CivCity: Rome, an innovative city builder inspired by the world of Sid Meiers Civilization, and created by a collaboration between Firefly Studios and Firaxis Games, invites players to shift focus from building a multi-city empire and zoom-in on the great cities of the Roman Empire, culminating in Rome itself!
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Release Date: Jul 24, 2006

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About This Game

CivCity: Rome, an innovative city builder inspired by the world of Sid Meiers Civilization, and created by a collaboration between Firefly Studios and Firaxis Games, invites players to shift focus from building a multi-city empire and zoom-in on the great cities of the Roman Empire, culminating in Rome itself! Through dozens of missions, each offering an array of interesting decisions, players will be charged with building, nurturing and managing one of these great cities as they endeavour to lead the Roman Empire from its humble beginnings to its mighty apogee. Features players have enjoyed in the Civilization series, like research, city happiness, production and culture, can now be managed actively in the wonderfully immersive world of CivCity: Rome.
  • Look inside the buildings - For the first time in a city builder you can look inside the Villas, the forums, and even the Roman baths! Discover, in much greater detail, how Romans went about their daily lives.
  • Civilize your city - More than 70 technologies can be developed over time to give your city a strategic advantage. Use the rich research tree to improve many aspects of your city and its relation to the wider empire.
  • Follow the life of a Roman family - Do they thrive and prosper from humble hut to noble palace as they move through the generations or not? Well, thats your call!
  • Ease of play - Driven purely by building placement and strong visual feedback, the game lets you create your own living community simply by choosing and placing the wide variety of buildings.
  • Real Romans - An intriguing array of characters will interact with you

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows 2000/XP (Windows 7 is not supported), 1.6 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 2.5 GB uncompressed space, 64 MB video card (with Hardware T&L, nVidia GeForce 3/ATI Radeon 8500 or better), DirectX 7 compatible sound card, DirectX Version 9.0c
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Pre-Release Review
Posted: February 13, 2014
A strategic level-based city building simulator in the vein of the Caesar/Pharoah series of old. It's easy to understand but operates slightly differently from how most others do (where road access between buildings is necessary for benefits), instead opting for a direct "distance" approach in order for benefits to convey. Because of this, some strategies may seem non-intuitive at first to folks who are experienced in the genre.

It's competent, and fun - not the best example of the genre, but a good way to spend some time if you're into this type of game.
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Posted: September 23, 2015
I enjoy city builders, and I enjoy Civilization, so this one was very exciting for me.

It's really more of a city builder than a Civilization game, though. You can research technologies to unlock new buildings, but it stays in one era (of course), and it has wonders you may build. That's about all for the similarties between Civ and CivCity.

The campaign does a good job of easing you into building a city, introducing you to new buildings little by little. I kept expecting it to end, but it ended up being a fairly deep game, the ending having quite a lot of buildings and rescources to manage. I had a lot of fun, especially at the end when I had to make my city pretty with gardens and statues in order to win the game.
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Posted: November 30, 2013
City Building and Civilization come together in this city-state based game. Build your settlement from just a few huts into a detailed and thriving center of trade, conquest and research. The game reminds me alot of the ANNO series where you have settlers that come into your city, you have to fill certain needs, and they level up. A player can choose from a free-build city, to doing the campaign, and even beyond to playing your own custom maps that YOU as a player can create.

A few things I have noticed that are not accurate, is that aquaduct technology allowed for one main trunk to branch into smaller segments, in this game that does not occur so you do not get the representation of the True aquaduct system. However the gameplay was not affected by this.

One thing that I do NOT like about it is that I found the maps to be small. I mean really small. I constantly had a high unemployment. Apparently settlers just come in even if there is no spare work slots. And the workers dont leave if you bulldoze work places if you move them. Documented sources via have stated that "when happiness is positibe, immigrants arrive reguardless of housing and cause unemployment and housing chrises" With this said its kinda broken in a sence if you have 100% happiness you will always have a high unemployment.

