Combinando elementos de los juegos de estrategia y de comercio, Commander: Conquest of the Americas atraerá a un amplio abanico de jugadores. Éstos asumirán el mando de una de las muchas potencias europeas que ansían conquistar el Nuevo Mundo.
Análisis de usuarios: Variados (87 análisis) - El 58% de los 87 análisis de los usuarios sobre este juego son positivos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 30 jul. 2010

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“Con batallas más grandes, gráficos mejorados y otra serie de mejoras, Commander: Conquest of the Americas satisfará casi con toda seguridad a los fans de la estrategia naval.”
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Acerca de este juego

Combinando elementos de los juegos de estrategia y de comercio, Commander: Conquest of the Americas atraerá a un amplio abanico de jugadores. Éstos asumirán el mando de una de las muchas potencias europeas que ansían conquistar el Nuevo Mundo. Comenzando en el siglo XVI, los jugadores pueden escoger entre muchas naciones diferentes, cada una con sus puntos fuertes y débiles únicos. Fundar nuevas colonias y hacerlas prosperar es la clave del éxito. Para lograrlo, los jugadores deberán organizar y optimizar los recursos y la producción de sus colonias antes de transportar los bienes a otras colonias o regresar a Europa. Las potencias rivales y los nativos americanos pueden terminar siendo aliados o enemigos, dependiendo de las decisiones del jugador. Las flotas hostiles lucharán con un detallado nivel táctico. Los jugadores pueden comandar sus barcos como en los típicos RTS o bien manejarlos directamente.
Características Principales
  • Conquista el Nuevo Mundo
  • Escoge de entre 7 facciones europeas diferentes
  • Administra tus colonias y sus recursos, producción, fuerzas militares y mucho más
  • El mundo del juego va desde el Caribe hasta la Bahía de Hudson
  • Batallas navales con hasta 30 barcos en entornos variados con 2 modos de control diferentes
  • Interactúa tanto con las potencias europeas como con los nativos

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Procesador: Core Duo a 2.0 GHz o equivalente
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 4 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: nVidia 7800 o equivalente con 256 MB de memoria dedicada y soporte para Pixel Shader 3.0
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX9
    • Soporte de Controladores: Ratón de 3 botones y teclado
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Publicado el 8 de agosto
Commander: Conquest of the Americas is a flawed but still interesting game about the age of sail and colonisation.

You start your game as one of the European nations trying to colonise the new world, from the northernmost tip of Canada down to...The northern part of Brazil. Sorry South America, you're not allowed in here, this game is about the north only.
You are thrust into the role of the colonial governor and have to colonise the new world. To do so, you'll be sending out a fleet to find a place to settle, and then you will be bringing in new colonists and exporting the products from there to the old world.

In time, you will end up with multiple colonies and you will have to set up trade routes and pirate hunting patrols. You will mainly be doing this as you sit back and watch your new world empire grow, trying to make a profit and making sure your advisors are happy so they don't try to get the king to replace you.

The campaign stuff is limited, and somewhat repetitive. The AI nations do not really offer you much of a challenge, and it is easy enough to take out their new world holdings and fleets. Given a bit of planning and thinking ahead, you can turn a massive profit and conquer most of the world. You will then be pretty much just waiting for things to happen as your automated routes take care of everything else.

The game mostly does well in the ship battles, where up to 3 squadrons of 5 ships per side can join battle in a realistic simulation mode that I have not yet been able to find anywhere else. This is my main reason for saying this game can be a good recommendation for some. If, like me, you are a fan of more slow, simulation style naval warfare rather than action packed speedboats with explosive linings and machinegun-cannons then this is a good way to get your fix.
But being entirely fair, I can not really recommend it for other things. The campaign is nice as a way to lend some kind of importance to the battles, but it does not really do much else. The in-battle AI is capable enough that it won't just roll over for you, but it is not amazing either, and the detail of the simulation is still far from perfect.

