The Swordbreaker game is interactive fiction with lots of illustrations where you and you alone get to choose the storyline and the ending!
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Very Positive (114 reviews) - 85% of the 114 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 6, 2015

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September 2

Anime bundle with our game!

Favorable offer! Anime bundle! Swordbreaker The Game inside!

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July 16

Vote for Swordbreaker The Game!

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This DLC contains 324 in-game scene + 9 ending scenes in full HD quality (1920x1080p), so you can set any of them as wallpaper for your PC Desktop.

About This Game

Through the dense fog our hero noticed a dark silhouette of a dark castle. Eventually his old rain-soaked map brought him to his target. He didn't have anything with him except for his favorite sword and remainings of an old armor with an unusual device – a sword-breaker. The hero looked around and stepped on the castle bridge...

This game is about a hero who, as fate would have it, finds himself in an abandoned castle. There will be many obstacles on his way to the treasure hidden somewhere inside, with most remarkable adversaries he will have to face and mysteries to unravel. All this to receive his well-earned reward in the end!

"Swordbreaker The Game" gives you a rare opportunity to find yourself in interactive fiction, where each player has their own storyline to develop. Every action or decision will have an effect on how the story unfolds and how it all ends. Some moves you make will change your character's karma, and others can lead you to the darkest corners of the castle, so be careful! Because any step you take may turn out to be the last one!

Main features of the game:

- A compelling totally non-linear game story
- Various endings
- A huge mysterious castle
- Lots of exciting locations and events
- Impressive enemies and inhabitants of the castle
- Absolutely stunning artwork
- Achievement system

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any videocards
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any videocards
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • OS: El Capitan
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any videocards
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • OS: El Capitan
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any videocards
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
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1.4 hrs
Posted: August 4
Idea with potential, but end product, sadly, is not worth any money.
The game is text driven RPG. As for indie title, you would expect it to have one of following:
- innovative game mechanics
- well written story
- great sense of humour
You start as nameless adventurer, who enters some castle. With every passing scene of your journey through it, you will have to make decisions. Sadly, all you can choose is which door to pass, to slay or not to slay character you met, and to attack or dodge an attack.
If you are still reading, or considering buying this game, let me warn you. You do not have really choice in dialog other than help/attack character. Moreover, path to story conclusion is short, too short to give you any satisfaction, and every encounter (with exception of dying) leads to it. I was able to end the game in 30 minutes. Finally, repeatability is taking whole joy this game could bring - there are no random encounters.Every scene have nothing random in it, and choosing from starting scene options: (1,1,1,3) will always leave you in the same place.

Props to graphic designers though. I wish you luck, because you made a lot of good job.
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✪ Adm1re
13.7 hrs
Posted: July 30
pre good if you like reading, but has not very grammar good
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3.0 hrs
Posted: July 28
Simple choose-your-adventure game with nice images and a little bit of reading. It's interesting to discover all the right, but also all the wrong paths, by selecting various options and waiting to see the outcome. There's a lot of unexpected turns, NPC's who can help, characters you can save or kill, even help them if you're willing... and all your decisions end up deciding what kind of ending you may get - if you survive to see it.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: July 19
It looked like a good game. A great art style, had amazing reviews for it, but it just was not for me. If you notice, I didn't play the game very long, and for good reason. The game is really well translated from Russian to English, but the choices didn't really vary. It was either sudden death, which was usually the option I picked, or the other option which ended up being the correct option. No real branching choices. It took me forever to get this game to work on my computer, only for me to be disappointed.

The game would be better with more choices for scenarios that didn't just lead to sudden death. I may be just picky though. I'm not upset about how much I spent on this, considering it was on sale for pretty cheap, but I think you should look elsewhere before spending your money on this game.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: June 27
I abandoned the game rather quickly, because in almost every single scene I had to first scroll the text, then manually hide the text to see the whole picture, and then move the mouse across the whole screen to select my choice to continue. There must be a better way than this!

Also, the writing felt a bit choppy, there was not enough cohesion between the scenes to get me hooked despite the interface. I do like gamebooks in the style of graphic novels, I played a few decent ones on my iPad.
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ClutchoBoy & DaddyOh
2.1 hrs
Posted: May 16
Good Game.
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8.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 23
This game was just what i needed 10/10.
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4.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2015
Die a hundred times? In Swordbreaker you can do exactly that!