Another thing is that widescreen support is not automatically built into the game on download. (As also documented in steam forums) HOWEVER there are fixes and solutions for this that can be found on google.

Now then for the positives. It is a simple game. The menus are easy to navigate, and the gameplay is easy and quick to comprehend. For example Wheat farm -> Wheat -> Mill -> Flour -> Bakery -> Bread. Another thing is that it IS addictive. looking at my clock I played 3-4 hours on one map straight through. Please remember to set yourself a timer when you play this game I will not be responsible if you spend 3 whole days on the game and forget to eat or sleep. Yes it is that addicting.

Other thoughts : I wish widescreen resolution was included with the game. I wish there was alot more realism, for example you cant build on mountains.. Yet the alps are in the north, and the apennine run through the center. I am quite sure the Romans found a way around that.

Overall : Would recommend. Due to price. Recommend x 1.5 .. H/N Kinsha review rates this AS.... 4.25 cookes OUT of 5 cookies.

I am Natalia Kinsha and I approve this message ^.^
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Posted: June 11, 2015
I got this game because it reminded me of Pharaoh and Master of Olympus:Zeus, which I spent plenty of hours on when I was younger. I wasn't disappointed, I enjoyed building my cities which could grow quite quickly once you have managed to start making good money. I found some difficulty when I first realised that when the houses evolved they needed to be rehomed and I had to do a lot of remapping of my city to fit in my estates. My own fault for not checking the tutorial before each campaign mission.
It's all about balance. Big cities can be hard to manage if you haven't got the means to meet everyones needs. Also vagrants don't stop coming, by trying to house all your workers more vagrants come to the citie even if you don't have the jobs for them. This doesn't stop you from being able to play the game, it is only a slight annoyance in that you can't really create a perfect city.
It also has a military side to it for those who would like it, adding another level in the game. Trying to keep yourself well defended whilst also keeping your city happy and growing adds the next difficulty to the game.
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14.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2015
Although I've only played this game for a few hours on steam, I can assure you that I've racked up more time playing this game, as I've still got the hard copy from when it first came out from 2006, and let that be an indicator of how good of a game this is. To start with, the game is very simplistic in design and approach, but don't let that fool you into think this game is easy. To put it simply, it is relaxing but challenging, but the challenge can be set harder if you want to try at a much more diffcult level. But overall, this game is a pleasure, and, I should think I will play many more hours to this game for many years to come.
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13.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2014
Great classic city building game!

Experience dozens of missions, buildings and other geat stuff in the Roman era!

If you have Windows 7 or higher, it can be a little tricky to start it up sometimes.

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20.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 26, 2014
This is in my top 10 games of all time. It's rediculously addicting, blisfully simple, and occasionaly the most frustration found in a video game since double master hand in SSBM. If you like city builders, and graphics from the early 2000's, look no further.
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17 of 23 people (74%) found this review helpful
57.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2013
This game is nearly identical to Caesar II. They just updated the graphics and removed some of the complexity. Caesar II was better.
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9.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2014
I've played this game a LOT before steam existed but now that its on steam I bought it and haven't played it much the steam version is definitly more child friendly with a "kid" difficulty! I LOVE this game so I have a slight bias... If you love city builder games this is definitly a game you should look into.
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9.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 17, 2015
How the hell did I not get into these games sooner?
-Downscaled and lower key
-Easy to get into, easy to put down for a break
-People work for me for once in my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ life

-It stopped working after two hours of play. Not even steams advice has helped me.

Buy for the very little bit of enjoyment you get and pray it dont crash like mine did.

10/10 would install again, play for five minutes, have it crash, then install again and repeat.

(But actually this game is really fun you should buy it.)
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Recently Posted
43.4 hrs
Posted: September 5
If you want the quick summary see the last paragraph.

Let's start with the controls. The controls are actually good. They are quite responive. The game allows some control over the camera view in the form of zoom and rotate, which when playing with city builders is a big plus. Which brings me to the next topic, graphics. They are pleasant to look at and sufficiently do their jobs.

