"TurnOn" tells the spellbinding tale of a brave alien creature and its striking journey through blackout world, in an incredibly colorful and detailed platformer without platforms.
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Release Date: Jun 1, 2016

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June 28

TurnOn Accolades Trailer. Third 35 press reviews.

Exclusively for Steam Summer Sale we have made a tempting 40% discount and also released a new TurnOn Accolades Trailer with quotes from well-known media, which explains what elements they enjoyed in the game:
In addition, more than 100 full review by international media were written about TurnOn! Take a look at third pack of 35 reviews from the press from around the world:

The Gaming Ground (ENG) - Review - 4/5
Gamegrin (ENG) - Review - 6,5/10
Xbox Addict (ENG) - Review - 70/100
GotGame (ENG) - Review - 3,5/5
Laorbitadeljugon (SPA) - Review - 71%
IGN Greece (GRE) - Review - 7,3/10
Opnoobs (ENG) - Review - 6/10
Gaming (SLO) - Review - 7,5/10
Doupe (CZE) - Review - 4/5
Squarefaction (RUS) - Review - 7/10
Gameark (IT) - Review - 7/10
Gamekapocs (HUN) - Review - 6.5/10
God is a Geek (ENG) - Review - 7/10
MrEliasGaming (SPA) - {LINK REMOVED} - Positive
PCGalaxy (ISR) - Review - 6/10
3dnews (RUS) - Review - 6/10
Biogamergirl (ENG) - Review - 8/10
3rd-strike (GER) - Review - 7.4/10
Console-tribe (IT) - Review - 65/100
V2 (FIN) - Review - 3/5
Absolute Gaming (ENG) - Review - 3/5
Play! Zine (SRB) - Review - 6/10
COGConnected (CAN) - Review - 78/100
Honest Gamers (ENG) - Review - 3/5
The Xbox Hub (ENG) - Review - 3.5/5
Gmbox (RUS) - Review - Positive
Xbox-World (FRA) - Review - 7.3/41
Bxbgames (ENG) - Review - 4/5
Gamingdebugged (ENG) - Review - 3/5
PCOnly (NED) - Review - 7/10
XboxTavern (ENG) - Review - 6.2/10
Steamified (AUS) - Review - 8.5/10
GameHorizon (GRE) - Review - Positive
Gaming Cypher (ENG) - Review - 7.5/10
Xboxlife (DEN) - Review - 7/10

In case it's not enough for you to buy the game, please let us know what is wrong :)

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June 8

TurnOn second 35 press reviews. Average Score: 71,5

One week ago TurnOn was launched on PC and Mac, and Xbox One and we would like to share with you the second wave of reviews and impression from bloggers and press. We think that average score: 71,5 is good start for debut game made by team of 4.

Review sorted as they appeared:

Stargamers (NL) - Review - 85%
Softpedia (IN) - Review - 4/5
Soulcry (RUS) - Review - 7/10
Alt-tab (GRE) - Review - Positive
MousNJoypad (ENG) - Review - 59%
Flickeringmyth (ENG) - Review - 8/10
Byteme (GRE) - Review - Positive
XBLAFans (ENG) - Review - 60/100
XGN (NL) - Review - 70/100
Game-experience (IT) - Review - 7/10
Aratablog (SPA) - Review - Positive
Bagogames (ENG) - Review - 8,5/10
Arkadian (SPA) - Review - 3/5
Gekkyhobbies (ENG) - Review - 4/5
Game-Guide (FR) - Review - Positive
Gamersnet (NL) - Review - 7/10
GotGame (ENG) - Review - 3,5/5
Xboxuser (GER) - Review - 7/10
Vandal (SPA) - Review - 7/10
Gamespew (ENG) - Review - 8/10
Windows Central (ENG) - Review - 3/5
Headlines (NL) - Review - 7/10
Gameguru (RUS) - Review - 6/10
Mondoxbox (IT) - Review - 7,6/10
Gamereactor (SWE) - Review - 3/5
Gamegrin (ENG) - Review - 6,5/10
PC Guru (HU) - Review - 80%
Gamepod (HU) - Review - 60/100
WiiU (RUS) - Review - 7,5/10
Games Asylum (ENG) - Review - 6/10
Gaming Trend (ENG) - Review - 85/100
Game-review (RUS) - Review - 70/100
Gamesprincess (IT) - Review - Positive
ICXM (ENG) - Review - 8/10

Thanks to all reviewers for fair feedback. We appreciate that most of reviewers highlighted our pros: gameplay, soundtrack, graphic style and atmosphere.

It’s should be noted, that we fixed some cons and mistakes in the last update by taking into account your professional and honest opinion. Hope you’ll enjoy v.

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“TurnOn is an enjoyable and heartwarming little game. With electrical wires instead of platforms, it offers gameplay that feels fresh, piquing your interest at every turn with whatever new adventure or obstacle you’ll face next.”
8.5 – Gaming Trend

“The developers made a game that looks like Psychonauts and Tearaway had a baby.”
8.5 – Bagogames

“TurnOn is an awesome 3D puzzle platformer that uses a variety of new systems to make the game not only fun but different from other games in its genre.”
8 – ICXM

About This Game

The whole city has been plunged into darkness. After an accident in the power station, a living electric spark must restore electricity to the city and give citizens back their safe and carefree lives.
"TurnOn" tells the spellbinding tale of a brave alien creature and its striking journey through blackout world. Featuring a charming art style and visual storytelling, cute character personality, and a soothing and magical soundtrack, "TurnOn" makes the world the way it was before, but a little better and kinder.


