Undead. Unstoppable. A challenging, turn-based indie sci-fi RPG that brings the beloved classic into the modern era with all new content and gameplay.
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출시 날짜: 2017년 4월 17일

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2017년 4월 20일

Patches and Improvements and Reception

Hello everyone! First things first:

- The patch that went out today should have addressed the "preparing to launch" (yet not actually launching) bug some people were experiencing. If it has not, please leave a message in our bug thread with some system specs so we can make sure we squash it.

More importantly, including other bug fixes and tweaks, we are working on a patch that addresses a lot of player UI suggestions, such as tooltips appearing on hover, right-clicking rather than click-and-hold to view skill information in battle, and more. We'll prepare a detailed list when we have more things finalized. If you would like to suggest a specific piece of UI improvement, please let us know in the forums!

Finally, we know that the reception from players has been mixed. While we're still extremely proud of the game and all the years of hard work everyone involved put in, it's clear that we underestimated how much facets of the presentation like visible equipment and animations mattered to players. To be clear, these are not things we looked at during development and made a decision NOT to include... we were focused on the things we felt that mattered most (challenging enemies with character builds and buffs) and simply didn't consider these other elements.

Clearly that was a mistake on our part. By the time we brought in outside testers, it was too late in development to change, and obviously we should have been interacting and more transparent with the community early on to make sure we were more in tune with what the fans wanted. Sonny Steam/iOS is not a game we looked at as something to just flip around quickly or cheaply, and we set out with every intention and belief that we were doing right by it.

At this point, adding in more dynamic sprite animation and visible equipment isn't something that's feasible for us to do based on estimates of time and resources needed we've been given. We know some will be disappointed by that, and all we can do is apologize and promise that we will do better going forward with our other releases in speaking with, understanding, and involving our community to make sure we're on track.

We thank you for all the feedback you've given us, good and bad, and helping us make both Sonny and our future releases even better.

- Dora

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“It's easy to play and dive into, but has a surprising depth to the combat.”
4/5 – Touch Arcade

“The system just works so well. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that I had a mini-revelation about what I expect from the RPG genre.”
8.5/10 – GameGrin

“... well worth your time and money, even if you’ve never played Sonny before in your life.”
3.5/4 – AppAdvice

게임에 대해

The beloved Flash RPG series played by millions lives again in an all-new adventure that's not a sequel or a simple remake. When Sonny returns from the dead without his memories, he finds himself caught between the conflict of a seemingly endless horde of mutated monstrosities and a mysterious paramilitary force. With the help of some unlikely allies, he will discover his destiny is greater than he expected, and maybe save the world.

Sonny is a challenging turn-based, combat-focused RPG where unlocking and combining the effects of new skills and abilities is required to topple foes with an enormous amount of power. Sonny is designed for cunning and creativity with an emphasis on strategy and difficulty as the gameplay evolves. Featuring stunning artwork by Jet Kimchrea and an engrossing original score by David Orr.

  • Engaging, mysterious storyline full of secrets, conspiracies, and zombies.
  • Combat-focused gameplay with an intuitive interface.
  • Battles with an emphasis on strategy... think your way through it, don't grind.
  • Intriguing party members with their own unique abilities.
  • Upgrade and enhance your equipment to grow even more powerful.

시스템 요구 사항

Mac OS X
    • 운영체제: Windows 7 or newer
    • 프로세서: 1.8GHz Processor or higher
    • 메모리: 2 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: 256MB for VRAM
    • 저장공간: 1200 MB 사용 가능 공간
    • 운영체제: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer
    • 프로세서: 1.8GHz Processor or higher
    • 메모리: 2 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: 256MB for VRAM
    • 저장공간: 1200 MB 사용 가능 공간
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