Kingpin es la historia de una venganza. Toma el control de una banda y ordena a tus reclutas a atacar, defender e incluso mangar para conseguir algo de pasta. Utiliza ese dinero para comprar armas más marrulleras y eliminar a tus enemigos en este emocionante shooter en primera persona. Ser el Kingpin es mitad actitud y todo acción.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 jun. 1999

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Acerca de este juego

Kingpin es la historia de una venganza. Toma el control de una banda y ordena a tus reclutas a atacar, defender e incluso mangar para conseguir algo de pasta. Utiliza ese dinero para comprar armas más marrulleras y eliminar a tus enemigos en este emocionante shooter en primera persona. Ser el Kingpin es mitad actitud y todo acción.

Crea tu propia banda y recluta desde las mismas calles. Si un nuevo miembro se vuelve un gamberro, cárgatelo y deja sitio a los aspirantes. Adéntrate en el mundo de los bajos fondos, pero ten cuidado con el Kingpin; algún día tendrás que encargarte de éĺ.

El mundo de Kingpin es un lugar donde el pasado no tiene futuro. Un paisaje compuesto por edificios hechos cenizas y pobreza rodeada de depresión urbana. Las bandas locales deambulan por las calles, protegiendo a su gente y aprovechando cualquier oportunidad.

Algunas de las características

  • Modo multijugador de hasta 16 jugadores via LAN o Internet

  • Daño específico en las localizaciones — dispara a un mangante a las rodillas o borra del mapa a un rival volándole la cabeza

  • Música de la mano de Cypress Hill.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows

    • Procesador:233 Mhz

    • Memoria: 64 MB

    • Tarjeta Gráfica: DirectX

    • DirectX®: 7

    • Disco Duro: 350 MB

    • Sonido: DirectSound

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Publicado: 17 de enero
'I'm gonna bury those two ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.'

Kingpin opens with a cutscene in which the player character utters the above line after rising up from a beating with a swollen face. It tells a simple tale of revenge, or rather, -taking a cue from the Cypress Hill album that the game borrows tracks from- a tale of going from 'Rags to Riches'. You'll be going from town to town -taking down small-time mob bosses along the way- until you confront the current Kingpin to exact your revenge and usurp his throne. As for the journey, right from the first moment it becomes apparent that it will be a raw, brutal, harsh and above all else, very messy one (and unashamedly so).

Even though it is gritty, Xatrix's underdog may very well be the most aesthetically pleasing game to date utilizing the idTech2 engine. Where the other games that are based on the same technology are quick to betray their Quake II origins, Kingpin has a style and feel of its own thanks to the developers' meticulous work on the visual side of their creation. Beautifully textured and elegantly lighted, every single map therein has a life-like scale and quality to it. Though the meshes themselves are not more than a handful, the stylized characters also benefit from the top-notch 2D art, offering a great variety due to the three-way skinning that Xatrix coded in. The sound design is also of high standard; from the footstep sounds to the voiceovers of the NPCs, everything fits perfectly to the fictional world the developers try to portray. Simply put, the game oozes with atmosphere. The fact that this is the one and only shooter of the period that feels better without background music should alone be enough of a testament for the said quality.

But make no mistake, even within its era's boundries, Kingpin is a hard and unforgiving game. Rather than going Quake, it expects you to play in its own terms, that is, to traverse carefully and try to get the upper hand on your enemies. If you do not comply to that, don't expect your experience to be any different than a novice's in the midst of an old-school deathmatch wherein all the other players are seasoned enough to navigate the map perfectly and are capable of ripping you to shreds in a matter of seconds. Play it as intended though and you'll quickly discover that Kingpin is one of the most visceral and satisfying shooter experiences of the 90s.

Xatrix adds a few touches of their own to the engine to spice it up and expand its functionality. The most prominent are the ability of robbing the downed of their bucks which you use to buy weapons and stuff from specialized shops known as 'Pawn-o-matic's or hiring goons (two max) to back you up, alongside interacting with NPCs through the use of positive and negative conversation commands. But the most pleasing of it all is surely the impeccable pathfinding of the NPCs, especially the ones to be hired to fight alongside you: they run, jump and crouch their way through every single obstacle without a hitch to keep up with you. In fact, I spent two-thirds of my seven-hour trek with two on my side and there was only a single time where they needed extra care on my part. I was constantly surprised by the fact that they were able to traverse the map from one side to the other without an additional command to find me, as if they were not computer but human-controlled.