  • Setting! Be surprised how the world depends on electricity and what can happen if it suddenly disappears. Solve puzzles and figure out how to turn on the lights in every home, as well as fight unexpected enemies!
  • Visual storytelling! Tired of all those dialogs in your video games? Never mind, in "TurnOn" everything is purely visual, and the entire story is told through what you see (and sometimes what you don't). 
  • Platformer without platforms! The main character moves through the electrical wires. The mix of exploration and music levels makes the gameplay very immersive.
The creation of “TurnOn” was inspired by the global movement Earth Hour, which is held by WWF.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xbox 360 gamepad are supported
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.8 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 Ti or Radeon HD 7790 
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xbox 360 gamepad are supported
    • OS: ОС: 10.10.2 (Yosemite) or newer
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 series
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • OS: ОС: 10.10.2 (Yosemite) or newer
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Iris Pro
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
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21.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 14
Product received for free
Need a breather on heavy, mind-pressuring games? This visually captivating, auditorily pleasing, side-scrolling platformer is what you're looking for!

Game Overview

TurnOn is a casual, side-scrolling platformer that conveys a story through stellar audio and visual presentation without the use of words. (Except for the guides and instructions, of course)

In this game, you control an alien that takes the form of an electric ball and lead it through its journey to restore the light in Electro City.

The gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward - you traverse through electric lines/wires and apparatuses which activates and/or repairs them through contact while collecting blue lightning symbols. Each of these actions will have an impact to the score you will get upon finishing the level. Still seeing people in need through the level? Search again for hidden paths that you might've missed.

Also, you will find adversaries that might stand either your way or the people living in the city, and some of them require different mechanics in order to be cleared. Though there isn't a game over that could force you to start over, there are still some cases that may halt your progress through the game.

Falling through the lines and touching the ground will result in you being sent back to your checkpoint, but everything that you have collected are still with you, every apparatus activated, and no damage taken. However, if you exhaust your life bars (represented by the green lightning symbols on the upper left part of the screen) you will restart the level from the start.

The Pros

  • Charming, Calming, and Hilarious Gameplay Experience - Summarizing the gameplay experience that I felt as I played through the game, it was very calming, charming, and fun experience that I would proudly say that I enjoyed it thoroughly. I mean, I never would've thought that I would see a character in a game crying over not having a cable signal. If that doesn't seem funny enough to you, then I guess you're Jaden.

  • Artistic Game Graphics - The game is very appealing through and through in each of every visual aspect it presents. The landscape and scenery fits the very theme it presents on every level, as well as the visual effects filled in it. The character models are clean and well-animated, along with the comic-strip cut-scenes. And most of all, the aesthetic lightning work in each and every level is impeccable.

  • Beautiful Game Soundtracks - Ranging from serene piano tracks to cheerful up-beat songs, this game has a lot to offer in the auditory department. And when I do say a lot, I really mean it. Each and every level has its own unique track and aside from the cut-scenes and the map soundtrack, almost nothing was ever re-used. Everything is quality-made and the proof of that are the hours I spent listening to the tracks while idling the game. If there is something that is missing, it is the availability of a soundtrack DLC for users to listen and enjoy.

The Cons

  • Irritating Sound Effects - Although the game has a pretty good array of soundtracks that is very pleasant to the ears, there are certain sound effects that will make you tone down the level due to discomfort, especially if you're new to the game. A good example of this is when you "respawn" to your checkpoint upon touching the ground. Fortunately, the game lets you adjust the volume of the sound effects. However, the downside is that you might not know other SFX that you're missing to hear.

  • Hard to Navigate - Just to be precise, I am pertaining to the game having no cut-scene skip and absence of the settings menu while you are on a level. Regarding the cut-scenes, you can actually speed them up by continuous left clicks or by spamming the ESC button, however, it still takes at least five (5) seconds in doing that before you proceed to the level. Having an option to skip them would be pretty handy for people uninterested or has already seen them several times. Same goes for the settings, which should be available while in-level instead going back to the main menu just to adjust the volume or video settings.

  • Minor Visual Bugs - During the course of my play through (which I could safely assume that I've reached at least one-thirds of the game), I have encountered two minor visual bugs, though take note that these bugs didn't have any impact on my play through. The first one I found was on the end part of the "School Routine" level which involves a speaker still being highlighted in blue even after activating it, and the second one is when you're going through the level selection and passing between the "Bulb Monument Street" and "Unusual Date" levels which shows an empty flat terrain.

    Both of these bugs are recorded on my screenshots page here: (Screenshots)

The Verdict

Truthfully, there isn't much of a discussion to this considering that I can't find anything that big of negative aspect could persuade you into NOT buying it (unless you're not into casual gaming). And if you are a fan of this kind of game, I'm pretty sure you will love it.

