Portal Knights is a cooperate 3D sandbox action RPG! Level up your character and craft powerful gear to defeat your enemies in real-time tactical combat. Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimate Portal Knight!
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May 18, 2017

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February 16

Portal Knights Hotfix v 1.3.1 Available NOW!

Hi everyone! Hotfix v 1.3.1 is available to download now on Steam! This update tackles a number of issues.


- Pacify VFX has been reset to its original position
- Improved compatibility with anti-virus programs
- Fixed zooming of camera when opening chests
- Overall stability improvements
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February 15

Portal Knights Adventurer's Update Out Now on Steam

Hi everyone! Today’s an incredibly exciting day for the team here at 505 Games and Keen Games. We’ve just gone and launched our Portal Knights Adventurer’s Update on Steam, which is crammed full of incredibly exciting new content, most of which has been requested by our wonderful community. Want to know more? Keep reading…

* Island “Fort Finch” (1-03) is now a town filled with quests, new NPCs, merchants and details to discover
* A new type of merchant sells mannequins. They can be placed anywhere and equipped with the player character’s armor and weapons to show off the equipment crafted and found during the journey. The merchant can be found in “Fort Finch”.
* A new NPC type allows changing the appearance of the player character.
* Some NPCs can be picked up and be relocated to any location now.
* Several new props for home decorations have been added, including bath room furniture, cage doors, potted plants and awnings.
* A new “sit” emote has been added to the emote menu.
* Furniture can now be interacted with. The player character can sit on chairs, thrones, benches etc. and lie down on beds etc. When lying down on a bed, the time will speed up.
* A Water pump and a drain are available now.
* Pets can now be placed in pet homes. The pet homes can be purchased at Funny Jongo and once placed the pets can be allocated to the new home. The pets will freely roam about in the vicinity of the home.
* Several new weapons and weapon variants have been added.
* Enemies now take more damage when being attacked from behind.
* Crystals now have seedlings just like plants and can be grown in their correct biomes.
* Dedicated servers are available now. Players can setup their own, self-hosted servers to play asynchronous together with friends.
* Steam cloud saving is available now.
* A new type of epic chests spawns at the end of dungeons, containing special weapons which are unobtainable in any other way.
* NPCs can now be found in the island information on the map. They will list name and type as well as display whether they are relocatable or not.
* Loading screens now show gameplay tips.
* The tutorial now uses NPC’s in addition to info boards and quest texts. This should help new players getting all the info they need for a smooth start into the game. In order for the new NPCs to appear, the island needs to be regenerated.

* It is easier now to escape from dangerous combat if the player chooses to do so. Enemies will give up the pursuit and return back home after some time.
* The player should be less likely to get mobbed by enemies (aggro distances have been reduced).
* The weapon progression has been re-worked. Players now have more choice of weapon type per player level and the progression is now better aligned with the player progression through the islands and the crafting materials found on the islands.
* Flying enemies are now closer to the ground, making it easier to fight them, especially for melee players.
* Combat with water enemies has been polished. Some situations have been made a bit easier, especially dealing with groups of Rumble Jelly and the Bub-Utan mages. Rumble Jelly have less health now and deal less damage. Self-heal has been nerfed for the Bub-Utans. All water enemies have been slowed down to match the walking speed of the player underwater.
* Enemies with ranged attacks rotate more clearly into the direction of the attack now before shooting the projectile.
* Attack and evade queuing has been improved. Additional attacks, using of consumables or evasion moves can be queued earlier now. When several different actions are queued, the evasion move will be prioritized before other actions.
* When evading, you can now roll up 1-block elevation changes
* The UI has been reworked on a technical level which improves the overall performance and stability of the game.
* Dungeon chests, bosses and enemies have been reworked to drop more interesting loot.
* Object highlighting shows more clearly now which object on the island can be interacted with. The type of interaction is now specified as well.
* The jump and fall animations of the player character have been improved.
* The island generation now makes sure that there are no holes on the tutorial island where player fall into caves.
* The building cursor turns red now when the end of the world has been reached.
* The flying enemies react better to shouts now.
* Loading times have been improved.
* Shell enemy spin attacks are now easier to evade.
* Projectile speeds for many ranged enemy attacks have been reduced.
* The character health and mana is no longer reset when switching islands or reloading the game.

* Island generation has been improved and should now cause fewer instances where buildings look out of place.
* Some sound issues have been improved.
* Water bombs work reliably now when thrown at water sources.
* The player character no longer blocks the projectiles from attacks of the Astral Totem scroll.

