Best played with the lights turned off and the volume turned up, Black Sails is a creepy and mysterious point-and-click adventure game. Two survivors of a shipwreck try to survive in the raging sea. Until another ship appears. Hoping for rescue, they are calling, but nobody answers. They manage to go on board. Will this be their rescue?
User reviews:
Mostly Positive (75 reviews) - 74% of the 75 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 17, 2015

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“Short but dramatic: This adventure thriller pulls you deep into the story of the ghost ship.”
84 % – 4Players

“(...) Short but surprisingly cool adventure that made my jaw drop.”
77 % – PC Games

“They made sure that the player always feels well entertained!”
80 % – Adventure Treff

About This Game

Best played with the lights turned off and the volume turned up, Black Sails is a creepy and mysterious point-and-click adventure game.

A shipwreck. Having lost all hope, two survivors cling to wreckage, trying to survive a few more minutes in the raging sea. Until another ship appears. Hoping for rescue, they are calling out, but nobody answers. They manage to go on board. Will this be their rescue? Or their grave?

Inspired by a true story, the player experiences a journey into the darkest abyss of the human soul until he cannot tell between truth and fiction anymore.

Having been released in Germany a few years ago, gathering much acclaim for its focused story and strong plot, Black Sails is now available with full English localization for the first time ever. We hope you'll enjoy it.

  • Full English speech and text
  • Dense atmosphere
  • A mysterious sailing ship to explore freely
  • Focused on the fate of two main characters, Anna and Lex
  • Disturbing dream sequences
  • Decisions affect the characters' relationship and the game's outcome
  • Classic point-and-click controls
  • Hint functionality (but not too many!)
  • Creepy soundtrack

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP2) / Windows 7
    • Processor: Processor with at least 2 GhZ
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X9 Compatible Graphics Card with at least 128MB Ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
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115 of 122 people (94%) found this review helpful
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 17, 2015
I already played this game in 2011. The German version is superb, great voice acting! I love the atmosphere and the story! Now I was thrilled to see how the English version is - and it's kinda disappointing. Where is Annas voice-over introduction in the intro sequence? Why isn't Anna reading the letters and notes out loud like in the German version? The font is just unreadable! Please fix this, dear developers. And without the intro-lines from Anna, English players don't know that the story takes place in 1884 - and that's kind of an important information to understand the background of the story and stuff. The voice-acting is ... not that good. Check out the German one, it's awesome!

Edit: I just read that you can read the font better when you change the screen solution from 1080p to 720p and lower. But that's not a permanent solution. The developers need to fix this.
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25 of 27 people (93%) found this review helpful
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 21, 2015
* Key provided by the developer

Black Sails is a point and click styled horror(ish) adventure game that kind of reminds me of older console horror games, only without the action, and the horror. You are Anna, and along with some dude named Lex who has the manners of seal, you’re shipwrecked and… er… somehow find another ship and manage to climb on that one. Yu must now find a way off that ship in turn.

Let’s get on with the more technical aspects first. The game ran fairly smoothly through the first two hours, but after that it started randomly crashing, which was a bit annoying. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what caused it, but I’m almost certain it was related to having alt-tabbed out of it at least once each time. Other than that it was pretty smooth sailing on my older computer.

The only real downside I found tech-wise was the lack of a windowed option.

The game plays simply. You point and click at things to interact with them, have an inventory on screen at all times, and the whole design aspect of it is rather nice, including the character models (even if the little kid was a little unintentionally creepy). The point and click aspect worked fine for the most, but some of the smaller items on screen (and a section where you had to click on words) seemed to be a little hard to get right, because the hit box was just too small, making you have to hunt for juuust the right spot to click. As an added bonus, you have the chance to save anytime you want (so long as it’s not a cutscene or a character is talking), which I always quite enjoy.