This very basic, russian fantasy Visual novel, let´s you as adventurer explore one deadly castle on the search for the ultimate treasure.
While the story is not really impressive, you have some different routes you can follow and three kind of choices for the persons you encounter (cowardly, hero like and aggressive).
From over 300 scenes, there are over 100 death scenes, so one can imagine, that death really comes swiftly here.

You have three lives per playthrough and the end also is relating to the kind of decisions you have mostly chosen.

One playthrough doesn´t take that long, and as to be expected, the scenes repeat themselves after some time, but the graphic is well done, and the music is ok too. This with some (weird) humor, makes up for an enjoyable, if short story.

Conclusio: Swordbreaker is a nice VN snack, for fans. What you get is ok for the price it is offered for and fun enough for a few playthroughs. Completionists also have quite some achievements and extra gallery art to unlock. Some kinda crude translations add to the very special charme .. "you was hero"

Point Scale: 6/10
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27 of 31 people (87%) found this review helpful
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 30, 2015
Genre - Choose your own adventure

I was a lover of these type of books as I was growing up as they were a great alternative to board and computer games. This game tries to follow a similar platform but with a lot less reading and more art style.

There is no combat system so each choice will either lead to one of three lives lost or progression towards the end goal. You don't have an inventory, but certain interactions will benefit you later on, or decide your fate.

The first completion should be quite quick. However, there is scope to go back and try different paths for achievements but also the pure enjoyment of failing and succeeding by various means.

It doesn't take itself to seriously and the parodies come thick and fast. As the price is fair for what you get. It is worth grabbing for a quick slice of choose your own adventure fun.
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5.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 11
7.1/10 - A PURE/HARDCORE Choose Your Own Adventure Game.

I have mixed emotions about this game. It was pretty awesome and was filled with an immense amount of content but you really have to work for it! There are literally hundreds or options, paths and story conclusions you can pursue as your journey unfolds. The graphics and translations are good and nothing prevented me from enjoying this title. It does start in Russian but can be changed easily... so don't stress.

I wouldn't really classify this as a visual novel; there is no linear progression in the traditional sense and gameplay makes it difficult to create a fluid experience. I found that each session would last about 15 minutes; I would then make bad decisions, die and have to start from the beginning. This is where I start to get antsy and want to give up on the game in general. In order to advance in the story you will end up playing the first few stages 50+ times in order to pursue different paths in the story. That alone prevents me from loving this title.

Worth the $3; a solid game with a hardcore emphasis on choices matter.

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5.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 10
Imagine TellTale game without necessary listening for dialogues, without (unskippable) animation (but game does have beautiful pictures), with bigger variety of story, where choices made does matter and for small price - this will be Swordbreaker.

Game is good and mostly it's visual novel where incorrect choices lead to hero death. Game is all about remembering correct ones and can be completed in under 1 hour. Keep this in mind, because this may disappoint some people who think that every game should look like Mass Effect and cost less than 5$.
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7.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2015
I was supplied with this key by the developer, this however did not affect the review. All of my developer sponsored reviews are positive because I pick the good ones

In this choose your own adventure comic book style adventure game, you take on the role of a unnamed hero "Swordbreaker" who enters a daunting and large castle filled with many monsters and traps. The story is very dynamic and changes according to the choices you make. The art style of the game is very beautful and is sure to please fans of old school comics. This game introduces an interesting mechanic where your actions (rated from heroic,cowardly, and evil) ultimately influences the ending of the game.


dark humor
replay value (many choices+endings!)
Unlockable gallery
Story is above average
Satire (Featuring Freddy Krueger, "Spongebob", etc)

Getting 100% achievements can be a little tedious
Crashes (these were fixed in the latest patch I believe)
English translations not perfect but still well done

Very well made choose your own adventure game, first one I've played on steam to date. For $3 this game is a must buy for fans of this genre!

