Fast-paced football game without a referee on the pitch and with crazy super-powers! Local multi-player for up to 5 players (keyboard + 4 controllers). It may not look serious, but we guarantee, that it is. Kopanito’s match engine is well-balanced and entirely skill-based.
User reviews:
Mostly Positive (88 reviews) - 78% of the 88 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Very Positive (345 reviews) - 82% of the 345 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 17, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Simulation football games are trying to recreate real world. We want to make Kopanito more fun than that. Kopanito is after 15 months of development and balancing. There are few directions of future development for the game, we have many ideas waiting for implementation but want to also know your opinion.

Do you have any ideas? Maybe a new super-move, or a new team (not necessarily a national one)? You need to let us know, see below how to contact us and get involved.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Early Access will end at the end of June 2016.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Most important upcoming features are player online multiplayer mode, attributes and perks, Steam workshop.

We already created the better AI (4 difficulty levels), custom tournament and Steam integration (achievements, leaderboards, workshop).

But there are more features planned, like extended match engine with headers, overhead kicks, knocking out opponents, more super-moves and competitions to complete.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is fully playable in a single-player or local multi-player mode and seems to be bug-free of which we're very proud of.

You can play a friendly match against friends or AI (or with friends against AI). There are 16 competitions (continental cups + world cup) to complete, each one can be played with friends too (all players in one team only). AI teams are easy to beat (easy difficulty) after some practice, so it's advised to play against your friends after that until better AI will be developed.

Kopanito's match engine is well-balanced. You can pass the ball along the ground or use lobs, you can also pass on a straight line between opponents. Scoring goals can be achieved by outmaneuvering the goalkeeper, or by chip shots or precise shots over a longer distance where ball swerve is also possible. Slide tackle is also a powerful move if used precisely, allows to steal the ball, intercept passes or even score a goal (this needs some practice :)).

Included are 5 super-moves: super-shot, ball magnet, teleport, windmaker and freeze. These can be used to gain an advantage over an opponent or to aid in defending and require some precision and good timing for best results. More super-moves will be added in future too.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game's price is based on current set of features and as more features are included, then price will gradually rise.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We're very open to any feedback, bug reports and feature requests, especially here on Steam. We also update and read frequently Kopanito's social profiles: Indie DB, Facebook and Twitter. You can also contact us directly at
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Recent updates View all (24)

June 14

Manual passes 2.0

Hi again!

We're back with an update that fixes many issues from the previous update. Many bugfixes has been made, but most important stuff is described below.

Manual passes 2.0

Many of you have complained about this new feature. We are confident, that we want this feature in the game, because it gives a lot more options during gameplay, so instead of stripping it, decision has been made to improve it.

Ground passes are now again on key press, not on release, so they are faster. Kick force is calculated automatically and correction has been made in detecting which teammate is the pass receiver. This greatly improves dynamics of the game.

Ball still needs to be trapped manually, but it's now bigger by 20% and player's trap range has been increased by 33%, so now it should be easier to receive a pass (although some practice is still required).

Goal scored using the new first-touch shot feature and a manual pass into an opponent's penalty area

Shooting on one key

The [D] key and (B) button are now used only for shooting (slide tackle has been moved to a different key, read below):
  • Pressing it quickly with the ball performs a direct shot (always towards opponent's goal).
  • Holding it with the ball enters the precise shot mode.
  • Holding it while running under a falling ball performs an air shot (always towards opponent's goal).
  • New! Holding it while running into an unowned ball on the ground performs a stronger direct shot (always towards opponent's goal).
Swapped controls

We had to move slide tackle to the [A] key and (X) button and air shot to the [D] key and (B) button due to the above changes, to make things more consistent. To ensure that the game is playable for most of our community we've decided to reset customized controls, so the new keys can work properly. If you've customized your controls, then you'll need to do that again, very sorry!

The new stuff requires getting feel of it and some practice. Please be patient and report any feeback after playing at least a little longer.

If you're one of the people giving Kopanito a negative review just because of the previous update, then consider updating that review.

Notable other changes
  • Fixed no menu screen after losing a tournament.
  • Human-controlled players do not lose the ball when idle.
  • Improved game's behaviour regarding avatar loading when Steam is not running or it's offline (thanks udidthis).
  • Better AI in a human-controlled team when playing on lower difficulty levels.
  • Added AI level icon to the tournament menu screen.

Steam | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Official Site

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June 10

Last update before online multi arrives

Hi all!

Yes, we know that you want online multi-player. We've made big progress with it, but it's not ready yet, so please be patient. At the end of June or beginning of July 2016 a playable prototype should be available for testing.

A new version 0.7 is now available which introduces important gameplay improvements. We've added header shots and bicycle kicks to the game and modified the ground passes to work similarly to lob passes. This makes the game even more skill-based, so we think it's good especially when online mode will land. More about this below.