Graphics wise it was pretty pleasant to the eyes, some of the camera angles, however, although quite pretty in a cinematic sense, were very uncomfortable. They didn’t really block anything, but they weren’t really useful either, so you’d be walking and trying to click ahead and the camera changed just before the click finished so by the time the click went through the angle had changed and you were walking (or running, since you can run by double clicking) back to where you were coming from.

The really big miss, however, was the font choice. The font was completely and utterly unreadable. And tiny. I read around and it seems like you can lower the resolution to get a larger font but… why should you have to? It seems a bit extreme.

Sound wise, the music was good and the sound effects were as well. The little ‘horror’ bits to build up tension did create the tense, eerie atmosphere at the start of the game, but after a while they became a bit tiresome and annoying.

The voice acting is surprisingly good, even if it’s not perfect.

Moving on to the game itself, the idea of not having you (entirely) alone all through was nice. Unfortunately, Lex, your unfortunate shipwreck companion, is very annoying and highly unlikeable. Theory says the way you talk to him affects the way he talks back to you through the rest of the game. Practice says it hardly does. And even though I used the friendly options instead of hostile ones (which he totally deserved, btw), he was still a prick.

He was also not overly helpful, but I guess that’s to be expected by now of these type of games. Can’t give you a buddy that will solve all the puzzle for you now, can we? Heaven forbid they have a brain.

The game pushed you into forcefully talking with him in several parts whether you wanted to or not. Since he was quite annoying, I didn’t quite enjoy that. It also spoon fed you half the puzzles and showed you every single room, some of them quite at length with slightly dizzying camera pans, which as (again) cinematic as they were, they were completely unneeded and I wished they’d stop and just let. Me. Play. If I want cinematics and unskippable scenes, I’ll watch a movie. (You *can* skip most the dialogue btw, in case you were wondering)

Like with the starting dialogue that sets the mood of Lex, supposedly what you reply to him at the end of the game also affects the ending, but on my play-throughs the differences really were quite minimal and didn’t really merit replaying the last bit just for it. (The ending was also slightly disappointing.)

All that said, I did enjoy the game, though it didn’t offer much on the horror aspect and doesn’t offer much in replayability. The puzzles were decent and with just over 3 hours of gameplay, it’s not too bad, but you do need to be able to put up with the little annoyances.

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21 of 23 people (91%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
7.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 31
Product received for free
There were times I laughed at how hard this game tried.

You know when you watch a trailer to a game or movie and it really looks like it could deliver the premise of what it is trying to sell.....and then it fails? That is what happened to Black Sails. The idea of a couple of people seeking refuge on a mystery ship after their own goes down is an interesting notion. Asylums, castles, towns, and mansions have all had a turn when it came to psychological horror. Now a ghost ship. Oh the possibilities! Sadly, this game merely flirts with the idea of being a horror game. If this had been just a normal adventure tale of survival, it would have worked very well. Sadly, this was sold as a horror game, and it just doesn't work as such.

The game begins with the protagonists Anna and Lex boarding the dark ship, after escaping their own downed vessel. Anna was a passenger and Lex was a crewman. Right off the bat, their relationship is on the rocks. Lex is not all. He is really a prick for most of the game, and does little to help Anna, whom you play as. Their relationship does improve, but he always feels like dead weight to me.

The game does do some things right. The voice acting is well done. The music is subtle, creating an atmosphere of mystery and the fear or discovering something horrible. The controls are basic P&C controls. There are many items to look at, so pressing the Spacebar to view all usable items is very helpful. The puzzles are for the most part logical. There are only so many rooms on the ship, so backtracking does not feel like a chore. The game looks average, not horrible but nothing spectacular.

Now for the things that were not the best, but a good effort. This game wanted to be scary. It really did. Sadly, I think this was a first time horror venture for the developer. The psychological horror that is alluded to in the trailer is almost missed entirely in the game. There are more jump scares, phony screams (they are hilarious!!), and creaking doors than any remnants of a psychological horror game. If this was a ghost ship, and a ghost ship story, it would have worked. But, they made it sound like a psychological horror game, so they failed. While the voice acting is good, the voice sync is not always great and sometimes hilarious. It often reminded me of those 1970 Kung Fu movies, where the English dub stops but lips are still moving. I wouldn't say it irked me. It just made me grin at times.

