The Wild Eight — это суровое приключение в случайно генерируемом мире, полном опасности и испытаний. Добывай ресурсы для выживания и исследуй локации в поисках спасения бок о бок с другими игроками. Или ты попробуешь выбраться отсюда в одиночку?
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Дата выхода: 8 фев. 2017

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Игра в раннем доступе

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Примечание: Данная игра в раннем доступе находится на стадии разработки. Она может измениться в будущем, а может остаться в текущем состоянии, так что, если вам не по вкусу то, что игра может предложить сейчас, рекомендуем дождаться её дальнейшего развития. Узнать больше

Сообщение от разработчиков

Почему ранний доступ?

“The Wild Eight at first was planned for the full release. Yes, you heard that right, it was planned to be released as a finished product all along. However after big changes were made along the course of the development and one unforeseen event, we decided to move it to the Early Access. This does not mean that the game is unplayable or lacks features, it’s actually vice-versa.

Even though we have all the core mechanics and features already in the game, we feel that it can be so much more, but it can become that only with your help.

Your participation in Early Access will be crucial to the game’s future, because we will listen to your feedback and improve the game over the time, especially if it fits our vision of the game.

You can help us by joining Discussions and Discord Server, where you can share your thoughts and experiences about the game.

Join us on this adventure to make the survival game that we always dreamed of!”

Сколько примерно эта игра будет в раннем доступе?

“The length is variable, but our aim is 3-4 months so we can take in account your feedback, remove bugs, and add more features to the game. We don’t want to extend it so people won’t lose interest, but we also can’t make it shorter, because then we won’t be able to include everything we will acquire through feedback.”

Чем планируемая полная версия будет отличаться от версии в раннем доступе?

“The full version will include more features and expanded story that will be added throughout Early Access.

That includes:
  • New quests
  • More items to interact with
  • Improved gameplay mechanics
  • Content based on your feedback

Каково текущее состояние версии в раннем доступе?

“Right now the game is fully playable and has all main features, but it’s still not the game we dreamed of. At least not yet. Your direct participation will help us to achieve that. So we await your feedback and stories, especially from multiplayer experience!”

Будет ли разница в цене до и после раннего доступа?

“The price will be the same after Early Access because people supported us during Kickstarter buying the game for the full price and we want to be very loyal to them.”

Как вы планируете вовлекать сообщество в развитие игры?

“Our entire Early Access will be revolving around the feedback from the community and the particular design of the game make it very community-oriented game, finding all the secrets will be definitely hard for one person. Particular individuals may have the opportunity to participate in internal meetings and tests!”

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14 августа

0.5 - 2 more structure levels, fixes, and improvements

After taking a brief pause, we’re finally updating the game to version 0.5.12. This update will serve as a foundation for the game’s biggest content update so far, which is currently planned to be released early this fall.

Your previously created save files will be converted into a new format, resulting in your character being transported back to the plane crash. However, his skills and acquired items, as well as completed quests, will be left untouched. It was necessary for us to do so in order to stabilize the save data for the future expansion of the world.

In this update we’ve added 2 upgrade levels for both the workshop and the shelter: more skills and items to craft are now available. All high-grade weapons and armor will now require steel - a resource obtained by smelting iron chunks in the furnace. This update also brings changes to resource gathering mechanics: from now on, every chopped down tree or a depleted ore deposit gives the player additional resources, depending on character’s equipment and skills.

This update also provides various bug fixes and enhances game optimization. We’ve paid most attention to stabilizing game saves and multiplayer sessions, completely eliminating save corruption in most cases.

In order to simplify fixing potential bugs in the future, we’ve opened access to game’s inner logs, which can now be found in the main game folder. If you ever stumble across a bug - feel free to send your personal log data to an e-mail Inspecting these logs will help us determine the root of the problem and fix them much faster.

Gameplay improvements:
  1. Enhanced resource gathering - chopping down a tree or working-out an ore deposit gives player additional resources;

  2. “Steel” renewed - previously untapped resource has now become the main component in crafting top-notch weaponry and armor;

  3. New structure and skill levels - shelter and workshop can now be upgraded to the 8th level;

  4. Map screen visual improvements - navigating the world and finding your friends has become a much easier task due to a new coordinate system;

  5. Last death location - finding and retrieving your lost items has now become much easier.

  1. Various technical fixes and optimization improvements;

  2. Fixed most common errors related to corruption of save files. In addition to that a temporary storage file will now be written, resulting in a rollback to the previous stable save data if corrupted;

  3. Stabilization of existing saves, in order to prevent their corruption in future versions of the game;

  4. Various multiplayer fixes;

  5. Fixed a bug when swapping items in sleep mode resulted in losing already equipped weapon/armor;

  6. Fixed a bug when player tended to lose health in sleep mode.
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16 июня

Version 0.4.3. - Bunker Update is live!

What’s up, survivors? Time to check out our latest content update.

Here’s the full note, that is not only explaining what’s been added to the game, but also describes the fixes and improvements applied.

  • Additional rooms - added three new HUB-1 locations. Players can unlock them with the keycards, they have found earlier.
  • New Boss Enemy - ferocious and creepy mutant creature has been added to the game. It’s a strong enemy, which should be approached with caution.
  • Sidearms - the pistol can now be found in one of the unlocked bunker rooms.
  • Sleep mode - player can now open in-game menus during the sleep process.
  • Sleep mode - automatic prolongation of sleep time. The character will remain in sleep mode, until the player won’t wake him up. Useful when in strong need of making a break, without exiting the game.
  • Save files - further fixes to prevent world resets.
  • Shelter storage slots - the items in the tent will no longer disappear after the player’s death. If the tent was unpacked the items will remain in it last known location. Otherwise they will spawn with the player.
  • Multiplayer fix - general netcode optimisation in order to improve smoothness and stability of the game.
  • Music - volume troubles fixed.
That’s all for now. Have a nice bunker exploration!
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Падение самолета — лишь начало. Восемь выживших остались брошенными посреди суровых лесов Аляски, полных секретов и тайн.


    Узнай тайну падения самолета и открой все спрятанные аномалии в этом заснеженном мире. Найди случайные квесты в заброшенных зданиях, хранилищах и секретных лабораториях, чтобы получить уникальные предметы.


    Присоединяйся к другим игрокам, чтобы увеличить свои шансы на выживание и преодолеть одно из сложнейших испытаний в своей жизни.


    Брось вызов новым землям и исследуй неизведанные регионы Аляски в этом одновременно прекрасном и безжалостном случайно генерируемом мире. Грейся ночью возле костра, сооруди убежище от снежных бурь и делись едой с другими выжившими.


    Собирай все на своем пути, чтобы создавать инструменты, которые помогут выжить: оружие, одежду и орудия для добычи ресурсов. Улучшайте навыки выживания в своем убежище, подстраивая их под свой стиль выживания.


    Покажи этому миру, на что способен. Но помни: в глубине леса таятся существа, которые намного опаснее, чем дикие животные и суровый холод.

Все это и даже больше ждет тебя в The Wild Eight, которая будет получать постоянные улучшения и дополнения.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows 7 or higher 64bit
    • Процессор: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce 450 or higher with 1GB Memory
    • Место на диске: 1 GB
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