Gothic II: Gold Edition brings together the excitement of Gothic II and the add-on Night of the Raven to your fingertips! You have torn down the magical barrier and released the prisoners of the Mine Valley. Now the former criminals of the forests and mountains are causing trouble around the capital of Khorinis.
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"The folks at Piranha Bytes have done it again. I remember hearing all sorts of good reviews of Gothic I but whatever that game was, Gothic 2 is that and more." - Just-RPG, 97%
"The game is very good in what it does. It lets the player experience a fantasy story in a seamless medieval 3D world. This world is unique in its combination of details, believable NPCs and freedom of exploration." -, 91%
"This really is a game you can lose yourself in because it really is enjoyable to just run around the countryside being chased by dangerous monsters, stumbling across hidden pirate treasures, battling it out with trolls, and basically seeking fame and fortune." -, 92%

About This Game

Gothic II: Gold Edition brings together the excitement of Gothic II and the add-on Night of the Raven to your fingertips!
You have torn down the magical barrier and released the prisoners of the Mine Valley. Now the former criminals of the forests and mountains are causing trouble around the capital of Khorinis. The town militia is powerless due to their low amount of force–outside of the town, everyone is helpless against the attacks of the bandits.
  • Over 100 thrilling missions on the different settings
  • A detailed, lively game environment with over 500 individual characters (each with their own daily routine)
  • The player determines the course of the story himself
  • Fight with more than 200 different weapons and magical spells
  • Over 12 hours of complete, English voice output
  • Includes the Night of the Raven add-on

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/2000/ME/98/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
    • Memory: 256 MB Ram or higher
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 32 MB Ram
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (50 reviews)
Very Positive (1,524 reviews)
Recently Posted
0.6 hrs
Posted: August 26
FYI the hour count for some reason also didnt work
The game simply doesnt work unless you download sever patches from third party websites and even then it crashes every half hour
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150.2 hrs
Posted: August 25
One of the best games ever made.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: August 20
Awesome story, very big map for it's time (2002) Original gameplay. Totally recommended
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49.2 hrs
Posted: August 15
> Install the game
> Feel it
> Love it
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0.2 hrs
Posted: August 7
Old but gold...

First off - don't let my playtime fool you - I played the Gothic 2: Gold Edition for what felt like an eternity on a non-steambound copy back in 2005 - I played it before Gothic 1 and had almost no problems to follow the plot - yet I would advise you to watch (at least) a short summary of Gothic 1 to be able to recognize plenty familiar faces from Gothic 1.

As you can see by the pictures on the store page, Gothic is a pretty old game with old graphics so if you can't stand playing without more up-to-date graphics but still want to have a simular experience you should check out Risen - the spiritual successor to the Gothic series. Combat in Gothic is kind of clunky and you'll have to invest in teachers (with gold AND xp) to make it more viable - making every skill decision even more important since the spent gold wont come back to you unless you kill your teacher - which is a pretty stupid idea since there aren't many people around who can teach you and most of 'em require you to do 1 or 2 quests to gain their trust!

Despite having outdated graphics the soundtrack and voice acting of Gothic 2 is very good (at least the german voice acting - sadly I haven't heard the english one yet). The map is large and littered with monsters, trinkets and many rememberable locations - such as the old camp in the mine colony.

Another downer about Gothic 2 are the bugs - but most of them can be fixed using the debugging console - so if you're willing to (maybe) go to the trouble of bugfixing once or twice you'll still have a great time – given the game runs on your computer (It has various issues with Windows 10 and 8)

Now that those points are clearified: Let's talk about the RPG-masterpiece that is Gothic 2! Gothic 2 is the second installment of Piranha Bytes "Gothic" series. It's story begins shortly after the end of Gothic 1 - The nameless hero from the first game returns to fend off a new unknown thread. The games plot isn't the deepest or the most complex but the games awareness of character placement, economy, social structure and surroundings/atmosphere makes up to this flaw with ease - and overall even though the story is kind of generic it's fun enough to follow 'cause of many unique quest and sidequests which you can approach on different ways.

