Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. Experience an unprecedented class system, massive dynamic battles, and player housing like you’ve never seen before – all for free.
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Release Date: Oct 24, 2013

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September 23

Starfall Prophecy Preview: Planar Fragments

Do you fill multiple roles in group content? Are you tired of carrying around all that extra gear that clutters up your inventory? Are you frustrated with needing twice as many item drops of everyone else? Well look no further, because RIFT has the answer for you! Starfall Prophecy will take your gear from ordinary to extraordinary… with Planar Fragments!

Collect Planar Fragments throughout your adventures in The Celestial Lands, trough questing, PVP, dungeons, Planar Assaults, crafting, and Planar Fortress Sieges. With these fragments, you’ll be able to customize your stats for the role that you wish to play. For example, if you want to bolster your tanking ability, seek out fragments that have Dodge, Block, Guard, and Endurance as their primary attributes. If you want focus on damage or healing, collect fragments with Attack Power/Spell Power, Crit Chance, Crit Power, and the main stat of your calling (such as Wisdom for Clerics).

With Planar Fragments being the only source of tertiary stats, RIFT reduces the burden of obtaining multiple sets of gear and hoarding pieces of gear that might be required at some point in the future if you need to swap roles. Now you can do everything with just ONE set of gear and a few sets of Planar Fragments!

Over the past few updates, we've been working hard to reduce/remove the need for different sets of gear based on your role. For instance, in Mind of Madness, we removed the chance for gear to drop as tank specific, and instead provided side-grade paths for all DPS drops to change into tank gear. This certainly helped with dealing with the challenge of players who Tank and DPS in obtaining their desired role gear, but it still wasn’t the complete solution that we were looking for. Planar Fragments are a much bigger step in that direction, and we think you'll like them!

Whether a Planar Fragment is desirable for your character or not depends on the sum of its parts:

The first is the primary attribute. This is the stat that you will focus on when judging if you want to equip a fragment and invest in it for the long term. For instance, if you're going for a more PVP focused build, you'd probably value Endurance and base HP forat survivability higher than you would offensive stats such as Attack Power or Crit Rate - those may be preferred by someone aiming for PVE group content.

A fragment can also carry up to four secondary attributes. These can never be the same as the primary attribute, nor can they be the same as each other. Therefore, an Aggressive Fire Planar Fragment with Attack Power as the primary attribute cannot have Attack Power among its secondary attributes. Depending upon the rarity of the fragment, these secondary attributes will either be hidden or revealed. For now, rarity levels start at Common and go up to Relic. For each rarity starting with Uncommon, a secondary attribute is revealed on the fragment. As such, a Rare quality fragment will have two of the possible four revealed, three for Epic quality, and so on.

Once you have some good Fragments to work with, they can be improved through Infusion. By default, Fragments drop at Infusion level 0 and can increase to level 15. Each time an infusion level is completed, the primary attribute is increased, with a extra large increase at level 15! The secondary attributes also have a chance to improve and be revealed as the Infusion level is increased.

The final aspect affecting a fragment is planar affinity. The combination of the affinity and the primary attribute denote how much the fragment gains between infusion levels as well as what the maximum attribute value will be at level 15. For instance, Fire is an offensive-oriented affinity, so stats like Attack Power and Spell Power will more potent on a Fire fragment than on one with a planar affinity of Earth, which is more defensive oriented. However, Guard would be very potent for Earth.

This combination of aspects creates a compelling reward system that will help even the most die-hard of Rift players invest further in their character and advancement. Additionally, fragments are account bound by default, so your main character can find fragments for your alt characters and help gear them up, something that we've heard you asking for quite frequently of late.

We are excited about the introduction of Planar Fragments to Telara and can’t wait to see the imaginative ways you’ll put them to use!

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September 22

Starfall Prophecy Preview: Planar Assault Adventures

For five long years the Ascended have battled against an endless stream of invaders from the planes, invaders who can be driven off for a time but inexorably regroup and return later. At last, Ascended are given the means to turn the tables on these unwanted guests, and battle them in their own Plane!