If you like to see more recommended games that is worth the value you are paying, please visit my other reviews, or follow our curator group at Good Games Giveaways & Reviews.
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21 of 26 people (81%) found this review helpful
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6.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
TurnOn is a side-scrolling platformer game where you get a chance take control of one alien, who is a little electric ball.

The story is simple, the town fall to the dark, nowhere is an electric, your goal goes to the town and back a light back! The whole story telling completed without any words, just with visual effects, is unusual but looks good.

The game levels contain two type of games, one is a “runner”, where a little creature moving alone, your goal don’t fall down and collect a little electric. Second game type is a “platformer”, there your main goal is moving at lines and bring an electric in all thing what need it. At some places game need some thinking from you, but mostly here need only your skills. If you fall down, you will start a current level from last checkpoint, but all what you collected till this time stay at you. Also at some levels you will find something like “boss” fights.

The game graphic world completed nice, every is well animated, colorful.
The game soundtracks is beautiful and relaxing.

So my verdict

+nice graphic
+nice story telling
+great music
+steam achievements and trading cards
+many supported languages

-the “runner” levels sometimes a bit frustrating

If you like this kind of games or screech something relaxing, this game is for you. This game have a great music, nice graphics and storytelling. This game is for all ages but a child’s especially should like it.
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18 of 21 people (86%) found this review helpful
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6.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
Product received for free
While TurnOn is short, it is still a load of fun. It is host to amazing music, a wonderful art style and a challenging yet fun style of platforming. As you travel around the different locations of the city, turning everything back on again, it is always satisfying to see the effect of your actions. Such as scaring away looters and people who are taking advantage of the darkness to perform bad deeds. The musical sections in which you must travel along a long bridge of power lines in beat with the music are also a nice break in between areas. The game also subtly spreads the message of environmental awarness in a nice and calm sort of way, without sounding all preachy about it. If you are a fan of colourful, cute and musically satisfying games, then TurnOn is the game for you.

See my full review of the game here at Blot gaming.

Also see a Let's Play of the game from another member of Blot gaming here.
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19 of 23 people (83%) found this review helpful
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 9
This game is the great platformer for kids, not very easy, not very hard, colorful with nice OST and pretty timeconsuming:

+Visuals: it looks great, various levels has each has different effects.
+Great OST: i like all the music tracks and they fit the entourage like a glove.
+Gameplay: personally all the levels i've completed were pretty easy + the game is not very punishing if you die a lot, you are not always have to start from the beginning of the level, because there are checkpoints, and overall difficulty pretty low. If you ignore collecting 100% of the lightnings and lighting 100% of the objects it would be even easier, otherwise it could add challenge on some levels.
+Time consuming - this game is BIG for such a project - i've wasted like 4 hours and completed like 25% of the game so far.
+Steam achievements
+Steam cards
NPC characters reminds those guys from sims :)

After all its a best buy for your kid, or if you like lighthearted platformers :)
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15 of 17 people (88%) found this review helpful
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5.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
TurnOn: A Charmingly Electric Journey

TurnOn is a charming platformer/runner where you play an alien ball of electricity who has crash landed in a city causing a blackout, and must then restore both the power and help the citizens out in the process. This was a mostly enjoyable experience that took me 4.8 hours to complete. There were a few parts of the game where I got stuck for a little while, which extended my time a bit. A player with solid platformer and runner skills could probably play through this in about 3 hours if they wanted.


The story in TurnOn is presented without any captions or voice work. It is a strictly visual experience from this standpoint. That said, it does in fact carry itself reasonably well in the story department. Basically, this is the tale of an alien who crash lands in a city (and fortunately in a scientists laboratory) causing a city wide blackout. The alien, who is represented as a ball of electricity, and who can only travel via electrical currents (such as power lines and such), and the scientist together attempt to restore power to the city before the people in the city destroy it via looting and other crime, accidents, and what have you. You, the alien, will also try to help people along the way, from helping out a couple on a romantic date to making it possible for a kid to finish his round of mini golf (and other stuff as well). Certainly the story in TurnOn is no magnum opus, but it serves well within the context of this platformer.

I give the story a 7 out of 10


The gameplay in both a platformer and a runner is of paramount importance. Brainy Studios did a very nice job of creating a seamless experience in this regard. The controls in TurnOn were tight using a gamepad (I didnt try keyboard and mouse, so I have no opinion ion that manner of play for this game). I experienced zero crashes or stuttering. There is one amusing bug that will show up however. You can sometimes end up travelling along invisible power lines. This happened probably 8-10 times in my playthrough. Each time, this bug worked to my advantage as it made jumps between power lines a bit easier.

So, the actual gameplay itself:

The platforming was fairly basic overall. As mentioned before, in TurnOn, you travel via power lines and electrical currents. These are presented in a number of ways, from straight lines to mazing paths, with shifts in elevation, and moving platforms (such as window washing lifts, the scientists vehicle, forklifts, etc…). There will also be bridges that you need to power up to unlock, doorways that need to be unlocked, street lights that need to be turned on, and so on. Along the way, you collect currents of electricity (which basically take the place of the more familiar coins in platformers) which impact your ranking on each level and are attached to certain achievements. There are also red charges of electricity which damage you and green charges which heal that damage and basically give you up to 3 health points. If you run out of green energy, you will have to completely restart the level you are on.
The running sections I personally found to be a bit frustrating. Not because they werent done well. They were. I simply am not so good at that style of gameplay. However, despite my deficiency in this regard, I was still able to complete each level with some trial and error. You are still traveling across electrical lines, and so the presentation for the runner levels is basically like sheet music, with a few different levels and breaks on various ones causing you to have to stay on top of your game and change lines frequently. The pacing is tied to the music in the game, so the faster the tempo, the faster you are running.