I believe Kingpin is one of the better shooters of the late 90s. It doesn't reinvent the genre like Half-Life did. Instead, just like its engine-brethren SiN, Daikatana and Soldier of Fortune, it aims for a more classical approach. Its strength lies not in its ingenuity, but in its solid design sensibilities. It has an overarching theme that is full of style and backed up by a ghetto tale told through cutscenes, offers a highly visceral yet never offending combat experience on top and builds up on an already solid engine without introducing any bugs or breaking it. I only wish that it had a longer campaign or an expansion pack of sorts. If it had been kept, the slightly non-linear feel of the first episode would have been welcome too.

Recommended for fans of old-school. Don't forget to answer the phone.

'What's the count?'
'Good... Real good.'
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Publicado: 28 de febrero
This is the game, where, considering your high skill, you can easily kill tons of brutal thugs with shotguns, tommy guns and other serious stuff, but you might be killed by the only one rat on the level simply by standing on it and having low hp.

1hp_per_second/10 . Would stand on the rat again.

P.S. To be serious, this is truly a good game. If you have the chance to buy it - don't avoid it, it's totally worth its money. Great atmosphere, appropriate-criminal music, good voice acting, and, of course zippy swearing (oh, and by the way, all the gore-lovers would enjoy the dismemberment).

Unfortunately, this game doesn't support the steam overlay. Speaking about resolution issues, here is a guide, describing how to run the game with the 1920x1080 resolution without cracking any .exe files (credit goes to its author, IT'S NOT ME)
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Publicado: 6 de marzo
The most intelligently written game I have ever played! ♥♥♥♥/10
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Publicado: 14 de febrero
A game that I played and enjoyed back in '99, and bought again to re-live old times.

I love the sort-of dystopian-steampunk setting, and you can press a key to say nasty things to pretty much any character you encounter. Weapon variety is fair at best, however each can attach multiple mods purchased throughout. Also features Cypress Hill.

A pretty good game, worth a try.
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Publicado: 30 de junio de 2014
Kingpin: Life of Crime is really interesting, what starts off as a tough as nails, slow paced, atmospheric first person experience which hates you quickly turns into an all out guns blazing fast paced atmospheric action game that hates you even more. This is far tougher than the average 90's FPS game and will require luck, strategy and a skillfull approach to progress through it's big, open, non-linear levels.

The gameplay is varied and non-linear, you can approach combat slowly and pick off enemies one by one or go in guns blazing like a typical FPS game from the 90's but don't expect to live for too long that way, the best approach is to use a mixture of the two.

The level design is somewhat reminscent of Quake 2's with non-linear layouts and multi-levelled structures that overlook area's of the map you're soon to visit or have already, mixed with some Half-Life. The levels are extremely well thought out and designed with not only looks but gameplay in mind and similar to that of Quake and Doom require you to look around for keys or items needed to progress and does not hold your hand and push you through the map. The combat situations are often tough and leave you to overcome disadvantages which adds to the difficulty in a good way.

The AI is insane, the enemy will shoot you with almost instant, deadly accuracy as soon as you poke your nose around a corner which will frustrate a lot of people but I was able to overcome this by outsmarting the enemy in many ways such as luring them around corners and into your commandable gang members line of sight who will then mow the enemies down with the same ferocity the enemy AI shows towards to you which is really fun to watch. The AI is far from perfect, but in my opinion is WAY better and more interesting than what we see in modern shooters today, instead of artificially/dumbly taking cover behind barrels,walls and other forms of cover which makes them sitting ducks and actually easier to pick off, will run around, retreat then hide somewhere on the map, jump from higher levels, climb ladders and attempt to out maneuver you which sometimes works to their success.

The visuals are amazing and take full advantange of the Quake 2 engine, with great lighting effects and detailed environments, there is literally nothing wrong with them but 50$ says this gets the bland, soulless HD remake along the line. The sound effects and voice acting are good, the weapons sound deadly and the AI has tons of classic lines, many including the 'f' word multiple times.

Overall this game really impressed me through-out, took around 8-9 hours of tough gameplay to complete, I wasn't able to finish this as a child due to it's crushing learning curve but if you stick around you'll experience a time when gaming was at it's peak but BE WARNED, a lot of patience is required!
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