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Conoce a Woody Two-Legs, el pirata menos infame de los siete mares. Las cosas nunca han ido del todo bien para Woody. Eso fue así hasta que tuvo un golpe de suerte y cayó en sus manos un gran tesoro. Woody, con rumbo hacia una isla remota, estaba a punto de enterrar su tesoro al igual que cualquier buen pirata haría.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 2 Nov 2010
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Acerca del juego

Conoce a Woody Two-Legs, el pirata menos infame de los siete mares. Las cosas nunca han ido del todo bien para Woody. Eso fue así hasta que tuvo un golpe de suerte y cayó en sus manos un gran tesoro. Woody, con rumbo hacia una isla remota, estaba a punto de enterrar su tesoro al igual que cualquier buen pirata haría.

Por desgracia, Woody se topó con los dueños originales, es decir, Mr. Jones y su séquito de piratas no muertos. Sin embargo, por pequeño que sea, Woody Two-Legs no se rendirá sin luchar.

¡Ayuda a Woody Two-Legs a luchar contra horda tras horda de piratas no muertos, derrotar a mortíferos jefes, acumular bonificaciones y usar devastadoras armas especiales!. ¡Todo el mundo a cubierta!

Características principales:

  • Consigue llegar a lo más alto de las tablas de puntuación online y no te conformes con ser nada menos que el mejor de los mejores
  • Desbloquea los varios niveles de dificultad hasta llegar al extremo modo Pesadilla
  • Consulta regularmente tu puntuación para asegurarte de que nadie desbanca tu posición o simplemente para mejorarla y hacerla más imbatible
  • Sigue la historia de Woody Two-Legs a lo largo del emocionante modo compaña o juega a tus niveles favoritos en el modo Jugar a Nivel
  • Lucha contra las malvadas fuerzas de Mr. Jones en varios niveles diferentes de intensidad
  • Enfréntate a zombis, esqueletos y barcos fantasma hasta encontrarte finalmente cara a cara con el mismísimo Mr. Jones

Woody Two-Legs es un shooter arcade casual que ofrece al jugador varios niveles de dificultad en el que la intensidad va aumentado gradualmente con cada horda de piratas no muertos y sus impíos aliados. Parte de la adicción reside en el hecho de que estos enemigos se vuelven cada vez más molestos a medida que el jugador va desbloqueando los niveles dificultad, enfrentándose finalmente a Mr. Jones en la lucha definitiva del modo Pesadilla.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Procesador: Core Duo a 2.0 GHz o equivalente
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 4 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: nVidia 7800 o equivalente con 256 MB de memoria dedicada y soporte para Pixel Shader 3.0
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX9
    • Soporte de Controladores: Ratón de 3 botones y teclado
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With a name like Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie Pirates I don't believe anyone actually expected this to be a good game. Even still I was hopeful that I would be able to find some dumb fun hidden underneath the ridiculous title and obvious low development budget, but alas Woody Two-Legs is nothing of the sort. What we have instead is a poorly designed and repetitive game, with impressively low production values and confusing controls that is above all else very, very boring.

As scoundrel pirate Woody Two-Legs, out pillaging ships on Halloween night, you mistakenly taken the treasure of Davy Jones and raised his scourge of undead minions determined to get it back. As is the case with most pirates Woody isn't about to let go of his loot, and so a desperate back and forth begins that you unfortunately must take part of.

Woody plays like something of a twin-stick shooter, with waves of enemies approaching from all sides attempting to make off with the treasure on the island in the middle and sink your ship in the process. The difference here is that you are controlling a ship, and as such have to account for the time it takes to turn as well as only being able to fire from your side cannons. It almost sounds like an interesting concept, until you actually attempt to play it and realize how unnecessarily confusing it makes everything.

Controlling your ship is very awkward and hard to do with any sort of precision, and shooting enemies is even more frustrating do to having to retrain your brain to remember which way your ship is facing and then choose the right side to shoot out of (when you are constantly turning around, remembering which was is left and right is much more challenging than it sounds like). Even if you manage to get the controls down, the gameplay just isn't fun. Enemies come in three barely indistinct varieties, with the only difference being if their end objective is to kill or steal from you, providing no satisfaction to destroy and disappearing in a puff of white smoke. Each of the five level plays and looks exactly the same with no variation save the boss at the end (which also repeat after a point) and how dark it is, and which take an agonizing 10-20 minutes to complete with no change to enemies patterns or any other means to revitalize the experience (which is already tiring after the first few moments).

I was willing to give Woody a chance despite every indication it would be a horrible time, but it surpassed even my low expectations. Paradox has released a lot of forgettable games and this is one of the worst; an astonishingly monotonous experience that not even the combination of zombies and pirates could save.

Yes it's cheap, dirt cheap even during sales; no it is not worth your time, money, or the braincells you will lose trying to play it.
Publicado: 27 enero 2014
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This game is extremely terrible. It is repetitive beyond belief. Every stage is the same boring thing with the same boring enemies, just more of them.

There are only a handful of item upgrades, which are all extremely temporary, and some of them are terrible. The giant web is the worst of them all for the fact you can get stuck in it and it lasts what feels like forever. Although, it is good for the boss fights.

The ship collision is the worst thing in the game. When you bump into a ship you spin into a random direction. You can also get stuck between the islands for a good period of time while you are bouncing around between ships and land trying to get free.

The basic price is ridiculous for what you get. Do not buy, even on a sale. The game is complete garbage at any price.
Publicado: 8 enero 2014
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It's fun for about an hour or so then it just gets repetative and dull. Not worth spending the time I wasted playing this piece of crap.
Publicado: 19 enero 2014
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What a ♥♥♥♥ poor game!
Yeah it works, it boots up, but thats about it. Oh no, i forgot, the music is great, it's fantastic. But thats about it.
This seems like a game made by kids in a school project. I'm feeling bad for giving it such a hard time, but there wasn't a bit of fun in the game. It deserves the bad reviews it has gotten, the low metascore etc.

Stay away, even if it's cheap. BOOORING
(that game just ruined a good evening)
Publicado: 27 octubre 2013
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looks funny, plays odd overall not really that good of a game...... maybe if it was released as a free flash game with most of its contect ripped out and replaced with something thats fun for more then 10 minutes.....nah even then after a few minutes youll be bored and wondering why your cursing yourself to play garbage that came free when purchasing a massive pack of actuallly playable games. dont buy this please, it might give people the wrong opinion of paradox actually good company with some fails. this being the biggest.
Publicado: 24 febrero 2014
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