Now for the absolutely, inexcusable, horribly bad aspects of this game. THE FONT!!! I love reading journals, diaries, logs, letters. It may be a cliche for adventure titles to have random bits of information strewn everywhere, but I just gobble it all up. This....was horrible. The font is horribly small, and in a very ornate form of cursive. I'm near-sighted, and I was developing a headache just trying to read everything. Finally, I threw my hands up and decided to forget it.
Also, after completing the first two acts of the game (there are five small acts), the game starts crashing randomly. If it at least happened after cut scenes I would know how to deal with it. In this game, you never know when it will crash or even if it will crash, since some gamers haven't had this problem. Enough people have had a crash that they say so in their review. This made me a chronic saver, since I never knew when they next crash would occur. The price tag is inexcusable. Steam may say I played this for 7 hours, but there were long periods of being AFK and multiple crashes in which I had to redo whole sections. This game is 3-4 hours tops, and with the problems that this game has, $10 is too much to ask.

This game wanted to be a psychological horror game, but it suffered being in the hands of the wrong developer. The idea is great, but the execution was lacking. While not everything is a miss, there just isn't enough to justify the pricetag.
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44 of 66 people (67%) found this review helpful
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3.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 17, 2015
Decent point-n-click adventure game with some darker overtones. Originally released in 2010, first time translated from german to english, afaik. All your time in spent aboard a mysterious ship and like most story based games it's no fun to give away the end, will say it's both interesting and to an extent believable. Ultimately guessed the outcome but still had fun playing. (minimal spoilers)
Graphically looks a *little* dated if nitpicking at texture details but overall presentation is good, supporting 4k+ screen resolutions and anti-aliasing. Game is all voiced and reasonably well. Few minor issues with camera angles making item selection fussier then it should be but nothing game breaking. Completed in around 4-5hrs, average person may take 5-6. Puzzles were all logical, didn't feel like the end was rushed and a recommended game for the price-point.

Full playthrough (lots of spoilers)

Text size on letters/notes should be increased, can be difficult to read.
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22 of 28 people (79%) found this review helpful
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5.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 30, 2015
Black Sails:

Your name is Anna and you are a reporter from a New York newspaper. You are in the middle of the ocean on this fabulous cruise ship and you are thoroughly enjoying your evening with a nice drop of red wine. Life is just a bliss….. Suddenly, out of nowhere a massive storm appears and your enchanting evening is cut short. Your cruise ship can’t handle this extreme situation, it’s taking on water and sinking rapidly in front of your eyes. As you hold on as tightly as you can on a floating barrel, someone else (named Lex) managed to survive this ordeal and is swimming frantically towards you. The fog is thick but a silhouette of another boat is piercing through and without hesitation you decide to board it….

Black Sails is a point and click adventure which takes place on a very creepy boat, which is totally deserted and makes very strange noises. As you will play Anna in this very good story, you will unveil the mystery of this vessel through well laid out puzzles (not too difficult if you are familiar with this genre of game). You will be able to converse with Lex but depending on how you respond to him (friendly or tough), you may change the relationship between the two characters.
As all point and click games, you pick up items and read notes. I find the notes quite challenging to read due to the font, which is a bit a shame.

I really like the tense atmosphere and this game is really well executed. You will probably finish it within 5 hours but I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.


- Good story
- Scary atmosphere
- Good graphics and audio
- Easy to play


- Notes not easy to read
- No trading cards / No achievements

A really good point and click adventure. Whether or not you play this type of game, give it a go - it is a good game.


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


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26 of 39 people (67%) found this review helpful
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11.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 18, 2015
I see this game was out in 2011 but only on german, anyway I encountered with it for first time and here are my toughts;

Game textures and models looks a little outdated, but nevertheless it is good. Dont expect too much out of it.