You will also encounter enemies on a few levels in TurnOn, which are variations on red energy. They are fairly easy to avoid overall, but you will still die plenty of times on a few of those levels. There is also what is essentially a timed level towards the end. This was the level I had the most problems with overall. Again, it was done well, but I still died a lot trying to figure out and remember the patterns as I ascended a building trying to stay ahead of a line of red energy that inexorably advanced upon my little electrical alien.

The gameplay in TurnOn deserves an 8 out of 10.


The graphics in TurnOn were are presented in comic book fashion. The intros for each section are actual comic book frames which let you know what challenges you will face in the level to a certain extent and what your overall goals are. The actual game graphics are an extension of this comic book approach. They were especially well done in my opinion and the highlight of TurnOn for me. This was simply put a beautiful and lovingly crafted game from a graphics standpoint.

I think this game deserves a 9 out of 10 for this category. The graphics in TurnOn were almost done to perfection


I have mixed feelings towards the audio in TurnOn. The music was the sort of stuff you would expect to hear in inspirational videos and commercials. Sort of uplifting, but also a bit sterile. The rest of the audio was simply sounds of electrical discharge, muttering speech done intentionally to further the voiceless story telling, and other ambient noises appropriate to the various backdrops. This was the low point of the game from my perspective

6 out of 10


Taken as a whole, TurnOn was a pleasant gaming experience. The setting and main character were charming. I was also impressed by the fact that this game was crafted by a four person team.

7.5 aliens traversing the electrical wire ways of our neon world charming the socks off of those they encounter within. Out of 10.
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14 of 16 people (88%) found this review helpful
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
Product received for free
The gaming market is dominated by fast paced, action packed games, which are fun, but sometimes it's nice to slow things down. Which is where TurnOn comes in. A casual platformer developed by the four man team of Brainy Studio, TurnOn features some great relaxing music, colorful art style, and creative level designs.

TurnOn is a narrative story told through comic-like cutscenes and during the game’s levels. After a power station accident, an alien becomes sentient by fusing with the power stations’ systems. Players take control of the little ball of alien electricity as it makes it way throughout the city trying to restore the cities’ power. Players travel along the electrical wires throughout the power station, residential, and commercial districts of the city. Players must solve puzzles like helping a little girl get home safely and fighting crime by setting off alarm systems to scare off looters.
The levels of TurnOn are wonderfully colorful and dynamic. The power lines allow players to travel seamlessly from the background to the foreground. This gives each level the feeling of being three dimensional despite the games 2D art. What slightly contrasted this great feature was that the electric alien of the game would not change in size when moving from the foreground to background in some parts of the game. It was minor, but it still made the character seem out of place compared to everything else, which would shrink and grow in size as the game’s camera moved back and forth. The game’s puzzles in each level were not overly challenging. It mainly just took a bit of exploring and common sense to realize which power box to jump into to activate more lights or to stop traffic lights for someone to safely cross the street. The slower paced and relaxing puzzle levels of TurnOn were juxtaposed by racing sequences. During these, players would jump between four different wires at a time, trying to collect as many hovering lightning tokens for points, while avoiding falling to their deaths or hitting the red tokens, which when three were hit, you died.

TurnOn’s art and music were two awesome parts of the game. The lighting in the game feels bright and vibrant due to its contrast with the blackout of the city. The background is painted with a darker color palette of blues and purples, that still give the game a fun and cheerful feeling, without making it feel dark and gloomy. People also populate many of the game’s scenes, usually in distress about one situation or another, all related to the cities’ blackout. This helps the city feel alive, and being able to watch them cheer or enjoy their lives again with your help adds to the satisfaction of completing each puzzle. The music of TurnOn was one of my, dare I say it, turn ons. The casual gameplay and vibrant colors are complimented by the smooth jazz throughout the game. The music during the puzzle scenes adds to the relaxing mood and made this game one of my favorites to come home and play after work. The racing sequences of the game had faster pace music to compliment their gameplay. The developers definitely hit the mark with creating a great atmosphere for their game with the music.

TurnOn is a very enjoyable and relaxing platformer that is great for adults and kids. The colorful art style and smooth jazz music fit well together, while the simple gameplay and dynamic level design made it fun. I did run into two bugs during my playing, but both of the them were easily fixed by simply reloading the level from the previous checkpoints and neither occurred more than once. The developers were quick to respond to my email about the bugs, so I am sure that these minor kinks will be fixed soon.


Colorful art style

Relaxing music

Dynamic levels

Fun gameplay

Controller support

Steam Achievements

Comic-like narrative

Kid friendly

Simple controls

Support for 18 languages (check Steam for list)


Few bugs (minor and easy to get around)

Character does not change size with movement from background to foreground sometimes

The developers provided a copy for the game to be reviewed, this did not affect the writer’s opinion of the game.

