Warning: Game is in early access! Welcome to the mysterious world of Novus Inceptio where new gaming experience of exploring, building and surviving awaits. Explore the true sandbox survival world and take part in the development of the full game.
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Mostly Positive (56 reviews) - 76% of the 56 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
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Release Date: Oct 5, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Novus Inceptio has been in development, by a small team, since 2014. Our main goal is the creation of a game for players wishing to help tweak and polish gameplay, as we need feedback if our game is to compete in the modern gaming world. That being the case, this is the reason why we’ve decided to go with Early Access instead of a crowdfunding campaign.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“This will depend on how we polish the Early Access version of the game, or what we like to call the “GHOST” version of the game, in preparation for a full MMO experience. Therefore, due to the complexity of development we cannot promise a specific timeline; however, we currently estimate one to two years of development time.””

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The game will transition into a full-on MMO. As such, players will be able to communicate and interact with each other; build houses, villages, and cities together; and, we also plan to add new regions, locations, and crafting. As each new feature is implemented, players will be notified and be able to download new content. We have a lot of ideas, so look forward to new updates which we will release periodically!”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Currently, the game is in a good state and we are polishing every detail to bring about as smooth an MMO gameplay experience as possible. The most important features necessary to play the game have been implemented and polished. Game optimization will gradually be carried out according to the feedback and needs of players regarding minimum hardware requirements.

Current status, you can watch here: Trello Road map/bugs.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“This is a very hard question to answer at such an early stage in the game’s development, and, as such, there is no simple answer. We believe that early access will help to determine the best starting price. Therefore, price range may alter during development.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“During the first few weeks or months we will focus on optimization and bug fixing. After, we will try to listen to all suggestions of the community and polish gameplay based off of the feedback from forums, social networks, the web, etc.
Please understand that it is not always possible to do everything as requested by the community, however, every request will be deeply considered in regards to future versions of the game. The game, as a whole, should be a result of the work of anyone who wishes to contribute.”
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Recent updates View all (85)

June 23

0.50.024 - Very important hotfix!

Hello everyone,

We have a very important fix here.
As minor updates were released during the 22nd and 23rd of June.
Because the steam was overloaded, some game files have been corrupted - problem with steam integrity. This problem causing some players not to download all of the game items they have created (these are predominantly land-based items (workshops, trees, building components - entire houses) after the game was restarted.

We are very sorry for this problem - we are publishing this special hotfix.

But do not be afraid (you have not actually lost any items) - They just did not appear after the game was restarted.
Now its all correct!

Thanks for understanding.

This hotfix also includes some extra things like:

  • A little adjusted performance for UI render
  • Improving a visual display of the status notification.
  • Added option to kill yourself using the "/suicide" as chat command - your character will die (similar to a fight) after entering this command. If kill yourself in an inaccessible place, you will find it hard to get to your belongings, which is left in the "your dead box" (we recommend moving items to the A2-A warehouse before executing this command for death). This death does not generate "Dog tag".

BTW: These days (during summer discounts) it is very convenient after downloading any update, also verify the integrity of the file for the game.

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June 20

0.50.017 - 023 - Enhanced interaction

Hello everyone,

there is another major update, this time mainly focused on enhancing interaction with the environment.
This is an essential step for better control of the game. All actions were reduced to just 4 keys (LMB, RMB, E and F). For players who have played a lot of hours in the our game, can will be difficult to get used to new shortcuts at first, but after a while you get used to and rather you will appreciate that specific actions was no longer change keyboard shortcuts;)
The change has also received a notification about the items we've got - we think you'll appreciate it now.

Improving crafting UI is unfortunately not part of this update (only major changes in the recipe and its layout). UI for crafting requires a lot of change and also more implementation time. But it is one of the points we will focus on and then we can devote ourselves to the other things we need in the game. Everything has to be given gradually and with care.

This update includes a lot of other things - headed improvements and edits like:

Some players will certainly welcome better using RAM - which improves the performance of the game.
Hardcore players will welcome the opportunity to get raw ore from the stones around the world (although only on a small percentage, but we hope this is good reward - raw ore is still a valuable raw material in the new world).
Beware of the monsters around the world - a number of mathematical formulas have been changed for their attributes and attributes for your equipment. If you think that the creatures is too light to kill, then test to beat them without armor and only with the basic knife;)
And if you find it too dangerous, remember that the power is in the gear - do not forget to improve your armor and weapons through the "imrove weapons/armors kits" (also carefully consider what material you use to produce weapons and armor - material bonuses add up from the tree branch to the sword handle Including its blades (as some players have already learned in the game, it is possible to make a sword that heals you during the fight;)). And also fighting (even with hare or crab = combat skill training that affects your overall combat result).