Gothic 2 will treat you like sh!t in the beginning - most of the combat will be extremely tough and you wont just stumble upon a viable weapon after 2 minutes of playtime. You'll long for new sets of equipment and will be happy for any piece of loot you can aquire! The game will not hold your hand and you'll have to figure out how you can reach your goals - making it even more rewarding if you solved a complicated quest or tricked a strong enemy into being killed by NPCs.
Speaking of NPCs - the game is set on an island with a main city full of NPCs and 2 (partly restricted) districts, plenty of farms and abandoned sites or caves and the ENTIRE map of the previous game - all up for you to slay, quest and sneak your way trough 'em!

After playing a while you'll be able to join one of three fraction - the mercenaries, the paladins or the fire mages. Each fraction has a unique realtion to the people of Gothic 2 and you'll be treated in a different ways by NPCs depending on which fraction you chose. The questlines of these paths differ a lot - even in the late game, giving you a solid reason for replaying.

The DLC "Night of the Raven" could be considered the icing on the cake, adding 25+ hours of playtime to the main game which is already a pretty long-winding experience! In it you'll encounter even more characters from the prior game and play in a landscape/setting which completly differs from the one which the main game is using. It's kind of hard to reach this DLC but it's amazing if you manage to figure out how to reach it and if you enjoyed the main game till there you'll certainly enjoy it as well!

Overall Gothic 2 is (in my opinion) an extremely detailed game with plenty of hours of fun and immersive playtime to keep you busy - and if you don't mind the old graphics and genuinly enjoy RPGs you should grab it on sale and give it a try!
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18.5 hrs
Posted: August 4
Best RPG ever
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126.6 hrs
Posted: August 3
As long as you don't mind the heavily dated graphics, interface and control scheme, Gothic 2 is one of the greatest (and most difficult) western RPGs out there.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: August 2
Will not run on Windows 10, even with various common tricks. I will NOT download any third-party/unsigned software to "hack" something that i just bought from Steam. I feel tricked. I do NOT recommend buying this if you have Windows 10.
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17.2 hrs
Posted: August 2
How do I make it work on windows 10? Please help I loved this game when I was little...
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0.6 hrs
Posted: July 31
If you have windows 10.dont buy this game or gothic 1.It wont work.You would think stream would only sell games that work withall window systems,or tell you what systems games will work on.
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195 of 208 people (94%) found this review helpful
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56.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2013
One of the best RPG's ever created.


-Fully voice acted
-Good graphics for its age
-Three really well designed classes (Militia, Bandit and Mage)
-Perfect difficulty
-Lots of content
-Believable world
-Great atmosphere
-Amazing soundtrack


-Mediocre fighting system
-A story about dragons isn't exactly original

Overall rating: 9.5/10
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114 of 120 people (95%) found this review helpful
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49.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 19, 2014
Gothic II is a gigantic game in a small world. The trick that the devs pulled to make the game seem so enormous was to make use of absolutely every nook and cranny on the map. Most of these places aren't even relevant to the main story; you can plow through the game several times over and still stumble across something new hidden in an easily missed gap between rocks or behind a waterfall at the bottom of a deep valley. Since the game doesn't throw powerful items or experience at you like lots of the loot-fest RPGs out there, the (usually) small rewards secreted away across the island are always satisfying to discover. This and the fact that the game is largely loading screen- and objective marker-free makes the whole world feel alive and supremely explorable. Just be careful; the game will hold your hand for a grand total of five seconds before booting you into a world where all of the local fauna have it out for you and will absolutely WRECK you if you aren't familiar with the somewhat clunky combat system. It gets easier later on but the challenge is always there. Don't be scared though; the danger just makes exploring that much more rewarding.
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77 of 80 people (96%) found this review helpful
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 8, 2014
Don't look at my play time. I bought the game just so I can write a review.
What? Yep.. I did.

For the last 12 years I played Gothic franchise. Every winter, when the weather goes bad outside, I have to follow my tradition of playing one of the Gothic games. For 12 years...

If you read this far and you never played this game but you call yourself a RPG fan, then do yourself a favor and buy it!
Buy it and play it for at least 1 hour. This is how long it will take you to get used to the controls and to the open-world-no-hand-holding ideology.

If I could wrap up the review in some simple words, they would be: Gothic = immersion.