Planar Assault Adventures are a new type of Instant Adventure available to those who have access to Starfall Prophecy. Once you queue up for these trials, you’ll travel from Telara to the very planes themselves!

You’ll first travel to the cosmic splinters of Fire and Life, staging grounds for Planar Invaders from the larger planes of Fire and Life, and disrupt Rifts before they ever reach Telara. Battle your way through waves of planar enemies, and prevent them from launching their murderous attacks on our world!

If you are successful in accomplishing these goals, you’ll be rewarded with the heartfelt loyalty of those whose lands would have been invaded, as well as the gratitude and respect of the Planar Defense Force itself. Planar fragments and essences are frequently offered as rewards for the victors, as well as strange new Dimension items and Minions found nowhere else in Telara.

The Planar Defense Force also has a collected stockpile of these items, available to the most dedicated Ascended guardians.
Prepare yourself for the next step and stop our vicious enemies from from ever reaching Telara’s beautiful lands!

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Pre-order Starfall Prophecy Today

Pre-order the Starfall Prophecy Deluxe Edition today and get the ferocious Ethereal Drake mount, the Asha Catari costume, and a Ring of Ahnket character portrait instantly!

Looking to just get the Starfall Prophecy content? Then pre-order the Starfall Prophecy Standard Edition.

Pre-ordering either version of Starfall Prophecy will also qualify you to start collecting daily Starfall Prophecy Tokens that can be traded for awesome rewards, including a 40-slot bag and the squirrely Opie mount.

About This Game

Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. Experience an unprecedented class system, massive dynamic battles, and player housing like you’ve never seen before – all for free.


Create a character and class to fit the way you play. Start by choosing from six races and dozens of unique Souls, each with hundreds of traits and abilities. Mix and match on the fly and re-specialize anytime you like.


Telara is a living, dynamic world where chaos can erupt at any moment. Whether you’re battling planar invasions or ancient titans alongside scores of your fellow Ascended, the next adventure is always near!


In the deep, dark places of Telara, foul creatures breed, scheme, and hoard the treasures of ages. Gather your friends and delve into dozens of dungeons and raids for groups of 2, 5, 10, and 20 players.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce FX 5900, ATI/AMD Radeon X300, Intel GMA X4500 or better.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c, June 2010 update
    • Hard Drive: 15.0 GB available
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compliant card
    • Other: Broadband internet connection (DSL, cable modem or other high speed connection)
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544.7 hrs
Posted: September 27
that pay2win is too stronk
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★ Sylar
12.1 hrs
Posted: September 26
Graphics not good and I dont like story
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16.5 hrs
Posted: September 26
Be careful when making purchases from Trion. I played Rift ages ago, then discovered Trion purchases on my credit card. These purchases happened almost a year after I had stopped playing, and were for a different Trion game (Arch Age).

Also, I quit the game because it was pay to win.
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759.2 hrs
Posted: September 25
one of the best mmorpg ive played !
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Jodi Arias
0.2 hrs
Posted: September 24
I used to like this game but it's taken a horrible turn. Trion is cancer.
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2,341.3 hrs
Posted: September 23
fun to play in raids and dung.

rift is unique 'cause of the souls and roles you can play. It's great!

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216.8 hrs
Pre-Release Review
Posted: September 23
Very fun game. It takes a bit to get used to the movment. I hope they keep balancing the game more and more.
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27.9 hrs
Posted: September 23
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5.1 hrs
Posted: September 23
I remeber actually pre-ordering this game and enjoying the living hell out of it years ago. It was a familiar game to play but had it's own personality. Like every MMO though it quickly went F2P as soon as the devs realized the players base was dropping, instead of creating interesting new content like raids classes and rewards like mounts and special armors. they made it free to play added an industry standard cash shop and inevitably killed their game.

