Dodge bullets, missiles and lasers in battle as you wrap your head around that bunny girl costume! Combo away with your mighty Piko Hammer or spam various spells from afar with your fiery fairy friend. Explore and explode through Rabi-Rabi Island as you collect power-ups and uncover secrets...
User reviews:
Very Positive (97 reviews) - 97% of the 97 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Overwhelmingly Positive (2,272 reviews) - 97% of the 2,272 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 28, 2016

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October 27

Cicini's Halloween Update Ver 1.70!

New DLC released! Like Halloween candy, it's free!
So go check out Cicini's Halloween DLC!
Her plans include new mini side story, new areas, new enemies and a whole new boss fight!
Some characters will be in Halloween costumes!
Someone else in the game will also be offering you something special...

Ver 1.70 Patch Notes

More Features
- Four new achievements (Halloween DLC)
- Added Comic 5B: Access them from the main menu!
- Added Sandbag Mini Game Leaderboards
- The teaser areas featured in V1.65 have been officially closed off. Please look forward to future updates!*
- Init Loading Screen now display which DLCs are downloaded and installed! Make sure the Halloween DLC is there or the Halloween event will not start!

Minor Bug Fixes and...
- Fixed some glitches/unintended behavior of Erina interacting with the maps**
- Texture + Tileset Optimization
- Fixed text errors.

DLC-Related Changes
- Artbook DLC Portrait Viewer now support Halloween DLC's new Portraits.
- In-Game Sound Test now have new features if Rabi-Ribi Original Soundtrack DLC is installed.

- "Cicini's Halloween" new music is now added to Original Soundtrack DLC in FLAC and OGG format.

* Ver. 1.65: For speedrunners and the curious, this version can still be activated through the games' beta menu.
** Glitches: Does not apply if "V1.08 Hammer Roll" is On.

21 comments Read more

October 25

New DLC Store Page is up!

Halloween is coming! And there will be a new free DLC "Cicini's Halloween!" for Rabi-Ribi!
Why DLC but not a update? Because this time there is a whole new area, dialogue, music and more!
Make sure you download it when it's released!

43 comments Read more


“ of the best indie titles of 2016, bar none. You’d be doing yourself a massive disservice by not giving Rabi-Ribi a shot.”
9.5/10 – Christian Vazquez, SyFy Games

“I can’t recommend the game enough as I had a blast playing it before release and will continue to have a blast playing it for the days to come.”
9.5/10 – We Touch Games

“There is nothing a bunny-girl can’t do.”
4/5 – James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer

About This Game

UPRPRC Edition contains
  • Rabi-Ribi Game
  • Digital OST (Original Soundtrack)
  • Rabi-Ribi Digital Artbook

There never quite seem to be enough bunny girls in the world, so here is another for you aficionados out there. This 2D sidescrolling exploration platformer follows the adventure of Erina, whose humdrum life as a regular rabbit is turned upside-down when she finds herself in an unknown world and turned into a human (with rabbit ears)!
Along the way she meets the cheerful pink-haired fairy, Ribbon, who mysteriously chooses to stay by Erina’s side.
These unwitting heroes embark together on their quest to restore Erina’s life to normalcy, but who knows what troubles lurk, waiting for them…

Rabi-Ribi is a 2D exploration platformer that focuses on non-linear gameplay. There will be hints to guide the player along, but they’re never required to follow them, which allows for much greater freedom to—you guessed it—explore.

Players will play as our protagonist Erina, who focuses on close quarters combat. Ribbon the fairy is the ranged attacker who follows Erina’s lead, indirectly controlled by the player.

Erina may be a little rabbit that was turned into a human, but that doesn’t stop her from being capable of some pretty neat moves.

Both Erina and Ribbon’s abilities can be improved by learning new skills and attacks through collecting items and upgrades that are spread throughout the world.
What trinkets and skills to pick up is up to the player; dare you challenge hard mode without any items?