Headers and bicycle kicks

You've requested air play and now it's ready to test. Players can now perform crazy headers and bicycle kicks during a match.

To perform one of these air shots, hold the [A] key or (X) button while trying to stay under a falling ball. Type of shot will be selected automatically by the game depending on position of the player relative to the ball. Shot direction is always towards opponent's goal, like in regular direct shots.

Note: this feature is new and may require some rebalancing, so please report any issues or doubts on the forum.

Manual passes

Now ground passes work exactly like lob passes. The longer you hold the [S] key or (A) button the stronger the pass. Kick direction is taken from the [▲►▼◄] keys or (LS). Oh, and you need to receive a pass "manually", as pass receiver won't automatically run towards the ball.

This change makes the game a little more challenging, requires more precision, but also introduces more diversity in pitch situations. Kopanito is now even more skill-based. The more you play, the better you are. Hopefully this will make online multi-player more fun.

Note: this feature is new and may require some rebalancing, so please report any issues or doubts on the forum.

Other changes
  • Added introductory text and a new section Qualifiers to the leaderboards screen for new players.
  • Awarding fame for friendly matches.
  • Significantly reduced possibility of players being stuck in goal's net.
  • Revisited AI skill: made Amateur AI less accurate, made Professional and Legend AI a little worse at play, restored Beginner AI playing better when losing, otherwise it was too easy.
  • Displaying Steam avatar and username in game's footer.
  • Increased minimum fame required to advance to the Gold and Platinum leagues, respectively to 500 000 and 1 000 000 points.
  • Select widgets in menu now have titles.
  • Revisited how draws are handled in tournaments.
  • Disabling screen saver on game's start (thanks Sigz).
  • Updated icon of the teleport super-move.
  • Fixed crash when disconnecting a gamepad during a match (thanks el_Barto).
  • Ball now bounces off players that are hit on the ground.
  • Fixed invalid images/animations inside some alert messages.
  • Fixed crash when pressing [Esc] during the loading screen.
  • Moved the Asia Cup to be before North America Cup on the game modes list.
  • Improved ball trapping, fixed some inconsistencies here, reduced a possibility of a ball passing through a player.
  • Removed the "Skilled" achievement.
  • Goalkeeper improvements:
    • Goalkeeper can catch the ball and perform slide tackles when "returning home".
    • Fixed shaking and walking in place.
    • Fixed goalkeeper being idle in rare cases during a match.
And as always many more minor tweaks and fixes was made.

Known issues
  • No Steam Overlay. It stopped working on Windows (it still isn't working on OS X and Linux too).
  • Incomplete translations. We've decided to not bother our translators until the game is complete to simplify things and reduce costs. Please use english language for now.
  • In rare cases there may be no fans on the stadium, only empty seats. If you experience this, then please report on the forum.

Note: please don't report issues as comments to news, because we can't respond or track them. Use Steam forums. We're reading all posts, even if we don't respond immediately.

Oh, and do not forget to infor your friends about the sale, Kopanito is now 70% off!

Steam | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Official Site

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Online multi-player in development

Online multi-player is in development for some time. We've made big progress and at the end of June or beginning of July 2016 it should be playable for testing. Local multi-player is playable now and supports up to 5 players (keyboard + 4 controllers).

About This Game

Skill-based gameplay

It may not look serious, but we guarantee, that it is. Kopanito's match engine is well-balanced. Use slide tackle to intercept passes or knock-down opponents (or even score a goal!). Pass the ball straight to your teammates (ground or air) or pass the ball between opponents. Score goals using chip shots or by swerving the ball using slow-motion shots. There are various set pieces, like corner kicks or throw-ins too, but no rules apart from that! Don’t forget, it is a fast-paced game - it might be funny and cartoonish, but it’s not that easy. Try it yourself!

Try it with your friends

There is support for up to 5 controllers (4 gamepads + keyboard). Try the game with your buddies in a friendly match in various game modes – in any desired combination including 5 vs AI game or play in cooperation through a tournament.

Crush your opponent with a super-move

If you play well-enough, you will be awarded with a super-move. Then you can pull the ball using a super-strong magnet (because why not) or teleport into a different spot on the field, activate a big windmaker to blow things out of your goal-line, perform a super-shot that knockout opponents down on the path of the ball and freeze your opponents with the freeze super-move. Oh, more crazy super-moves are coming!

AI won’t let you rest

Four different difficulty levels. The easiest one is a child's play, while the last one... you'll pull your hair out trying to beat the game. Also, there’s a practice mode if you just want to learn basic moves.

