It is a time of great upheaval. The first Death Star has been destroyed, marking a major victory for the Rebellion. But the Empire remains strong. As commander, you must choose to take control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Your goal: complete domination of the galaxy.
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Mostly Positive (142 reviews) - 73% of the 142 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Feb 28, 1998

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About This Game

It is a time of great upheaval. The first Death Star has been destroyed, marking a major victory for the Rebellion. But the Empire remains strong. As commander, you must choose to take control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Your goal: complete domination of the galaxy.

Take the galaxy by force. Take the galaxy through diplomacy. Take the galaxy via covert operations. Earn the loyalty (or resentment) of up to 200 worlds. Star Wars™ Rebellion gives you a myraid of means to implement strategy and tactics on a grand scale and in a real-time environment. With control of the entire Star Wars galaxy as the prize, will the Force™ be with you? Discover for yourself.

  • Strategy Gaming on an Epic Scale - Take control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire as you vie for the support of up to 200 worlds. The real-time environment will test your strategic mettle at every turn.
  • Comprehensive Resource Management - Strategic portion lets you manage manufacturing, resources, fleet deployment and mission assignments.
  • Innovative 3D Battle Simulation - Take complete command of fleets in dramatic battle sequences – almost a separate game in itself.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
    • DirectX: Version 7.0
    • Storage: 611 MB available space
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (142 reviews)
Recently Posted
8.8 hrs
Posted: August 8
Just as good as I remembered it being.
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9.7 hrs
Posted: August 6
An old classic for me that I still find fun playing. People are reporting that it crashes but I am on Windows 7 and it did not crash yet.
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6.0 hrs
Posted: July 27
maaaaan i had this game im a CD it was so scratched up, like the whole disc was covered with scratches in every direction, but there were no deep ones and apperently my old CD-drive was amazing and the only thing that didn't work was the music, i think that disc might be laying around here somewhere if i find it ill try it
didnt visually age well but still good times strategy
5 out of 7
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0.1 hrs
Posted: July 18
THE BEST GAME OF ITS TIME! Perfect game to add to your collection for ANY Star Wars fan, and those of classic games. I am happy to see it on Steam... as I have played this game for many moons. Original game had issues running on anything higher than windows XP. This Steam copy has the bug fixed and works fine on windows 10. Good pricing too!

This game successor is Star Wars: Empire At War. Those that can not play old graphic style games should see this other game instead. Both are awesome :)
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Bradley Letton
27.9 hrs
Posted: July 15
Very pleased to see this game on Steam.

used to love playing this back in the day. The rich amount of content from the expanded universe (pre-Disney) is great.

The Real-time space battles, though low in detail and seem primitive to todays standards, are still fun to do, especially with a Interdictor and a Death Star in the same battle!

Only thing I would like changed is a way to shut C-3PO up when he's giving the initial briefing.
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31.6 hrs
Posted: July 14
What can I say about this classic? I think I spent so many hours playing this when I was younger... I would really like to see a remake of this game because IMHO no other game came even close to it when it comes to management
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75.2 hrs
Posted: July 6
(WARNING this is My first review, so sorry if something is missing...)Star wars Rebellion, now dont let my profile picture discurage you, (and my spelling, its major crap. xD) this game is quite the fun, and challenging one indeed, but i would say it takes quite some time to even get somewhere decent, so if you have no patience, then this is NOT, i repeat, NOT the game for you. Because it took me, at least 3 seperate saves TOTAL, to even get somewhere the computer was at a disadvantage, this is one of those "Trial and Error" type games, what do i mean? well i simply mean this, if you fail, you must remember what it is you did wrong, and use that knowledge, to go back to an earlier save, and fix whatever the problem was... take it from someone who has 27 hours on the game, not 0.5 seconds, this is a good game, i've had it for about a week now, and i have enjoyed every moment of it, now lets list a few pros and cons.
Pro1. Challanging very challanging indeed, as i have said, its quite a hard game to get the hang of, but once you get the hang of it, its really fun.
Pro2. It's quite unique, in the sense that normally, in anyother game, your heros which are seen in the movies, CAN'T die, but in this one, they can... which can be either annoying, or interesting. (it also makes for some, very different gameplay, it makes you think about weather you want your hero's to continue a mission or not.)
Pro3.The battle box, or the blue box, is a very different, and interesting way of having ship to ship combat.
Pro4.Very, introcate Economy, you must manage it carefully, otherwise things like buldings, or ship yards, or even units, will get disbanded, and destroyed, because you just dont have the mantinance time, or money for them. (mantinance is the wrench icon, and your refined materials, which show up as a refinery icon, are basically like your cash, but its not really your cash you should watch, because that you can get TONS of, its how much mantinance you can handle at a time, the mantanince pool, which is indicated by the wrench icon, should have a number next to it, and that SHOULD tell you how much avalible mantinance you have, but be careful, as mentioned earlier, you have to manage that, very closely, why? well each unit and building costs a certant amount of mantinance, which is again, indocaited by the wrench icon, next to, or below the unit, or building you want to build, the other icon, is the refined matierals, which as i said earlier, are quite easy to get.... but in order to get refined materials, you must not only build refinery's, but mines, to get the RAW, matieral... see what i meant when i said its very introacte? xD)

Dont let only 4 pros discourage you! im just out of idea's... i dont know what else to mention.... there is more to mention, i know that for a fact, im just out of ideas, as of this moment. Now for the cons!