Sound effects are awesome and creepy, however there is no music to fulfill the tension. Voice acting acting are...hmm.. well female character did her part great, BUT her fellow companero is just ahhh, well lets just say that you will HATE him from early begining.

Gameplay has fairly good and enjoyable puzzles and storyline, sometimes you will do it in blink of the eye, and yet you can spend hours trying to figure it out.
Ambient and atmosphere are great.
One thing I really didnt like are notes, handwriting is so awful that most of them I really couldnt read.
I cant say how long or short game is, but it took me over 3 hours just to exit the first room.

Very quality point&click adventure with fair price, I can highly recommend to people who are in this type of games.

Graphic: 6/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
14.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2015
Creepy, spooky, psychological horror mystery with some jump scares from Deck 13 Interactive the creators of the Ankh series. Originally released in German in 2010.

Storyline: Year 1884. Anna, a reporter, is on board a ship crossing the Atlantic on her way back to New York after completing an assignment. On the way, a huge storm brews and the ship she is on sinks. Clinging to a barrel, she and another passenger, Lex, manage to swim to another ship, a brigantine, that just happens to be sailing by. Once inside they discover what seems to be an abandoned ship. A cursed ship, the rather nefarious Lex calls it.

Gameplay: Interactive point and click mystery with psychological and atmospheric terror built in for free. According to the game how Anna interacts with Lex has an impact on the storyline. (Someday, some bright and sunny day, I might comeback to find out, especially the end game.) Without spoiling anything (or trying not to) the END has several different endings depending on how one interacts with Lex at the END and quite possibly even before the END.

Some of the items needed are quite well "hidden" but the the spacebar shows the available things that can be examined and interacted with. (However, even with this I missed a map piece and a key.) Reading the scattered notes, letters, pages, and logbooks fills in the history of the ship and crew. The brigantine ship has a creepy atmosphere with sinister undertones and once the visions start the story turns into a psychological horror mystery in an instance.

This is most likely a relatively short game 3 or 4 hours for expert players, so do not paid attention to my time. I spent a good deal of time meandering and wandering aimlessly back and forth looking for the clues/items I missed and trying to figure out what to do or to find the item(s) I needed to progress the game. What is needed for completing tasks is relatively logical, especially if one remembers the year is 1884, not present day, and cleverly uses the items found. However, finding said item(s) at times is relatively difficult. The entire game takes place in 11 different rooms and corridors, has six major obstacles/puzzles to overcome, and two vision scenerios (each a "puzzle" sequence in their own right).

All in all, a very good, spooky game with a creepy atmosphere that I really should have played exclusively during the day (since I had to wait for day break before I could go to sleep, fearing my over active imagination would give me nightmares if I did not.) The sound effects (creaks, groans, "breathing", "voices") though subtle can raise the hair on the back of your neck after awhile.
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12 of 14 people (86%) found this review helpful
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 4
5.5/10 - Short Mediocre Horror/Suspense Point and Click!

This game is pretty average but I can appreciate that the creators didn't try to do too much. They stuck within their wheelhouse and made a short but decent game. This point and click offers a more realistic horror element than most. The characters are fully voiced and well done. The notes however are complete garbage; tiny scribble writing I stopped even trying to read. I completed the game in just shy of 2 hours; due to the quality, plot and length $10 is quite steep for this one!

You play as a woman who narrowly escapes a sinking ship and manages to find herself aboard another abandoned vessel. You and a new companion begin to investigate the ship, looking for the captain and crew. As you explore the true nature and story of the vessel come to life! Will you and your companion finally find salvation?

Worth $2-3; not bad, but I'd look for 75% off to truly enjoy this!

Accidently Reviewed
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
5.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 22
Game is pretty good, if short.

