Для запуску цього вмісту необхідна придбана в Steam копія Supreme Commander 2.

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Для запуску цього вмісту необхідна придбана в Steam копія Supreme Commander 2.

Придбати Supreme Commander 2 - Infinite War Battle Pack One

СВЯТКОВИЙ РОЗПРОДАЖ! Пропозиція діє до 2 січня


Про це DLC

Get ready for some awesome new features and upgrades developed by Chris Taylor and the team at Gas Powered Games - The Infinite War Battle Pack for SUPREME COMMANDER® 2 featuring a whole host of new maps, units, experimentals, tech tree upgrades, and boosts for PC!


  • Way Station Zeta (4 player map) – This installation sits high above the surface of Gradius IV. Decommissioned after the Seraphim invasion, it served as a staging area for Cybran forces during the Infinite War.
  • Rigs (4 player map) – Many years ago, people harvested organic fuel from pockets beneath the seas of Pegasus II. Companies erected massive rigs that now sit on the surface of the water. It takes a cunning balance of sea and air to control the mass that remains on these ancient platforms.
  • Etched Desert (8 player map) – As water on this desolate landscape receded due to decades of environmental exploitation on its surface, mass rich deposits were discovered among the remaining eroded mesas. With plenty of area to explore and hide, the battles here have raged for millennia.
  • Desolatia (2 player map) – This tiny island can be found in the most remote parts of the Hermetic Seas on Trexxa VI. Its average seasonal temperatures reach well below zero, making it uninhabitable by humans. Its mass deposits, however, give it unparalleled military value.
  • Seraphim Isles (8 player map) – The Isles were discovered by a second group of settlers who made contact with the alien Seraphim race. Legend has it that the two coexisted for many years; others claim the Seraphim eliminated them on sight. Nothing remains today of either race but the mountain in the center of the primary island holds a forgotten mystery for Coalition scientists.
  • Igneous (6 player map) – The islands called Igneous were named for their strange rock formations. They remain one of the more "alien" regions on Rigel II, and one of the less popular areas for colonizing even though they're rich in mass deposits.
  • QAI Labs (2 player map) – Located high above the surface of Pollux IV, this is one of the many test environments used by noted technology company Quantum Visionworks, a division of QAI Industries.
  • Tourneydome (8 player map) – Among relics of a city that stretches to the horizons lies an arena where the Coalition's best do battle. A system long abandoned by the Coalition, when commanders enter, only one leaves.


  • Cybran Monkeylord: Experimental Spider Bot: The beloved SUPREME COMMANDER experimental makes its return with a legged creature that features a powerful laser mounted on top of the body. If this unit makes it to your base, you're already dead.
  • UEF Aegis: Experimental Shield Generator: A large bubble shield that covers an entire base. The shield has high health, but if knocked down it has to be manually recharged at a high energy cost.
  • UEF Super Triton: Experimental Dreadnought: This ultra-battleship is bristling with humongous cannons but is only able to fire a medium distance, unlike the regular Battleship which has a long range. These weapons do extreme damage, but having to get close enough to use them is its weakness.
  • UEF Jackhammer: Experimental Assault Artillery: This hulking, direct fire ‘cannon on wheels’ drives up to an enemy base and must unpack before firing. Once it unpacks it gains advanced defense (like hunker) reducing damage taken and allowing it to fire. The primary cannon has a slow rate of fire, with a long charge up, but does incredible damage (potentially knocking down multiple shields with a single shot)
  • UEF Field Engineer: Mobile Repair and Support Unit: The UEF Mobile Repair and Support unit is a mobile engineer that has a basic direct fire turret as well as a repair arm. It is unable to build new structures, reclaim or capture, so its strength lies in its ability to accompany and quickly repair nearby allied units.
  • UEF Research Converter: Research Conversion Facility: This structure provides the option to generate Research directly from accumulated mass. It is highly inefficient, but produces an instant boost to research.
  • Illuminate Sooprizer: Experimental Gunship: The Illuminate Mega-Gunship offers a devastating direct-fire alternative to the Darkenoid. It does not have any anti-air capabilities focusing on ground based damage and increased survivability against surface threats.
  • Illuminate Illuminator: Experimental Intel Gathering Station: The Overhorizon Radar provides flawless Vision and Radar in a huge radius. However, it has a tremendous energy cost to activate, and a long cooldown period.
  • Illuminate Buhbledow: Experimental Shield Destroyer: The Shield Smasher is a ballistic EMP missile designed to knock down all enemy shields in a wide area. It has a long enough range that it can cover most of the map. The blast does insignificant damage to structures and units.
  • Illuminate Shotja: Sniper Bot: The sniper unit is a medium ranged, mobile hover unit. It has a single, high damage shot with a long cooldown. Its weakness is its low rate of fire and slow movement speed.
  • Cybran Recycler: Mass Reclaimer: Similar to the Loyalty Gun, the Mass Reclaimer has a medium range and automatically reclaims nearby wreckage. It is unable to reclaim living units, however.
  • Cybran Cicada: Experimental Cloak Generator: The Cicada is a mobile mini-experimental that, when activated, hides all units nearby from both vision and radar. This makes the units completely invisible to an opponent. The Cicada has a high energy cost which lasts for less than a minute before recharging. The complex unit lacks only the ability to cloak itself while in operation.
  • Cybran Intellitron: Air Scout: Lightly armored and unarmed, but with advanced vision and radar. Allows for quickly scouting remote areas of the map. Very fast to outrun anti-air.
  • Cybran Boomerang: Nuclear Missile Defense: This structure is placed in a base to defend against nukes. When incoming nukes get in range, they are reprogrammed and sent back to their origin. It has a low rate of fire and can be overwhelmed. Redirected nukes spoof enemy Anti-Nukes, making this a deadly structure to overlook when scouting for Nuke targets.

