- baggage conveyer systems & luggage services, roads, fuel pipelines, runway upgrades, navigation aids, hangars and service vehicles, etc -- and much more.

Your Airport, Your Way. Built & Managed by You!

  • Systems-Based Gameplay: Everything has purpose
  • Infrastructure: Fuel & baggage, public address systems, flight info displays, etc
  • Details: Security, Check-In, Boarding, Food, down to first class & coach queues
  • Research & Advancement: Technology, transport, accounting tools, land expansion, etc
  • Two Gameplay Modes: Sandbox (unlimited funds) and Career (challenge yourself)
  • Play your way! Multiple concourses, or a single large concourse? It's your choice!
  • 15+ Airlines & liveries; 15+ Aircraft, turboprop to turbine
  • Steam Workshop Support: Hundreds of Custom Airlines & Airports to try!
  • Very Actively Developed - regular updates almost daily since release (Edge branch)! Developers that listen & who are very actively involved in the community on a daily basis.
  • Bottom Line: Fun, Engaging, Deep Gameplay.

    Where YOUR decisions truly make a difference!

Who Should Purchase?

We suggest purchasing if you are excited to play the game as it is today AND if you are interested in participating in the development process alongside our developers.

If you enjoy tycoon-style building & management games, you'll probably enjoy SimAirport. If you're not sure yet, we'd encourage you to take a look through our forums (especially the Edge forum!) to get an idea of how quickly player feedback makes an impact on the game & to get a feel for how much fun there is to be had!

We hope to see you in the friendly skies, and around our community forum!

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP SP2+
    • Processore: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or higher.
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0
    • Memoria: 2 GB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: Any
    • Sistema operativo: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Processore: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • Scheda audio: Any
    • Sistema operativo: Ubuntu 12.04+ or SteamOS
    • Processore: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or higher.
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • Scheda audio: Any
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