– Retro exploration platformer featuring a bunny girl.
– 4+n difficulty settings for all types of players.
– 9+ main areas and 20+ sub-areas to explore.
– Bunny.
– Over 60 items and upgrades.
– Over 20 fully illustrated characters with cutscene illustrations.
– 40+ boss battles, 1000+ attack patterns with Boss Rush Mode to fight some or all of them in a row.
– Post game story and content with speedrun mode which takes out every section of the game where the player cannot control the main character.
– Over 50+ pieces from an original soundtrack.
– English, Chinese and Japanese support.
– Bunny.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or above
    • Processor: 1.0 Ghz or above
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any DirectX 9.0 supported card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or above
    • Processor: 2.0 Ghz or above
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any non-integrated card with DirectX 9.0 support w/ 1280 x 720 or above
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
19 of 20 people (95%) found this review helpful
257.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 29
This is gonna be a long review. Tl;dr: Shinugayoi.

Where do we begin?

So I came across this game while surfing a gaming blog. Not too much description given, but it seemed to be the type of game that I liked, so I decided to give it a try. Two things surprised me when I first viewed the store page; first being that it was tagged to be of the "Bullet Hell" genre, and that the total price of the game, with all DLCs, came to thirty dollars. I was expecting an indie title with 10~20 hour playtime, then maybe extra for grinding achievements. Nevertheless, I did trust the blogger and we had a lot of shared interests. I was suspecting that I probably overpaid for a game that would keep me occupied for a couple of days, but I wasn't short on money or anything so I just went with it.

So I started up the game, and the first thing that came up was the difficulty choice. Now anyone who has played games for a while knows that 'normal' means easy, 'hard' means normal, and any extra difficulties are the ones that are likely to give you any real challenge. I'm also the type that goes for the highest dificulty first. So understandably, I was annoyed when I saw it had two locked difficulties above hard (I mean, like, the heroine is a bunnygirl. How hard can it be?). I started my first save in hard, pondering if I should put up with two more runthroughs of the game.

The first few minutes went exactly as I had expected; a few bosses that would've been hard to lose should I have been playing with my feet, dialog that pops up everytime you try to do anything, the stuff you expect from indie games of the genre. I finished the prologue with no difficulties at all, although I was starting to realise how expansive the map was, with areas I could not yet venture into due to the lack of gear. This actually seemed like a drawback at the time, because I'm a very linear and straightforward gamer. I don't like revisiting old areas with new gears to find secrets and loot, and I was considering looking into a guide should it ever become a problem for me getting the achievements.

And then it all changed. Just a few screens outside of town, I encountered the next boss. Expecting another easy victory, I headed into the fight...

And I died.
And then I died again.
And again.

I thought it was just me taking the game too lightly, or just an outlier boss that had difficulty above average. Maybe it was just me getting used to this weird cross of Bullet Hell and Platformer. Next boss.


So at this point, I was getting the idea that something was off, but I was mostly enjoying the newfound challenge. With high expectations, I entered my next boss battle.


Never had I ever thought that an innocent looking platformer would strain me to this extent (Although I did mess up on the progression; this boss should have been fought much later). I was now filled with determination to beat this game no matter what it takes, on the highest difficulty to boot; but to even start that run, I would have to complete two whole runthroughs. The difficulty of this 'hard' seemed more fitting to be something like 'hell' (Which, incidentaly, is the next difficulty up in this game), and I was both excited and fearful of what challenges the higher difficulties may bring.

But it turns out that I had enough to worry about on my own difficulty. Whenever I faced a boss that I thought would be impossible to top, the next would be a few times harder. I would be absolutely destroyed for the first ten or so tries, not being able to remove even a fifth of its health, then be destroyed again as it unleashes more and more moves as the fight progresses. Every boss left me feeling like I've seen the worst that this game can throw at me; the next would prove that the challenge I've faced so far is nothing. My most memorable moment of the main game is the final four-stage bossfight, which had me desperately hanging on with no healing items, as I had used all of them on the first part. The introduction of every new part brought absolute despair, yet at the same time strengthening my resolve to beat the game, knowing that I was only centimeters off now.

And then came the post game. While called that, excluding the final chapter (Which has a quite distinct 'extra' feel to it), the post game doesn't really feel like an extra at all, instead following the natural sequence of the main game. Anyway, at this point I was slightly disappointed that beating the main game did not give me access to the higher difficulty, as I wanted to start the highest difficulty run as soon as possible. I decided to finish the extra difficulty as soon as possible. After all, how hard could it be, after I just endured the four consecutive tortures that is the final boss?

