You & your friends are the deadliest killers in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines. It’s up to you to not just survive, but wipe out the Xeno infestation.
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Release Date: 11 Feb, 2013

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"Decent Port. Game quality aside gearbox went back and added a ton of stuff (10GB of patches) to the pc version including a FOV slider."

About This Game

You and your friends are the deadliest killers in the galaxy. Another glorious day in the Corps.

Buckle up, soldier! Welcome to Aliens™: Colonial Marines. Created by Gearbox, the critically acclaimed and fan-favourite developers of Borderlands and Brothers In Arms, you and your friends will become the most badass military outfit in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines. It’s up to you to not just survive, but wipe out the Xeno infestation.

Key Features:

Enlist in the Marine Corps.

Bringing you a true sequel to the classic Aliens film, get tooled up with classic Marine weapons including pulse rifles, motion trackers and

The most authentic Aliens experience ever.

Using authentic environments inspired by the film series including Hadley’s Hope, the Sulaco and LV-426, you will be immersed in an eerie, atmospheric
world where any moment could bring your death.

Drop-in/Drop-out co-operative gameplay.

The masters of co-op bring their expertise to the Aliens universe. Xenos getting too tough? Call up your buddies so they can drop in with extra
firepower. The whole campaign can be played with a squad of up to four players, dropping in and out as necessary through self-contained missions
within an over-arching narrative.

Loadouts and upgrades.

Create your perfect killing machine. An extensive upgrade system allows players to customise their characters to play the way they want. Earn experience to get perks, new weapons and new looks for your squad.

System Requirements

    • OS: Operating System: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2GB RAM (XP), 2GB RAM (Vista)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8500/ATI Radeon HD 2600 (256 minimum)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 20GB free hard disk space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Other Requirements: Initial installation requires one-time internet connection for Steam authentication; software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, DirectX 9, Microsoft .NET 4 Framework, Visual C++ Redistributable 2005, Visual C++ Redistributable 2008, Visual C++ Redistributable 2010, and AMD CPU Drivers (XP Only/AMD Only)
    • OS: Operating System: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: : 2.3 GHz Intel Quad Core Processor
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX560/ATI Radeon HD 5850 (512 minimum)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 20GB free hard disk space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Other Requirements: Software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, DirectX 9, Microsoft .NET 4 Framework, Visual C++ Redistributable 2005, Visual C++ Redistributable 2008, Visual C++ Redistributable 2010, and AMD CPU Drivers (XP Only/AMD Only)
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Posted: 7 October, 2014
First time playing....NPC blocks the door and kills me.
Second time playing... Aliens decide they will just run straight into my bullets
Third time playing...I cried when I could get into the yellow robot suit only to be able to move 2 steps before having to dismount again.

Fifth time playing .... went online and found a cheap spot as an alien....killed the marine players by spitting acid for the whole round

Last time playing it....played it with friends only to find out the first mission they got was the mid point of the game.....they haven't even played the game before and were hosting it.....after that uninstalled and continue to cry as I watch the old E3 trailers.

Conclusion........I see this button saying do you recommend this game...I tried so hard to find the "nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure"
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Posted: 11 October, 2014
Terrible bland game made worse by faked pre-release trailers and abuse of a great license. To make things worse Gearbox went into damage control mode post launch and tried to wipe their hands on the project (blaming the smaller co-dev) despite their CEO Randy talking it up so much A shameful display!

And yes the price may have dropped over time but it still has a disgusting $106USD worth of DLC.
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Posted: 1 December, 2014
If you meet the following criteria, you will possibly enjoy this game:

1) You paid $5 or less for this.
2) You only bought it for the single player campaign.
3) You can overlook that the game did not meet its launch expectations.
4) You are a fan of the Aliens franchise.
5) As a fan of the franchise you can overlook many of the implausible settings the game uses.

If you can pass all that, then you have a chance at enjoyment.


The game is basically sticking you in the role of a Colonial Marine and having you retread the sights of LV-426. You'll walk the halls of the U.S.S Sulaco, you will land at Hadley's Hope, you will explore Operations and in the end you will even visit the Engineer ship where the franchise began.