Research Boosts/Upgrades

  • Research is focused on diversifying the factions while maintaining each faction's identity.


  • Upgrade: Naval Transportation
    • This naval tree upgrade allows experimental transports to carry naval units.
  • Upgrade: Speed overdrive
    • This short duration ability gives select land units a burst of speed for an energy cost.
  • Boost: ACU Veterancy Rate Increase
  • Boost: Structure Build cost for ACU: decreases cost of structures for ACU.
  • Boost: Structure Regeneration


  • Upgrade - Tank Torpedo weapon
    • Adds a torpedo weapon to the Illuminate tank, allowing it to hit submarines or other naval units from a distance while on water.
  • Upgrade: Structure Sacrifice
    • Adds an ability to all structures, allowing it to be sacrificed. When sacrificed, all units nearby are instantly healed.
  • Upgrade: Amphibious Structures
    • Nearly all ground structures can now be built on water.
  • Upgrade: Air Teleport
    • Adds an ability for air units to teleport short distances.
  • Boost: Air Health II


  • Upgrade - Naval Jump Jets
    • The Cybran navy gets even more amazing with the Naval Jump Jet upgrade. At the end of the tree and incredibly costly, this upgrade allows Cybran Naval units to traverse any terrain with ease.
  • Upgrade - Vision persistence on Long Range Artillery
    • This upgrade adds a vision radius to long range artillery shells. When a shell impacts the ground or a shield, it leaves behind a small vision ring, allowing you to see into the enemy base.
  • Boost - ACU Increased Build Rate
  • Boost - Air Build Time reduction
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9 з 9 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 14 листопада
Its good dlc which gives every faction new units, buildings and technologies. Some are really nice some not so much but if you like this game you should buy it. It also gives you new maps to multi. You cant use this in compaign and what is the biggest disadvantage YOU CANT PLAY WITH PLAYERS WHO DOESNT HAVE THIS DLC!!!!! Remember about this becouse there arent many people playing multi and even less have this dlc.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
4 з 6 людей (67%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 1 жовтня
If you have Supreme Commander 2, don't even think twice about buying the Infinte War pack, just get it. It's worth the few dollars, and you'll want it for multiplayer. Adds cool new techs.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
3 з 5 людей (60%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 3 листопада
Nice game!
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
76 з 85 людей (89%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 21 серпня 2013 р.
This DLC adds some impressive content to the game... I'd recomend getting it if you find it on sale
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
49 з 55 людей (89%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 28 квітня 2011 р.
Adds some new multiplayer maps and most significantly a bunch of fun new units to the mix. Sadly the new units and research options aren't available in the regular campaign which would have been a nice augmentation. There's a good amount of new improvements in this package, but maybe half or less of the new bits are truly worthwhile since there's already enough maps to be satisfied with (the 8v8 are most interesting additions), and the superfluous units like the airscout or artillary sight radius aren't big game changers. When this is on sale for $4 it's an easy purchase. $10 is a bit much unless you have the funds to throw at a game you already enjoy and want some extra fun to go with it.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
61 з 88 людей (69%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 20 січня 2011 р.
Should have been free.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
26 з 35 людей (74%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 3 жовтня 2012 р.
If you like SC2, than this DLC will be like the Holy Grail. New maps, new buldings, and new weapons. Why sit there reading this? Download it and PLAY!
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
21 з 31 людей (68%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 3 грудня 2010 р.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
6 з 7 людей (86%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 28 березня 2012 р.
great if you are trying to find better units and maps for skirmish and multiplayer. If you want it just for campain mode, its a waste of money.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
2 з 3 людей (67%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 12 грудня 2010 р.
Bigger maps, lots of new units/research and more varied experimentals. Along with the free AI updates and the recent queuing change this makes it a lot more like the original again which is a good thing.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 19 квітня 2013 р.
WAY worth it if you play UEF or cybran, If you play illuminate the sooperizer is a nice touch but i dont like it. However, if you play Cybran, this is almost mandatory for online play or you will never get ahead unless you go for monkeylords. Also you win in nuke v nuke games since you have the boomerang nuke thing. For Uef you get the naval fireball guy and the super shield that will make your life 80% easier.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 12 травня 2011 р.
If you play Sup Com 2... you need this.... :)
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
2 з 4 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 3 квітня 2011 р.
Just freaking get it dude.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
2 з 4 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 20 листопада 2010 р.
u have the game the self but not this amazing dlc dont get sad u can still play supreme commander 2 but its just not as fun so get this dlc its cheap epic and idk but just get the friken thing :D D :D :D
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 9 липня 2011 р.
This game is Supreme !
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 6 листопада 2011 р.
this dlc includes special stuffs! a must have with the game! buy it with tthe game! or els you wil not have to full fun satisfaction!
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 30 грудня 2011 р.
the best game
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 16 травня 2011 р.
Affordably priced, if you have SC2, you should get this. When will the next expansion be out? :)
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 17 січня 2012 р.
Great pack, but hardly worth the 2-3rds of the games price.
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні
1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
Додано: 24 листопада 2011 р.
Heavy says "Yus!"
Чи була ця рецензія слушною? Так Ні