For (not only) newcomers it will be a pleasure for the startup tutorial was be a bit more user friendly (but still not perfect). And especially the automatic replenishment of life (unless you character are not injured) outside the safe zones - albeit slowly but still (but better is to crafting some healing items (bandages, potions etc.) ;))

Here we copy the our "request/information" from the previous update. Because it is still very acute - thanks so much!

Also, it seems like the time has come for a small request for you our faithful players.

Over the last few days, our game has undergone a major change (a new world) that was necessary even though many players may not like it at first glance. This change took place in the first days with many problems (which were fixed within a few days) - these problems were caused by the fact that we wanted to keep all items our players from the old world. Unfortunately, these issues have been signed up for the evaluation of the game - many players have given our game a negative rating (which is not very constructive and objective). We welcome any evaluation and I am very grateful for constructive criticism. But some reviews of the game are rather detrimental to the global view (players will never remove it and it will remain with our game forever). So, if there is someone among you who likes our game and believes it, any reviews will help us now.
Thank you for everything!

Below is a complete list of changes and innovations:

Enchanced UI
  • Overall change of visual and functional interaction on objects around the world
  • All interactions were reduced to 4 actions (LMB, RMB, E and F) - if the object had multiple actions, the actions are logically dosed according to the logic of the current use.
  • Identical actions (such as get leaves, branches, felling, etc.) already have identical shortcuts to the keyboard.
  • It does not happen that the same action has always had another interaction key.
  • Essential actions such as cutting, destroying, picking items, salvaging a building, etc., require that the key be held down (mostly hold RMB) .These actions is no longer just a one fast click - there will be no mistakes as unwanted items picking from your house etc.
  • If the action can not be performed there is a small red cross, but when you executing the action, floating text notification is displayed with some informations.
  • Notification about of received new items is completely redesigned and is newly at the bottom right of the screen
  • The notification even links identical items (unless it is different tier or materials)
  • The notification also includes information about an increase in skills or stats by 0.5 points

New content
  • New item "Dog tag", which will be created after the death of a your character (exclude death for the old age) and can be found in the box on the spot of your death.

Gameplay changes
  • Craft - Forge station already contains all weapons
  • Craft - Compost requires 5 barks now, instead of just one
  • Craft - Some recipes in categories are now better organized
  • Craft - Recipes with "OR" tag have been modified - these recipes are now separated for each type. For example: Instead of one recipe for "Head", there are now 3 recipes "Head-wood / Head-stone / Head-metal") This is necessary for future new craft UIs and for better new players understanding (also fix some craft bug).
  • Resources - With rock mining, it is now possible to obtain on a small percentage of raw ore or graphite
  • Resources - Reduced drop of seedlings from trees / shrubs to 25%
  • Resources - The time to perform the action to get the rune fragment was reduced by one-half.
  • Resources - Fox fur already has material bonuses
  • Fight - The combat detection zone (the white circle around the player, indicating the range of the player's attack) is no longer visible - it is no longer needed (everything is enough to provide detection zones around the enemy).
  • Fight - If the character is not injured and does not have a full life, hes life is complemented by at a very slow speed. Specific safe zones add life quicker.
  • Creatures - Buffalo and Deer are now have dynamic level
  • Creatures - Buffalo (male) is now aggressive
  • Creatures - Global correction of the calculation of all attributes of monsters with dynamic level (attack, defense, life, etc.)
  • Objects - The workstations that have the lights will automatically light up and go out if is night or day.
  • Objects - The chandeliers will automatically light up and go out if is night or day.
  • Objects - Static lights (torches, etc.) set up around the world (temple, ruins, etc.) only shine when it is night.
  • Items - The global reduction of all basic defense values for armor (bonus material from the material is unchanged)
  • Items - Changed (reduced) Rarity of Armor and Weapon - Affects the resulting defensive and offensive values as well as final prices
  • Interaction - Trade terminal "Sell all button" only shows if the item has more than one item and can be stacked
  • Interaction - Repair actions on outdoor objects only show if the item is damaged by more than 4.9%
  • Interaction - If the outdoor item is damaged, no any other action than repair can be done - the next action will only appear after the repair
  • Interaction - Gardening fields cannot be removed if harvesting is possible
  • Interaction - The gardening field now shows specific actions as needed and adjudication (watering -> maintenance -> composting -> fertilizing), but only in the case when the field requires these action.
  • Interaction - A camp fire (or an object that requires ignition) now generates ash when ignited
  • Interaction - The well will offer a bottle refill only when available empty bottles / buckets are available in the inventory or A2-A storage
  • Tutorial - The startup tutorial has been slightly improved.