Developer comment regarding the weapon progression changes
In this patch we have reworked the weapon progression and the loot drops.

Our goal was to give you a more meaningful reward after completing a dungeon or a boss fight. At the same time this also clears up the crafting lists and gives you more personal choice when deciding what weapons to craft and use next.

When finding the deepest rooms in the dungeons or after a boss fight you are now rewarded with a special weapon instead of a weapon recipe.

The remaining weapon recipes have been restructured. Whenever you reach a new range of resources and you are able to craft a new weapon, you are no longer forced to use a specific weapon but instead you have the choice among up to three equally powerful weapon types. The three weapons you can choose from are matching the three different character talent lines available for each class.

In order to make all weapons useful and give you a real choice we had to rearrange nearly all weapon stats and all character level requirements of the weapons.

This change made the previously dropped weapon recipes redundant and we have removed them from the game! Any weapon you had crafted using those recipes will remain in your inventory, though.

Your weapon recipe lists will be shorter but instead of having less weapons in the game, we have actually more thanks to the weapon drops! Over 20 new weapons including a whole new type of weapons for the mages have been added to the game.

Together with this big change, we also took a look into all loot drops in Portal Knights and changed them to make loot more meaningful. The enemies, bosses and destructible objects no longer drop a large amount of different items which fill up your inventory quickly with sometimes quite unneeded items.

Instead it is clearer now which items you will get from which source in the game. This change will notably decrease the clutter of different items you will get from one island and therefore will help you with your inventory management.

We have also re-balanced the amount of gold coins you get from different sources in the game. The reward you get after a dungeon run or a boss fight and by solving quests feels more satisfying now.

In the future, we also plan to rework the armor progression in the same way.

We hope you like the new system as much as we did in our testing sessions.

How to setup a dedicated server for Portal Knights
Setting up a dedicated server for Portal Knights enables four players to play in the same world without having to be online at the same time.
Note: Running a server on your own computer without a clear understanding of what you are doing may make your system vulnerable for attacks from outside.
Setting up a server is not easy without some technical knowledge and takes time. We don't recommend trying to setup a dedicated server if you don't have some experiencewith setting up networks.
Here’s how to configure a dedicated server for Portal Knights:
1) Copy the “dedicated_server.zip” found in the Steam folder of your Portal Knights. In order to find that folder right click on “Portal Knights” in your Steam library and select properties. Switch to the “Local Files” tab and click on “Browse Local Files…”
2) Extract the dedicated_server.zip file in the desired location.
3) Start the "pk_dedicated_server.exe" - a log file, a configuration file, and a save data folder will be created.
4) Close the "pk_dedicated_server.exe" in order to set up the config file.
5) Open the "server_config.json" file with a text editor to set up the server. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN ASCII OR UTF-8!
6) The following settings can be viewed or changed:
a) basicServerData
i) name: The name that your dedicated server will display.
ii) ipv4: The local network IP address of your dedicated server. The address allows the host computer to listen to all local network traffic. You probably won't need to change this unless you're setting up your server to work on a specific network card or interface.
iii) port: The port for the dedicated server. We recommend against changing this unless your firewall/router settings require it, or if you want to run several servers on the same PC (in which case each will need a separate port).
iv) iv. saveFolderPath: This is the location where save data will be written. This needs to be changed, if you wish to run multiple server instances on the same PC.
b) universeSize: (Small/Normal/Large) The universe size for the dedicated server.
c) hideConsoleWindow: (true/false) This will hide the console window. If this option is enabled, the server can only be closed by terminating it in the task manager.
d) admins/users/guests
i) Credentials
(1) password: Choose passwords used to access your dedicated server by different user groups. There are three user groups (admin, users, and guests) which can be set up with different passwords and rights. Only give players the password for the user group rights you want them to have and keep your admin password private!
(2) canLogin: (true/false) Defines whether a particular user group can log in.
(3) canKickPlayers: (true/false) Defines whether a particular user group can kick other players from the server.
(4) canModifyWorld: (true/false) Defines whether a particular user group can mine/build blocks/props.
(5) canInteractWithLockables: Not currently functional.
7) Start the "pk_dedicated_server.exe" again to start the dedicated server with the new settings.
8) If your dedicated server is behind a router (which is usually the case), you'll need to edit your router's port forwarding settings to ensure game data is sent to your host computer. You can do this by locating your router's admin page and finding the Port Forwarding settings therein. Here you can try to add a new service (or customer service) if possible. When asked to set up the new rule, you should be prompted on what to it. You can choose whatever name you wish, but we recommend "portalknights" for simplicity. Type needs to be "UDP". For all ports (internal and external) use "16365 unless you've changed the port in the config file (in which case make sure the ports match what you've configured there). For the "output IP" or "server IP", enter your local network address which you can find by running ipconfig via the Command Prompt. If prompted for any other information, leave it alone and continue. If you're having difficulties with this process, please visit https://portforward.com/ for help. Note that unless you set a static IP for the computer that is hosting the game, the local network IP address can change (which can make port forwarding rules invalid). Refer to your specific router's documentation to determine how to set up a static IP address for your computer.
9) Send your external IP address along with a user group password to people whom you'd like to have access to the server. Note that the IP address you entered for port forwarding will NOT be your external IP address, it will be the local network IP address. To find the external IP address needed for users to join, you'll need to visit a site such as http://whatismyip.host/. Be sure to send users your IP v4 address, not IP v6 (the IP address should look like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -- not xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx)