You can also check out my team's website : http://www.thegamerholics.com/ . We have plenty of gamign news, content, and a youtube and Twitch team with even more for you to watch.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
16.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 19
Product received for free
TurnOn lights up the platforming action with a delightfully fun mixture of puzzles & side-scrolling gameplay.
Taking visual maze-work to a new level, Brainy Studio has created a unique platforming action comic book that will keep you entertained as you struggle to solve these perplexing levels.

A high sense of player agency is accomplished through this game, in the way that the gamer is able to see solutions having an effect on the world created in the comic book narrative. Each problem solved gives a sense of satisfaction that translates into the visual story you are playing out.

Comic Book Narrative:
The graphics are incredibly well done, in a heavy battle for supremacy with the audio soundtrack. You begin each level with a set of comic strips that basically gives you an indication of what you are expected to ‘fix’ in that level. So, the game is heavy on story while using no language. I know, right. I wouldn’t have thought it could be done. But, there it is. This story is not dropped at any point, but plays out very dramatically in the conclusion.

The art is old-school Americana, with poignant scenes described by level titles like, Beware of Dog, School Routine, Unusual Date, Mad Tram, The Smell of Trouble, Mass Rally, and Pursuit in the Sky. The helicopter battle level & the chopper high-wire level were two of my favorites. But, the Ferris Wheel was definitely spectacular as well. The level early on with the Drones was definitely a difficult level… probably the most difficult, since I was unsure of the requirements at first. So, the level difficulty doesn’t really increase or decrease, since each level is built on a different and unique concept. This provides a lot of variety, as well as visual appeal.

The art is, as I mentioned, a comic book style, but the level maps are built in a medium that looks like modeling clay, and is very pleasing to the eye. Lots of primary colors are used throughout, so the overall effect is definitely enjoyable and artistic. It makes it difficult to believe so much can be accomplished with a four man team. This high level art translates into some very nice profile backgrounds if you collect the cards.

Audio, Audio, Audio!
With a wide variety of music from old ragtime syncopated rhythms, to peaceful piano melodies; TurnOn is ear-candy. The only thing missing is some serious dlc for the soundtrack. I know I enjoy listening to game soundtracks, like some of the really great ones from Paradox games, while I’m doing other things. If TurnOn gets a soundtrack, I will definitely be adding that to my playlist on my Smartphone.

The game fx is creative & diverse. The voice sounds of the npc’s can be annoying with repetition. But, I enjoyed the sound effects that came with the actions, as most of them were audible cues to success.

I received a copy of the game free for review purposes, but that in no way affects my review since I only play games I would enjoy. I do think it would be worth the price, even if you don’t catch it on sale since the hours in-game are definitely worth the price. And, I will gladly buy any dlc that is later offered.

TurnOn is one of those games that forces you out of the box of language by using just picture cue cards and visual, color, & light cues to guide you through the levels. Even when speech is used with the npc’s, it’s just mumble-jumble, intended only to convey the urgency of a cry for help from people who are suffering some mishap because the power is out. That does serve to direct you, since the levels are not laid out linearly. The gameplay itself is linear, as you must complete one level to proceed to the next. But, within a level, the end action may be anywhere. Also, many actions don’t open up until you’ve performed other actions. So, you will find yourself zipping back & forth, & around & about a level to complete all the tasks.

The game can be broken into halves at about the point of the Ferris Wheel. In the 1st half, you are still learning new ‘tricks’ to battle your way through the game. But, in the 2nd half you find the intensity picks up into some really awesome speed platforming. In the very beginning levels I missed some things, simply because I didn’t understand the visual cue system. So, I’d say this is not a game you will only play through once.

A number of the achievies are miss-able. I earned 80% on my first play-through, (which took me 12 hours) & will definitely be replaying some levels to find the others. Part of the reason for this is the fact that parts of each level are hidden, & activating the end-level action is not always obvious until you’ve done it. Then, you missed some things. Of course, you can choose to replay the level immediately if you want, but I think most of us want to get to the end first, regardless of what we missed.

What I originally perceived as bugs turned out to be mistaken assumptions in the scoring system. Without saying more to prevent spoiling it for you, it’s definitely a unique system that encourages trial & error, as well as total mastery. The map is divided into areas, with levels within each area. It looks like there are 28 levels in all. Each area has about 3 levels that are the norm puzzle-type levels where you explore & trigger generators, looking for the end action. Then, each area ends with a high-wire speed level, where you basically play in side-scroller fashion by jumping across gaps in the power lines, trying to stay on the wires until you reach the end.

You are scored in each level at the end by how many lamps light up on the scoreboard. There is no indication of what scores are needed to get ‘3 lamps.’ This needs to be added, along with level numbers on each scoreboard for those like me who want to look back at screenshots & compare results.

UPDATE: Actually, I realized after posting my review that you can see you many points are needed to score 3 lamps by looking at your achievements page. You can see, for example, that you have achievied 134 of 136 on a specific level, meaning you were short by 2. So, basically, the requirements vary by level.

