1936: Soldiers of the Third Reich percorrem o mundo em busca de armas ocultas para seus insanos planos de conquista. Quando Fenton Paddock, um ex-soldado britânico e contrabandista azarado, é solicitado a procurar por seu amigo Richard, que desapareceu no Tibete, ele não tem ideia de que esta busca o levará através de três continentes...
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Data de lançamento: 24/set/2010

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Sobre este jogo

1936: Soldiers of the Third Reich percorrem o mundo em busca de armas ocultas para seus insanos planos de conquista. Quando Fenton Paddock, um ex-soldado britânico e contrabandista azarado, é solicitado a procurar por seu amigo Richard, que desapareceu no Tibete, ele não tem ideia de que esta busca o levará através de três continentes para um segredo que pode virar o mundo todo de cabeça para baixo. Mistério suficiente? Não está no clima para outra história de crime? "Lost Horizon" traz as aventuras clássicas de volta para suas raízes: a década de 1930, cenários exóticos por todo o mundo e a perigosa busca por um dos maiores segredos da humanidade fazem os corações dos aventureiros baterem mais rápido. Os criadores da premiada série "Secret Files" convidam você a experimentar um jogo tecnicamente excelente e cuidadosamente projetado com uma história absolutamente emocionante ao lado de Kim e Fenton.

Características chave:

  • Estilo único de gráficos artesanais
  • Cenários exóticos que você nunca viu antes
  • Enredo cinematográfico pela romancista Claudia Kern
  • Diálogos realistas e engraçados
  • Aparência técnica excelente e mínimos requisitos de sistema
  • Apresentação da história em ritmo acelerado, emocionante no estilo de filmes
  • Projeto inovador de quebra-cabeças, sempre justo e lógico

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows® XP/Vista™/Windows 7™
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2 GHz Single Core or 100 % compatible CPU
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 9-compatible AGP or PCI Express 64 MB video card or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9
    • Hard Drive: 4.5 GB of free hard disk space
    • Sound: DirectX® 9-compatible 16-bit sound card (optional)
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Publicada: 26 de setembro de 2015
A grean classic point-and-click adventure with medium difficulty puzzles that are, for the better part of the game, very well designed and never go into moon logic solutions. Varied environments to explore and a classical pure adventure Indiana Jonesian plot. An easy, solid recommendation!
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23 de 26 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 30 de novembro de 2013
Overall, I thought this was a fun point and click adventure. It doesn't compare to classics of the genre such as Full Throttle or The Longest Journey, but I still found it entertaining.

Pros: Beautiful artwork. Plenty of challenging and rewarding puzzles. One play-through took me about 11 hours. Fairly stable product (only locked up once).

Cons: The story is so-so, and I found a couple of the jokes offensive. A few early puzzles were far too easy, and a couple puzzles later in the game made no sense at all; I beat them only by trying things totally at random. Also, the main character is kind of a jerk and not particularly likeable.

Overall, though, a fine game at full price ($10) and a steal if it's on sale for less.
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15 de 16 pessoas (94%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 3 de novembro de 2014
You can tell a lot about the game by its ending, or - more precisely - by the feeling you get when you've reached it. If you feel like "at last! my suffering is over", or "and that's it?!", or "wtf was that?!", it means the game probably did not deserve to be finished at all. If you forgot where you are or who you are and it was you who was that guy who kissed the girl in the end - that is the sign of a great game. But when it comes to _good_ games, one can always be recognised when you feel sad that it's over. And that's exactly how I felt when I finished Lost Horizon.

The game is safe from anything edgy or grandious to be an outstanding title, and that's probably why I have completely missed it when it came out. But with its beautiful art, solid feel, enjoyable puzzles, super easy mechanics and pretty good voice acting, it's far from being a waste of time. I'm sad it's over not because I'm disappointed, but because I enjoyed the process of playing it. It was not an epic rollercoaster ride, but a journey equally pleasant all way through. With this game you get the kick in playing it, not in getting it finished.

Influenced heavily by adventure films and games of the past, but not making a direct adaptation of the Lost Horizon novel, developers played safe to avoid a disappointment. It feels as if they are saying: "We are not making revolutions here, we are just following the great tradition". Lost Horizon will not shock you, will not turn your world upside down, will not break the grounds, but if you like the classic feel of adventure titles, you will enjoy it. It will not insult your intellect, or upset your ear with speech impedimented voice actors. It will please your eye with the striking beauty of its backgrounds and sometimes will give you a chuckle or two with a clever joke. The idea of hand-drawn backgrounds and 3D-animated characters seems to be the perfect approach. The only thing that stops this game from being great is that developers did not have a megalomaniac urge to make the best game in the world. They just did a good game, and that's what it is. And I think, it is better to make a good game and succeed at that, than try making a great game and fail to deliver.

So, if you like old Indiana Jones games, or the Broken Sword series, you will most likely enjoy this one. Just don't expect much - and you'll be pleasantly surprised on every corner. I was!
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13 de 14 pessoas (93%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 3 de abril de 2014
I adore this game. Yes, it's a recycled Indiana Jones knock off--but frankly, I wish there were a few more games like it. Lost Horizon is not complicated or complex gameplay, and the puzzles are kinda crazy at times, but it's just so much fun. The voice acting for Fenton Paddock was perfect--he had a lot of personality and was consistent through the game. One of my favorite lines toward the end of the game when you try to get him to fight someone is, "When have you ever seen me fight anyone??"

It's a classic point and click adventure, so if you're used to that kind of gameplay there will be few surprises. It's all about how engaged you are by the story and the voice acting. My advice would be to try the demo, and if you find it fun, this will be worth the buy.
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12 de 13 pessoas (92%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 1 de abril de 2015
Enjoyed it. It's on par with old Indiana Jones quests by Lucas Arts and Broken Sword series, well-known classics.

The setting includes 1930s, Nazis, ancient knowledge, romance and so on. The entire game feels like a good Indiana Jones movie, even the main menu is a movie theater front.

Game mechanics are well done, for example, to save you time and frustration you can tell if an item can be combined with anoother or applied to something else just by hovering it on a target, no need to try and click everything and listen to same and same responses from main character that this 'doesn't work'. In addition, you can highlight all active areas in a location, so no more 'pixel hunting' like in classic quests. Puzzles are mostly logical, no idiotic ones like infamous 'make a fake mustache by applying a scotch reel to cat' in Gabriel Knight 3.

Story and gameplay possibilities it offers are also great, for example there is unique experience in one part of the game (spoiler!): you can switch berween two characters, one in present and another 10000 years ago, and actions one makes in the past make changes in present, you can leave items in the past so they could be found in present in aged form, etc. Terrific!

A nice bonus unlocks when you complete the game (prototype version) and there is one nice in-game achievement :)

All in all, its a great adventure to be played without haste, enjoy it. It would be even better to play together with your kids or wife/husband.
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