Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and the Dragon Quest series, you return to the land of Labyronia, now in the cold grip of an evil force. Roam the wartorn lands. You are the only one who can save the planet from destruction. The epic sequel to the critically-acclaimed Labyronia.
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Release Date: Aug 28, 2015

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About This Game

Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and the Dragon Quest series, you return to the land of Labyronia, now in the cold grip of an evil force. Roam the war torn lands. You are the only one who can save the planet from destruction. The epic sequel to the critically-acclaimed Labyronia.

10 years have passed since the hero of Labyronia fulfilled the Dark Prophecy.

This hero, Aeres, fought back against the four elemental beings, invading their strongholds across the land. He helped dismantle the armies of monsters that had trampled the countryside and devastated the centers of human power.

Backed into a corner, the elemental beings used their weapon of last resort: a power so bleak that it threatens to suck the life from the planet itself.

The world has gone cold, and dark. The sky is completely clouded over. Dangerous ice wraiths attack any living being that comes near them. The elemental beings cloister in their fortresses, waiting to pick humanity's bones.

It's up to the last band of human survivors to find the power to reverse this apocalypse. If they should fail, the world will be left an eternal frozen wasteland.

Key features -

  • Partly non-linear progression in a large and original world.
  • The Cue system encourages exploration. Find abnormalities to obtain skills, and challenge yourself to collect all the Cues!
  • Strategic Boss battles, and smooth combat system with Yanfly's battle engine.
  • Random battles are limited to the world map (and even there it's possible to avoid them usually.) Otherwise, all enemies are visible.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Posted: September 30
Good game
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Not Recommended
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 31, 2015
Not sure why there are so many positive reviews early on, but here's my two cents. Not a bad RPG, but there are two design flaws that stopped me over 3 hours into this game:

-Lack of detail for mission progression: In other words, I saved game, and the next day I forgot what I even needed to do. It was obscure. Going back to important characters did not contain the dialogue to direct me in the right direction. I luckily succeeded by chance and progressed. Story is very confusing and not direct.

-Puzzle Mechanism: I could not get out of some puzzles, requiring a full restart. This is a problem, since one of the times I had a lot of progress that went unsaved.

Not recommended, when I compare it to the likes of Last Dream.
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17.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 18, 2015
I have mixed feelings about this sequel. First of all, the gameplay is still turn-based RPG, which is exactly what I wanted. The world is the same as the first game, but far more bleak and hopeless (this is not a drawback to me). I got additional party members early on, and I can use one joystick for both movement and menu selection, so those improve on the original! However, I feel like the writing was weaker in the second game, possibly due to the increase in "zany" characters, who came off as irritating and not funny at all. I noticed more grammatical errors and exclamation point spam as well, which could mean I'm just being more picky with the sequel. That said, I still enjoyed the gameplay, and most of the puzzles (a few were not intuitive at all, and one made me rage-quit for a day), and I'm curious to see where the story goes from here. If you liked turn-based retro JRPGs, liked the first game, and are willing to put up with some mediocre writing, I'd say you'll like this.
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 22
Product received for free
Basic Information
Title: Labyronia RPG 2
Developer: Labyrinthine
Publisher: Epic Quest Games
Genre: Classic-style RPG

General Impression
Labyronia RPG 2 picks up the loose ends from the first game and offers us a new map, new quests and characters, while still being as refreshingly open-ended as before. I’m glad the grinding and backtracking issues are now gone and that the writing still manages to slip a joke here and there. With Trading Cards, Achievements and a storyline that can eat up several good hours, what more can you ask from this wonderfully crafted 2D RPG? Its decent asking price does not reflect the amount of work and thinking that went into the game, that’s a certainty!

Strong Points
+ Same great storytelling as in Labyronia RPG and less grinding this time around.
+ Steam Trading Cards & Achievements.

Weak Points
- Map seems smaller than the first one in the series.

Rating 7/10

This review was submitted for SUPER Giveaways.
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 19, 2015
Labyronia RPG 2 is a RPGMaker, Adventure, action game. In the beginning you can see what happen in the first game so you won't be confuse. The game have a great story, a lot of things to explore, hard bosses.
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Not Recommended
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 8, 2015
Disclaimer: I was generously given a free copy of Labyronia RPG 2 with the understanding that I was expected to review the title after spending some time with it.

So I must admit that my view of Labyronia 2 is tainted before I even began playing; I had quite the negative experience with the original Labyronia and dove into the sequel only a couple days later. To my surprise, however, it appears that the developers learned a lot from their first title and polished up the sequel accordingly. Kudos on that guys!

Upon launching the game, by default it ran fullscreen and while the resolution was rather unappealing, the assets appeared to be improved enough that it wasn’t unplayable on a 1080p display. Sadly the select button is still inexplicably mapped to the O(PS4)/B(360) by default. Unlike the first Labyronia though, I was actually able to easily fix all the mappings and get a grasp of the games controls before setting off into the world. The opening itself feels like the devs learned a lot from the first game because there was a lot better guidance and exposition in the early game to direct the player. The story was no less generic (the main boss introduced at the beginning was the Father of a thousand evils) but I don’t feel that I have the right to judge much about a direct sequels narrative when I was unable to play the first game.