For more recommendations on quality indie games or ones with high potential follow our group reviews here
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16 of 19 people (84%) found this review helpful
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 20, 2015
Swordbreaker, developed by DuCats Games Studio, is a unique visual novel with some of the strangest, yet interesting designs I’ve ever seen.

The story is fairly simple. You play as a nameless adventurer who goes by the title Swordbreaker. After an evening at the pub, the weary adventurer witnesses a murder. The killer escapes, yet the dying victim hands Swordbreaker an old map before sputtering his last. The map leads to an ancient castle, packed with a limitless supply of treasure! Like most adventurers would, Swordbreaker sets off on a journey that’ll put his skills to the test, and change his life forever.

The entirety of the game takes place in this castle, and it’s got to be the most bazare castle ever portrayed in gaming. Just about anything you can think of dwells here; Giant arachnids, aliens, ghosts, orcs, killer squids, warlocks, princesses, zombies, skeletons and so much more. There are over 300 different scenarios to encounter throughout the castle, all of which result in different outcomes. It’s addictive as hell, and each new playthrough will unveil new fights, encounters and choices.

But, this game’s true saving grace is the artwork. Every single picture, from the most mundane death to a breath-taking fight sequence, throbs with detail. Creatures look frightening and the castle’s twisted interior will make any adventurer soil themselves. The amount of effort and dedication put into this art is unfathomable.

Apart from its random story and breathtaking visuals, it’s hard to believe how much replay value Swordbreaker contains. With hundreds of different encounters and possible ways to die, topped off with over 60 achievements, you’ll be surviving this game’s brutality for quite a few hours. Just playing through once would be a huge disservice to what Swordbreaker achieves.

Translation from Russian to English is fine, and it won’t be the most enticing thing you’ll ever read, but it gets the job done. Sadly, it’s Swordbreaker’s pure reliance on luck that irritates me. Almost every decision made can get you killed, and to survive… well, you’ve just gotta hope for the best. You’re normally given two or three different options to make during scenarios, and it’s never clear which one will keep you alive. You’ve got three lives, and once they’re all depleted, you restart from the beginning. It can be pretty aggravating at times, especially when the game cheats you during a climactic boss fight, but with Swordbreaker’s endless amount of replayability, I’d say that makes up for it.

It’s cheap, it's innocent, and it’ll make for a fun pastime. I see no reason to miss out on something as cool as Swordbreaker.
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23 of 33 people (70%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 24
I'm a long-time enthusaist of gamebooks, and I've tried many digital ones.

* Lovely art.
* Simple UI, short paragraphs - easy to play through.
* Lots of things to discover.

* Subpar writing. Uninteresting, lacking any sophistication, sexist and sometimes misleading. Includes such things as: Wearing a dress makes you "a pervert" and leads to your death; trying to avoid harming an old toothless dog is "not manly" (and you have to kick it in the head), one of the three choices you get right at the beginning is "slap the ghost maid's ♥♥♥", etc.
* Most choices aren't informative, and lead to almost random consequences.
* Bad translation from Russian. "The adventurer became animated because he needed money very much".

There's a lot of potential in the presentation, but the writing ruins any chance of rising to that potentinal.
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
+ Great art.
+ A lot of choices.
+ Good ost. Even though there are not many tracks, they fit in pretty well.
+ High replay value.
+ Dark humor.
+ Some hilarious death scenes. There are unexpected ones, but most of them are obvious and easy to avoid if you use common sense and logic.
+ It's not expensive.
+ Dedicated devs. They are always willing to help (just check the discussions of this game).

* It's a short game. If you are just going to do a single playthought it won't take you more than 20 minutes, even less if you end up taking shortcuts. For completionists: it took me 4.8 hours to 100% it.

- There are just 3 options: change language (rus/eng), turn on/off the audio or play fullscreen/windowed.
- The audio is too high and you must leave the game in order to lower it. It would have been nice to have the option ingame.
- You can't save middle scenes and load them later after a bad choice. If you want to change your path you must start from the beginning.

I really enjoyed this game, it's cheap and with a lot of content, highly recommend it.
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9.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 7
I really enjoyed this game! The art was really nice, and there are tons of possibilities depending on each choice you make. I hope to see more games like this one soon!

Good luck to the developers on their next releases. I’m looking forward to play them!

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