Controller or Keyboard?
The controls are simple WASD & usually only 2 keys at a time are used. I preferred using the keyboard controls for accuracy & versatility for most puzzle levels. However, I found that using my Steam controller on the high-wire levels provided more speed. So, it looks like the type of game that if you really get into it like I did, then you will find yourself swapping back & forth on the controls.

The game is similar to Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. If you enjoyed that, where you don’t see the whole level at once, but search high & low for bonus items, then this game is for you. However, TurnOn is not as difficult, & much more engaging to me, probably because of the art style & music, as well as the simpler gameplay.

* Unique levels designed & crafted individually
* Variety in game play
* Awesome music for each level!
* Eye-pleasing art with an engaging story

* No indication of how many points needed to score three lamps in a level
* Individuality of levels tends to leave difficulty a bit unbalanced from start to finish

You are sure to love the music & art in this entertaining extravaganza of creativity. I highly recommend TurnOn for hours of platforming puzzle fun for everyone!
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Posted: June 27
Product received for free
Portable Description
TurnOn is an extremely adorable platformer without platforms. Following a blackout event, an “alien creature” traverses through electrical lines in an effort to bring light to those who need it most. Child-friendly gameplay, cute aesthetics and visual storytelling elements make this game a truly relaxing ride through Electro City.

The Spark
Professor Brain needs help following an accident at the power station in Electro City, so he employs a cuddly alien creature (spark). The player controls this spark in an effort to bring electricity back into homes, activate failed generators, and maintain order throughout the shambling city.

There are lots of easy achievements that promote exploration of the many levels in TurnOn, including: an achievement for turning on 3 lamps for each level, an achievement for lighting up X in each level, etc. Animated comics, along with NPC actions throughout gameplay, provide immersive visual storytelling along with insight on upcoming levels.

Platforming Elements
In this platformer without platforms, the player traverses through electrical lines in order to progress. Many familiar platforming elements are utilized, such as: jumping/falling, hazardous objects, hidden pathways/alternate routes, collectibles (lightning), checkpoints, and a lethal fall (the ground). Even though TurnOn is a 2D platformer, its artistic use of multiple platforming depths/layers and multi-linear progression makes it feel almost like a 2.5D platformer.

Most of the deaths in TurnOn stem from missing a line/jump and falling to the ground. Every now and then, hazardous objects or an enemy (drone) will attribute to it, but this is a very friendly/casual game so that’s generally not the case. You can die from falling as many times as you need, without any penalty, and restart from a checkpoint. Any previously acquired lightning will remain in your possession. Specific objects, however, will hurt the spark’s health (denoted by 3 green lightning bolts); these are red lightning bolts (collectibles) or enemies. If the spark loses all of its health, the level will restart, and all collectibles will be returned. Green lightning bolts can be collected to recover lost health.

One of TurnOn’s most challenging, yet most exhilarating, elements is with its use of runner levels. On these levels, the screen and spark will progress forwards at an uncontrolled pace. Often times these runner levels are themed and present many active animations. A major aspect that makes me love these levels is with its great harmonization with the music. You will find yourself jumping and falling to the melody and beat changes (adds a lot of joy and promotes immersion).

Even though I personally enjoy the runner levels, the other platforming levels also provide a great deal of fun with its visual cues. Each level is themed, and often times, the spark will have a specific goal: guide the little girl back home by lighting up the street, scare away burglars by repowering alarms, revive a household’s energy consumption, etc. This variation in level design and immersion through effortless storytelling helps keep the player compelled to continue playing.

Video Gameplay
Controller Support
The controls for TurnOn is very simplistic; 1D movement, jump, and fall. Although the controls, by default, are sufficient for gameplay when using a controller or M&K, there is no support for rebinding controller/keyboard buttons. This shouldn’t be too big of an issue as precision handling is not required, but many platformer veterans may want to be aware of this.

Current State of the Game
The developers of the game seem to be very active with regards to player support and update frequency, as seen in the Discussions board and News updates. After only 5 days of release, a major patch was implemented to take Let’s Plays and Review feedback into consideration. Details of the patch can be seen here.

Advised Suggestions
Even though TurnOn is fairly polished, there are a couple suggestions that may improve gameplay; these are listed below.

  • Make the areas that the spark can travel through (on runner levels) more noticeable.
    • Some portions of the wire (even if unlit) can be traversed – very confusing at times.
  • Allow controller/keyboard rebinding.
  • Fix minor visual bugs.
    • Awkward contact collision against walls.
    • Abrupt screen jumping when traveling through terminals at times (almost as if travel animation is spliced in between starting/ending positions).

TurnOn is a very relaxing and addictively fun product. Its cute aesthetics, visual storytelling and harmonic runner levels earn it a recommendation for any fan of platformers or child-friendly/casual games.

Review copy provided by Brainy Studio LLC

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Posted: July 14
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🌟 KDB Review

| English |

By far the most beautiful and enjoyable platform game I ever played in years.

TurnOn is a platform game on 3D full of puzzles and secrets, you are an alien power that literally runs by electrical wires. Has simple controls, making it a enjoyable game, you can jump from wire to wire and your main objective is to go through parts of the city by solving small puzzles and bring back the light. But I recommend you get light all that is in stage, this will give you a better score at the end. During the stages you will go through a mini-game a bit more challenging where you should go jumping from wire to wire avoiding falling to the ground. Game loadings are fast and has a awesome optimization.