The first boss of the post game was a challenge I almost lost hope on. Even after what seemed like an endless number of tries, I could not even get her below half health. Once I become used to one move, the next would be the end of me. With slow and painstaking progress, I finally defeated her, now terrified of what the next boss would have in store for me. Well, it turns out that even getting to her would be a problem on it's own; the non-boss stages have become just as hard, if not even harder than the boss stages. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with the second post game boss in terms of difficulty, as the flight stages and the regeneration granted by them made it too easy. However, the she has some of the hardest and most interesting patterns in the game.

Then we come to the true final boss. The map where the fight occurs is a hell to navigate; without giving you any spoilers, it will test the player's movement accuracy to the maximum. Just in case you were feeling that the game was getting easier, with all the upgraded gear and whatnot, the final boss decides to strip you of all these privileges; Again, without spoiling too much, the fight will test the player on every aspect of skill that they have learnt throughout the game, and has a truckload of different moves, all with very different methods to avoid. The difficulty is legendary; I have tried so many times to defeat this boss, that I can now recite all of its patterns, from all phases, in order.

And now here I am, back to where I started. I've just finished the prologue on my Hell run, which I can currently say looks to be a good 2~3 times harder than the Hard difficulty, as well as started a new game + run for my hard run. I have also seen the special extra bosses that the game had generously prepared for me; for all three of them, my initial reaction was wut and nope , but I believe I'll be able to defeat them someday. Someday.

So where to now? Is it the extra bosses, the new Hell and even higher Bunny Extinction difficulties, the Boss Rushes I've unlocked or perfect boss clear achievements that I shall complete next? Only one thing is sure for me: I have over a hundred hours of playtime on this game so far, and I'll take however long it takes me to defeat everything, unlock all achievements and ultimately compelete the game. I won't even look at the maps that are being posted on guides, or any strategic guides or builds for bosses and achievements; I want to finish this entirely by myself, with no help or influence from any other players. This is the greatest gaming challenge that I have set myself so far, and I will have no rest until I have completed it.

I'm running out of space here. In conclusion, this is a must play for the hardcore gamer who seeks to challenge themselves, for the achievement hunters who seek for the most ridiculous of trophies, and the adventurer who ventures to find all secrets hidden deep underneath the surface. Are you up for the challenge?
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6 of 7 people (86%) found this review helpful
31.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
This game is absolutely amazing.

I saw the trailer and I knew this game was going to be great. It's up there as one of my all time favourites along with Wings of Vi and Cave Story.


* The Gameplay itself is certainly the greatest strength of the game by far. Controls are extremely solid with a controller. The pacing is great, The difficulty curve is perfect; it starts off simple but continues to throw challenges at you that will always keep you on your toes and leads to some of the hardest encounters Ive experienced in a game, expect to die when learning a bosses patterns.

Like most metroidvania games, you can progress in a wide variety of ways. There are a ton of secrets and collectables throughout the world. There are a ton of bosses and if you collect every item and complete the main story and post game there is over 30 hours of gameplay.

* The music is 10/10. Seriously, buy the soundtrack. (imo top track is Sudden Death).

* The Art and sprites in the game are beautiful.

* 6 difficulty settings. Casual, Novice, Normal and Hard are available from the start. Hell and Bunny Extinction are unlocked via beating the game on harder difficuties.

As much as I love this game there are it's flaws.


* The story is one of the games few weak points. When I picked it up I didnt expect much of a story to begin with, but it was very vague about a a few things as you progress and learn more about the world you are playing in and doesnt really explain why certain things occur.

* Tons of fanservice. This can be a pro for a lot of people but it wasnt for me, there were quite a few moments in the game that made me cringe pretty hard.

* Bosses later in the game scale out of control, after around chapter 4 bosses were like 10 minute long endurance tests because they have so much health (and that's with keeping up S to Max damage combo up), however please take into account I jumped into this game on it's hardest difficulty that is available to you on it's first playthrough (Hard) and may not apply on easier difficulties.