This is a common scene that you will find in Gothic 2:
Heavy grey sky, raining. It's night and you see the soldiers gathering around a camp fire and chat. One of them even starts roasting the carcass of a hunted animal over the fire, preparing the dinner. The merchants sit down in front of big water pipes and relax, smoking different types of weeds. An owl can be heard in the forest close to the camp while through the trees, you can see some Scavangers going to sleep for the night. You decide to also sit on a log and enjoy some socialization time after all the fighting and hunting done over the day.

- solid story with deep lore, a mix between religion, mysticism and politics.
- unprecedented AI behavior! Seriously, this franchise is 16 years old but even today the Ai scripting, behavior and combat is unmatched in any other RPG. Sure some other games excel in certain segments of AI implementation, but overall, you wont see a more vivid and realistic AI.
- a true open world. If you see something in the distance, you will most likely be able to reach and explore it. There are many level designers that can provide good content with a large world, but only geniuses can make every inch of a small world filled with content.
- your actions matter. Stealing from someones house or chest? Bad idea. Beating up some important NPC that has many friends and connections? Really bad idea. Betraying a whole faction and be responsible for their deaths? Awesome!
- a very natural and diverse quest system. Make friends, make enemies, steal, hijack, frame some or prove the innocence of others in order to unlock more quests.
- choose your path. This is not Skyrim or Mass Effect. Once you chosen a faction, there is no turning back! Playing each faction it's basically a separate playthrough. This is how much the game changes depending on the path taken!
- absolutely beautiful soundtrack, realistic nature sounds and good voice over.

- somewhat awkward control scheme, but it's consistent! Once you learn to handle it, the controls feel smooth.
- outdated graphics. D'oh! 16 years old engine.
- almost no hand holding. No flashing quest marks over NPC heads, no minimap, no pointers all over the screen (probably this is also a reason why the game is so immersive... nothing to distract you from the actual game)
- high difficulty in combat, but not unfair!
- access violation error for some systems, that can be easily solved by running the game in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode + Administrator rights.

By today standards the game is 7 / 10. But, by taking a look at the game industry today... this game is a 10/10 from head to toes. This is a rough gem that deserves a chance to be discovered.

Piranha Bytes, thank you for creating Gothic series. With all my heart, thank you!
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76 of 80 people (95%) found this review helpful
17.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 29, 2014
I have to say, this is one of the most beautiful RPG games I've ever experienced, it definetly earns it's place at the top with TES and other great games of the genre, it's just a shame it never had such a big communtiy and not many people know about it.

If you're an hardcore RPG fan, then this is a game for you. It offers countless hours of gameplay, lot's of sidequests and plenty of things to do besides that, from picking berries in the woods to hunting orcs and other critters in the vast open world filled with forests and grasslands. Appart from the great story, the game has one of the most enjoyable combat systems and exploration features.

Another thing to mention is the music which also perfectly fits in with the theme and creates an even deeper atmosphere to delve in, however this game isn't for everyone, the combat can be sometimes found tricky and making money hard, but most players get used to it quickly.

This is a must-have if you're an old-school RPG fan, 10/10
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65 of 70 people (93%) found this review helpful
21.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
This is in my opinion, the best Gothic game in the series. There is no lack of quests. the Ability to roam all around the maps and choose what & how you want to do too proceed is entirely up to you as the gamer. I also like the fact theres so many different choices you have for what class and position you take in this game. If you patch the game corectly it is pretty stable. and in my opinion the only real draw back for buying it on steam is minimizing the game. other wise it seems more stable then the stand alone. As i have all the games and expansions in regular and Gothic 2 In Gold edition as well. so if your using windowes 7 or windows 8 may I suggest the Gothic 2 Gold edition on the steam platform.
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71 of 80 people (89%) found this review helpful
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29.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
I love this game. It takes me to another world. A world which seems to be better. I feel I belong here. But I always walk back into this existence
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57 of 60 people (95%) found this review helpful
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132.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 13, 2014
Gothic II. What a great, rewarding and exciting game.

After a series of events, you break out of the colony with friends you made there. Freedom, right? No.
You weren't the only one to break out. Most bandits got out too and started to rob and murder innocent citizens of Khorinis. People see you as a nobody yet again, but slowly you gain respect and eventually become a respected man across the island, saving Khorinis from an evil force that's about to struck it.