Many competitions to complete and teams to unlock

We focus on diversity. Complete 16 tournaments and leagues in different parts of the world with regional national teams. A tournament consist of a group stage and knockout stage. In a league we apply a round-robin system. Depending on the type of event, there can be 12, 16, 24 or more teams competing. You can choose from 100+ national teams (even the most exotic ones) from all over the world and play on 7 stadiums.

Create your own tournament

Right now you are able to create your own Kopanito's tournament (league, knockout and league + knockout). You decide about stadium, ball and number of teams. You are the Boss here!

Goal replays and GIF generator

Check out your awesome goal or an incredible action! Save them to the GIF's and share with your friends on a different the social media channels.

Modders are welcome

We've opened stadiums, balls and teams for modding. You can add a new stadium or ball by just editing one of the built-in ones. Steam Workshop support coming soon!

Bringing back memories

We want to bring back memories. Kick Off, Sensible Soccer and Nintendo World Cup – we all remember times when we played these games and these titles were our inspiration. Motives from these games were seasoned with a solid dose of incredibility, just to add some flavor and – most of all – joy.

Available features

  • 114 national teams from every corner of the world
  • Local multiplayer mode up to 5 players (4 gamepads + keyboard), can be played in any configuration, e.g. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs AI, etc.
  • 16 championships to complete in the singleplayer mode (local co-op possible too)
  • 4 AI difficulty levels, from beginner (for kids and learning) to legendary
  • Leaderboards based on a single-player skill and progress in competitions
  • Practice mode - test yourself against the goalkeeper
  • Air play: overhead kicks, headers
  • 7 colorful stadiums + training pitch
  • 5 diversifying gameplay super-moves at start (windmaker, supershot, magnet, teleport and freeze)
  • Possibility to create your own tournament
  • Goal replays and GIF generator
  • Lots of achievements
  • Various set pieces, e.g. corner kicks, throw-ins, etc. too, but no fouls, no referees and no penalties
  • Full controller support
  • Steam Trading Cards

Planned features

  • Online multi-player
  • More crazy super-moves!
  • Improved corner kicks with ability to shoot directly at the goal or pass along the ground

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista or newer
    • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with 256 MB of dedicated memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.7+
    • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with 256 MB of dedicated memory
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12+
    • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with 256 MB of dedicated memory
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (88 reviews)
Very Positive (345 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 1.1 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 24
I don't recommend to buying this game right now.

because it does not has Multiplayer and no Co-op, only has Singleplayer and Local Co-op !!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 2.6 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 24
Waiting for multiplayer this game is fun even in early access game
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 3.3 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 24
This game is fun as ♥♥♥♥♥. I love this game especially when I'm with friends and family. Only thing that I'm waiting for is online but if we could have ranked teams that would be frigging amazing !!!! Lol
Helpful? Yes No Funny
'Mr. Wiggly Diggly
( 9.2 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 21
Better than FIFA
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 15.0 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 20
First off, I'd like to say I suck at passing. I'm trying to get better but still. That means I need one guy to run around doing crazy moves around everyone on professional difficulty, and for some reason, it's so hard I jump up and cheer when I score like in a NBA Finals game (wink wink cavs).
Helpful? Yes No Funny
El Prickelero Texerano
( 2.7 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 18
In general i really like the design and the idea behind the gameplay. Unfortunately there are still a lot of flaws with the game.
To give one example and the biggest issue right now in my opinion: the AI is not really well programmed and often you will feel cheated when it will score a goal. It doesnt feel like a fair competition. It is always very clear that you are playing against an AI and you see them stuff do that you can't do with your team because you dont control every player at the same time. They get into good positions to pass a lot and without losing the ball and often your only chance is to tackle them.
Now, i get that a lot of people will tell you to just "git gud" but i don't think that is fair. I just want to enjoy this game and the easiest difficulty is way too easy while the medium difficulty AI already does insane things that you can not do.

Overall i hope that the flaws that still persist in this game will be fixed in the upcoming time and if that happens i will definately change my recommendation.
Maybe the multiplayer will change how i see the game.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 1.2 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 18
Amazing soccer game,
Many updates, really fun, with cartoon faces and beautiful colors.
Multiplayer system is coming soon !
That game reminds me of ISS Deluxe XD
Great job DEVS !
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 1.2 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 17
What a waste of money and time.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 0.3 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 16
£8.99 and so many positive reviews? I can't see how...

4 games in and i was bored already, shoot or pass or taclke with the odd powerup now and again. Very basic, it's more of a flash browser game from 8 years ago.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 13.6 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 16
+ fairness
+ realism
- none of the above apply


Pro Tip: learn how to time the slides on enemy goalkeeper -> ez win ;) thank me later

PS: for more game-breaking metas PM me :)
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
22 of 27 people (81%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
6.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 31
Product received for free

If you don't want to worry about team formation, tatics and you want to play quick and short soccer games, this game was made for you.