Issue fixes
  • Performance - Improved work with RAM and thanks to this, it is raised a bit some performance
  • Performance - Slightly improved performance for torches.
  • Gameplay - Your own cloning station is already functioning correctly as a revive point.
  • Interaction - Wall lightings has an improved position for placement on a wall.
  • Resources - Planted shrubs do not show action "destroy" unless they are in an adult state
  • Craft - Returned ingredients from the production are correctly placed on the inventory (correct items positions).
  • Objects - The torches in the temple are already correctly positioned.
  • UI - The stone wall 2x2 already has the right icon in the construction mode.
  • Translations - correction of some German texts

  • FIGHT - Fixed one problem with the freezing of the character during the fight (it is still possible that the freezing will occur - we please, send us a report and a thorough description of how the situation happened - we thank you!)
  • GAMEPLAY - Adjusted statistics for "tea" and "stamina potion".
  • GAMEPLAY - Added ability to turn lights on and off on objects with automatic night lighting (this option is enabled only during the day).
  • INTERACTION - The outdoor wells already allows action ("fill water all") - if the required amount of empty water bottles (or empty bucket) is available in inventory or A2-A storage.
  • INTERACTION - Raw materials from dead creatures already have fixed keys (LMB - Loot, E - Meat, F - Pelt)
  • UI - Overall correction of the visual display of bonus attributes for HP and STAMINA (where numeric value was displayed as % and misinformation occurred).
  • UI - Minor correction of the notification when it erroneously shows that you have earned 0 pieces of item tax (it was only a visual bug)
  • UI - Added a notifying fly text when trying to activate building mode in forbidden locations such as towers or a starter temple.
  • UI - Notifying flying text now has a longer duration
  • UI - Improved text in the building mode to better understand that construction is only temporarily allowed only on building sites.
  • AI - Reducing the aggressive reach of buffaloes.
  • WORLD - Removed individual problem with specific trees in the world (the problem was be on a one buildings area).

0.50.019 - 020
  • UI - Correction of confusion non-English texts for lights on and off.
  • GAMEPLAY - Fixing the froze action in some cases.

  • Notification - an increase in a state (such as strength, logic, etc.) is indicated by 0.05 points - ordinary skills (such as botanize, mining, etc.) remained at the original value of 0.5 points (This is just visual information, there has been no change in calculations).
  • Notification - There is no longer a skill / stat up notification if you already have a skill / state cap limit.
  • Notification - Corrected notification when learning blueprint
  • Notification - Now it also reports of damage to the tools, weapons and armors.
  • Interaction - Action on the well "fill water all" already consumes all empty bottles.
  • UI - Icons of chemical elements no longer overlap their chemical designation with his quality (tier) - the chemical label is newly at the top right.
  • HELP - New section with a description of the bonus material icon.
  • -0.50.022
  • GAMEPLAY - Improvement of the starting point (collisions etc.)
  • GAMEPLAY - Fixing the next froze action in some cases.
  • -0.50.023
  • CRAFT - Fixing the problem during production when the resulting pieces were incorrectly calculated.

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“Check the first preview of the game on KeenGamer site!”
Preview – KeenGamer

Steam Greenlight

About This Game


Game is in early access, before purchasing the game, make sure that you fully understand and agree with its system’s requirements and are willing to accept flaws/bugs and changes that will occur during its development such as removing all user data. Information below may not be currently fulfilled in this version of the game. Thank you for understanding.


Novus Inceptio is a survival sandbox game with elements of MMO. It isnt primarily focused on the destruction of structures, the main objective of the game is to create and maintain shared values. Since the game is currently in early access or in GHOST mode, our goal is to create a proper MMO survival adventure focused on building new civilizations.

In the GHOST mode, only single player and 64km2 of workable land is available. GHOST mode is a sample of the full MMO and serves as a preview of the interactions, gaming principes, and the mechanics.

Novus Inceptio is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy and the post apocalyptical world in an unique way. The story is set in distant future on our planet. Earth is no longer how we know it today. Therefore one of the most important topics of the background story is to find out the truth about those who stand behind it all since the beginning...


The dawn of gods
Galaxy is a cold and hostile place. Creators know that. They spent billions of years searching for intelligent life and they succeeded. They protect several planets and further developed organisms with advanced technology. Life must not come to an end. Meanwhile, they realize all the risks which await on every civilization such as a destructive genocide. They try to prevent these risks by secretly manipulating and adding information to DNA from foreign forces.

Rebellious believers
Creators stand side by side with the human civilization since its initiation. But no one is perfect. Not even gods. Instead of maintaining peace, humans tend to worship war and forget about their gods. And Creators? They realized that their experiment failed. They could not stop fratricidal madness among humans. When the last envoy was killed, nailed to the cross, they returned back where they came from through a portal. To a different planet? To another reality? No one knows. But what we do know is that they keep collecting information through the portal.

The end of the world
The next step of the human civilization took nearly 2000 years. During this era a nuclear fission was discovered and whole planet became full of atomic explosions. The war was horrifying and efficient. Everyone who did not hide was hit by radiation and killed. From billions of humans, barely a few hundred thousand were left. This scary message was brought to the creators. They were outraged by the human irresponsibility. They came back and erased the whole human race.  