Gameplay is improved in many ways over the first game. Controls don't feel stiff. Combat is fun and never gets old: you hold LMB and use WASD to swing your weapons in different directions, no button mashing involved.
You can join different factions: Paladins, Mercenaries and Mages. All of them are very different and have a lot of faction-related quests, so it's worth it to beat the game multiple times.
You visit a lot of places in the game: the main island of Khorinis, the colony from the first game (which is now abandoned, grey and full of orcs at every step that'll murder you in mere seconds), swampy Jarkendar from the expansion and some other minor ones. All locations are unique and different, NPCs have their own chores and the game feels alive. I'll be honest, I got immersed. I spent hundreds of hours wandering around and finding cool quests and secrets.

Gothic II is my favourite RPG and I beat it many times. It's the experience I will never forget.
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51 of 55 people (93%) found this review helpful
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22.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2014
Maybe i'm blinded by nostalgia, but I don't care. This game is exceptionally good for all those who seek a hard core RPG experience with a quirky plot and badass dragons.

The game runs great on my windows 8.1 gaming laptop, with no errors. I have read some negative reviews which claim to have problems getting the game to launch. If the steam version has some error that I am not aware of, then there is always the option to purchase Gothic II: Gold Edition from GOG.
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46 of 48 people (96%) found this review helpful
71.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 21, 2015
This game was an absolute doozy and I loved every minute of it.

- LONG STORY (took me 70 hours to complete it my first time through)
- A deeper combat system than the last game.
- A lot of dynamic characters
- Good writing
- Deep leveling system
- Unique weapons. armor and enemies
- A vast open world
- Great ambient sounds
- Magnificent soundtrack
- Nostalgia for Gothic 1 players
- Lots of replay value
- Animations for everything (even drinking and eating)
- Strong ending

- A few glitches on the last island in Ch. 6 (can be fixed with fan made patch you can get from worldofgothic)
- Sometimes unfairly difficult
- Voice acting is still subpar
- Disappointing final boss
- Too many fetch quests
- The difficulty at the start can deter newer players

Overall this game blew me away and I can see why people claim it to be the best Gothic game out there. It deserves a 9/10.
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52 of 59 people (88%) found this review helpful
64.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
So let`s start: Gothic 2 is second part of RPG saga Gothic and balh blah blah ( says that ). But I want to start from my point of weave and tell what I think about it: Gothic 2 was one of the first (first was Gothic 1) RPG`s I got my hands on my in my childhood, back in 2002 it was something unbelivible and awesome in terms of lore, combat, magic... and at the same time it wasnt ovrloaded like modern RPG`s with stuff you dont need.

Good side: Gothic 2 was briliant game and "Piranhas" managed to fix those problems they had in gothic 1 (exept those that were not possible to fix thx to engine limitations as I know) game is friendly to those who are new to the world of Gothic and kingdom of Myrthana and those who know it from privious game. Every NPC that was in first part almost ask you do you styll remember him or not so you can learn something about him. Gameplay: game play is devided in chapters that make game slightly harder to beat if you just fast run from point A to point B, after release of Night of Raven (and latter the Gold edition that we have here) game became biger and harder to finish at fast run. another good side is Open world that has its own life: from fealds with insects , to forests with wolves and ancient secrets in them and to swamps filled with flys and other animals that could kill you just because you went there. Oh... and almost forgot: Gothic 2 have dragons and they are more brutal then in Sky***.

Bad side of gold: First bad side is some texture glitches aspecialy in darkness, second patch used in Gold forces you to search for patch that downgrades game version so you could instal some mods on it. And ofc age of graphys could scare new people who want to try this game. and maybe some problems with searching quest locations. and there were problems with Win 7 as I remember but I belive drivers were fixed on video cards so that problem was solved

all in all: Gothic 2 Gold is an RPG that every fan of genrie should try no matter of problems that may accure as they should brake your PC in half as it gives you plenty of time to waist and you will want to try other paths of game play to see what could have be done differently. I hope I helped and make you reader interested in this game and you will spend your time with joy.
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