Many may not agree with me on this but this is the game that got me away from World of Warcraft, it showed me there were other options. I have fallen for Trions MMO trap twice now, with this game and again with Defiance (mmostly because my wife and I enjoyed the show at the time). I highly recommend you don't even bother trying this game as a free player now, your time is far more valuable and there are much, much better free to play games available.
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399.9 hrs
Posted: September 20
This game is dead and now clearly just a deceiving way of grinding money (although they claim its f2p.
Dont waste your time in it ... please just dont
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Not Recommended
257.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 4
Used to play it before it was even on steam, got 3000 hours in it but I would not recommend it to anyone in its present state. I used to absolutely love this game, introduced it to many of my friends and we had alot of fun. But recently since a couple of expansions it has gone to complete ♥♥♥♥, ballant Pay to Win, dead cities and no real sense of community. Instead of spending 100$ on "totally optional" expansion packs, I suggest you look at some other better mmo's out there.
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
325.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 12
It has everything, mounts, a huge open world map, a lot of classes, excellent crafiting system, a lot of subclasses. As a MMORPG it is a deep and imersive history, unfortunatelly the game has turn into a pay to win a year ago or so, the community is dead, and it is impossible to have a decient experience on this game without spending money on it.
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16 of 25 people (64%) found this review helpful
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 31
First off, I've played this game for hundreds of hours outside of Steam. I have 2 max level characters.

The people who think the game is P2W haven't looked deep enough. The shop is deceiving at first glance. It shows the highest tier armor for sale for real-world currency only. What you don't see, is how to get that armor in-game for free.
The highest tier (raid) armor is achieved by UPGRADING lower tier (dungeon) armor, which you CAN do for free (quite easily in fact) OR from buying it directly in the shop for real-world currency. The game is not pay-2-win, it's pay-2-skip. You can either take the time to get geared yourself or skip past that and go straight to raids.

Now that that's out of the way, the game itself is pretty easy to describe. It's a F2P WoW clone. It looks like WoW, it plays like WoW, it feels like WoW. I've never played another "WoW clone" that gave me this feeling I never knew I was missing since I stopped playing WoW.

That's not to say that it doesn't have it's differences. The class system is amazingly customizable. Put simply, remember the talent trees in WoW, pre-Cataclysm? In Rift you can mix and match the three talent trees from 11 trees per class. Mix Warlock with Stormcaller and Frostkeeper as a mage, or Marksman with Bard and Assassin as a rogue. Make familiar classes like WoW-style Warlock by mixing Warlock (affliction) with Necromancer (demonology) and Pyromancer (destruction).

There are other innovations as well, far too many to go into in this review. However, none of them keep the game from playing like WoW.

TL;DR: If you're looking for a F2P WoW replacement, this is by far your best option. It is also not P2W though it may appear so at first glance.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
211.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 9
I love this game, I have over 2000 hours on the Glyph client.
Exited to play the new expac. This game has some haters, but also pretty dedicated playerbase. It is a nice and generally helpful community, especially by f2p standards.
Its well done f2p with only the newset expansion as pay to play. Pretty much everyhitng puchasable with cash in game, is accessable via in game currency's. With the new expac Rift will essentialy be f2p up to level 65, where the expac will then let you level up to 70.
If your looking to spend some time and get into a MMORPG, i would reccomend you give it a whirl.
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3 of 6 people (50%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 4
I think it's good but i dont play it on steam anymore i play right from glyph so it takes less space. I have played this a lot but then i stopped cuz it wasnt just good enough but like a year later i came back and i see serious changes and now im playing it again and i like it but there is few things that could be added like dungeos and not just instant adventures they get boring. I really like how you can adjust the lvl like below something you are so you can play with your low lvl friend. Buuut yeah this beats archeage atleast and guild wars 2. But if you do have money to spend just use it on World of Warcraft its not the same like in the old days but its still good :D and beats this ^-^ and Rift sure has DLC but doesnt all games have? :D
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1,369 of 1,519 people (90%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
10,225.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 17, 2015
What have I done with my life?

Once upon a time, Rift was a wonderful game, a great 'classic' MMO that had meaningful content, good raids and dungeons and was really worth investing the time into. Then Trion Worlds started bleeding money on failed project after failed project and Rifts Dev team got axed down hard. To try and compensate things went F2P and things were fine at first. Hey we get nifty new costumes and I don't need to pay a sub fee anymore (I still did, even if the original patron perks were pretty bad by recent standards.)

The shift was subtle at first, gear became purchasable, either directly or in directly through lotto style loot crates that you can buy for special mounts and get decent gear on the side (A great deal till you realize the currency you get for the mounts is character bound, and the gear you get from the chest is based on your characters class. Meaning that before you'll ever have the currency saved to get that special super shiney mount, you'll have wasted more cash then you will want to think about on what is basically worthless chests and gears as opening them on a different character who could use the gear, means your currency is split. Well played Trion.) Tangent aside. What this gear purchasing did was create a stigma in the "PuG" raiding community, as you had to have the achievements to even be able to join the raids, and if you didn't have a guild that did them? You were SoL.

Things like that continued to spiral out of control, when you realized how long it would take to grind out the dungeon and raid tokens to get gear, but feel free to buy Patron status and token boosters to cut down on that time by several hundred percent. Turning what used to be a fairly smooth and natural gear progression into something akin to an Asian MMO's level of grinding. Oh and because of course it is, the pvp is entirely based around who out gears who.

Throw in the usual batch of awful awful people that come with the F2P crowd, and it's hard to even argue if just playing it for the social aspect is worth it. From an Role Play standpoint it does a few things right and many things wrong. The lore is built out of wet tissue paper, and few people even follow that, open world role play is almost impossible to find and when you do? You're going to wish you hadn't. One of the good and bad things it has, are Dimensions, or just player housing. Easily costumizable zones and area's you can do a great deal of things with. Probably the most positive thing about this game these days, minus the obvious cash shop tie in's to building materials. Of course, player housing is always a double edged sword for role play as it becomes cliquish and impossible for new people to really get involved.

In the end the final nail in the coffin that made me write this review, was when they released the new single zone, not an expansion pack, not a new continent. But one area. They wanted to charge one hundred dollars, for the new class that came with it, as well as some relatively worthless in game items. This harkens back to the Ember isle map they added years ago, it was free, it was an amazing area and I still consider it their best zone. And while you can still reach this new zone for free, and the new class can be picked up for the low low cost of about 30 bucks (Without the cyber swag). I can only stop to realize, Rift really isn't the same. And it's just not worth the time anymore.

Oh and there's easily another 1-2k hours missing from that playtime. So there goes that entire year of my life! Shoulda put that time into something I could have gone professional instead. Like Solitaire.
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690 of 771 people (89%) found this review helpful
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101.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 8, 2014
RIFT is the perfect World of Warcraft clone. It has everything WoW has:
Same interface, mechanics, professions, auction house, instances, raids, BGs, item naming, controls, addons on Curse, talents, etc,

It also has the additions that WoW has always needed:
- Random Zone Events (constant, running all the time)
- Rifts (which appear randomly and massively accros the map)
- 1 and 2 players dungeons (Chronicles)
- Built-in mechanics that in WoW you need addons (sell grey items, quest guides, etc)
- Instant Adventures, which randomly matches you with a bunch of players and then you keep doing infinitely chosen grinding quests in a zone, giving massive EXP and rewards (the best way to level).

But mostly important it has AN AWESOME CHARACTER CLASS AND ROLE CUSTOMIZATION. It's something like "make your own class and roles":
- Caster DPS-Tank-Healer
- Pure caster DPS
- Caster and Melee DPS
- Caster with Pet DPS and Healer (or just DPS)
- Melee Tank with Healing habilities

Regarding the Free to Play aspect of it: you can completely play the game without ever spending a penny, but a few restrictions:
- You can't sell on the Auction House
- Limited bags (very annoying)
- You will have to grind a lot in order to buy mounts

But I was so hooked the first day that I bought the Classic Collector's Pack, unlocking a lot of extras, plus giving 1 month of Patron, which means 40% additional exp = faster leveling. Also, I WANTED to pay, because I was willing to help Trion. This game DESERVES money. It's polished, addicting and well crafted.

If you want to play WoW but aren't willing for a comeback, RIFT is your game!
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427 of 474 people (90%) found this review helpful
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4,478.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 30, 2014

RIFT is a great game. As of writing this review I have logged almost 4000 hours. Mhmm. Almost four thousand. One hundred and sixty-six days. It's a safe assumption that I'm a veteran player that has been enjoying this game almost since release!

After hearing about it, I was worried about Trions Free To Play buisness model. I am happy to report (contrary to other opinions) that there is NOTHING out of reach in game to non patrons (subscribers) or those that don't want to spend hard earned cash for pixels and code, The F2P system in RIFT is created as such to allow people to purchase Credits using in-game currency. It might take a damn sight longer, but you could get everything, including sub time, just by something as simple as selling artifact collections.

Combat is pretty fun, and the souls/roles (Calling/Class) system is one of the best i have ever experienced in an MMO. Mage tank? Sure! Cleric bard? Done! A Warrior healer? Go for it! Each class is updated by the devs fairly regularly, so all of them are fairly balanced, there are a few exceptions (looking at you Physician...).

The world is huge, and gets bigger with each expansion. It still looks pretty good despite it's three year long run and is still one of my favourite MMOs ever.

TL;DR Great game with a ton of content, entirely free to play, if you don't enjoy it I'll personally refund your free for free.
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375 of 415 people (90%) found this review helpful
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2,771.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2014
As I have played this game for 2,700 hours I thought I might as well leave my opinion on it. I'll keep it short and simple.

Pros ☺
+ One of the best PvE experiences I've ever had in any game. The world and the raids are extremely dynamic with fun and well-designed boss encounters.
+ Great community.
+ There's always something to do.
+ A neat wardrobe system allowing you to change the looks of your gear if you're not satisfied with how it looks or the pieces don't match. Purely cosmetic feature. This has been taken even further after Nightmare Tide, as you can now directly "transmog" any gearpiece including weapons directly from your wardrobe tab.
+ Many different options when creating your spec due to the soul tree feature.
+ Seasonal events in which you unlock items such as mounts, clothing/gear, companions and more.
+ F2P. You CAN buy gear with Gems which cost real money, but in order to do so, you must spend a helluva lot of money. It doesn't really have a negative effect on the game. If you're overall bad at the game/your role, gear won't help you. Guilds don't accept people without experience. The game is just as playable F2P as if you paid for stuff.
+ Free server transfer every 7 days.

Cons ☹
- Horrible PvP. It's quite unbalanced and gets repetitive pretty fast.
- Bad customer support. Can barely assist you due to all their policies.
- Spending a lot of time on farming items such as gear pieces and planar essences is necessary in order to succesfully raid. I do however believe this applies to most MMOs.
- Too few gear models. Often you'll see the same model used for several different gear pieces with other stats. Just letting you know if you're into cosmetics and looking cool.
- The amount of players seems to be decreasing.

So why quit a game you've spent almost 3,000 hours in?
It's difficult to give just one reason or explanation. Basically, the fact I had played it for that long might've burnt me out. Other than that, my guild in which we had an awesome community disbanded, and the friends I used to play RIFT with had switched over to other games. Furthermore, I suppose I also just wanted to play other games. I have plenty on Steam and I'm not the type of guy who sticks with just one game forever. I like variation.
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481 of 565 people (85%) found this review helpful
384.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
Everything that made World of Warcraft great (minus the world itself), Telara is pretty big on its own. Had some great time tinkering builds in the game, dungeons are pretty challenging when you get into them at first. Progression feels very smooth and any time you spend into the game is rewarding.

Polished and neat MMO, very recommended
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