Sky Noon is a First-Person Shooter with Brawler mechanics. Players are equipped with a grappling hook, a lasso and an arsenal of weapons and abilities. There is no health in Sky Noon - players eliminate their enemies by pushing and pulling them off the Floating Frontier.
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April 17

Closed Beta This Weekend

Hello everybody! This weeks blog post is going to be short and sweet because we’re busy preparing Sky noon for our upcoming closed beta weekend! It will start on Thursday 4/19 at 12pm PDT and finish on Monday 4/23 at 12pm PDT. Make sure that you are signed up in our Discord channel and have followed the beta instructions for a chance to get a key!

As it is a beta you may experience the occasional bug or glitch, but by playing you are helping us to find these issues so that we may fix them before our early access release. You can give us direct feedback in the #feedback channel of our discord as well as documenting any bugs and crashes in the #report-an-issues channel. This is our first time opening up our game to so many new players and we’re expecting some small issues to crop up, however well be on hand to fix-em-up right quick!

But what is in the Closed beta?

We’re proud to be showing off for the first time: Cart mode (our version of payload)

In the Cart mode two teams of 4 players will attempt to score by shooting the TNT filled minecart into the other team’s base. Players can shoot track changers to redirect the cart, moving it closer to the enemy base or mess with the other team by directing it away. Cart is played on specialised maps that stand apart our other maps. Closed beta with feature the map called Bridge. While it is the simplest of our cart maps there is plenty of skill and strategy required to win.

Players will also be able to play Free for All in two maps: Homestead and Towers, previously shown at Pax East. Games can get pretty hectic when you have no one else to watch your back.

Cinematic picture to make you like our maps

Haven’t signed up for the beta yet?
Haven’t heard of Sky Noon before?
Join our Discord @

See you in the Skies!
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April 2

And the Medal Goes To...

Happy Easter from Lunar Rooster! This week we’re excited to share something we have been working on recently — our new medals! Ranging from your classic multikills to our special kill style medals, we plan to make sure that your quick shooting and grappling skills will be appropriately recognised.

Read more about it on our site (along with images!)
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About This Game

Grab your hat, lasso, and grappling hook, and get ready for a high-flying Wild West showdown!

Taking place in a reinvented Wild West universe where the frontier floats among the clouds, Sky Noon players take the role of hired gunslingers that battle opposing cartel fighters in the sky. There are no health meters in Sky Noon; instead players use various super-powered compressed air weapons to send enemies flying out of their boot spurs! Grappling hooks and lassos are literal lifelines preventing players from falling off into the great blue sky. Combined with other items like steam-powered jetpacks, jump pads, and teleporters, cowboys need to be quick on the draw and light on their boots in the fast-paced, aerial mayhem of Sky Noon.


Weapons With a Big Blast

Make use of weapons and devices powered by super-compressed air to fling opponents off levels – knock them varmints straight to the moon!

Lassos, Grappling Hooks, and Jump Pads… Oh My!

Freely move throughout the floating levels by using quick-firing grappling hooks, jump pads, and lassos to pull cowboys back to levels. Discover additional items like teleporters and steam-powered jetpacks to get a tactical advantage or escape a close brush with death.

Tug of War Rhythm

The goal of Sky Noon is to knock off opponents with air-powered weapons while using grappling hooks and lassos to pull yourself back onto levels, leading to a constant "tug of war" pace in combat that’s hilarious and exhilarating.

Reimagined Wild West

With the land dried up and cracked, the denizens of the West look to the clouds for the last vestiges of water. Crafting technology to raise their lands into the sky, opposing factions now battle for control over the Floating Frontier.

Online Multiplayer Mayhem

2-8 players can jump into multiple game modes including Free For All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and more complete with online stat tracking.

Character Customization

Are you the good sheriff in the ten-gallon hat or the man wanted in every county? Customize your look and show ‘em who is best in the west.

Original Soundtrack

Original music influenced by classic Spaghetti Western guitar themes that perfectly fit the style and setting of Sky Noon.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Quad Core 2Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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