Even though I like this game, and have probably spend way more time on it than I should, I can't really recommend it for anyone who is not a fan of the time period and simulation battles. It does decently well at the economy and trading parts of the campaign, but it is repetitive and you will find yourself speeding up time a lot until something interesting happens.
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Publicado el 6 de noviembre de 2014
Bastante entretenido para quienes les gustan los juegos de comercio y estrategia con batallas navales, las batallas navales en segundo plano están muy conseguidas y le conceden al juego un gran realismo, al contrario que otros juegos similares donde básicamente te limitas a ver los barcos a lo lejos metidos en un circulo con velas de colores muy poco realistas y disparando ridículas bolas de cañón, creo que un juego como Anno 1404 con este tipo de batallas navales en segundo plano seria lo máximo en estos momentos para un juego de esta categoría.
Lo que mas me ha disgustado es que las extensiones Royal navy y pirates treasure no las hayan traducido al español para poder ampliar el juego a los que somos de España.

English version:

Quite entertaining for those who like games and Commercial strategy naval battles, naval battles in the background are very collected and will condeden the game a realistic, unlike other similar games where basically you limit yourself to watch the boats to tucked away in a circle with candles unrealistic colors and ridiculous firing cannon balls, I think a game like Anno 1404 with such serious naval battles in second plane as much right now for a game of this category.
What has annoyed me most is that the extensions Royal navy and pirates treasure not been translated into Spanish in order to expand the game to which we are in Spain.
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Publicado el 27 de noviembre de 2013
I liked this game quite a bit. It does the whole trade thing pretty well. It's definitely one of the better economy games released recently. It not only allows you to build ships and set up trade routes but also allows you to build colonize and maybe be a pirate if you want. I'll go into some pros and cons:

-You aren't stuck playing the economy game. You can play a military game by being a pirate or fighting with other countries.
-The game does the trading really well. The amount of resources aren't overwhelming (although the amount also isn't very impressive either). It's easy to just jump into the game.
-There is a good amount of ships and you can customize each one you build by spending a little extra money.

-The colony management is a little too simplistic. It does add to the game but it is only picking a building you want to build from a list.
-There are only limited colony spots that you can build colonies on. I would've liked to just see where the resources were and build a colony accordingly.
-You have to buy the resources from your colonies to sell them in the Home Country (Europe) and, as far as I can tell, you can't trade with other colonies. Instead you trade resources via diplomacy but those resources can only be traded via diplomacy and you cannot sell them in Europe. Because of this it is very possible to go negative and you can't do anything about it.

All in all it's a fun game and I would recommend it. Especially now (11/27) with a sale going on. Certainly worth the $4 for the base and $6 for the complete.
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Publicado el 9 de abril de 2014
I'm very grateful that I got this when it was on sale.

The combat is awful since ships don't respond to controls, and the economy gets extremely repetitive. Automatic trade routes don't really work either since the commodities are constantly shifting in availability, and the computer creates complex alliances which defy all notions of imperialism. It gets ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ too where the computer will deliberately ally, then raid your smaller colonies to take them over without making a declaration of war. If you take them back, then you implicitly declare war on the whole alliance.

It's a great concept, but extremely poorly executed.
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Publicado el 25 de noviembre de 2013
This is an amusing game that makes me think of what you would get if you simplified Empire: Total War. Basically you set up cities in the new world, and trade with the home port to grow your economy, eventually waging war (either actual or economic) with the other colonial powers to conquer the americas. the mechanics are straightforward, every building and ship costs maintenance, and all the raw materials and finished good provide income. setup stable trade routes, bring colonists and soliders from the home port and you are set. the graphics are low, but its fun if you like this sort of gameplay.

the controls are simple, and the menus make sense, once you get the hang of it its fun to repeat play because there are different ways to win.

it is a cheap game though, so there are strange shortcuts that are missing, there are a lack of notifications about current events each turn, although there are popups they are usually reminders about failing a mission or a new missoin

that can get annoying for some because well into the game there are a lot of things to keep track of, basically you can set up a trade route bringing ppl and goods in different directions (growing and defending settlements, satisfying needs) but the route you take and the time matter (especially once a good runs out) if you dont mind having to check every turn every single part of your empire because nothing lasts that long then this game is great

i actually didnt care that i kept running things into the ground, i never won, but it was interesting to set up trade routes that eventually failed only to have someone declare war on you
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