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Jump in to intense turret defense action with Sol Survivor! Build turrets to defend your colony and the innocent colonists within. Smash enemies with volleys of actively-controlled orbital support. Play with friends in co-operative and competitive multiplayer matches or test your mettle against our new Survival mode!
發售日: 2010年3月15日
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Jump in to intense turret defense action with Sol Survivor! Build turrets to defend your colony and the innocent colonists within. Smash enemies with volleys of actively-controlled orbital support. Play with friends in co-operative and competitive multiplayer matches or test your mettle against our new Survival mode!
  • Orbital Support - Get up close and personal with the enemy by calling down orbital lasers, salvos of artillery and many other weapons in support of your turrets. Never be stuck wishing your turrets could fire just one more shot!
  • Huge Turret Arsenal - Twenty-six turrets are at the ready in the fight against the enemy, with each one filling a unique role. Try "old-time" strategies like cannons and mortars or ramp up the technology with banks of lasers and automated drones!
  • 10 Unique Playstyles - Ten distinct executive officers bring unique combinations of turrets and support to the battlefield. Choose a favorite or pick the officer that best suits the challenge at hand!
  • Immersive Camera and Controls - With a full rotational camera, the battlefield is at your fingertips. View the action from afar and plan strategies or get in close for precise actions!
  • Exciting Co-Op and Multiplayer Modes - Choose from up to four game modes: the casual Duo mode, flexible Versus mode, challenging Co-Op or competitive Wars mode. Play with up to 8 friends!
  • Survival Mode - Fight against tougher and tougher waves of enemies crafted randomly to create new challenges with each game. Challenge your friends to beat your best times!
  • In-Game Encyclopedia - Always be well informed about the turrets and the enemy by consulting the in-game encyclopedia. Read up before starting a battle or check up on your knowledge quickly from the field.


    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 430 MB free space
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0, 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon 9800
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Other Requirements: Broadband connection for Multiplayer, .NET 3.5 Framework, XNA 3.1 support
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This is a classic tower defense game that copies significant features from Defense Grid: The Awakening. There are numerous uncanny similarities. That being said, there are many worse formulas to copy than Defense Grid, and I highly recommend this game as well as an excellent entry in the Tower Defense genre (but play Defense Grid first). It doesn't do a lot to differentiate itself, but it executes well on the basic Tower Defense tropes... tower building and placement, tower synergies, etc.

The campaign is relatively short, but there are numerous ways to replay the same levels giving it longer legs than it would otherwise have.

It is a solid tower defense game that deserves attention. That being said, if you're only going to play one Tower Defense game, it should still be Defense Grid.
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Great fun, wish more of my friends had it to play along with!
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A vivid top down shooter that puts hit such as Hotline Miami and Dragon Blood to shame.
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A decent little indie Tower Defence title, this pretty much focuses on doing everything well rather than trying to break new ground.

The basic campaign has you cast as a military officer on the ground, which sets up the interesting premise of selecting 'Executive Officers' - essentially a fancy way of selecting pre-set lists of turrets and support powers. Each one has a slightly different theme, some of which are orientated towards certain strategies and some towards certain 'flavours' - so one officer emphasises sheer pin-point damage while another emphasises... errr.... fire and heat.

After completing the campaign (or rather, acquiring enough medals to unlock all the EXOs), you get a far better option in that you can choose which powers and towers from the full list, but you'd be surprised how hard it is is to put together an effective selection.

Turrets and powers are interesting. You have your basic lasers, machine guns, missile pods etc etc that you'll likely have seen a million times before, plus a few interesting options like pillboxes (machine gun pods that divide their fire between all enemies in range) and various silos (extremely long range, powerful missile sites). Support powers are mainly satellite strikes which range from the obvious (laser beams, missiles, EMP strikes) to the weird (gas bombs, Fear effects, supply drops). There's even a nice encyclopedia to find out about them all.

The only real issue I have with the game is that it looks a lot deeper than it is. The number of creeps that make up the waves looks amazing and you'd think you need evey bit of your tactical skill to handle the various monsters, cyborgs and robots arriving via ground and air... but in reality, all you have to do is build as many lasers and other air/ground-capable turrets on u-bends as you can and bombard everything you can. You can't alter their path so there's a limit to how much you can actually do on levels, and with the exception of a few levels, they're all basically the same - a few spawn sites, one or two bases for you to defend, and some hilly roads between. It isn't helped by taking place over fairly boring landscapes - you get a desert, lunar, snow and volcanic planets that are functionally identical beyond their colour.

Overall it's worth the sale price I paid. Hardcore TD fans will likely power through it fairly quickly, but its fun while it lasts. It just isn't quite as polished or as deep as stuff like Sanctum 2 and Defence Grid: The Awakening.
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Sol Survivor is one of my top favorite tower defence games (defence grid is my 2nd fav), Sol doesn't really have much of a story to it but it makes up for it with it's sheer number of tower types and possible tower combinations which is in the 1000's.

It has a good multiplayer system with modes like co-op survival and head to head wars and has quite a large number of maps to play them on and in a recent update a level creater was released.

If you enjoy tower defence games Sol Survivor is one you definitely need to get!