Immerse yourself into the battles and intrigues between the Houses that shaped the Kingdom of Westeros and keep your spot on the Iron Throne by any means.
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Utgivelsesdato: 29. sep, 2011
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About This Game

Hva slags konge vil du være?
Erobrer, troneraner eller diplomat?
"A Game of Thrones - Genesis" tar deg med inn i hjertet av kampene og intrigene som utspiller seg mellom Husene som formet kongeriket Westeros. Fra Nymerias ankomst til kongeriket Dorne til oppvåkningen av de "Andre" nord for muren, vil du leve ut opptakten til A Game of Thrones' saga gjennom mer enn tusen års historie og ta del i hendelsene som grunnla Westeros og utkjempe dets største kamper.
I dette storslåtte strategispillet er seier ikke nødvendigvis et resultat av rå makt. Du kan velge en militær tilnærming og beleire dine motstandere, kvele dem med økonomisk krigføring, eller knuse dem politisk med skittent spill og diplomati. Foræderi og bedrageri fins overalt og kan vise seg mer effektivt enn selv den mektigste hærstyrke. Ha alltid øyne i bakhodet og vis ingen nåde om du ønsker å bli sittende på Iron Throne.


  • Dataspillversjonen av fantasy-serien "A Song of Ice and Fire" av George RR Martin.
  • En spennende og dyptpløyende spillopplevelse som kombinerer strategi, diplomati og politikk.
  • Oppdag bakgrunnen for Iron Throne sitt univers gjennom Historiemodus og delta i de største konfliktene som har formet Westeros.
  • Konkurrer mot opp til syv andre spillere i flerspillermodus. Dann allianser, bryt dem, snik deg inn på dine motstandere og knus dem!


    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Memory: 1024 MB (XP) / 2048 MB (VISTA/7)
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB
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83 av 99 personer (84%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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This game was not what I was expecting at all. It was more like a fast paced board game than the sort of resource management and strategy game I thought it would be. I can't fault it for not being like the Total War games, which I was thinking it was, but I can fault it for not being particularly fun. As far as I can see from playing the tutorial and the first level, you basically run around with envoys and spies trying to keep alliances with towns while your opponents ruin your alliances and make their own. It can get a little hectic keeping up with all of that going on, while also trying to get some food or money together to make an army.

You don't build structures in this game, they already exist on the map. What you do is build units, which will carry out certain tasks like assassinations and spying. The goal is to build alliances with nearby towns and castles to keep yourself stronger and richer than your enemies. You do this to collect prestige points, which determine the winner of the map. The combat in this game is not at all exciting, since your armies will consist of around 8 little guys that will hack at the other side's armies until one team is dead. You don't really want to declare war too often anyway, since it will cost you prestige points. So you want to convince the other guy to declare war, and then spend some time chasing around his units to destroy them, all while chasing his envoys with yours so that you can keep them from stealing your alliances.

The graphics are decent but not particularly impressive. The music is standard fantasy fare. Not memorable, but not bad either.

It's just not as impressives as I was hoping for, and I think I only gave it the time I did because of the GoT license. It does go back a ways to give you a taste of some of the origins of the great houses of Westeros, but I felt like the license was not important to the gameplay. It was like playing a licensed version of Monopoly, wherein the lore of GoT only ran skin deep. Overall I could not recommend this title.

Grade: D
Publisert: 16. juni
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44 av 47 personer (94%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
21.3 timer registrert
This game is rough. It has some interesting ideas about how to do video game diplomacy and intrigue, but those ideas are undeveloped, and make the interaction between the houses of Westeros feel like the mere shuffling around of RTS game pieces. It does have an admirable commitment to the series lore, but to get to the lore, you have to play through a dreary campaign which includes frustrating escort missions. You can control a Targaryen dragon, and it feels pretty powerful, but the actual mechanics of doing so are excessively "gamey" (your dragon has a recharge time, making it less a creature of legend and more of an occasional special ability).

The presentation of the game is subpar, with a lot of tiny details that are just "off" enough to pull me out of the experience. And the RTS mechanics are a bit undercooked - there's not a lot of unit diversity (or distinctiveness to the units that exist) and the tech tree, such as it is, is mediocre. The most interesting part of the game is the specialized intrigue and diplomatic units, and even then, I find the challenge of not knowing which alliances are real or which units are loyal to be more of a test of mental endurance than a genuine political-style puzzle.

The game is not entirely without merit, but I would not recommend buying it without first seriously lowering your expectations.
Publisert: 22. juni
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36 av 39 personer (92%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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This game is just the name and nothing else. Basically is just a strategy game with no strategy at all, just a bunch of units of deception, politics and intrigue that doesn't feel coherent or well integrated into the game but awkward and forced.

The game forces you to constantly check the status of your alliances, your secret agreements, the enemy's secret agreements with your allies, the protection of your units (you even have to assign bodyguards to farmers because they're a yummy target for assassins), the vulnerable strategic units of your enemies like envoys, spies, brides, rebels and other assassins to send even more assassins after them. And all of that with one single purpose: making and keeping as many alliances as possible while trying to destroy as many as possible alliances of your enemies while producing enough food and gold to bring armies to the table.

And for a military based game battles are very simple: just send as many soldiers as you can, no others plan needed.

The mechanics of the game are just too complicated to be a game that worths paying for it.
Publisert: 5. august
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35 av 50 personer (70%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
0.5 timer registrert
A cash in on the books.
Publisert: 24. juni
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8 av 10 personer (80%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
6.6 timer registrert
Don't get this confused with the Game of Thrones RPG. This has a lot of nice features and it is a very polished game but it is really... short. It would be very hard to make a single session last more than a hour. It is very nice but its not really worth the price. While it might be different in multiplayer it is very shallow though well finished.
Publisert: 4. juli
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2 av 2 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
7.8 timer registrert
A Game of Thrones - Genesis made a brand new strategy genre.

The Alliance making genre. -_-

This game is terrible! I know it is supposed to be a board-game.. but seriously. It is still a RTS too. The only thing you do through the 3 first campaigns, is to go around and make alliances. The combat is way too easy, and you can't even control a dragon.

I regret so bad that I bought this. Thankfully it was in a bundle with a good Game of Thrones game, not the best, but better.
I don't recommend this game to anyone! The only plus I have got for this game, is that it is very lore friendly to George R.R. Martin's universe.
Publisert: 19. januar
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