Anyways, this game is great and definitely worth buying. It's a superb metroidvania bullet hell game. If only there were more games like this.
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104.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Well worth the 20 bucks or so. Great little game, tons of replay value, AND BUNNIES!
This is by far one of the most worthwhile single player games I've ever played. Touhou fans will be at home with this, yet at the same time will be a breath of fresh air with some fun exploration added in.
Oh yeah, the music? Cute with a good mix of epicness to fit the situation.
Even if you're new to bullet hells in general, it's a good place to start. several difficulties with bonuses for completing each.

Let's move onto the community and devs.

Epic dev team pumping out constant updates and fixes to bugs and implementing new features to make the game that much more great. The forum community is really helpful and devoted to the product. They've put tons of effort into this game and are more than happy to help you if they can. Myself included.

I'd pump out the extra 4 bucks and get the UPRPRC Edition. It gives you the Artbook DLC with tons of fun and interesting features, and the entire official soundtrack which you can convert to MP3 and carry around with you on your media player~

Would I recommend this game? Yes, yes I would. If I was given a choice between getting paid a million bucks to advertise the worlds most popular game, and this? I would recommend this. Hands down.
Well worth the money, and it will keep you going for a few weeks.
Maybe even months or years~
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
50.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Actually one of the best game that I have ever played.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
21.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 9
Rabi-Ribi is a great game with cute girls, especially the protagonist a beautiful rabbit girl. :3
It has a great art on maps and also the characters as we see the creation of all the DLC Artbook, DLC can also choose the expression on the faces of beautiful girls <3, among other things... The graphics are well done for a game simple 2D boss has magical effects as a Touhou game which makes it a more frantic and very challenging to be quick to avoid the shots and taking any damage not to mention that it is addictive and super beautiful to see, it also contains a large playlist for those who like this style (I love), including DLC Soundtrack initially does not come with all the songs to listen to on the menu will have to play and explore all the maps and then unlock all the songs one by one . I have not finished the whole game yet, but by the time I've played seems to be very long and so far the story its so cool.
Super recommend the game with DLC, worth have it in the library.

Sorry my bad english. :c
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
280.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 26
Dark Souls Bunny Edition, 10/10

く__,.ヘヽ.    / ,ー、 〉
     \ ', !-─‐-i / /´
      /`ー'    L//`ヽ、
     /  /,  /|  ,  ,    ',
   イ  / /-‐/ i L_ ハ ヽ!  i
    レ ヘ 7イ`ト  レ'ァ-ト、!ハ|  |
     !,/7 '0'   ´0iソ|   |   
     |.从"  _   ,,,, / |./   |
     レ'| i>.、,,__ _,.イ /  .i  |
      レ'| | / k_7_/レ'ヽ, ハ. |
       | |/i 〈|/  i ,.ヘ | i |
      .|/ / i:   ヘ!  \ |
        kヽ>、ハ   _,.ヘ、   /、!
       !'〈//`T´', \ `'7'ーr'
         ト-,/ |___./
         'ー'  !_,.:
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
33.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
Top tier game, actually top tier game. If you like dodging ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t like theres no tomorrow, jumping around platform to platform as you search for all your pixelated Waifus ( Favorite was Irisu followed close by Cocoa <3)

+Bullet hell
+Almost 150 chevos
+Slowly getting a bigger and bigger town of Waifus
+Flat chested fairy :^)
+all the platforms, enemy smashing, and combo moves you could ever want
+Rage inducing boss fights (looking at your Irisu post game fight)
+Nice and heartwarming storyline and post game storyline
+Tons of things to find and collect. Worth 100%ing
+Half bunny Half snake thing
+Tons of replay value (you can unlock new stuff the more times you play over)

-Having to wait for next patch <3

Overall a very good game in my book, would reccomend to almost anyone who likes these kind of games, worthy of 18 dollars plus the artbook which comes with a little more content plus, well you know Art.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
51.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
The first time I heard about Rabi-Ribi it was off of a recommendations thread on NeoGaf. Honestly, I thought it looked like a Sakura Spirits knockoff aesthetically mixed with Maple Story. With regard to the aesthetic, I still feel like it looks too much like an anime game for the actual kind of game that it is. However, the underlying game is PHENOMINAL. if you love 2d DIFFICULT brawlers in the vein of wings of vi, castlevania SOTN, momodora 4, then you'll love this game.

