Com mais de 6 milhões de unidades vendidas e críticas nunca vistas dos fãs e da imprensa em todo o mundo, Civilization, de Sid Meier, é reconhecido como um dos maiores franchises de todos os tempos na indústria de jogos para PC.
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Data de lançamento: 25 Out, 2005

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"I have played this game since 2006 and modding to death. Unit stacking is a wee problem, but it very fun grand strategy and empire building game."

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5 Junho

Civilization IV Steamworks update released

The patch that replaces GameSpy with Steamworks for multiplayer functionality is now available via Steam. The game functions identically to the previous GameSpy version with the exception that the “Direct IP” option has been removed as it is no longer supported. Save game data should not be negatively affected. If you own a physical disc version of Civilization IV and are interested in receiving this multiplayer update, please submit a support request.

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Acerca deste jogo

Com mais de 6 milhões de unidades vendidas e críticas nunca vistas dos fãs e da imprensa em todo o mundo, Civilization, de Sid Meier, é reconhecido como um dos maiores franchises de todos os tempos na indústria de jogos para PC. Agora, Sid Meier e a Firaxis Games vão levar este jogo incrivelmente divertido e viciante para novos patamares, ao acrescentar novas formas de jogar e ganhar, novas ferramentas para gerir e expandir a sua civilização, novas capacidades de mods de utilização fácil e fantásticos modos e opções para multi-jogador. Civilization IV terá um aspecto nunca visto, num mundo tridimensional com belos detalhes e pleno de vida, que levará a experiência de jogabilidade para um nível totalmente novo. Civilization IV já foi proclamado como um dos dez melhores jogos de 2005, sendo um jogo obrigatório para jogadores em todo o mundo!

*Online Multiplayer to be suspended as of May 31st 2014, LAN mode still supported. Mac version's Online Multiplayer no longer supported.

Requisitos do Sistema

    Mínimo: Windows 2000/XP, processador Intel Pentium 4 ou AMD Athlon a 1,2 GHz ou equivalente, 256 MB de RAM, placa gráfica de 64 MB com Hardware T&L (GeForce 2/Radeon 7500 ou superior), placa de som compatível com DirectX7, 1,7 GB de espaço livre em disco, DirectX9.0c (incluído)
    Recomendado: Windows 2000/XP, processador Intel Pentium 4 ou AMD Athlon a 1,8 GHz ou equivalente/superior, 512 MB de RAM, placa gráfica de 128 MB com suporte para DirectX 8 (shaders de pixeis e vértices), placa de som compatível com DirectX7, 1,7 GB de espaço livre em disco, DirectX9.0c (incluído)
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher
    • Processor: Intel chipset
    • CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 3.5 GB free disk space
    • Video Card: (ATI): Radeon 9600 Video Card (NVidia): GeForce FX 5200
    • Video Memory: (VRam): 128 MB RAM
    • Multiplayer: Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires broadband connection.
    • Media Required: DVD Drive Supported Video cards: NVIDIA GeForce 5200, 6600, 6800, 7800 ATI Radeon 9600, 9650, 9700, 9800, X600, X800, X850, X1600
    • NOTICE: This game is not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive).
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It's called Civilization IV for a reason. You'll be sitting at your computer for so long the doctors'll have to stick you with an IV.
Publicada: 14 Julho
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Civ IV makes plenty of great changes and additions to just about every aspect of the hazardously habit-forming strategy blueprint that famed designer Sid Meier and his talented team have made famous the world over, from combat to diplomacy to research to production to winning the space race. undamentally, this is a much-improved version of the same Civ games we've all been playing and desperately trying to put down for years. And that's far from a bad thing. In fact, it's an awesome thing.If you're familiar with the Civilization series, then you're already well aware that they've traditionally been turn-based strategy games that let you play as the political leader of one of the world's nations in a fictitious bid to take over the globe.The series gives you plenty of ways to do this, such as conquering your neighbors, researching advanced technology, or, in Civilization III (and IV), creating the most cultured society on the planet. It's this great variety that helps give Civ IV the same alarmingly addictive quality its predecessors carried. Like in previous games, your political leader has two special traits that will influence his or her reign, though all the game's traits are new.The Civ series' gameplay has several components, and almost every single one of them is improved in Civ IV. For instance, the series' combat system, which pits different military units against one another based on relative unit strength and technology, has been changed to a "strength" system that seems more intuitive.Civ IV has also improved on the way diplomacy works. While you can still make nice with your neighbors, you have more options than just trading goods, cities, technologies, and/or relations. You can attempt to influence your neighbors to make war or peace with other neighbors, and you can even fence everyone out of your backyard using the game's new "open borders" system.The new great people system is an interesting and useful addition that will probably be especially appreciated by experts. Great people can be expended in exchange for a number of powerful abilities. Civ IV makes a turn for the better by emphasizing strategic planning in general, which ultimately makes the game more balanced. In response to fan requests to adjust the pace of the game, developer Firaxis has added three speeds: the surprisingly fast normal speed, the even-faster quick speed, and the slower-paced epic speed. Even single-player and multiplayer options have been improved in Civ IV. The single-player game offers much-improved artificial intelligence that seems to cheat much less than in previous games, or not at all.Multiplayer also seems to work quite well, and thanks to the game's faster pace, it seems much, much more realistic to actually finish multiplayer games, especially on the "quick" speed setting.The actual game itself looks considerably better, even though the interface can seem a bit rough at times.An incredibly addicting, engrossing, and incredibly well-designed inclusion. No stone was left unturned as the developers crafted this masterpiece and if you’re a fan of the previous installments of this game, you’re definitely going to enjoy this one.
Publicada: 29 Setembro
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132 de 231 pessoas (57%) acharam esta análise útil
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better than civ5 confirmed
Publicada: 11 Junho
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18 de 25 pessoas (72%) acharam esta análise útil
5.4 hrs em registo
Fair warning:this game is not for the faint hearted. The experience comes primarily from the involvement with the game over time. A good civ game is not one that lasts a couple of hours, but one that lasts eons where pretty much all countries have discovered nukes and robots and are on the verge of destroying the entire world. I will put my hand up and say I havn't played a proper game yet but coming from the earlier civ games, this is a thing of beauty.
Publicada: 10 Agosto
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5 de 6 pessoas (83%) acharam esta análise útil
5.5 hrs em registo
I absolutely love Civilization IV, endless hours of strategic gameplay value not to mention the game come installed with various mods pre-installed that were created by the community. You can also find other mods that let you play as different leaders, civilizations and scenarios.
The combat in the game is done very well, as is the diplomacy. The game also has various civilizations to compete against and each leader with it's various traits. It's extremely well developed and the religious aspect is also done very well, each religion has it's own chapel, monastary, cathedral and the religions unique building.
The game is balaced and takes a little bit of time to get fully into it, it's really worth it though.
Publicada: 10 Junho
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271 de 308 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
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I've never played a Civ game until now. It's fun but seriously France?! We were BEST FRIENDS and then you randomly decide to declare war on me?! I don't know how often I'll be able to play this game. I can't handle all the betrayal.
Publicada: 2 Janeiro
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