Des producteurs originaux de Devil May Cry® et de Resident Evil 4®, nous arrive une nouvelle suite de la série d'action stylisée à succès qui a vendu plus de 7 millions d'exemplaires. Devil May Cry® 4 immerge les joueurs dans un monde gothique surnaturel, où un nouveau protagoniste rencontre un héros familier.
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Date de parution: 8 juil 2008

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"A masochist beat 'em up fan's dream (and nightmare). Style on par with substance, over the top combat, an insane combo system and fun gameplay elements."

À propos de ce jeu

Des producteurs originaux de Devil May Cry® et de Resident Evil 4®, nous arrive une nouvelle suite de la série d'action stylisée à succès qui a vendu plus de 7 millions d'exemplaires.
Devil May Cry® 4 immerge les joueurs dans un monde gothique surnaturel, où un nouveau protagoniste rencontre un héros familier. En tant que le nouveau protagoniste, Nero, les joueurs porteront des attaques incroyables ainsi que des combos sans limites, en utilisant un nouveau gameplay unique: son arme puissante le "Devil Bringer".
Avec les capacités graphiques avancées du PC, les effets visuels de haute définition et les détails travaillés deviennent vivants pendant que le joueur explore des endroits nouveaux et exotiques. Une action dynamique et un style indéniable se combinent avec des combats explosifs et une histoire profonde pour produire une expérience incomparable que seul un Devil May Cry peut créer.

Caractéristiques exclusives PC

  • Le mode Turbo portera l'action à un nouveau sommet
  • Le mode "Legendary Dark Knight" exploitera la puissance avancée du processeur PC et remplira l'écran avec un nombre incroyable d'ennemis pour une difficulté augmentée.
  • Les ennemis connus des versions consoles apparaîtront dans de nouveaux lieux
  • Les paramètres pour écrans de haute résolution permettent aux scènes du jeu de tourner à 120 images par seconde (qui étaient à 60 images par seconde)
  • Les tests de performance permettront aux joueurs de tester les performances de leurs PC à travers une série de combats intenses de boss
  • Les paramètres PC vous permettront de personnaliser les résolutions graphiques, tailles des textures qui s'accordent avec votre PC
  • Compatible avec Games for Windows, DirectX 9 et DirectX 10.

Caractéristiques clés du jeu

  • Mélangez l'habitude avec le nouveau: le nouvel arrivant Nero en conflit avec le vétéran Dante
  • De nouveaux personnages et environnements
  • Armes à feu et combats d'épées typiques
  • Système de combo qui récompense les façons de vaincre les ennemis stylisées
  • L'unique bras "Devil Bringer" ouvre plusieurs possibilités de combos
  • Un arsenal et des mouvements distincts pour Nero et Dante
  • Le Système Exceed permet à Nero de charger son épée avec un effet accélérateur, pouvant atteindre trois niveaux avec des possibilités d'attaques puissantes
  • Nouveau système de changement de style pour Dante, lui permettant de changer de styles et d'armes, créant des possibilités de combos endiablés.

    Configuration requise

      • Système d'exploitation: Windows XP Service Pack 2
      • Processeur: Processeur Intel 4 Pentium ou mieux
      • Memoire: 512 MO
      • Graphisme: Série NVIDIA GeForce 6600 ou mieux
      • Disque Dur: 8GO d'espace libre
      • Système d'exploitation: Windows Vista
      • Processeur: Processeur Intel Core 2 Duo ou mieux
      • Memoire: 1GO
      • Graphisme: Série NVIDIA GeForce 8600 ou mieux
      • Disque dur: 8GO d'espace libre
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    Posté le : 15 juin
    Lazy, spontaneous review incoming:
    DMC4 is a mixed bag for both longtime fans and newcommers alike. DMC4 has multiple flaws ranging from unfair enemy AI to backtracking, but at the same time offers what I think is the most complex and rewarding gameplay in the genre.
    Here are a few major pros and cons many have with this title:

    -Amazing Gameplay.
    It doesn't take long for one to be a decent DMC4 player as its much more lenient than its prodecessors. However the meta of this game has been developing for more almost 7 years, with no sign of stopping, and if you intend to keep up with it, you'll end up crying and wishing you'd play DmC:DmC:DE instead. Combo videos and tournaments show how far the gameplay has evolved.
    -Cheesy Dialogue
    This game has cheesy one liners and story, some of it is unintentionally bad, but most of it is intentional, mostly when it comes to Dante.
    -Efficient Port.
    Seriously, this game can run on a toaster powered by Homer Simpson's brain. I ran this on an i5 with integrated graphics (HD4000) and it ran anywhere between 50-90fps at medium settings at 720p. With my new laptop, I can run it at 120fps (the game is capped at that framerate) at 1080p with everything maxed out. However, recording gameplay is strangely demanding/inconsistent. I recommend you use something like Bandicam (with Motion JPEG or another, more efficient codec) or Dxtory to record, though I assume most of you have PCs powerful enough to not notice a thing.
    Sure, compared to games of today, the graphics are below average, but for its age it holds up well. Especially if you consider it ran at an average of 60fps on consoles, and should be better looking when DMC4SE comes out. A minor point as this game's strengh comes in gameplay, but still worth pointing out.