Amazing, even it's not the latest generation, TurnOn has a unique graphic style, abusing of the lighting effects, is a pleasurable gameplay for hours. Detail that really impressed me was the cutscenes in comics style that appear in stages, have vibrant colors and a mild stroke.

Original, orchestrated and impressive. It molds to stage events.

Grade: 10/10
TurnOn is a game to elapse the time and relax. Has easy puzzles and a perfect playability.
Abusing the sound effects mixed lights and the incredible soundtrack, the game immerses you for hours.

| Português |

De longe o jogo plataforma mais bonito e agradável que jogui nos últimos anos.

TurnOn é um jogo plataforma todo em 3D recheado de puzzles e segredos, você é uma energia alienígena que literalmente corre por fios elétricos. Os controles são muito simples, tornando o jogo bem agradável, você pode pular de fio em fio e seu objetivo principal é percorrer partes da cidade resolvendo pequenos puzzles. Porém recomendo você buscar acender tudo que houver na fase, isso te dará uma pontuação melhor no final. Durante as fases você passará por um mini-game um pouco mais desafiador onde você deverá ir pulando de fio em fio evitando cair no chão. Os loadings do jogo são rápidos e a otimização dele está impecável.

Incrível, mesmo não sendo de última geração, TurnOn tem um estilo gráfico único, abusando de efeitos de iluminação, é prazeroso jogá-lo por horas. Detalhe que realmente me impressionou foi as cutscenes estilo quadrinhos que aparecem entre as fases, possuem cores vibrantes e um traço suave.

Trilha Sonora
Original, orquestrada e impressionante. Ela se molda aos acontecimentos da fase.

Nota: 10/10
TurnOn é um jogo para passar o tempo e relaxar. Possui puzzles fáceis e uma jogabilidade impecável. Abusando das luzes e efeitos sonoros mixados à trilha sonora incrível, o jogo te imerge por horas.
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Posted: June 1
A simple, but stunning game with an amazing soundtrack, that deserves to sell by the bucketload. There is nothing quite like it on Steam.

Each beautifully crafted level tells a different story that unfolds in a series of sequences triggered by your little ball of electricity solving puzzles along various wires!

10/10 for originality!
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Recently Posted
2.7 hrs
Posted: October 20
For an hour or so I was going to give this game my huge 'thumb up'... but now I'm not so sure. Here's why.

I though it was going to be a relaxing and casual exploration\puzzle platformer...which it is. Mostly.

Several levels had been designed to add some kind of 'challange', but they only add frustration instead. 'Boss fight' with the copter had been the worst so far, but those few 'runner' levels I've seen also leave much to be desired. I suppose they were meant to mimic a rhythm-based gameplay, where following the music is a right way to jump through all the gaps, traps and such...but the thing is - jump\air control is not too strong in this one. It's mediocre (to say the least), which is not a death-crime for a nicely drawn casual family-friendly platformer, really...if not for those 'annoying.... oh, I mean 'challenging' levels.

Do I recommend the game? May be. Especially with a good discount. Just have in mind, that it's not that 'casual' and 'relaxing' as it seems to be. Nice art, good music, interesting 'character' (if that's the word for a glowing electric bubble). but those levels? Meh..
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viva #idle
4.0 hrs
Posted: October 16
I wanted to like this game. A lot. I loved the art style a lot. The animations had a little bit of jank to them, but that just added to the charm for me.

The gameplay held me back though. Making a fun platformer is about good level design, good camera control and the controls feeling right. TurnOn doesn't exceed at any of these and it ends up making the entire experience worse off for it.

TurnOn has mostly okay level design except for a few areas where you have to do blind faith jumps because the only way to progress is to jump to an offscreen rope. The game often has no indicator of these so enjoy sometimes blindly jumping to your death. The camera control is bad... or rather there is no camera control. The camera is hard locked to your character so you can't just test to see if it's a blind faith jump and airstrafe back. Despite there being no punishment for jumping to your death, this does make this part of the game incredibly tedious, especially for the 4-5 second respawn animation and it teleporting you back to the last checkpoint. The gameplay works on a 2d plane, however there can be multiple 2d planes for you to jump between in a single level. This can work in the game and sometimes it's pretty novel, but for the most part you'll probably find it incredibly annoying. The camera will flick up and the scenery will move in an attempt to get you to hook onto the scene behind -- even if it isn't possible for you to successfully make the jump. This will make jumping for the collectibles annoying, but it will also make you try and jump up to an area that may not be accessible at all.

As a causal platformer, these issues would be annoying, but just an annoyance on an otherwise enjoyable game, right? Well that's until you play the annoying auto run levels. These appear to be synced up to the music, but it's done very poorly. Instead enjoy a lot of trial and error and hearing the same part of the song as you unsuccessfully try and make your way through. At first it's a neat gimmick, but the game continues to throw them at you.