Overall, Labyronia 2 feels like a great application of lessons learned, but this is where my big picture judgment takes a turn. Yes, most of the originals issues were fixed, but that only brought this game up par with every other RPG Maker title. Die-hard fans of this style of RPG may get some enjoyment out of it, but there’s not that “wow” factor to distinguish it from the thousands of other games just like it flooding Steam.
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13.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 29, 2015
DISCLAIMER: I was given a key for free by the publisher!

New updates Review after completing Game! (for my original quick first look, just scroll down)

Labyronia RPG 2 is a direct sequel to Labyronia RPG taking place roughly 10 years after the incidents of it's predecessor. Thus most of the main cast, many locations and references both cosmetic as well as story wise will make a more sense to players who have completed the first game. At the same time it has to be mentioned that it is possible to play and enjoy this one on it's own without any prior knowledge. A newcomer will make sense of the story and the relations among it's characters.

Gameplaywise is where the major differences between Labyronia RPG 2 and 1 will be noticable. Most and foremost is a more streamlined and focused approach in Labyronia RPG 2. While the first game saw the fere leave his house in the beginning and thus threw the player into an open world without any clue where to start and what to do next; as such requiring the player to call the "oldschool" ability of being able to explore on there own without any guidance.
Here in hte sequel the path forward as well as the objectives are always clear to the player. You will always know where to go to next and what to do!!!
The battles however are still dificult, expecially in the beginning and require a careful and strategic approach. Simple attack spamming won't get you anywhere, just as in the Labyronia RPG 1.

Overall I can recommend this game to everybody who enjoyed the first one and to fans of the genre who can get past the fact that this is an RPGMaker VXAce game using many default graphics, simply because there is a very nice oldschool style JRPG beneath it's surface that I enjoyed very much.

Quick First Look!

I really like the first Labyronia game, but I still haven't finished it and that is the reason why a quick first look at Labyronia RPG 2 will have to do (at least for now!).

Labyronia RPG 2 is still Labyronia!! Everybody who enjoyed the first one will feel right at home.
However there is one major change and that is a more focused approach to the game. This time around you will not just be thrown into an open game world without any clues; this time you will be pointed into a specific direction once the short opening sequence that functions as a basic tutorial has been finished.
However this doesn't mean that the game has become linear. Whether you are following the directions or just wander off exploring, is still up to you, the player.
The game world is still open and once again, careless rushing out will get you into trouble easily and simple attack spamming without any strategy will get you killed as fast as possible (the very first enemy got me, again XD - This is Spar....errr...Labyronia!!!).
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 5, 2015

Good Story
Good dialogue
Interesting Puzzles
Detective game
Many things to explore


Unnecessary long
Too much grinding
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
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4.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 10
Just like the real outdoors, I have no idea where I'm going 90% of the time.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: October 24
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0.9 hrs
Posted: October 6
not bad for a cheap and simple game. ill give it an 7/10 IGN. not bad at all.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: October 2
Its cool and cheap so i recommend you to buy this stuff.
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3.8 hrs
Posted: October 2
Cannot recommend this game. Nothing fun here for me.
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9.8 hrs
Posted: September 27
Product received for free
Good Game
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16.6 hrs
Posted: September 17
This second installment in the Labyronia series will be much appreciated by fans new and old. Our story continues where the first game left off, as you begin play as Garric, one of the original heroes of the first game. The world has changed into a wintry nightmare filled with demons and undead, and its up to you and your allies to locate Arres in hopes of finding a solution.

The graphics are much improved over the first, and the music is a little tighter as well. Gone are the most frustrating aspect of the game, those darned labrynths - they've been pared down to a more reasonable difficulty. There's plenty of puzzles to be found too and there seems to be a lot less of a need to endlessly grind out levels than there was in the first. One of the things that I appreciated the most was how quickly I found a second party member; who ironically, was the father of the hero of the first game. Fans of the first game will recall that you only found the next member of your party quite close to the end of the story, so locating Windir early on was a relief.

The game does have a few drawbacks. The story could have used some better editing but otherwise stands up to most JRPG fare. Perhaps some variety in the quests as well, as many seem to be "go here and murder X to advance" which is nothing new.

I would definitely recommend this game to friends interested in the genre, and have done so. It's so cheap that it's practically a steal, and furthermore, your entire party of heroes are all middle-aged or older, something that you hardly ever see in a game. If you want to save the world and give horrible monsters an elderly smackdown, this is the game for you!

+Graphics, sound, and puzzles better than the first game
+Continuation of an amazing and original storyline
+Fantastic use of a somewhat limited game engine
+Geriatric smackdown!

+Could have used some better editing
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17.8 hrs
Posted: September 12
My playtime: 09:37:46 (based on internal clock, before the last boss)
Grindy Achievement: No.
Optional Achievement: Yes (1 achievement).
Developer Response: ~24h (in selected threads).

Labyronia RPG 2 is a turn based RPG game which is a sequel of Labyronia RPG. The story sets in several years after the first series, in a land which has become frozen due to the events happened before. In order to enjoy this game fully, it's better for you to finish Labyronia RPG first. I will explain some differences between both series later on.