The learning curve is not difficult. You can easily learn how to play in an evening. The tutorial is ok, and the rest can be learned through trial and error. However don't let the ease of learning fool you, the game has a wide difficulty range and has a good capacity for interesting challange.

The pause feature is terrible. You cannot look at the building choices or descriptions while paused. It will automatically unpause you. It makes it rather difficult to decide what would work well in your city when you can't take the time to examine your options closely. Another problem I have is with numbers. You can't just hover over a house to see how many people live there or hover over a farm and see the max capicity of jobs. You can see overall values in the summary but not the individual details. It becomes hard to strategize correctly when important information is missing. The next issue is sizing. Maps are too small which makes the problem of buildings being too big worse.

The map editor feature leaves a lot to be desired and feels incomplete, like they threw it together last minute.

I have yet to see a glitch and it runs smoothly on Windows 7. The game might not have glitches but compared to the other games in the same genre that came before the game is lackluster.

So in short. Is it fun? Yes, if you like city builders. Is it the best city builder? No, there are much better city builders, like Caesar III or Pharaoh. Should I get it? If you like city builders and the game is on sale then maybe.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: August 4
Pizzas! Now there's an idea that'll never catch on.
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litty titty
233.4 hrs
Posted: July 19
I started building a city. It was a nice city, with thriving, happy citizens and enough shops for them to upgrade their houses.

Then it happened.

My mill refused to make flour. I don't know why; they were on strike or something. It absolutely ruined me. Citizens up and left because of the lack of bread. Eventally I was left with some citizens who were happy with just some water and meat. Thank ♥♥♥♥ for those guys. Then I deleted the save.

Great game, 10/10 would starve people unintentionally again.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: July 15
I was a victim of Microsoft's deceptive "'X' means consent" policy for upgrading to Windows 10, and it did cause some problems with this game. The thing is, I'm not too upset with that (in this case), because this game really hasn't held up very well.

I originally bought this from Direct2Drive (before Gamefly killed it), and back then I had a pretty good time with it. So I recently re-bought it on Steam... and like I said, it hasn't held up. The ability to see inside your citizens' houses is nice, but that's really all that this game has going for it. Truth is, there are other games out there that do the same things that CivCity Rome does, but do it better.

If you're short of funds and just want a city builder to mess around with for a few hours (and don't have anything to compare it to), then this game works (Win10 troubles aside). But if you want something a bit more solid, I have a few suggestions:

Imperium Romanum: If you're looking for a Roman-themed city builder, this one has a day/night cycle, more detailed citizens, better graphics and is overall just a better game (IMO).

Children of the Nile: All of the above (except it's Egyptian-themed), plus it has a nice ebb and flow to the daily life of your citizens.

Tropico (1, 3, 4 or 5): You can't go wrong with any version you choose (my preference is 4), with very detailed citizens, more building options, and overall just more stuff to do.

So if you're thinking about buying CivCity Rome, for a little bit of extra coin you'd be better off getting one of these instead. And if you already have one or more of them, by all means do NOT buy it. You won't be impressed.
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20.1 hrs
Posted: July 10
Bought this game because I love any citybuilder that features Rome. I own Caesar 3, (played hell out of it), will be buying Caesar 4 on GoG soon, and bought this during the Summer Sales.

When I first ran the game, I've had the same bug that's been plaguing everyone else. Some of the workers just stopped working for no good reason. I've verified the game cache couple of times and that seemed to fix it but it came back again. I did a reinstall of the game and that seem to fix it for good. I've had no problem with this bug at all since the reinstall.

If you have the workers not working bug, try reinstall and play it, see if that works for ya.