In order to set up multiple servers on the same PC, use the Command Prompt arguments provided below to prepare different configurations for each one and adapt the config files for each accordingly. Start the "pk_dedicated_server.exe" - a log file, a configuration file, and a save folder will be created.

a. -config myConfig.json: The myConfig.json configuration file will be used to set
up the server.

i. If a file with this name does not exist a default configuration file with
this name will be created. Note: You are free to create your own name for
your configuration files, "myConfig.json" is just an example.

b. -log mylogfile.log : The log file will be written to the specified file.

pk_dedicated_server -config myOwnConfig.json -log testServer.log
Will start a dedicated server that reads its configuration from
myOwnConfig.json and will write its log output to testServer.log

Config File Format:

"basicServerData": {
"name": "Servername",
"ipv4": "",
"port": 16365,
"saveFolderPath": "./savedata"
"universeSize": "Normal",
"hideConsoleWindow": false,
"admins": {
"credentials": {
"password": "admin_password_please_change"
"canLogin": true,
"canKickPlayers": true,
"canModifyWorld": true,
"canInteractWithLockables": true
"users": {
"credentials": {
"password": ""
"canLogin": true,
"canKickPlayers": false,
"canModifyWorld": true,
"canInteractWithLockables": true
"guests": {
"credentials": {
"password": ""
"canLogin": false,
"canKickPlayers": false,
"canModifyWorld": false,
"canInteractWithLockables": false

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About This Game

Leave the familiar world behind and step into the fantastic unknown with Portal Knights, a cooperative 3D sandbox action-RPG! Level up your character and craft powerful gear to defeat your enemies in real-time tactical combat. Explore dozens of randomly-generated islands and restore peace to a world torn apart by The Fracture.

Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimate Portal Knight!

Key Features

  • RPG character classes including warrior, ranger and mage.
    Play as a Warrior, Mage or Ranger and customize your appearance, abilities, and gear. Unlock powerful talents as you level up!

  • Build your home using dozens of materials and furnishings.
    Rebuild ruins from across the worlds or unlock blank canvas islands where you can construct impressive buildings to store your treasure and show off to your friends!

  • Tactical action combat.
    Strike your foes and dodge their attacks in fast-paced 3rd-person battles. Outwit each enemy’s unique AI and choose from an assortment of weapons and spells to defeat them!

  • Travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds.
    Traverse unique environments, meet unique NPC characters, discover creatures and resources for crafting. Explore caves, lakes and dungeons filled with surprises.

  • Join your friends in 4-person cooperative multiplayer or 2 player split screen.
    Work together on the same island to build structures, explore dungeons, and overcome the toughest perils or play separately on different islands.

  • Epic boss battles.
    Face off against the Portal Guardians, the most formidable beasts in the realm, in their twisted arenas.

  • Mine and gather resources from across the lands to craft your arsenal and supplies.
    Upgrade your crafting stations and expand your recipe list to 100+ items, including crafting trees for each class.

  • Random Events.
    Adventure in ever changing landscapes. Complete new quests and earn exclusive items in random events across the worlds.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor (3 CPUs), ~2.1GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 470 (1Gb VRAM) / ATI Radeon TM HD 6870 (1Gb VRAM)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: On Board
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: AMD FX 8120 @ 3.1 GHz or Intel i3 2100 @ 3.10 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750ti, ATI Radeon™ HD 7850
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: On Board
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