Each area is pretty much a giant easter egg filled with tiny easter eggs. You'll stumble over the spent sentry guns from the Aliens director's cut, one still containing 10 rounds. You'll find the room where Burke, Carter J. met his cowardly end. The medical bay where Ripley and Newt were attacked by face-huggers is here as well, with overturned beds and bullet-shattered glass. While crawling through the sewers you can even find the head of Newt's doll that we last saw floating sadly on the water.

That said, a lot of plausibility of those easter eggs was sacrificed in the name of coolness. Sure, it's cool to pick up Hicks' shotgun but why is "No Fate" carved into it? Sure I get it, same actor but why would Dwayne Hicks scratch that on his darling for close encounters?

As far as the gameplay itself goes, it is clunky but passable. You will either overlook it because you like Aliens that much or you will turn the game off after 5 minutes. Or perhaps you will do both - I myself played for 5 minutes before putting it down for a year. When I played it again I beat it all the way through just out of curiosity. Found myself slightly entertained though, I admit, more by the settings and the little things than the actual story.

On that note, the story - if you have played an Aliens game or watched an Aliens movie than you know the story already. Weyland-Utani are bad guys, they want the alien and will stop at nothing to do their experiments. Nothing new here.

This is basically a game for fans of Aliens who can also overlook the disrespect towards that very movie's cannon, shown over and over again via easter eggs. If you fit the bill than I recomend this title to you!
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Posted: 23 October, 2014
This is difficult for me to say, but it has to be said. I've loved the alien franchise since i was 4 years old (26 now) so for me to say no on this hits home quite hard on this one. I shall explain why through pros, cons. and overall at the end.

Before i start, let me say this. I Recommend this game but only for the die hard alien franchise fans and people that love playing the role of a colonial marine and also only if you are prepared to see the worst 'official' canon to a franchise in history (Seriously, the storyline is that bad).

Now, onto the Pros and Cons.

1. It's in the alien universe. Between colonies being based on moons, exploration into space, and the fact that the alien is such a terrifying creature by nature it's fun to have a go at killing them. And your a Colonial Marine with a Pulse Rifle and array of weaponry. Cool!

2. Revisiting places form the 2nd film is cool (Even though the blast would of cleared everywhere that the game is set.)

3. The music and sounds are true to the film and do slightly absorb you into the atmosphere (Where there is any).

4. The multiplayer (If you can find a game) is actually quite entertaining and fun. It's slightly more biased to the alien side in my opinion, however it is fun. It is truly the saving grace of this game.

5. Stasis Interupted and Bug Hunt are actually quite good pieces of DLC. Although many argue Bug Hunt should of been part of the actual game and not DLC it's actually worth the price (Fans + New Game = Money money money)

6. The Co-op Campaign is actually decent fun with friends/randoms.

7. If your a massive aliens fan, you bare the game out (Pulse Rifles baby! lol). You go on the Sulaco, LV-42, the Derelict e.t.c. which is pretty neat.

1. The storyline (from the viewpoint of a hardcore alien franchise view) is pitiful and pathetically executed at best. It's disgusting to think that gearbox could do what they did to the franchise.

2. The gameplay is basic - it's a 'too linear' shooter which has nothing original or new to offer the aliens series or gamers in general.

3. The mulltiplayer died after 2 weeks of release. This was the games saving grace (As mentioned in pros) The only surviving Multiplayer is lingering among steam groups and they are only hosted here and there at best.

4. Nothing like it's demo trailer. This has been said over and over again website to website forum to forum - but really when it was released and your expecting this kick-♥♥♥ segment and it turns into poo...come on gearbox.

5. Graphically it looks good...if it was released in 2007. This really isn't a pro or con, but come on SEGA/gearbox, the hell!

6. It's such a cop out to the franchise. The alien is surposed to be this creature of terrifying appearance and presence, yet you do not feel scared by it at all. I get it, it's a shooter, but...the alien...and also the different types of alien are so bland (Drone Spitter Lurker) - i mean come on, AYFKM (Are You F**ing Kidding Me) SEGA/Gearbox.

7.Given it's development history, it's no surprise that the game was in shambles. Between going from one company to another company to another company not all the blame can be put on gearbox, just 90% of it.

8. To this day, i still say that the lack of dedicated servers are what lead to the true demise for the multiplayer. People copped the lack of authentic weaponry for the marines, the lack of not feeling like the same alien no matter the class, but some dedicated servers guys!! They could of at least done this for us.