Upon starting a new game, you'll be presented with a prologue which basically explains whatever happened between the first and the second series. Unlike the first series, your main objective is stated clearly from the start. However, although this series is using some characters from the first series, Garric's characteristic changed to be more talkative, and i'm sure that Ann's hair somehow changed (unless i forgot that her hair is changed by the end of the first series). The party talks become merrier, although the jokes seems forced to me.

The story itself isn't delivered smoothly imo, although i can understand what the dev is trying to deliver. It's quite funny seeing that people can change their opinion in just a few dialogue/battle (especially the battle before the last boss). Some dialogues need some words to polish up its atmosphere before delivering the final blow.

Most of the maps used in Labyronia 2 are modified maps from the first series. The modification is including the addition of walkable body of water (or platform), the color change of the environment (to darkish blue color), and (or) the destroyed parts of the area.

There are some graphic changes in the main character, such as Garric which is using blue bandanna instead of brown. However, most of the art seems blurry (although it can be because of the snow effect). I also got confused by the mapping of the walkable water and the sea. I tend to thought that you can't walk on both. The same goes with Carallan (third town) with its transparent platform and the "pit".

I'm not that impressed with how the lighting is done. Most of the lighting are lazily done by changing the tile floor. It should be done like in Hall of Madness (third dungeon) where the light looks like glowing/shining.

Some of the mapping looks bland and empty, such as the "almost-nothing-room" in Ann's place.

Lastly, the NPC in the shelter is blocking the path because the path is only using one tile. Perhaps the dev can change the NPC movement area or making the path bigger.

I know that it's kinda hard looking for an appropriate BGM for an area, but i think that the dev doesn't need to force it. Although i can stand that some of the music doesn't suitable with the area, there is an additional music playing in Hall of Madness (third dungeon) in each area of the dungeon, which sounds ridiculous. I even heard Harry Potter's sound when he spoke to snake.

Some music, like the overworld map, is using the same music as the first series.

The game
The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that you'll have 4 party members in the game. The other good thing is that you'll meet your first party member very fast, unlike the first series. However, the party composition looks ridiculous with 2 wizards and 1 priest which need MP to survive. Guess what? There is no MP regen equipment in the game like how the first series is.

Because there is no MP regen equipment, resting (in the inn) has become necessary. However, there is lack of healing spot in game, which forces you either to return to the city or use item to restore MP. I did the first option, and i think that a significant amount of my gameplay is spent in doing so.

There is a learnable skill outside of the level up skill in this game (by using a spell book). However, learning the learnable skill in bulk can be quite a pain in the ♥♥♥ because you have to access menu screen in order to learn it and it always closes whenever you learn a new one.

This game has more puzzles than the first one. However, most of them requires timing and quite unforgivable, and one of them can take you to the game over screen if you fail.

The dungeons in this game are smaller and easier compared to the first one. The dungeons tend to make up for it by using a small lighting in it. I have tried creating a map for Labyronia's first dungeon before and it's very big. I doubt that the maps in this game is bigger than that (except in the area with a very large maps, of course). Speaking of very large maps, there are two very large maps, although one of them is very easy with no monster in it. Luckily, there is no time limited maps like the desert in the first game. There is a time limited room though.

I don't think you need to grind in this game, but there is no random encounter in the areas of the map. However, there is a random encounter in the overworld and you'll spend a lot of time walking over there before you get an airship.

Some enemy buffs are not shown in battle, which make it hard to check (especially in the last battle). I don't know that the enemy is buffed before i check it in a guide. You also can't defeat the final boss without a certain additional spell.

Lastly, you can't continue the game after you clear the game.

- 4 party members
- 2 types to learn skill from: level up and skill book

- Blurry images
- No MP regen equipment

You'll need to play Labyronia RPG first before you play this game. This is a continuation from the first series with more story and less for the other parts.

Should you buy this game?
It's a decent RPG Maker game. I don't think it's better than Labyronia 1 because it omitted my favorite part (the labyrinth), but for those who have trouble with it might enjoy it a bit more. You'll need to understand Labryonia 1's ending to enjoy this game to the fullest though.
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19.9 hrs
Posted: September 4
Finally, a Labyronia game i actually enjoyed.

Labyronia RPG 2 takes you 10 years after the first game's ending. The realm is in chaos, monsters are everywhere and everyone's desperate to put things back in order.

After disliking Legend of Mysteria and Labyronia, I braced my self to experience the same tedious things from the game. As much as i wanted to abandon the series, i couldn't because i paid for the bundle and i'm kind of OC with my achievements lol. So i was surprised i found myself okay with it. The game is more fast-paced now. The story felt more relevant, the grinding was still troublesome but it wasnt as frustrating as before.

Bottomline, am i recommending this game? Yes. If you played Labyronia you'd want to know what happened afterwards right? Well, this won't disappoint. It got answers. Althought it's hinting on another sequel. I think. But this game really did a nice job on wrapping up the series. It made me appreciate the lore the developers built. It's not the best, but it's alright.
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