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Nation Red is an ultra fast infinite play arena-based shooter providing an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience. Fight thousands of zombie mutants and their bosses in frantic bloody gameplay while earning close to 100 perks. Fight in Barricade, Survival or Free Play mode.
Release Date: Aug 23, 2009
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Nation Red version 1.00.1003 Update Notes

March 1st, 2014

Hello everyone,

For those who didn't read the forum and missed what the latest 2 updates were about, here is the update info for version 1.00.1003 (visible on the loading screen at the bottom left)

• Added new barricade map: The Field

• Added 15 new achievements: Vaporized, Messy, Immolation, Planting Seeds, Fire Fighter, Extinguisher, Team Trainer, Team Recruit, Team Soldier, Team Elite, Team Red, Boss Eraser, Boss Eliminator, Boss Eradicator and Boss Obliterator

• Added map previews and navigation. You can scroll through and start any maps simply by clicking on the map preview images

• Added powerup/pickup highlight glow. This makes it much easier to see where they are located

• Added transparency for overhanging parts of the map. Lamps, beams, parts of a bridge, etc. will no longer obstruct your view

• Increased detail of the player class models

• Added a default Auto Perk list (containing 10 perks) for new players who enable Auto Perk Mode before adding any perks to their list

• Increased camera height for better overview of the arena

• Improved readability of the perk selection popup

• Added saving scores on client when host disconnects

• Reduced the time the 'Level Up' popup displays, some players thought it was visible for too long

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Nation Red trading cards, wallpapers,badges and emoticons live!

January 23rd, 2014

Hello everyone,

Well after being flooded with requests to add Nation Red Steam trading cards (thanks for the pms, emails as well!), I have created a set of cards, wallpapers, badges, and emoticons, which yesterday I sent to Valve for approval.

After making some small changes they have set the cards live on Steam a few hours ago :)

There are 7 cards, 6 badges (1 foil), 5 wallpapers and 5 emoticons.

Hope you enjoy them!

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Steam Big Picture

About the Game

Nation Red is an ultra fast infinite play arena-based shooter providing an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience. Fight thousands of zombie mutants and their bosses in frantic bloody gameplay while earning close to 100 perks. Fight in Barricade, Survival or Free Play mode. Play On-Line in coop, in single player or in local coop!
August 17, 1977
Scattered groups of zombies infiltrate remote Midwestern towns. Incapable of using tools or weapons, the invaders are resisted until they retreat back into the desert. Special elimination posses are set up to hunt down any of the surviving undead. Six weeks after the squads started their search-and-destroy mission, the last known zombie was shot and killed.
Over thirty years had passed when a truck driver traveling down a desolate Arizona road plows into a wall of undead. Before the driver's phone signal went dead, he reported some were carrying guns... They're back and now they are hunting us.

Steam Exclusive Features:

  • Local and On-line Coop — Take on the horde and earn perks together
  • Barricade Mode — Defend your base against zombie attack
  • Over 100 Steam Achievements and a dozen Leaderboards
  • 30 Additional Steam User-designed Perks
  • Xbox 360 Controller support for single or multiplayer
  • Steam Hammer — Rips the skin off your opponent (nice)
  • New Steam User designed weapons — Minigun, AA-12, MP5, Beretta 93R, Super Shorty and more
  • New Levels and New Enemies — Zombie patients and caretakers in a desert asylum, Brawler boss zombies, Suicide bomber zombies..
  • Pneumatic Destroyer — Detonates the Rammer they are surrounded by zombies

Key Features:

  • Ultra Fast Action — Fight armies of hundreds of zombies and their bosses in an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience
  • Deadly Weapons — Use machetes, axes, jack hammers, dual Uzis, flame throwers, grenades, poison and a dozen more including a Steam Hammer, exclusive to Steam purchasers
  • Customize Yourself — 100 player modifiers combine with two dozen power-ups for limitless gameplay
  • Four Game Modes — Free Play, Survival, Barricade and 18 increasingly brutal missions await
  • Zombies with Guns — They wield axes, cut-off saws, AK-47s and more

