Relevez le règne de votre pays, orientez la politique intérieure et étrangère, parcourez des milliers d'événements historiques, livrez-vous à diverses luttes et menez votre pays à la prospérité - tout cela au nom de la gloire!
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Date de parution: 11 nov 2009
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À propos de ce jeu

Relevez le règne de votre pays, orientez la politique intérieure et étrangère, parcourez des milliers d'événements historiques, livrez-vous à diverses luttes et menez votre pays à la prospérité - tout cela au nom de la gloire! For The Glory permet une immersion historique, une expérience approfondie complètement nouvelle avec plus de 10000 événements historiquement exacts. Prenez en charge le puissant empire des Habsbourg, l’État suédois agressif, ou les Portugais marins. Construisez votre empire à travers le commerce, la diplomatie, le colonialisme et la guerre. Interagissez avec les événements historiques réels et personnages afin de déterminer quel chemin votre nation prendra. Rien n'est gravé dans la pierre, et tandis qu'un chef sage peut choisir de suivre le chemin de l'histoire, vous pouvez également profiter des opportunités du changement.

  • Vous pouvez jouer plus de 180 pays, sur une carte couvrant le monde entier
  • Une couverture de 1419 à 1819
  • Expérience incomparable d'immersion historique avec plus de 10000 événements historiques
  • Mod-capacité inégalée: durée indéfinie, et jusqu'à 1000 contrées
  • Interface améliorée et modernisée
  • Adaptez votre style de jeu

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista
    • Processeur : Pentium II 266 MHz
    • Mémoire : 256 Mo RAM
    • Graphiques : Carte vidéo 2 Mo compatible DirectX
    • DirectX® : DirectX 8 ou supérieur
    • Espace disque : 1 Go d'espace disque libre
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
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This is an updated version of Europa Universalis 2, and is unfortunately not in serious development any more. The most recent beta patch is from December 31st, 2013. While this is an update to the predecessor game to EU3/EU4, they are quite dissimilar. Paradox had a distinct vision when creating EU2 compared to EU3/EU4. A lot of time was spent on trying to model historic events in EU2(FTG) and this is enhanced with the included AGC-EEP mod. While EU3/EU4 are designed from the ground up to be mostly dynamic, FTG has a lot of reliability built into what will generally happen. Specific events that mirror history will pop up and a lot of times history will repeat itself. That is not to say that the game is not dynamic and that everything happens the same way, as the AI has some freedom of choice and the player is limited only by their own skill. However, if you play as Russia, be prepared to face the Time of Troubles, as a German a radical Reformation, as an indigenous American tribe a lot of technological disparity, etc. While the engine does not have anywhere near the polish of later EU games, it is fun and has a separate appeal of its own.
Posté le : 26 juin
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This game, this series, is a lot to take in. Grand strategy games can be a ton of fun, but you have to be willing to put in the time to learn how to play the game before you can truly enjoy the game. Europa Universalis basically allows you to reshape history, starting from somewhere in the 1400's up to the early 1800's (Although mods can make it so you can go on indefinately). My first game I tried to take over the world starting as England. I ended up getting conqured by France and whoever that is at the northern border of England at the time within a few years. And that's how learning in this game works. You're gonna get a basic tutorial, to give you the general gist of how to do things so you're not going in completely blind, and then you've got to go in and get your ♥♥♥ handed to you learning. I spent four games trying to figure out what to do when you're at war(♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ portugul, taking the land for my work...) and how to annex or gain land. The game can provide alot of fun for those who have the apptitude to learn, adapt and conquer. I'd say this is one of the good Paradox titles to try out if you're looking to get into the Grand Strategy genre, mainly cause it's the cheapest in the main series of thier games. But despite it's age, it's still a really good game. So if you're looking for a good, deep strategy game, and you've got the time and patience to learn, this is a game you should consider.
Posté le : 1 juillet
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For those megalomaniacs who love Grand Strategy games and want to change to try out some 15th-18th century alternative history; this game just can't be beat.

PLVS VLTRA mod comes highly recommended - comes with a whole new world map, with 3x the amount of provinces, and includes the AGCEEP mod too - which gives you quite literaly - 10,000 or so historical events covering this time-period. Serious amount of replayability here.
Posté le : 19 juin
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An amazing strategy game. Not as complex as the newer Europa Universalis games but still very deep and fun. I totally recommend this game to any paradox fan.
Posté le : 20 juin
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Posté le : 11 septembre
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For The Glory A Europa Universalis Game is a very aptly named game. It is, essentially, a collection of advances made in the Europa Universalis II modding scene bundled together and sold as a full game. And while For The Glory is a great experience it is also an experience you can get from playing regular Europa Universalis II and installing a bunch of mods.

From the standpoint of an un-modded Europa Universalis II all the advances in For The Glory will look tremendous. A massive increase in the number of events you will receive, both as a historical player or as someone that thinks the Reconquista should be going in reverse. The AI is smarter, focusing it's forces much better, new map modes makes conquests much easier to plan and a ton of general balance changes makes everything feel sharper and better. Even graphically there is some improvements.

One place it goes backwards however is in the multi-player department however as without Valkyrie-Net it is horribly unstable and neigh unplayable.

As much as For The Glory advances the regular Europa Universalis II game it does very little to advance the modded gameplay. If you have the choice between buying this or Europa Universalis II then I'd recommend getting this every time. If you already own Europa Universalis II however then there is absolutely no reason you need to own this.
Posté le : 18 novembre 2012
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