Honestly, it's very similar to wings of vi in that the game has very difficult and punishing boss fights that are a mix of getting damage (through both ranged shooting ala megaman x and close combat fighting ala WoV or SOTN) in while avoiding bullet hells. There's a pretty important distinction to be made with regard to the combat though, as in Rabi-Ribi you can only melee if your feet are on the ground (as far as i am in the game anyways). This might, and did to me, seem like a bad thing becuase it limits just how much freedom you have in attacking. However, it's alleviated by the fact that you can get your first 2 attacks in while moving (out of your ♥♥♥♥ combo) allowing you to attack while still dodging, making boss fights pretty hectic but still rewarding.

The game somewhat has a leveling system as well, but from what I can see it's mostly "buy this item to increase damage by 5x" or "buy this item to increase stamina be 10%" etc etc, which you'll also find in the world similar to a metroid game with its missle/etank capactity upgrades. There are upgrades for abilities that I just haven't unlocked yet (for example there's an air dash that has upgrade items, not sure what the upgrades do for it, maybe reduced timer or more invincibility frames?). If it's a big selling point you should look up the upgrades to see if they're interesting and meaningful to you.

There's also a rating system in the game that as far as I can tell amounts to "do a lot of damage without getting hit and we'll give you a higher rating," similar to devil may cry somewhat. However, where it differs from DMC is the higher your rating, the more bonuses you get. So if you get to D rating, you'll have 5% extra damage, C = 10%, etc, incentivizing you to play perfectly to clear boss phases faster. Also similar to DMC, there are consumables to heal you in battle if that's your thing, but in Rabi-Ribi you have to stand in place for like 3 seconds to consume the item, which given the bullet hell nature of boss fights can be pretty unrealistic.

I think i have sufficiently broken out why this game is a mechanically superior 2d brawler, so let's go on to the rest of the game. There are additional modes that you can play, the most notable one being a boss rush mode that is locked until you beat the game I believe. It's cool that the devs decided to include this because the bosses are definitely the best part of the game.

The pixel art graphics are pretty cool, but in my opinion they don't hold up when compared to superior games like momodora 4. However, they're still clean and cute. Dialogue is.... there.. ha... the music is pretty dope during boss fights though, there are a lot of people that really love some tracks! A lot of the different "Zones" of the game give me a serious maple story vibe, but oh well..

Honestly, the bosses are what make the game so damn good.. the rest of the game is okay, but the bosses make it 110% worth playing through if you like this kind of game.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
16.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
I was surprised to see a 97% positive rate.

This game can be summed up as "Metroidvania meet Touhou".

The gameplay's fun, the level design's amazing, the amount of freedom (You have no idea) and hidden secrets found within the game is overwhelming.
The music's great, all bosses have their own identities and attack patterns, and I don't know what else to say, it's just so good!

(PS: It's hard, that is, if you want it to be.)
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Recently Posted
gud but is the best
5.5 hrs
Posted: October 27
I used to think I am a very good player in most of games until I played this
When you tired of life, try this
You will find the way to live again
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13.8 hrs
Posted: October 27
Don't judge the book by its cover, the game has awesome gameplay.
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10.5 hrs
Posted: October 27
This game is absolutely fantastic. If you like Metroid or Cave Story, then this is a must-have in your library. This game also has a lot of replayabilty, because it has many different game modes, and 150 achievements. The game can also slightly different depending on the in-game partners you find.
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28.6 hrs
Posted: October 27
Am I playing Rabbitgirl Zero 3?
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Asuna Yuuki
15.7 hrs
Posted: October 27
best game of all time!!!!!!!!!
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Asagi Boogers
65.0 hrs
Posted: October 26
It's like half bullet-hell, half metroidvania, and it just ♥♥♥♥ing works.
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8.5 hrs
Posted: October 24
Kawaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii ♥
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