Con1.C3p0 is one annoying sonny beach! REALLY! he is, his info in the begining is quite handy, but afterwards, its just like, "WOULD YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!" well that's just me anyhow..... XD
Con2.If you're into the whole, "Graphics" thing, then this game isn't for you, because its got like the oldest graphics out there, and by that i mean this game was made in the 90's..... yeah...
Con3.The A.I, for some, might be JUST a bit too hard, or "Cheaty" as my dad puts it, it does like to sneak up on you, and do something like, take one of your planets, or come back with a bigger force then you KNOW, for a fact that they should have for that early on in the game.... even on its easiest difficulty. I personally, think of it as more of a challange, then anything else... (as i have said before, this is a very challenging game, like this has to be the most fun, and challenging game, i've played in a long time.)
Con4.Playing as the rebel alliance, gives you a disadvantage, as well as an advatange, the disadvantage, (which makes sense, i just dont like it personally.) is that you have lessor planets then the empire, and are commonly put on the edges of the galaxy to start off with, and the advantage however, is that your influance, (indicated by the red or green bar, just below a planet. Green = empire incluance, red = rebel alliance influance.) is much easier to gain, then the empire's is.. and when they take over a planet, which is heavily influanced by you, the rebel alliance, you get smuggling benifits. (aka the people and smugglers, on the planet steal stuff, and bring it to you, like resources, and sometimes even give you infromation about the planet, or naboring planets.)

since i only listed 4 pros, i will only list 4 cons... i hope my review helped you in some way, and i hope you will buy this amazing game! good luck, and have fun RTS players!


you should watch some tutorial videos on the internet, or even have someone who used to play the game, help you with it, because its a hard game to get a hold of, as i have said, and C3P0 doesn't explain the game worth any craps!!! XD

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17.7 hrs
Posted: July 4
Always liked Rebellion before and now i´ll play it again, but one question: is there a way to play it in German version? i bought it today but it´s only in english even though it´s written here that it´s in German too, so where is my error?
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10.7 hrs
Posted: July 2
Don't let the graphics deter you. This game is fun and addictive, especially if you are a fan of 4X type games but always wished you could send individual heros on missions. This game was way before it's time, and I can't tell you how many hundreds of hours I put into it growing up. The price is right, give it a shot!
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12.2 hrs
Posted: July 1
Star Wars Rebellion is easily one of the greatest strategy games ever made. I started playing it is a kid in the late 90's on a Windows 95 computer. Not only does it draw heavily fron the expanded universe (RIP EU, gone but not forgotten) but the level of decision making you have is far beyond the games time. The only thing I might have included would have been is a more in-depth economy mechanic, and a tutorial. Otherwise, Star Wars Rebellion is a Grand Strategy masterpiece, and is well worth your time.
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9.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 6
An old classic for me that I still find fun playing. People are reporting that it crashes but I am on Windows 7 and it did not crash yet.
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Posted: April 30
It's an older game but it still checks out.
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9.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
Love the game, but they did not fix the "Icons are upside down" issue on 64-bit systems. Have to play in windowed mode at a small resolution to fix. Add -w to launch options for all of those curious.

Once again, I love this game more than is probably healthy, but not fixing this issue is very disappointing.
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108.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 2
Star Wars: Rebellion is a classic grand strategy game that's almost as old as I am, and it shows. A word of warning; many of the negative reviews here (rightfully) deal with issues regarding graphics and loading the game, which can be resolved with a bit of tweaking.

I played this game to death as a kid, even though a lot of my success in it was the result of endless hours of trial and error; the learning curve is perhaps the steepest in video game history, there's no tutorial, and everything that's thrown at you can be overwhelming even for people who are familiar with grand strategy titles (a PDF scan of the old instruction booklet can be found in the folders, though). Likewise, while the graphics might have been cutting-edge in 1998, they're... lackluster nowadays.

But don't let either of those disuade you; Rebellion is one of the greatest strategy games ever made, and could easily give most games nowadays a run for their money. You can play as either the Rebellion or Empire with the ultimate goal of defeating the other faction and liberating/dominating the (size adjustable) galaxy.