Ugh. I really don't want to rate this game down. I don't feel good about it, but I cannot recommend this in good earnest. What a shame.
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6.8 hrs
Posted: October 16
a nice little casual game about fixing and turning on power to stuff. EXCEPT the power line levels, when you think of the powerline levels think of a donky kong mine cart level
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6.1 hrs
Posted: October 7
Game is fantastic, but a bit nervous and buggy when it comes to rush time.
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4.3 hrs
Posted: October 2
Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot. The music was really nice (I hope they'll put out a soundtrack for purchase) and the concept was fun. Some jumps did not work quite like I expected them to, and your character's sprite can be very obviously 2D at times but I enjoyed the look and feel of the game. The exploration levels were definitely my favorites, though since I played the first 2/3 of the game three months ago I can't pick the best one.

The forced scrolling levels are frustrating as there seems to be one checkpoint in those at best, far into the level, and if you die due to too many hits (instead of just falling off the course) you go all the way back to the start instead of the checkpoint. I always seemed to die just when the music was really kicking in... Also, the second-to-last level is really luck-based to finish. Hop around like mad and hope!

I played on a 360 controller and that worked well, not sure how their other schemes work out. If you aren't sure about the two gameplay styles (and the forced scrolling sections seem more frequent the further you get in the game) watch the second video (the one in the middle), it shows both kind of levels and gives a good idea of how it feels.

$15 may be a bit high, but I caught it on sale. Also, there are occasional bugs (I hit one on the Ferris Wheel level) where a level just won't complete. Luckily (?) restarting the level worked out. I still think it was a fun game, but you should know that it's not perfect.
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4.7 hrs
Posted: September 17
This is an absolutely beautiful game. The graphics are charming, the background characters slapstick (they remind me a bit of the incidental characters in Splosion Man) and the music just fits it so well; I often turn in-game music off while I listen to my own music but this gets my full attention.

It's quite a unique play mechanism too. An absolute joy to play.
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5.8 hrs
Posted: August 29
Product received for free
About this game:
You're playing as "alien" from the space, who as I understood crashed on Earth.
And your point's to get home.

1) Music. OMG, how awesome it is. I didn't even listen to mine list, cause it's so good. Classical, I really loved it.
2) Pretty easy game, even if you wanna get 100% achievements.
3) There're some troubles in story, cause you're just going through the city, and giving back some electric power to it. (dunno how to say it correctly), but even though I didn't get boring while I played it.
1) There're some bugs, like jams, but it's not critical, just jump.
2) 2 easy achievements, it's really disapointed me, cause when I saw this game, I thought that I could get some challenge in indie games like this. But nope. Not today

That's my first review in english, I'm doing my best. And I'd really like, if I did some mistakes in this review inform me, and say "how to say correctly" :D
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8.5 hrs
Posted: August 27
Product received for free
“TurnOn” is an interesting platformer involving slack electrical wires and slightly leaning electric poles. The product of a four-man team, Russian-based Brainy Studios, “TurnOn” features an electrical alien creature of the same name. Players control this creature as they journey to bring power back to a blackout city.

Other than having wires as platforms instead of rigid, straight planes, the game’s penchant for relaxing players lies behind its lack of dialogue and soothing soundtrack. Sound effects are limited, but for a good cause - they keep the experience free of distractions as much as possible. They easily blend in with the background, save for a few manufactured shrieks and grunts for the humans. Cutscenes are presented in a comic-book style, allowing for an easy-in-easy-out process while saving space in order to show the most number of panels.

The soundtrack, on the other hand, range from jazz-like tracks to easy-listen instrumentals. They match each stage perfectly - peaceful stages are accompanied by the soft, hushed tracks, while the slightly more stressful stages are more upbeat. Even the most touching cutscenes elicit just the right amount of emotion.

As for the gameplay itself, “TurnOn” boasts two kinds of platforming: free roam and autoscroller. Free roam stages usually require the player to fulfill some kind of small mission, ranging from helping light up the environment for a date to saving kids from a horribly failing ferris wheel. Collectibles come in the form of blue bolts and are half the requirement for getting a perfect rating for the stage. The other half involves giving power to lamps and air conditioning units strewn around the map. These two tasks provide points, which are tallied at the end of each stage and are assigned a one, two, or three light bulb rating.

One of the more interesting concepts of the free roam stages is the way the focus shifts from foreground to background as needed. Seemingly higher and unreachable wires are usually reached by a slight leap of faith and a sudden shift of focus planes. It’s a little scary at times, especially when making a significant jump from a high plane to low plane. It’s also slightly startling at the beginning, but throughout the game it becomes second nature.

The other kind of stages come in the form of autoscrolling levels. Given its nature, the path is more straightforward and there are only a set number of platforms to worry about. The goal is the same: collect all blue bolts and reach the end of the stage.

The main difference lies in the sudden difficulty spike. It is during these stages that players must summon some quick reactions in order to quickly change platforms. The speed is never the same - they slow down and speed up according to the accompanying soundtrack. Don’t be fooled, however. Even though the jumps seem like they are in tune with the soundtrack’s rhythm, they quickly go out of sync with the music. This makes for an awkward transition from enjoying the track to quickly ignoring it in order to keep going.


Read the full review at http://playertheory.com/review/turnon
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2.4 hrs
Posted: August 9
Product received for free
Turn On is a unique, fun platformer. The music is great and the game isn't very hard but some stages can be difficult to 100%.
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