9. Sweet lord, the AI is absolute rubbish. I mean it's Daikatana meets COD AI. It's just.....ugh. The AI in the 1999 AVP was better than this.

10. If your like me, and paid full price on release day for this game, you felt jipped.

If you like/love the aliens franchise, you'll bare this game. It's worth $10, The DLC is great, the multiplayer is fun, but there are so many drawbakcs that it will halter the good time you have on it.

P.S. - F*** you Gearbox. Eat a D*** Sandwich Randy Pitchford.
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Posted: 2 November, 2014
Well OK, I just did - I played this whole thing from the start to finish and here is my verdict. If you´re not an ULTRA BADASS Alien Fan don´t waste time and the money for torturing yourself. I have to admit that in the beginning the game was fun. Really it was but the game has some technical issues.

I don´t wanna talk about the graphical issues we all know about. Sometimes the level design is scarier than the Xenos themnself. The Weyland mercs are just a pain in the ♥♥♥!!! I don´t mind fighting against Xenos all the time, even if they look always the same that is what Aliens the movie was about. There were no mercs that look like a cheap copy of Half-Life2 Combines... Some levels are so long and boring just the achievements kept me moving on. Yeah the game features achievements lots of them some are quite easy to "achieve" some are insanely hard to get.

The sound is quite good and sometimes the sounds down in the sewers are quite frightning. The Aliens in the sewers by the way are just a bad joke. They walk with a limp - that´s weird. I like how they crawl along the ceiling and the floor but you better not turn your flashlight on down in the sewers - this part of the game is just a joke and not funny at all.

The voice acting from the main characters is quite cool - Bishop sounds best IMHO. Steam shows me a play time of about 18 hours I haven´t checked the time before I started my playthrough but I think it must have been about 6 to 7 hours I needed.

In the end I have to say that I will not reccommend the game due to the many flaws I encountered during the playthrough.

Thanks for reading! If you like this review please join my retro games group on steam:
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16.3 hrs on record
Posted: 13 October, 2014
Out of curiosity to see how bad this really is, I got it for $5, played it, & have now lost a lot of respect for Gearbox. It is easily one of the worst games I have ever played. I see why it got bad reviews and it deserves every one. This is a unacceptable tragedy. If it were given another name and marketed as a low priced generic shooter, it would still be sickening. My advice, forget about this even if it goes f2p and play the Aliens vs Predator game from 2010 which is decent, around a 6.5/10. This game was $50 or more when it was released back in Feb 2014, and now as of August 2014, only six months later, it is only $15 and you can find it constantly on sale for only $5. That is how horrible this game is. It is the prom night dumpster baby of Aliens games.

Holy ♥♥♥♥ this game is something else. It would be a decent game with some fun shooter elements if it weren't one of the buggiest, most poorly coded, generic games of all time. Example of its incredibly poor design: fighting through a level in the dlc Stasis Interrupted, which despite some people saying that it is much better than the regular game sucks equally as much as the normal game does, with no health packs, then when the next level loads, there are 4 health packs at the beginning which is completely pointless because it gives you full health at the start of a level and you don't even need them because you have to walk a ways to even see any enemies. What they did to this game is laughable and becomes more of a joke the longer you play. I have alt+tabbed out of the game to amend this review probably about thirty times, each time adding more and more bad things about the game, never once to add anything positive. It just gets worse and worse the more you play. One of the biggest flaws and one of the dumbest coding problems I have ever seen in any game in my life, and actually this is the only game I have ever seen do this since I started PC gaming back in 1997, is that when you close the game, it instantly relaunches all by itself... lol. The only way to close it is to alt+tab out, run task manager with ctrl+alt+del, and force close steam then force close aliens........ what a dumb sick joke. In-game is glitchy too. Achievements reset for no reason. I was near the end of a mission and had 3/5 melee kills for a achievement to get 5 in one mission, which is hard as fk since melee sucks bad and you can't get close to anything without dying quickly because only a couple of bullets or bites from a alien kills you, and I died and when it reloaded me at a previous checkpoint the achievement progress reset... So I got 3 melee kills again from the checkpoint, died, and they reset again...

I am skipping every cutscene because not only do the character models have god awful movement like puppets and their mouths look like puppet mouths, and the voice acting is some of the worst of all time and the script is one of the worst of all time, the game is just so generally awful I just want to hurry up and finish. That and the cutscenes also perform horribly, very stuttery and jerky.