At your disposal to accomplish this monumental and occasionally grindy goal will be a near-endless array of space ships that you can command in glorius 32-bit space combat (the spiritual successor to this game; Empire at War, would refine this aspect greatly), dozens of characters from the period ranging from everyone between Luke Skywalker to Thrawn, agents who you can send on missions to subvert the enemy or strengthen yourself, and as many armies, shield generators and Death Stars as your infastructure and technology can support. And as everything takes place in real time, you will rarely find youself without something to do if you play proactively - and the AI won't sit back on its laurels, either.

In addition to everything else this game has to offer in terms of gameplay and replayability, the game also comes complete with an encyclopedia that gives a treasure trove of information about all the units, ships, planets and characters that appear in game, all drawn from the across the entire extended universe lore available at the time. So if you also want to explore the old Star Wars EU, or just dislike Disney's, this is also the game for you.

You can also train Chewbacca as a Jedi if the game smiles on you, so there's that.

Rebellion is well worth the $6 and initial headache, and can be immensly fun, immersive and addicting if you have the patience to learn its ins and outs, and I highly recommend it for any fan of Star Wars or grand strategy.
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15.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
Star Wars Rebellion is the master grand strategy game. Up to 200 planets, 60 characters, and mulitple death stars. It has a learning curve so steep it's a cliff, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite tedious. Early game, both sides sieze planets; mid game, build defence and offence; end game, assult the planets one by one. And yet, there is something very satisfying about crushing the rebel scum once and for all.

Have had some graphical errors. A word to the wise, turn off the agent advice. 3P0 is hysterical and IMP-32 is as smug as a hipster in a record store.
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20.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 7
This has got to be one of my all time favourite games for gameplay. It can get a little tedious with micro-management, but what other game allows the player to take the role as either the Rebel Alliance or Empire in a virtual sand-box galaxy where you can choose whatever you want to do?
The game is a little dated graphics-wise, but it's otherwise really brought to life with the original voices of the original cast, the expanded universe references and the ships.
Even though I already have the CD to this, I bought it on Steam both for the ability to just download and play, but also because I wanted to make sure I could play it on my Windows 7 machine.
Overall, a great game for a very good price.
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Not Recommended
4.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 3
I absolutely love this game, I played the crap out of it back in the day. It is one of my favorite Star Wars titles.

That being said, avoid this version. On my Windows 10 PC at least, it is buggy as hell. Playing the game Full Screen washes out the colors and flips all the icons upside down. Playing the game in a Window fixes that problem but now you have a 640x480 unscalable window to play the game in... When the game starts it is impossible to skip the droids 20 minute speech without deleting the .dll files for them. Also, perhaps most importantly, the drop down menus for the constructon buildings doesn't seem to work. I click the drop down and nothing happens. So for me, the game isn't even playable.

I will stick to my Windows 98 VM and SWR disk when I want to play this I guess...

Steam shouldn't allow broken titles like this to be sold here.

UPDATE: I was able to figure out how to get the drop down menus to work... you have to play with the game in a little window in the top left corner of the screen. But then I "discovered" a new "feature" of this game. It crashes randomly... and SWR doesn't exactly have an autosave.
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Not Recommended
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 2
The inverted icons make the game unplayable. Buy from GOG instead.
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
Back in 1998 I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Star Wars strategy game. It was Rebellion, I still have the original box, but the old disc and newer operating systems wouldn't allow me to reinstall it and play it properly.

Now this version turns out to work flawlessly. I'm running the game on Windows 7 64-bit and it even passed the utmost test of all with flying colors... Alt tabbing. The game shows its age with all the pixelated cinematics due to the poor encoding of the time, but it also runs on my 1080p monitor with a 480p quality without compromising gameplay. I believe this is the same build used by Good Old Games with just a few tweaks to make sure it wouldn't fail.

This is particularly great for me because at the time my English wasn't nearly as good as it is now, so I finally understood the garrison requirements to avoid uprisings. I'm also glad to know that I got most of the rules at that time and the nostalgia is fitting. People hardly get to live the glory of certain games after a given amount of time has passed, but it seems to me that Star Wars Rebellion was meant to be a great game no matter how old. Coolhand managed to fit so much of the expanded universe lore in there that I was able to picture the faces of many cherished characters I hadn't even read about by then.

You should definitely give it a try if you're ok with a 32-bit color game featuring some of the most repetitive advisors on the history of gaming.

edit: I forgot to mention that this version does not include multiplayer at the moment. Also, it doesnt support steam overlay so there's no way to upload screenshots at the moment.


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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 2
This version of the game does not work properly on Steam/Windows 8. Images and words are all backwards, making the game unplayable.
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