First thing that stood out, was the voice acting. It wasnt very good (in my opinion anyway). Anna's wasnt too bad, but Lex's was a bit off. It got better as the game went, so it certainly isnt anything to hold against the game. I read in another review that in the original German version of the game, that Anna is reading some letters in the introduction that sets up the game's time frame. Would have been great to know, but if you read all the notes you find and check out the ship's cabins, you can get an idea of the time frame. I also read somewhere that you can use the original audio with English subtitles if you mess around in the settings? I havent tried it, but its worth looking into.

Speaking of the notes, whatever font they used was awful to try and read. The text itself was insightful and very worth reading though.

The story of the game really stood out considering the length of the game. Story in general is that you and another person end up surviving a sinking ship, only to end up on another ship that you quickly learn is a ghost ship (and in bad need of repairs). You spend most of the game exploring and trying to do some light puzzle solving like finding bandages for your friend, trying to find ways to unlock doors, and finding clues as to where the ship is heading (and how fast).

There are some minor spooks in the game, which I wont spoil, but they really helped the game keep its "creepy" vibe. The ending was a fairly nicely done plot twist (for me anyway), and I really did enjoy the story of the game.

The main thing I didnt enjoy though was the camera angle and controls. The controls are simple, just mouse clicking, but combined with also using the mouse to pick up items/check items, moving, and the camera being fixed, sometimes it was hard to find certain clickables, and once I even missed an entire wall because I couldnt get the camera to angle just right to look that direction. If the game used wasd (because sometimes objects block where you can click to walk), or let us adjust the camera, the game would have felt much smoother. That said, outside of a few janky areas, the game is more than playable, but every now and then, Id run into trouble.

As far as bugs, I didnt find any. Another reviewer mentioned they got crashes when they alt-tabbed, but I didnt have any problems doing it. Something to be aware of though if you do start crashing.

Graphics were pretty well done, and much better than I expected for a point-and-click game, as was the audio and audio effects. My only complaint settings/audio/graphics wise, is the lack of windowed mode.

Overall, the game is pretty good. Some minor annoyances and an iffy camera, but a highly enjoyable story. Well worth a buy if youre into point-and-click adventures, or even if you just want to try them out.
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12 of 16 people (75%) found this review helpful
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7.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 20, 2015
Our adventure begins when our character, Anna and Lex, who's evidently isn't the niceste person in the world, are involved in a shipwreck while traveling to Europe. While trying to survive, they spot a boat engulfed in a ghostly mist. They board it. and so the game begins. You must progress through the ship and find a way to get to land.

As the usual point and click adventure game, you will have solve diverse environmental puzzles. They are all pretty logic so you should be able to progress just fine without looking things up, although this is affected sometimes by some things that are placed in places a bit too dark or obstructed to check, and sometimes using the mouse over the object you want doesn't always work, so you can be fooled to think something wasn't possible but it was just fault of the game not registering it properly. Anyhow, the puzzles are good and engaging, so you won't be bored by them or spend hours trying to decipher horribly over-cryptic things like in some other P&Cs.

In your conversations with Lex you will have different dialogue options that will affect your relationship with him. Positive, neutral or negative. It will change some of his dialogue he has, and a minor gameplay effect (he might help you if you act positive or just be a rude idiot if you act negative). Either way, he's a pretty unlikeable character that barely does anything to help at all while you solve everything, but that's actually somewhat justified for story reasons, so it's understandable and it works well.

Throughout the ship you will also find several notes detailing the past of the misterious ship. as well as some visions of people of that time. You must figure out what truly happened to this cursed ship and its inhabitants.

The game is somewhat graphically outdated, even for a game released in 2011. However, it has a strong artstyle that makes up for it. You will find some poor textures here and there, but overall it looks pleasant to the eye and actively contributes to create a creepy atmosphere.

Speaking of that creepy atmosphere, both the visuals and sound do well at create a unnerving feeling throughout the game, with you not being sure what's coming next. (although the game could use some expanded soundtrack. The game is perhaps too quiet at times). The whole ship makes you wonder what may've happened here.