Friendly AI in single player is broken. Sometimes they follow me to an objective, sometimes they don't. I know it is broken because many times I will be going to an objective alone and when I die and restart at the checkpoint, the marines will then come with me, basically letting me know that they should have came the first time but didn't because it is broken. Enemy AI is almost non-existent. They charge at you blindly or stand still and fire.

The game engine is very, very generic. It feels EXACTLY like the Blood 2 game engine which is very, very old and horrible. It is also only about 6 hours long (thank God) which is a 100% ripoff when it first came out, and even still at $5 since the game sucks balls and you will not find even one online game going at any time, ever. You need to go to video options first thing and turn the field of view option all the way up because anything less is way too low. The pulse rifle is gargantuan and takes up the entire bottom-right 1/4 of the screen, and then some, even on the highest field of view. That's right, changing the field of view does not change the weapon size lol. The pulse rifle takes up more of the screen than most giant rocket launchers do on some war games. You unlock all of the primary weapons quickly and they all suck nuts save for the pulse rifle and tactical shotgun. I bought the sawed-off double barreled shotgun extra for 99 cents and it is one of the worst weapons I have ever seen. It sounds like a BB gun when you fire it and while you are reloading it you get killed. You might unlock a few more later like maybe the flamethrower but who cares because the game sucks anyway. You die randomly and you die alot just because of how powerless you are to how extremely generic combat is and them flooding you with aliens. And the enemy AI is non-existent: they run straight at you with no thought or care in the world. The most laughable part of the game is when you die. The death animation on your guy is the worst I have ever seen. When you die it turns black and white, goes into third person, and shows you dying and the animation looks, every time, like a kid pulling the strings on a puppet flopping him around awkwardly. The Alien just gets in your face and gently swings his arm at you all prissy like "myeh!" then you die. Sometimes there isn't even a death animation; the screen just goes black and white and you are laying on the ground dead. And even when you have full armor and health, you can still die in a couple of hits from a alien. Dying in the game really only comes from trial and error. I have only ever died because of one single reason: being flooded with so many enemies to the point of not being able to reload fast enough to keep up then they get in close and I'm dead. On the second or third try though I get through it, but it is still the only reason you will die in this game. Zero skill is involved. You do NOT want to die because it will usually set you back pretty far and having to redo something in such a bad game is a cruel joke by the developers. It is a trend with all bad games: poor checkpointing. The checkpoint system is half broken as well: on mission 10 when you have to survive the attack of the queen, I died once and it put me back to the checkpoint, I died a second time and when it loaded it glitched me to the next checkpoint past the queen without having to beat her... I consider it a blessing. The way enemies gib is awful and looks very primitive and amateurish. The way they gib looks EXACTLY like Blood 2 and that is a game from 1998 and it blew hard. The sound and music are instantly forgettable. If you were listening to someone play and not watching, were it not for the sound of the pulse rifle and radar blip (when you press Q to hold up your radar, it isn't automatic like every other Alien game) you would never know it was an Alien game. Dead enemies sometimes get stuck in a doorway and start flipping out. I die constantly from the enemies just doing instant dmg whenever you are in view of them, instant massive dmg usually. One or two hits from any enemy wipes out the armor that you just scavenged for, and then your health drops very quickly as well. Ranged enemies with guns have pinpoint accuracy so your only hope is to run and dodge behind obstacles if there are any and close the gap to get close enough to hit them. Graphics suck bad, character animations suck bad, voice acting is God crap awful and their words don't match their mouths, effects are garbage, sounds are crap, and so on and so on. And when combat is this generic and dull it is very distracting.

A long review was needed to give this the bashing it deserves. 2/10
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Posted: 29 December, 2014
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Posted: 29 September, 2014
When I grabbed this on pre-order, I was seriously looking forward to this soooo bad. But then I got it...and i cried, and cried and cried. What had they done to my franchise? It was a pile of...yeah. The gameplay was sub-par, the graphics were NOTHING like what they had shown at E3...and the story line is just, bleck.

