Take up the reigns of your country, guide domestic and foreign policy, navigate thousands of historical events, engage in various struggles and lead your country to prosperity – all in the name of glory! For the Glory offers full historical immersion, with a completely new indepth experience with over 10000 historically accurate events.
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リリース日: 2009年11月11日


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Take up the reigns of your country, guide domestic and foreign policy, navigate thousands of historical events, engage in various struggles and lead your country to prosperity – all in the name of glory! For the Glory offers full historical immersion, with a completely new indepth experience with over 10000 historically accurate events. Take charge of the mighty Habsburg Empire, the aggressive Swedish state, or the seafaring Portuguese. Build up your empire through trade, diplomacy, colonialism and war. Interact with real historical events and persons to determine what path your nation will take. Nothing is written in stone, and while a wise leader may choose to follow the path of history, you may also take advantage of opportunities for change.

  • You can play as over 180 countries, on a map covering the entire world
  • Era spanning 1419-1819
  • Experience unparalleled historical immersion with over 10000 historical events
  • Unparalleled mod-ability: unlimited timeframe and up to 1000 counties
  • Improved and modernised interface
  • Adapt your playing style


    • OS: Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista
    • Processor: Pentium II 266 MHz
    • Memory: 256 Mb RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB free hard drive space
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 Mb Video Card DirectX Compatible
    • Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card
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投稿日: 7月25日
This is an extremely old remastered game but it serves as the base of what made the Europa Universalis franchise.

  • The Music
  • The Sounds
  • Better colonial system
  • Nice Graphics
  • Mod selection
  • Theme selection
  • Fantisia
  • OP Rebels
  • Harder to mod than its successors
  • Lack of a large community
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投稿日: 8月11日
This is a good game if you played and enjoyed Europa Universalis I & II as it is an improved version of it.

Lots of nations to choose from, from every corner of the world.
Historical accurate events for the major nations that will give you a feel of the nation history.
Different scenarios influenced by major periods of European history

Outdated graphics (But I still think they are quite ok for the gamer focused on grand strategy)
Gamers not experienced on Paradox Games will have much to learn.

In conclusion, if you love history or grand strategy games this is a good game to get

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投稿日: 3月27日
After trying out EU4 for a free weekend on steam and my being unable to purchase a 40 dollar game, i was starving for some Europa Universalis action... And then i found this for only 2 dollars...

And while i made this purchase on somwhat of a whim i do not regret it (not just because of the price i got it at, which is practically nothing). For the Glory is a pretty good spin-off game and it has a few mods built in which you can enable or disable. It's a bit slow on new systems. It also tends to crash every so often SO SAVE EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, MULTIPLE SAVE FILES ARE YOUR FRIENDS!

I think the reason it tends to crash for me is because i'm playing on Windows 7. I'm told this game works best on a machine with Windows XP, but the game still manages to run fine despite the occasional crash. When it does get crash-happy though (something i've only encountered once as of this original posting of this review), that's probably a sign from the universe telling you to stop playing and go back to sleep, though on average, the same only crashes once or twice and my game-session is usually smooth the rest of the way (and i play my games without mods). According to the small community for this game, it's almost impossible to run on Windows 8 which is a real shame. I'm also unsure of what'll happen to you Windows 10 users who buy this game and may not be able to run it. Then again, modding is a thing so you may be able to run it with some help from the community, so if you have a newer operating system don't be afraid to ask around on the forums first.

Compared to the new EU4 i find For The Glory a lot easier in comparison. It doesn't have as many menus as EU4 and it's pretty simple, especially if you're new to Europa Universalis. It's the same level of addicting (you'll spend hours and lose sleep over your nation expanding and surviving the test of time), the graphics are a little dummied down compared to the newer games because this was a game made for XP afterall, but it's nothing too bad to look at. The game also has a number of cheats and mods that can be used in the game if you feel like giving yourself an advantage.

The only flaws i really have to complain about with the game is the crashing and that it doesn't have any steam interface built in (so if you want to talk to your friends while you play, that's out of the question because you don't get any pings to indicate that your friends are trying to talk to you). The crashing probably comes from the fact it was made for Windows XP and i'm lucky i can run it on Windows 7. Another complaint i have is the fact that i can never seem to get Windowed mode to work and the game will refuse to run unless i play full screen mode. If i try to set it up to play it windowed, the game just refused to launch period. But it's not a big deal for me. I can however imagine that scenerio sucking for someone with a lot of chatty Steam friends though and because this game doesn't have Steam interface and because of my experience with Windowed mode not working, you may just wanna ping your Steam friends and tell them that you're going to play a game that won't allow you to talk to them for a while...

Still, if you want some EU and don't wanna shell out any big bucks (especially if you're just starting to get into EU as a series), For the Glory is a good start and a good alternative. It's also the cheapest. I only got it at 2 dollars because it was on sale (which is extremely lucky) but the normal price is around 10 dollars. Still, if you like the EU series or grand strategy games, i can totally recommend this one.

I give For the Glory 4.75 shields out of 5

And if you do want cheats, i also have this guide:

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投稿日: 4月5日
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投稿日: 2014年12月12日
You have in front of you the final and update and ultimate achievement of the Europa Universalis I/II formula.

You see, when in 2007 EU3 came out, it was... bad. I mean, REALLY bad. It was broken. Featureless. A big step back from EU2, that came out in 2001. The first big expansion of EU3 came out THREE MONTHS later. And even after another one in 2008 (when the game was repackaged under the "EU3 Complete" name) it was a disappointing game, coming after the historical flavour of EU2.

So in 2009, 8 years after EU2, the team behind the AGCEEP mod for EU2 released this "sidequel" to EU2: it had widescreen resolution, it had 10,000 historical events, it had major tweaks to the rules and the AI, it had a better, more streamlined UI, it had better mod support. It was, in that particular context, the "real" EU3 (more like a EU2.5).

So, it's a great grand strategy game. But.


But in 2010, EU3 saw the release of another TWO expansions, and the game became good at first, and excellent after the last one (now it was repackaged again under the "EU3 Chronicles" monicker). Yes, the historical flavour was still lacking compared to For The Glory, but in every other aspect, it was now a superior game.

So I still recommend For The Glory in 2014, when even Europa Universalis IV exists? Yes, even just for a trip into history of strategy gaming. If you want to try Europa UNiversalis I or II, skip those and get For The Glory instead.

(note: last patch is a 1.3 beta "23 February", available only in the Paradox Plaza; the last AGCEEP release it's the 1.59b4 with a hotfix. Both aren't included in the Steam release)
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