Kopanito is a soccer game on Early Access that already has a lot of content:
-16 tournaments and cups to play, but you can also create your own tournament.
-100+ teams from all over the world.
-4 AI difficulty levels
-Controller support

It's an extremely simple soccer game. You pick your team (5 players + 1 goal keeper) and you can play a friendly match or try to win a tournament or cup.
There are no fouls, no referees, no team formation, no tatics, no stamina.
The game has a smooth gameplay, you can tackle as much as you want, but that doesn't mean you're going to easily steal the ball.
When you press and hold the kick button the game slows down and you can change the ball direction, making the goal keeper's life difficult.
The super-moves are a nice addition to the game: you can freeze your opponent, you can use a magnet to pull the ball, you can teleport to another region of the field, you can perform a super shot or use a windmaker to blow the ball away from your goal.
You can play locally with your friends: up to 5 local players, using gamepads and a keyboard.
In the beginning you can play just one tournament. You need to win it on the Beginner level to unlock another tournament and so on.
Even though the game has 100+ teams you can pick just a few in the beginning and you need to unlock the other teams.



  1. Cartoony and cute graphics.
  2. Simple gameplay.
  3. Nice tutorial.
  4. Achievements.
  5. Short games.
  6. Fast pace.
  7. You can generate GIF from your goals.

  1. The team supporters are too quiet.
  2. The AI difficult needs balancing. From the Beginner to the Amateur level it gets way too difficult. The devs are already working on it.
  3. The ball rebounds needs improvement. It's hard control your player.
  4. Lack of multiplayer online, but the devs are already working on it.

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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
11.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 12
The game is awesome and it give's so much fun while playing co-op with family,friends,etc.

As in anygame there are minuses but these are small one's like Steam Overlay*(Shift+Tab to access as it happens you cant get any screenshots(F12)).
I hope it will be fixed.

Fun 117/117.

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
8.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 11
When I was a child, me and my cousin would love to play Nekketsu Soccer (Goal3).
Even now I have its emulated version and sometimes I'm playing it with the same joy.
And I searched an alternative\better version of Nekketsu for a long long time. Years later I found "Lego Soccermania" wich was 3D and super fun to play. Today I found this gem and I'm so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ happy.

First you are starting with an easy practice mode, controls are so easy and consistant if you ever played fifa or pes at least once. And then jumping in a tournament with AI. Difficulties are selectable. And I have to say AI is really good.
You have to start at Oceania Cup.. So you cant just pick the most powerful european teams. They are locked. You have to win the tournament and unlock them. And this is really nice to me. We got stadiums, footballs, teams to unlock.
We got tons of achivements. I really liked it.
Online matchmaking is coming. This will be great.
Really nice and cute graphics.
Mayyybe sounds would be better.. But its enough for now.

So.. I really liked this game. It remainded me the good old times that I was spent with my cousin..
I will never quit playing Nekketsu but I think I'll be busy with this game for a while.

Muzlu Approves®
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 12
If the game is frustrating and impossible to play, you're on v0.7. Right click the game in your library, go to properties, then to the betas tab and enable 0.6 beta. That version is fun!
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 14
Punches, flying slides, and fireball kicks. Everything I wanted in Fifa. This is in fact the only Football game I've genuinely liked!
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
9.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 12
Great GAME ! I dont like football but this reminds me nintendo world cup, also great and fun gamę from my childhood.

Plz add environment effect like: rain and mud, storm or UFO
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
14.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 15
The most fun i have had playing football in years...

When i first got this game every time i got to the end of a tournament it would crash but since the Manual passes 2.0 update i no longer have any issues. The game play seems a lot better passing, shooting and air shots, in my personal opinion. I cant wait for online Multiplayer it will make this game brilliant.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
5.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 11
Good game, funny and simple!
But after the recent update, I opened the game and I got nothing but the a white window.
Apparently it's a bug.It really made me embarrassed for I invited my friends to play it specially.
I know it's in early access stage, but I just don't think that it means you guys can release the update without full test.Situation of this kind was not the first time for this game.
So I still recommand this game but I also want to warn you it's buggy.
好游戏, 但是bug有点多, 打折时推荐.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
3.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 10
doesent work as of now. after a game it crashes. no multiplayer online yet even. get it once it works. but otherwise it is fun.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
4 of 8 people (50%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
3.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 30
Remind my a favourite soccer game in PS1, Super Shoot Soccer

Overall game is smooth and fun, anyway here are some features i wish:
- Commentary
- Celebration after win, where all the players not just walk away.
- Player creation and predetermined virtual players with name.
- Player Stats (Stamina, Speed, Shooting Strength etc)
- Player HP (Will be deduct upon tackled, so other player will be sub in if hurt, team with not enough player auto lose)
- Unique team ultimate skill

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny