Sid Meiers Civilization har sålt i över 6 miljoner ex och fått oöverträffad kritik från både fans och media över hela världen. Civilization är erkänd som en av tidernas största spelserier för PC. Nu kommer Sid Meier och Firaxis Games att ta det här superroliga och beroendeframkallande spelet till nya höjder genom att tillföra nya sätt...
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Utgivningsdatum: 25 okt, 2005

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"I have played this game since 2006 and modding to death. Unit stacking is a wee problem, but it very fun grand strategy and empire building game."

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Sid Meiers Civilization har sålt i över 6 miljoner ex och fått oöverträffad kritik från både fans och media över hela världen. Civilization är erkänd som en av tidernas största spelserier för PC. Nu kommer Sid Meier och Firaxis Games att ta det här superroliga och beroendeframkallande spelet till nya höjder genom att tillföra nya sätt att spela och vinna det på, plus nya verktyg för att hantera och expandera civilisationer, nya användarvänliga tilläggsfunktioner och intensiva lägen och alternativ för flera spelare. Civilization IV kommer till liv som aldrig förr genom en vackert detaljerad och verklighetstrogen 3D-värld som kommer att förhöja spelupplevelsen till en helt ny nivå. Civilization IV har redan prisats som ett av 2005 års bästa spel och är ett måste för alla världens spelfantaster!

*Online Multiplayer to be suspended as of May 31st 2014, LAN mode still supported. Mac version's Online Multiplayer no longer supported.


Mac OS X
    Minst: Windows 2000/XP, processor av typen 1,2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 eller AMD Athlon eller motsvarande, 256 MB arbetsminne, 64 MB grafikkort med T&L-funktion (GeForce 2/Radeon 7500 eller senare) DirectX7-kompatibelt ljudkort, 1,7 GB ledigt hårddiskutrymme, DirectX9.0c (ingår)
    Rekommenderas: Windows 2000/XP, processor av typen 1,8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 eller AMD Athlon eller motsvarande/bättre, 512 MB arbetsminne, 128 MB grafikkort med DirectX 8-funktion (Pixel och Vertex Shader), DirectX7-kompatibelt ljudkort, 1,7 GB ledigt hårddiskutrymme, DirectX9.0c (ingår)
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 to 10.10
    • Processor: Intel chipset
    • CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 3.5 GB free disk space
    • Video Card: (ATI): Radeon 9600 Video Card (NVidia): GeForce FX 5200
    • Video Memory: (VRam): 128 MB RAM
    • Multiplayer: Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires broadband connection.
    • Media Required: DVD Drive Supported Video cards: NVIDIA GeForce 5200, 6600, 6800, 7800 ATI Radeon 9600, 9650, 9700, 9800, X600, X800, X850, X1600
    • NOTICE: This game is not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive).
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Upplagd: 9 mars
Once upon a time, I tried Civilization V. I discovered it was buggy. What I did play was really fun though. So my in-laws bought me Civilization III, which was really fun. I then saw that Civilization IV was on sale, along with the expansions, so I bought the main game and a couple of the expansions. I am currently enjoying the happily ever after.
This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. My husband and I are enjoying a hotseat match in which I am sure will end in a bloodbath. In Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword I am preparing to conquer the world with my mighty Celtic army. Civilization IV is an awesome strategy game in which almost anything is possible. There are so many different leaders to choose, and many different ways to beat the game. Sure, you could do a military victory, but you can also win diplomatically, artistically, and financially. There is also the Space Race...
For those of you kind of wary of strategy titles, let me assure you this is a very newbie friendly game. There are a variety of difficulties, and very detailed tutorials to help out. Also, being turn based has a huge advantage in being able to think out what you want to do. Having played Paradox Interactive titles like Victoria II, this is a far cry from the level of complexity found in those games. Nor is it very concerned with historical authenticity. When I first played as Boudicca, a warrior queen of the Celts, I expected to run into one of the Caesars, but instead I ran into General Bismark! My husband demonstrated some interesting divergents from history by having his Germans found Judaism 8), Christianity, and Islam. By what should have been mid-early Dark Ages, his musketmen were busy conquering the Russian Civilization. By the Industrial Revolution, his assorted tanks were conquering the world. He then won peacefully by using the UN to vote himself as the ruler of the world. definitely couldn't do that in a Paradox Interactive title.
I know I have many many more hours of enjoyment awaiting me in Civilization IV. This is a great game to play solo or with others. I can't wait to explore all the possibilities.
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Upplagd: 2 maj
A revolutionary game for its time, Civ IV is still good nearly 10 years later. By far a better game than Civ V, IV is complex and engaging with more to learn every time you play. If you buy this game, there is a strong chance you will become obsessed and spend hours on end playing. As long as you have the time, Civ IV is much more worthwhile than many of the newer, more expensive games out now.
BUT if you do not want to lose hours of your day without noticing... DO NOT get this game!
You don't mind playing marathon sessions and being totally obsessed with conquering the world? Then this is the right game for you!