What I like:

- Way that housing progresses/upgrades. Also you can move them in order to have all services avail to it;

- Level of detail inside houses, shops, workshops, and etc;

- Decent graphics for the age of the game; (although the details get lost once you zoom out)

What I don't like:

- The ratio of population and the housing seems very disproportionate. Each of the housing only holds 100 people, and yet the population of the city increases faster than the houses you build. (not all the people need a house for themselves thankfully);

- The way butchers produce the meat/fish. You'd think that the farmers and fisherman would just carry excess meat/fish into the granary. But in this game, butchers need to cut up the meat/fish to store it in the granary. This means that you need to build the butcher/fishshop before you can store food in the granary;

- Amount of money earned from trades. Granted, the trading city doesn't have a quota that may limit how much you can export, which means you can export the hell out of whatever you're exporting, but receiving only 500 dn from 25 glasses seem ridiculous when an iron mine costs a 1000dn;

- The resources in the map runs out very fast. Stone, wood, marble, they all run out so if you're depending on those for income, good luck;

- THE DEVELOPERS RIPPED SOUNDTRACK STRAIGHT OFF FROM CAESAR 3. I maybe the only one who's noticed it, but part of the city ambience music is exactly from Caesar 3. I'm surprised no one knew about this.

It may seem more cons than pros, but most cons are minor gripes. Otherwise, it's an enjoyable game if you like citybuilding and Rome, like me.
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113.7 hrs
Posted: July 6
Can't really. Can't advance beyond shacks. Insulars remain empty if I do place them. Not even sure how to advance to villas.
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19.2 hrs
Posted: July 4
I liked it
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1.8 hrs
Posted: July 2
I liked this game (CD Version) but steam version is full of bugs. I reached the third level (Tarentum) which I remembered being easy but bam. Some of the industry workers will not work. It doesn't matter if they are on red (work) or blue (free) time the well workers will just sleep in their houses or at the well and do nothing, It is the same story with stone workers, and wine workers.

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134.3 hrs
Posted: June 30
great game. not really much i can find wrong with this. maybe update the graphics a bit, to kinda polish detail, but its great. ive played this game since i was a little kid obsessed with roman culture. even to those who dont play these kinds of games, its pretty fun. if you want a challenge, try to sustain 5 palaces in close proximity. very difficult. great story, good freemode, and map building. EDIT: i thought of something. the map builder has like no tutorial, and is incredibly difficult. dont change the map making, its a challenge. i like challenges (to an extent). buuuuut the victory conditions, research pannel, and missions all dont work.

ok. so if youre anything like me, you dont like to hear how great the game is, but how it works.
you start out by placing your town center (which doesnt have to be the center. you can put it as far off as you want. i always do.)
then you start to make a city, from the ground up. wherever you start, put six ware houses back to back, 2 rows of 3. with 2 granaries on either end. the more warehouses inbetween, the better.
the controls are simple. move the cursor along the edges of the screen to move it.
hover over a building, left click to select it. right click to cancel. if youre denarri tight, consider moving buildings instead of destroying them.

*very calming. if you want to relax, or kill time, i suggest the open hills of Brittania.
*unless youre in the campaign mode, you dont actually need auduio, so feel free to listen to music.
*you actually can mute the annoying announcer, but if youre in campaign, this is a bad idea.
*hours of gameplay. it doesnt get repetitive. if it somehow does, just take a break.
*you can make intricate art with the buildings, but this is hard.
*awesome soundtrack. (like srsly)
*easy to use
*user freindly.
*the campaign basically is a moving tutorial.

*kinda old-ish, so the graphics may not be up to some peoples standards, but you shouldnt get this only for graphics.
*may get kinda dull at times

i r8 8/8 gr8 job, m8. 10/10, would be raided by barbarians again.
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1.8 hrs
Posted: June 28
Can verify the complaint that some of the workers will stop working or not start working in a profession, which causes an inability to complete a campaign mission. Did this early in the campaigns with me so I'm limited on how much I can play, however it looks like an otherwise good game if you can actually play it. Will probably change to a "yes" on the recommendation if this glaringly serious bug gets fixed since it kind of does play like Pharaoh which is a game I really like.
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