Human 2.0
The Dead planet kept orbiting in space. During millennia it was slowly getting rid of deadly radiation. The makers decided to begin with a new experiment. With samples of human DNA and surplus of information they returned life to the planet. They made new humans - Homo Novus. They released them on a newly reconstructed planet and were determined to prevent the same mistakes. Therefore, every clone is now accompanied by a personal robot A2-A.

A2-A is the guardian angel. It helps and protects people and over time gives them more a complex knowledge. It monitors behavior of its ward to prevent increase in aggression, which caused the demise of the previous civilization. Still, this system is not completely reliable. Creators counted on that. They created anomalies on the new planet, so clones can travel in time and learn from mistakes of past civilizations. And who knows? Anomalies might even transfer them into another dimension. Maybe then, people will devote their time to discovery and knowledge, rather than killing and destroying.

And the Creators? This time they don‘t leave the planet, instead they analyze data from thousands of A2-As and wait for the right moment to introduce themselves to their children.


We wanted to build an authentic world that is not just a one big scene. Almost everything can be interacted with - from surface, bushes, trees to your own structures. There are no flowers that are mere decoration - do you want grab that mushroom and eat it? Go for it! Even a simple tree does not only provide wood, but also other resources like bark, leaves, branches, resins etc.

Novus inceptio is world with a natural time flow, daily cycles and weather. Day and night affects wild animals as well and if you stop and listen, you can hear the nature or enjoy the beautiful atmospheric music and relax.

Novus Inceptio allows a natural creation of the character. Characters will get old and die from injures, diseases or exhaustion. In this case, players will find themselves in the role of A2-A and using DNA will create a new clone with same attributes. Another possibility in future updates is transferring DNA to offspring, that allows the player to continue if their main character dies. Aging is not affecting just the player, but also every object in the game. Players will not be able to harvest basic resources or even exchange them for future needs.
And why is Novus Inceptio worth playing? Unlike other games, there are no limits on player‘s skills. Players have complete freedom while making their ultimate character. You wont need to think about starting race or role - attributes will be added according to what is your character doing.

Unlike other survival sandbox games Novus Inceptio has its background an lore, which is not only something irelevant. Full story and lore will be revealed over time. This feature opens up new possibilities in upcoming updates.

There are many portals to other dimensions and times (new will be added in future updates). Those anomalies cannot be mapped - they are randomly generated for each player. In those anomalies you can find unique reward and mostly learn new recipes. Currently anomalies possess no danger to player, but it is subject to be changed in the future.
In new version of Novus Inceptio, you can find those specific anomalies, which are only small hint of what is to come:
Procedural dungeons - each dungeons is unique and contains random rewards
More dimensions and time periods - desert or winter locations
Time flashback - player travels through the time, but stays in the same place. Those anomalies are mainly to learn recipes.

In the beginning the game puts you in the middle of wild and untended nature. With you will only a knife and basic tools. Fortunately, you are not alone! You small personal robot A2-A will be your valuable companion. Nature does not give things for free so you need to find sources of food, heat and prepare for danger, lurking in the deep woods. Also diseases, injuries or even death might knock on your door. Over time you will learn the laws of the world and only then you will be ready for your next trip.

Home is the foundation of survival. You can build your own house, farm and focus on one of the many crafts. The building system works using modular elements where you can plan first and then gather required resources (which, of course, will be a difficult task). The only limiting factors are knowledge of recipes for components, creativity, resources and skill. And of course don’t forget to repair damaged or decaying houses.

You can learn to build new components by exploring anomalies or by buying them in the auction from other players (auctions will be featured in future updates).

Do you like crafting stuff? Then you will love Novus Inceptio. Each and every item in the game is unique and created by the player. Production of any item is a complex process built on many attributes from skill in the art to used material just like in the real world. Crafting system does not tell you how to craft, instead it states what resource is needed - using stone will create stone axe and using iron will produce iron axe - you can even use different materials on every part. For example the durability of the wood is also to be considered.

Novus Inceptio rewards players for crafting. Item quality and technology will improve over time as well as character attributes.

It is not just about the settlement the world, but also about survival and creating a thriving economy. World of life, danger and mystery awaits. There are dense forests, dry desert, vast jungles, underwater life and mountains where you can find different raw materials in an area of 576km² or 222 square miles (64km² or 24 square miles in the GHOST version). Novus Inceptio is a long journey of finding valuable materials and truth about the origin of this new planet.

Investigate the anomalies and find new recipes for crating - anomalies are a way to discover the unknown and expand the gameplay.

System Requirements

    • OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.
    • OS: 64-Bit Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel I7-3770, AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 2 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.
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