I saw that they had released a patch seriously fixing the xenomorph AI, which I will admit, did help alot, but it's still really, really crap. I'm sorry, I can't recommend this to anyone, ever.
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Posted: 29 November, 2014
The best crappy game I ever played.
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Posted: 27 November, 2014
The Aliens movie franchise stems back all the way to 1979. It spawned a 1986 sequel Aliens that gets regarded as one of the best sci-fi horror action movies of all time. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a first person action horror shooter that follows five new marines on Acheron (LV-426) after the Aliens movie. You'll take the roll of Winters fighting off both Xenomorph aliens and soldiers from Weyland Yutani ('the Company') as he goes from the spaceship Sulaco to the planetoid's surface, through Hadley's Hope and into the furthest reaches of the alien hive.

The sound design, music and voice acting are high points to the experience. Music that feel straight from the Aliens film if not late 70s space travel movies. You'll visit scenes straight out of the Aliens movie even if a lot of it was blew up before your arrival. The effects, lighting, fog, sounds and atmosphere blend together to put you in a place that fits the Aliens franchise. The blue planetoid, the white sterile walls of 'the Company,' exhaust in the narrow corridors aboard the space ship and even the fog layer over greenish black resin made by the aliens. Luckily the 'video feed filter' can get turned off so you can see the game without having a grainy fuzz like in the movie. In cut scenes the game doesn't have the video feed filter, so why should you?

Chained with you throughout the game are your allies. Sometimes none, sometimes one, and other times five of them. They'll do their best to kill enemies, but they're inefficient. Enemies will sometimes walk right by them and head straight for you. The best part about your allies is using them to distract enemy soldiers, so you can flank them. The game makes good use of flanking with cat and mouse maps. But not with the Xenomorphs, they're usually in hallways or out in the open with them running straight at you. Thankfully, your allies cannot die, since they're part of the story. When the enemies are dead, they'll always be ready to show you the way waiting at whatever door you're supposed to be at next. You can clip right through them, so they're never in the way.

You have three bars of health in the game. Each bar regenerates unless you've lost the bar completely. Then you need med kits that give you full health. Over that you have armor that doesn't regenerate. You just need to find more armor lying around or from dead soldiers. Heavy soldiers drop full armors, so its easy enough to find it and lose it. Its a good system.

You'll face off against a variety of different aliens. For the most part they'll climb on walls and ceilings. Then drop down and run at you or lunge a great distance. They can be deadly up close, but a shotgun blast takes them out. The rifles don't feel effective at all. There are acid spitters that stay away while spitting from a far. The lurkers are the intelligent ones. They'll use stealth to attack you. Climb through vents, disappear into the darkness and they take more damage. Then there are the Weyland Yutani soldiers. They can do everything you can do. Flank, hide, reload, shoot and throw a rare grenade your way. They drop random health, ammo and armor.

The bosses are big and need you to outsmart them than just taking more damage. You'll fight one in a power loader, you'll outrun one torching all the doors behind you. The bull alien will chase you in circles, letting your allies shoot him in the back. Finally the queen is the most meh battle of them all. So meh I literally could clip through her and speed run the final battle of the game, doing all that was needed of me.

For better or worse, the weapons are straight out of the Aliens movie. There is a variety of shotguns, pulse rifles, assault rifles, pistols, flame throwers and even the smart gun that tracks enemies to shoot. Throwable things like grenades are easily forgotten, because they need to be armed like a weapon and can't be quick thrown. To make throwables more forgettable is the fact that most weapons have alt fires. Assault rifles have incinerators, pulse rifles have grenade launchers and even those that don't can be upgraded later. There are a lot of upgrades for each weapon such as scopes, skins, alt fires, clips and so on. They unlock as you rank up from completing 'challenges.' These challenges are things like kill 20 enemies with any rifle. Get 5 melee kills in a single 'mission.' Headshot 5 enemies with the service pistol. They do switch things up, because otherwise I'd use a shotgun through the entire game. Damage > accuracy.

By the end of the game you'll have an entire arsenal, complete with weapons found from characters in the movie. Each weapon has its own ammo so if you run empty on one shotgun, the pump handle might still have some shells. Since you have so many weapons, the game makes use of a weapon wheel. Every weapon has its own stats: Damage, accuracy, rate of fire and so on. Shotguns have more damage, but less accuracy. Pulse rifles have less damage, but high rate of fire. The problem is the rate of fire is weak, you can't just hold it. The gunfire will stop, forcing you to play in controlled bursts. The assault rifle will only shoot two bullets at once. Weapons can get upgraded mostly to increase accuracy, clip size and reload.