Just one more turn ... and one more turn .... one more ...
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Upplagd: 15 mars
Elizabeth tells me that I will regret offending her, tell her to suck these patriotic nuts. 10/10 Would tell the Queen of England to suck these American nuts again
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Upplagd: 15 juni
Also known as "Montezuma vs the rest of the world".
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Upplagd: 27 juli
First off, I actually have 75 hours in this game at the time of writing, since you launch Beyond the Sword if you have the DLC. This review will be done through the eyes of a player coming from Civ V and will be a comparison of the two.

TL;DR - I love it. Probably not as good as Civ V, but familiar and different enough that I think it makes an easy buy for any Civ V fan.

+ The espionage is much, much more entertaining and active, I love it. The capabilities of a spy include bombing building, poisoning the water supply (food reduction), sabotaging production, stealing technology, influencing religion and civics, and a couple more. You can also alter your production of espionage points to lean towards or away from certain civs (for example you can produce more points towards your biggest rival, and less points from distant civs). It is a great system.

+ Combat is very different, and in my opinion better. Units unique abilities are given more weight; archers and longbowmen can be incredibly powerful on city defense, catapults and trebuchets are almost absolutely necessary for taking a city, etc. There is more incentive to not just build 20 of whatever unit has the most combat strength and charge in. Combat gets a little smarter.

+ Given the 5 year gap between IV and V, you'd think that Civ IV would look much poorer...and you would kinda be right. Things don't look as great, a couple of the leaders are ugly as sin, but it more than makes up for this in building a stronger atmosphere. It does this by actually having a few different models for units, and I don't mean unique units for civs. It things like this; everyone can build a swordsman, and they will have have the same stats, but if you play as Arabia, they will have scimitars, if you play and England, they will have broadswords, workers will look different, etc. It is a great touch. There is also unique music for each time period, like when you first start a game it will play tribal music. If you are playing as Spain and click a unit, they will speak in Spanish. These kinds of things make up for the 5 year gap in graphical capabilities.

+ Random events. Now I know this might sound bad, but they are reasonable and I think spice things up quite well. They are not completely random and tied various things like the time period. Examples would be a nearby mountain being an erupting volcano and destroying nearby improvements, if you have the slavery civic you might have a slave revolt and lose production for awhile. You'll also get choices most the the time. Like a Russian government official wants to defect to your country, do you accept him and gain espionage points against Russia? Or arrest him and hand him back over, gaining a relationship boost for Russia? It's fun.

- What I feel is the biggest con: there is a loss of uniqueness for civs. There are no civ perks like they're were in Civ V (Venice can only build one city, Rome gets +25% for each building already in the capital, etc). These perks were one of my favorite things in V and I miss them. Each civ still gets a unique building and unit, but these often are (mechanically) much more boring than they were in Civ V. Nothing like the Zulu unit who has a first strike, or Portugal's ship that can also do a trade mission. Often in Civ IV, the unique units just start with a particular free promotion, that any other unit could get if it gets enough experience. These changes allow for more freedom but also take away some of the reason you pick a particular civilization: to play a particular playstyle. I pick India because I want to play small but powerful, Rome because I want to spread my empire far and wide, Germany because I want to have large standing armies, etc. Instead most civs have multiple leaders to choose from. While this is cool to see different faces, all the leaders have two traits that many other civs also have. Yeah Genghis Khan has the aggressive trait (certain unit types get free promotion and double production speed of barracks) but so does Stalin, and probably 5 or 6 other leaders.

- Half of the victory conditions have issues. Science and score are fine. Culture victory is boring as hell. It involves nothing more than accumulating culture points from building and wonders and once 3 cities reach 50,000 bam, you win. Even pre-dlc Civ V cultural victory had you build the Utopian Project. Diplomatic victory is nigh impossible. There are no city states in Civ IV, so you are force to kiss everyone's ♥♥♥ and bend to their wills if you want that victory. Even then if you have different religions they will basically never vote for you. Conquest Involves you taking ALL other cities. Yes even that one out in that distant snow-covered island that has a population of 2. This is kinda-sorta "fixed" by the Domination victory type, which involves getting x% of the total land and y% of the total population in the world. Except the numbers are so high that you basically only get it when you could have easily won through science/military/score.

Minor stuff:
- Unit can stack on one tile. Except the markers for how many units are there max out at 8. So I can't tell if a nearby city has 8 units (hey this is a border city and I am just defending it) or 24 units (hey I am about to ♥♥♥♥ing wreck you in two turns).
+ You can see numeric breakdown of relationships for other civs. -4 for different religion, +2 for fair trades, -9 for huge recent war. Quickly brings you up to speed on how heavy certain actions are.
+ You can trade technologies!
+ A couple more interesting technologies.
- The religion system has no perks to choose from like in Civ V.
+ In the very beginning of the game you have to watch out for wild animals like bears and wolfs.

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