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP, Vista™, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel / AMD 2.0 GHz or higher CPU
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia or ATI-based graphics card with shader model 2.0 support. NVidia GeForce 6100 or newer (6100-6800, 7100-7950, 8300-8800, GTS/GTX series), ATI Radeon 9600 or newer (9600-9800, X300-X1950, HD 2400 or newer)
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 600MB of uncompressed Hard Drive Space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows® XP SP2, Vista™ SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Processor: Intel Core2 Duo / Core2 Quad, i7 or AMD Phenom CPU
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 8800GT / ATI 3850 512MB or better with latest manufacturer drivers
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 600MB of uncompressed Hard Drive Space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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I can't fault this game for support, the devs are on the Steam forums daily checking for problems or keeping us up-to-date with what new features/changes are coming with the upcoming patch. It is the best supported indie game I've seen on the Steam forums!

The game is a top-down zombie shooter and fast-paced play but lots of fun too. I've put a lot of hours into this game and it never gets boring, the constant updates which include 4 player co-op, weapon upgrades, perk upgrades and new achievements. Keep the game fresh.
Posted: November 26th, 2013
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49 of 57 people (86%) found this review helpful
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Not only is Nation Red my favorite game, It offers a wealth of game play. From a brainless shooter game, to a hardcore tactical game, NR has it. Its a game that takes time to master, and as soon as you think you mastered it, theres more. From hours playing solo, to a epic coop game, the fun never ends. If you dont have this game, stop reading and go buy it now. If you have this game, what are you waiting for, go bloody the fences.

(NRCE) Nation Red Coop Elite
Posted: December 19th, 2013
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Nation Red is an addictive 'twin stick' (or keyboard and mouse) shooter with a zombie aesthetic. However, as realistic as the weapons and characters may lead you to believe, you'll soon be summoning clones with shotguns, calling down orbital lasers and splitting the Earth in two with a wide variety of power ups and perks fuelled by your killing spree.

Nation Red has a wide variety of maps and modes for players to try, ranging from no-perks single player to a holdout mode with four players desperately defending an encampment of minigun weapon stations from an ever increasing horde. For what's more or less a one-man-band project, Nation Red has grown massively since its 2009 release and continues to do so even now, with new achievements, maps and perks being added at somewhat irregular, but extremely welcome, intervals.

Average Game Length? Depending on skill, games can range from a few minutes to over an hour.

A Bit Like? Crimsonland, Smash TV

Is It Fun? The perks make this game beyond entertaining, and four-player modes add a chaotic atmosphere like few others.

Worth The Price? £7.99 may seem a bit steep for those looking at the screenshots and video, however playing the game is completely different and provided you like other similar games, you will certainly get your money's worth.
Posted: November 26th, 2013
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A well polished and developer-supported top down zombie shooter, with 4 player classes, a large variety of weaponry and maps with dozens of unique and fun pickups and perks. The gun play is satisfying across free play, barricade and campaign style missions, while the zombies are varied and well animated with several boss types that require unique tactics.

Whether you play in solo or in COOP modes, the mindless and relentless action will keep you going for hours, which is a good thing if you are pursuing the game's achievements, with a particular one requiring a cool million kills! Highly recommended 4.5/5
Posted: February 4th, 2014
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This game is very addictive casual zombie themed shooter-survival game. Basically you just need to try to stay alive as long as possible. To help you survive you have many perks to choose from that give you new skills, bonuses etc. and of course you have a great collection of weapons to choose from.

You can play it single or multiplayer and you always find games to join so this game is really much alive and doing great and is great fun to play whetever you play it alone or with friends.

Also if you are into achviements this game has a lot of em to achieve and a few of em are really rare if you like to collect those.
Posted: January 6th, 2014
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