The thing to most take into account is the accuracy stat. You need to aim to shoot with any accuracy. Not just that, because of the accuracy stat, you can shoot things head on and they have a chance of going straight through. To prove that, the game has DLC with a firing range. Aim straight on, fire and sometimes things just go through. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it might kill you. Speaking of killing you. There is acid blood, but its never enough to kill you, even standing in it on the highest difficulty. What will really kill you is aliens clipping through you. Becoming you so your gun is outside of them. When you fire it will miss, because the alien has clipped through you. Since they can run faster than you. It caused frequent deaths.

Its not all guns though. There are a few brief moments where you need to use stealth. First unarmed you'll have to quietly sneak past a new form of blind aliens that explode. Then you'll have to sneak past lights and sentries that will spot and shoot at you.

Other glitches have been fixed with some patch a year into the game, but even when they were patched I still noticed glitches that had been fixed were still a problem. Nothing game breaking, just noticeable. Things like an alien coming off a wall and getting stuck in the floor. Getting hit by an alien while shooting only to have the gun still shooting. Texture popin was still here and there, mostly when reloading a level from a death. I guess its a way to speed up load times.

The controls are simple for the most part. Aim, shoot, alt-fire, move, look, jump, squat and run. Use the D-pad for flashlight, grenade ready, weapon ready, pistol ready. There's a whole other button to switch between two weapons even if you can hold a dozen or so. Sometimes it didn't feel intuitive, but the game lets you bind keys and controls. While there is melee, it felt useless. Most things on soldier difficulty will easily kill you at close range. You also have a motion tracker, but it only feels useful when I was trying to find the location of the next checkpoint. Sure it tells you where enemy movement is, but when you can't use it and shoot it felt like a handicap. Plus, you hear a sound when you're in range of a new hostile.

There is multiplayer, but there's nothing going on at this point without being scheduled. Overall, it was a good experience, even if its not the best first person shooter. While people call it the worst game of all time, it could have been much worse. The end left me with a sour taste. At the end of Star Wars, they blew up the Death Star and that was that. They didn't start the next movie and end it.
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Posted: 19 February
This game is about as much fun as finding out your neighbors are a group of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and not actually human beings.
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Posted: 25 December, 2014
I have few regrets in life. One of my biggest is buying this as a pre-order title. I paid $89.00 for the deluxe edition.

That could have a bought a meal for several starving children. Instead it went towards this waste of RAM.

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Posted: 24 October, 2014
The hype for this game was so much and then it was so disapointing... really what a let down. I played it though with some friends and really enjoyed it. But when i went back and did it solo i realized that with out the constant joking of my teammates this game was rubbish... 4/10
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Posted: 24 February
I launched this game. Next thing I know I am being told my PC will reboot in less than a minute? Hmm maybe it's an issue with a Windows update?

Reboots - An error message saying Steam is unable to run Alien Colonial Marines - Same message "Your computer will turn off in less than a minute". Scramble around to work out the command prompt code to stop shutdowns, miss the time.

Reboots again, opens command prompt while on booting up ready to stop the shutdown with shutdown /a and promptly uninstalled this garbage peice of a game.
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Posted: 23 December, 2014
Bought this at game for £10 and thought to myself "Siht, that was an amazing deal". Turns out I was the one who had been ripped off.
A message to the Developers
That's it man game over man game over, what the fu@k you gonna do now?
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Posted: 22 November, 2014
While I can't recommend this game, it was playable. It has quite a few bugs that should have been ironed out, including one where the game relaunches itself forever. Ultimately, I didn't find any game breaking bugs though and was able to play through it. It does have mediocre graphics and a story that didn't live up to my expectations.

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Posted: 30 September, 2014
I wish I had read the reviews first, yet again I am dissapointed. First of all, the pictures make you feel like you are fighting only againts aliens, which sounds cool but thats not true, there is a big part of the game where you fight againts mercenaries. Second, the characters in this game are morons. I dont know much about Aliens series but I was hoping for a game which is better than some other average FPSs. But its not. Dont get me wrong, there are worse FPSs out there (like Day One) and the game has some enjoyable moments but the game itself is crap. Anyway if you planning to buy this crap I recommend to read the Store page reviews first. Dont recommend!
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Posted: 28 December, 2014
It was raining inside.
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Posted: 24 October, 2014
Stay away from this.
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Posted: 28 December, 2014
Just... don't.
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