    Its horrible, about half of the game consists of backtracking. Granted, some areas have been changed significantly, and virtually all enemy waves are altered, but the same levels appear multiple times.
    -Nero as a Main Character
    A lot of the backlash of this game was the replacement of the series' main protagonist, Dante, with a younger character called Nero. He takes more than half of the game for himself, so might even argue most of the game since Dante backtracks Nero's missions. This is more of a con to longtime fans of the series. He's an amature and cries a lot for my liking. His gameplay is also more shallow in comparison to Dante's, but to Nero's credit, still has enough for veterans to experiment with (seriously, I play Dante much more than Nero, but I can still appreciate the skill and creativity players display with him).
    -Unfair Enemies
    DMC4 has the best gameplay I've ever seen in the genre, but paradoxically lacks good enemies. Dont get me wrong, a good fraction of the depth should be attributed to the enemies and how their physics and AI work. But if there's one thing I hate, its unfair attack cues. Certain enemies have attacks downright cheap. From the time the attack animation starts to the time the attack hits the player can last less than a second, which can be avoidable if you were doing nothing else but standing, but in a game like this, odds are that you were in the middle of an attack. Certain enemies like Chimeran Assualts and Chimeran Scarecrows attack the player even if they're stunned, with random attack patterns with no attack cues. You basically have to play it safe and use quick long ranged attacks that contribute to bordom.
    The series never had a strengh in story, gameplay and style always came first. This may or may not be a good thing for you. For me it certainly didn't matter, but there are some newcomers that believe every game should be a hollywood movie.

    If you're into stylish gameplay that will keep your attention for years, I highly recommend this game.

    If you intend to play this game only once, it can be hard for me to recommend you this game. Especially if you're into the CINEMATIK XPERIENZ
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    Posté le : 14 juillet
    Give me more power \(*o*)/
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    Posté le : 24 juin
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    Posté le : 12 septembre
    I paid $5 for Devil May Cry 4 and it took around 13 hours to finish on Devil Hunter mode. I used an Xbox 360 controller the entire time. I wouldn't say I did great, but I still got to the end with some frustration. I'd say I highly recommend this one.

    I've never played a DMC game before. The closest I got was X-Blades and that...wasn't really a good representative of the spectacle fighter genre or whatever it's called. This review is probably better aimed at people new to the series like I was.

    The game is a third-person action title. Apart from solving some simple puzzles, DMC4 largely revolves around fighting groups of mooks and large bosses, often in a “room locks, kill everything to proceed” format. Nero's gameplay involves using a mix of his gun and sword for regular combat, but he has a unique feature in his Devil Bringer arm for heavy but slow attacks or for bringing an enemy/yourself closer or to evade some attacks. Dante's gameplay involves on-the-fly swapping between his four stances along with changing his ranged and melee weapons. Nero's playstyle felt easy to use for a newcomer like me, and Dante felt pretty advanced though I still did fine without really using his full potential.

    DMC4 is the kind of game that rewards you for learning its systems and playing well. You're graded at the end of each mission on time taken, Style points, the percentage of Red Orbs found, and any modifying bonuses or penalties like using no items or dying and continuing. Higher ratings give more Proud Souls which are spent to unlock new abilities or weapon combos or the like. You can also refund spent Proud Souls to tweak or completely remake your build between missions or at the Divinity Statues scattered through the environment. Time taken is self-explanatory, and Red Orbs are found in the world and are dropped by enemies, and these are spent at Divinity Statues for consumable recovery items or permanent boosts with no refund option.

    As for Style points, one of the series' features is its high risk Style system. By avoiding damage and attacking enemies with strings of combos, your Style meter will raise and increase in rank. Getting hit will knock you down a couple of ranks, and using your guns to play it safe won't impress anyone. It's a largely optional feature, but apart from the rewards mentioned above, it does feel awesome to work up to a high rank and keep it going.

    There are a total of seven difficulty levels though you start with two. For what I played being “normal” level, it was still pretty tough, though I imagine it'd be a cakewalk for veterans. Apart from the unlockable standard hard and very hard, there are a couple of different ones where both you and the enemies die in a single hit, where only you die in a single hit and the enemies don't, or one where enemies spawn in fairly large packs as shown in some of the screenshots on the Steam Store page. There are other things to unlock on the collectibles side, like the Gallery entries or in-game achievements, and there are Secret Missions hidden away with bonuses for those who can complete them.

    Overall, I enjoyed DMC4 despite some annoyances like having to fight the camera a couple of times, or bosses that were a chore to kill. I probably won't pick it up again anytime soon, but I left the game on a high note at least. The game ran incredibly well on my rig in DirectX10 mode and I think I only saw less than 60 frames maybe once the entire run. There's a lot of replay value if you like the idea of harder challenges or just want to get a better score. This version of the game tends to be cheaper than the Special Edition, though that obviously has more content and features in its favor.
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    Posté le : 23 juin
    One of the best games I've ever played and also one of the best ports for a game out there, it runs over 120fps easy on toasters.
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