Regarding voice acting in English, Anna's alright but I found that Lex was too monotone and not much expression. While I guess it's a decent result overall, I'd say for you to play it in the original German voices as they have better voice acting, and as well as voiced elements that are not in the english version.(Anna in German narrates the intro cutscene, and reads the notes you find outloud. This does not happen in English)

The game is a bit on the short side 3/4 hours, and it does feel that ends a little bit too soon, but for the price of 7.5$ that's pretty understandable and well worth it.

I'd recommend this to any classic 3D P&C fan, it does it's job pretty well, and it's worth the asking price.

My only grievance with the game was a bug that appeared a few times where the game would lose voice sound and eventually crash. Happened 3 times in my playthrough. I expect that it will be patched fast so not much of an issue. I also had a save bug where the the save dissapeared and I had to start the game, but it only happened that one time.


Disclaimer: Key given by the devs for review purposes.
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All Might
3.3 hrs
Posted: October 23
Not the best Point-and-Click game that I have played, but it does have its merits and I would say if its on special, you can try this game out. :)
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Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz
3.1 hrs
Posted: October 12
Wodden Ship?
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3.4 hrs
Posted: September 23
Boring, somewhat convoluted point-and-click adventure game.
It has a good idea behind it, but the execution isn't worth your time. The admittedly intriguing story is told through really bad voice acting (at least in the English version), and it all leads to an ending with no closure whatsoever.

As a life-long fan of point-and-click adventure games, I cannot recommend this one.
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3.4 hrs
Posted: September 19
Great Game
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**Death Row**
3.0 hrs
Posted: August 28
A creepy and mysterious point-and-click adventure game.
Story 10/10
Graphics 7/10
Gameplay 8/10
Choices matter 10/10

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0.5 hrs
Posted: July 29
Product received for free
The atmospere is creepy and it will be, but I was stuck at the beginning.
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Zombie Burger $2.99
6.1 hrs
Posted: July 26
Quite the hidden gem.

Bought it , started to play and finished it in one sitting.
Millage will vary from 4 to 6 hours or longer depending on your experience with adventure games point and click style.
Even though it's billed as a horror story, well, it's not.


  • Graphics
  • Dialog
  • Story
  • Music
  • Subtitles (more on that in the con section), the end sequence.
  • The text font they use for notes and such are very hard to understand at times (Very fancy Handwritten Script)
  • The Dialog (spoken) in one puzzel section is wrong so make sure subtitles are enabled (See Spoiler Tag)
  • The Game Crashes a bit (save often)
  • No Autosave feature

Minor Spoiler Alert

The Puzzle in question has to do with co-ordinates and the English version says .75 whilst the text (correctly) says .25
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Jon Duke
6.3 hrs
Posted: July 2
Great game for being a point and click game. THe ship has its own way of getting you worked up. Highly sugest plaing all the way through at one sitting late at night for best experience. Durring the adventure a picture of a ship is hown on the wall, chances are you will never take mental note of it untill the very end of the game and realize what the picture of that ship was. If no lookup the ship name on google images afterwards. I definatly recomend this game to anyone. Its a good creepy, pyscological horror.
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3.9 hrs
Posted: June 26
At first I thought it is some sort of Lovecraftian story but in the end it isn't. And it isn't good either. The game is slow, slow, slow... Some cutscenes show the main character staring at things and locations with no real meaning to the story. Just slow camera moving around. Also, the game is very very dark. Not figuratively speaking but plain dark. Pitch black.
I consider the camera and the navigation through environement one of the worst I've ever seen.
I want to like this game, I liked it at first but half the way it went boring, flat...
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Moon Man
3.7 hrs
Posted: June 24
The story is kind of lackluster. The pacing is way too slow. I expected this to be a paranormal thriller, but instead it is a tedious fixing simulator. There is a part of a game where you have to find 4-5 things about where you are, how fast you're traveling, what is the trade route, ect and it was mind numbingly dry.

I loved the setting and it should/could have been much more but it failed to deliver the expected from the description of the game as a creepy and mysterious point and click.
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