The Karters is an arcade karting game, inspired by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay, dynamics, and overall design. Grab one of the killing weapons, compete and challenge your friends in a local or global multiplayer where only one can win.
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Q1/Q2 2018

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Available: Q1/Q2 2018


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September 21

The Karters Full Release Announcement!

Hello Kart Fans,

Today, we’ve got a short little announcement to make concerning the game we are all waiting for. Throughout our continuous development process and in preparation to our beta phase, we’ve decided to share something quite interesting. Some of you may have already known this decision.

10Ants Hill have decided to skip the Early Access phase of The Karters and to go with a full release!

Let that sink in. Our game is at this stage where we can safely assume that we don’t need Early Access to give you a very polished kart racing game, especially one that will be filled with lots of singleplayer content and a very competitive multiplayer. Thanks to our community we’ve made some adjustments along the way and we are absolutely thrilled to let you guys know that The Karters is on its way, with a full release!

Our Beta phase will enable us to fix what needs to be fixed - something that the Early Access phase would have done. As stated earlier, we are confident in The Karters being released without going through the Early Access.

If you missed it - The Karters’ Beta will commence on 15 December 2017. We hope we will see you all there and that you will help us in making our game that much better!

Full release is planned for Q1/Q2 2018. Not far now!
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September 15

The Karters' Dev Blog #9 - Full Power & Beta Launch Date!

Hello Kart Fans,

Long time no see. Issue #9 will cover what a lot of you guys have been talking about the last few months. We hope this development blog will answer all of your questions, fears, and expectations. Also, we are tremendously grateful for your continuous support, we are really honored. So, without further ado.

Some of you may have known that we have recently released a project called Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR here on Steam. It’s true, we had sacrificed a lot, but it had a purpose - simply put, Racket Fury had to be shipped before The Karters. We have gained tons of experience during its development; experience that will translate into making The Karters that much of a better game.

Wait, wait… The Karters did move forward, right? Of course it has! The Karters is our beloved project, we are putting a lot of heart into developing it and we would never simply neglect its growth. Read on and you will see some of the cool stuff we made whilst working on Racket Fury. We are aware of our tremendous community that awaits the game and we hope our players will forgive those unfortunate delays. Sometimes, it happens that when you plan something, some totally unexpected things happen along the way and you can only adjust your plan to the circumstances. July, August have been the months that really slowed down our process, because of the importance of holidays. A well-rested artist is a very productive artist after all.

To calm everyone down and to have something to look forward to - we are 100% back in developing The Karters and we want to deliver this game to you as soon as possible. As a side note, there was always a group of us that worked on The Karters during Racket Fury’s development - we never stopped! And now we are going full throttle, no distraction! This means we promise you that no unexpected projects will hinder The Karters’ development cycle. No interruptions. Never again. Have no fear, The Karters is (being made) here!

We realize that we have been delaying our game for quite some time and you have to believe us - it is not something that we really enjoy announcing. So, we thought we would share something with our community, some pretty exciting stuff is coming in the next couple of months and we can’t wait to see your response.

Leading off it will be Laika, one of the new characters that will be joining the rest of The Karters’ crew:

We asked Kopik, our 2D artist on the challenges he had to face while creating a new character to the roster:

Laika’s bleak expression is due to her general approach to life - Laika was sent to space in her youth, so she has lost confidence in the world, and especially to people. Kart racing is her way of escaping reality and a way to forget about the troubling past. The biggest issue in creating Laika was just finding the right facial expression to highlight her life fatigue. Traveling across space has taken its toll on her - her face is severely neglected, and her complexion is ruined by long-term smoking of Russian cigarettes.
It was also important to study cosmic suits and choose the appropriate clothing. It was impossible to forget about the origin of our heroine - her outfit is full of stereotypical accents straight from Russia (ushanka, tracksuit with three stripes, and Russian colors). The suit is far from the sci-fi creation of other characters of The Karters as I tried to model the 1960s space suit.
I hope our community will accept this character.

Of course, Laika is the latest, but most definitely not the last addition to the roster as we have decided to add more characters, each with their very own personality. We will definitely remind you guys on our progress, rest assured.

Next up, here’s a little video on one of our latest tracks (work-in-progress). We’ve got everything planned in terms of the types of environment we would like to have for the full release. More information about it will come soon. Thoughts?

Here’ something entirely new. We have decided to try out Sketchfab and we put our very own models there to see what would they look like. Looks pretty promising, right? You can rotate and zoom the model as you see fit. This is another way of showing our work and we’re glad that we have added Sketchfab to our little arsenal. More incoming later on.

Yes! One of the most anticipated news! Now’s the time to finally announce when our community will finally be able to test out the game. No point of savouring the moment - The Karters Beta will launch on 15 December! Mostly the beta will be about testing the mechanics. If the beta would take longer than 2 weeks, so be it. We would love to include our release date, but as we said earlier The Karters Beta will determine the full release. That being said, we are shooting at Q1/Q2 2018 for the full release.

What? Another delay? Not necessarily! Things are looking really bright here, both with planning and production. We are really confident in our work, thanks to our planning phase we’ve had for the last couple of weeks. Rest assured, new marketing plan, new content is incoming - things are really looking promising and we only ask to stay with us. We’re this close!

This is it. If all goes well the next Dev Blog should appear a month from now. In addition to sticking to a fixed schedule, we will be bombarding our social media channels with far more content. We hope this issue has answered a lot of your questions and fears about The Karters - we are here and we are not going anywhere! We have got a very clear vision to create a very competitive kart racing game where skill matters. We are doing what we can to get you The Karters as soon as possible.

Until next time! Be sure to check us on Discord as well as the Steam Discussions! Let us know how many of you would love to participate in the Beta by liking our new Dev Blog! :-)

Nine Dev Blogs have been published so far, if you missed one, look here:
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About This Game

The Karters is an arcade karting game, inspired by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay, dynamics, and overall design. Grab one of the killing weapons, compete and challenge your friends in a local or global multiplayer where only one can win. Pick one of the thrilling maps and try to find alternative routes to outsmart your rivals and get the gold! Ready. Set. Go!


  • Enjoyable Singleplayer with captivating modes such as:
    - Story
    - Time Attack
    - Arcade
    - Elimination
    - Speed
  • Play with up to 4 of your friends in split-screen Co-op
  • Join the competitive Online Multiplayer with a global game ranking system
  • 10 unique characters
  • 10-12 exciting maps
  • 9 powerful weapons at your disposal, each with its very own upgradable version

Message from the Developers:

As great fans of Crash Team Racing, we used to wonder what this game would look like in modern times. While browsing through various forums about CTR, it became clear to us that the community shares our desire for a more up-to-date karting game, especially the one that would support online multiplayer. In The Karters, we are trying to bridge the gap that CTR has left. We realize that Crash Team Racing is a legend that set the bar high. However, by putting a strong emphasis on the mechanics and marking the game with its unique style, we do hope The Karters will bring players lots of joy and pure fun.

Follow Us:

Official The Karters Website
The Karters on Facebook
@The Karters on Twitter
The Karters Discord Channel
The Karters on Instagram
The Karters Youtube Channel

About the Developers:

10Ants Hill is an indie studio from Poland, having a highly successful track record of mobile VR applications (Cmoar Cinema or Cmoar Rollercoaster) and Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR, we are now bringing our second game on the PC.

Learn more at: 10Ants Hill website and 10Ants Hill on Facebook

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB GeForce 8800/Radeon HD 2900 XT or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 896 MB GeForce GTX 260 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
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