Tree of Savior(abbreviated as TOS thereafter) is an MMORPG in which you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in the world of chaos. Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics in TOS will have you reminiscing about precious moments all throughout the game.
User reviews:
Mixed (1,117 reviews) - 69% of the 1,117 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mixed (10,030 reviews) - 59% of the 10,030 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 28, 2016

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July 1

Announcement regarding account security

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding account security.
You can check more details at the following link.

IMC Staff

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June 28

[SA] Silute Server Issues

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding '[SA] Silute Server Issues'.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

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About This Game

Tree of Savior ("TOS") is an MMORPG in which you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in a world in chaos. Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics will have you savoring every precious moment experienced throughout your gameplay.

Major Characteristics :
  • Distinct Art Style
  • Massive Freedom of Choice - develop your own playstyle
  • Team Battle League (PVP Content) - Joust your skills with others in the arena!
  • Guild Wars (GvG Content) - No place is safe from enemy guild members, in the open field or even in instance dungeons!

Style :
  • Cute and charming looking characters and background
  • Diverse costumes and expressions

Scale :
  • 80 character classes, 7 ranks - Enough class and rank combinations to keep you tinkering for your exact build
  • Hidden/advanced classes achieved only through special requirements
  • Diverse themes comprising a multitude of worlds and levels
  • Abundant field and dungeon contents and hidden quests
  • More than 200 unique boss monsters

Freedom of Choice :
  • Different jobs, skills, and stats giving possibility to a variety of combinations
  • No fixed route, choose which path you wish to take

Community :
  • The community can be accessed anytime no matter where you may be
  • Automatic Party Finding - Form parties with nearby players that will automatically disband when far apart

Raids :
  • Give low-level characters opportunities to join raids even at early stages of game play
  • Servers use active matchmaking to call for automatic party finding

Statistics :
  • Information is accumulated and posted to show rankings for almost everything in-game
  • The statistics provided allow players to see how other players are doing

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Pentium Core 2
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 8600
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard, Mouse
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Intel i3 or later
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450 or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Joypad available
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Mixed (1,117 reviews)
Mixed (10,030 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 45.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
good game if you like grinding
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( 1,458.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
So much potential. Not fit for incompetent players. Still needs a few key things added to the game for it to become a masterpiece.
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( 3.6 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
As a former RO player and a casual gamer today, I must admit that ToS is quite good.

Esthetically and sound wise, it's flawless, as everybody says. Using a controller is a delight, the quests are short and first bosses kinda fun.

But like RO, don't play it too much, the frustration wall is always at the corner.
Try to be a balanced player and don't fall into addiction.
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( 2.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
Downloaded this game only cuz i'm lithuanian and i heard that this game is slightly based on lithuanian mythology. I wasnt impressed by this game since I'm not a fan of thous type of games. Atleast i had some gigs story wise.
What i liked bout game is the music library that got added to the steam music player, especialy by the "symphonix". Its comfy to use it with steam overlay playin other games.
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( 1,019.3 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
Nice game.
Couple more thousand hours to go.
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( 736.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
Played 700+ Hr. 4-6 100+ lv char. all main class.
1. IMC is very bad at solving online game. they work like 5 years ago company that deal with the complaining first not the system. All the anouncement disappointed me and cannot solved the bot, gold selling, in&out-game bug sustainly.
2. There are so many class to play and it's fun to play at low lv 1-120 after that all people move to Demon Prison 2nd floor.
The monster and map balance is awful there are not many grinding and farming spot and the useless spot is real useles.
3. from the (1) there are too many, so many bots, they may not steal your exp but they dump the market with farming items. You may buy them cheap but also selling cheap too. This game needs huge amount of gold to self upgrade not include equipments the how can we find the gold since the selling items are cheap. People move to farm at the Best farming spot in (2) so low lv player cannot grind abd hit a big wall.
4. Mission System. With 3 Chars. playing, I killed 9 Golems and their pals a day for 2 months. This is real boredom.
And back to the loop. No grinding spot, no items, no money, STUCK.
5. The so many classes to play, only a few useful and strong enough to pass the wall at lv 186 and can find a grinding party after that. No more solo grinding after 240(except some class like Druid or Fletcher).
6. So many annoying + stupid restriction. no money trade. market price restriction. 2 days delay for money after market sell. I felt like playing an Off-line game.
7. Wanna play with friends? No hope. Cannot use Party Search with friends. Cannot grinding with more than 10+ lv diff. and not many grinding spots.
8. Too low chance for boss box random. Opened more than 400 box with nothing but talt and card. Then how can I get money. Farming spot already filled with bots and the market is dumped with bots items.
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「Syntax Error」 〆
( 197.3 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
1. They use a server software, not server hardware, meaning they hire from amazon for a portion of their server allocation meaning at most, the game holds 10k people at any one time without lag, anymore and you have serverwide lag
2. The cosmetics all follow the artstyle of the game, gloomy, not very bright, doesnt stand out at all
3. Balance is ♥♥♥♥
4. They got really lazy with the maps, its quantity now, not quality, so many maps have 0 quests, there is no reason to be there really other than xp card
5. Costs about 500 mil gold to max your skills which cap at lvl 100, at lvl 100 your skills double in dmg so very very important to max them
6. Talt
7. No job change
8. Queue bugs
9. Dungeons are boring as ♥♥♥♥, they dont feel special
10. Quests get lazy as ♥♥♥♥
11. Mobs get 50k hp later on, and unless youre elementalist youre expected to party up or youre screwed
12. No quests past lvl 240, rest is dungeon or grind mobs
13. Horrible game optimization, lagging with only 2-3 characters on screen
14. Map bugs

The game starts good, then it just falls off... they focused too much on quantity towards the end, forgetting the quality put into the earlier maps

A great base game
Thats all i can say
Everything else is so ♥♥♥♥
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KissMy屎忽(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ
( 109.1 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
please fix the problem when i helping my fren do MS , when boss time then i cant move and atk but the mobs can hit me as well. after the that i still cant move and nid to relog
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( 12.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 30
Nice Grindy MMO with unique flavor.
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Not Recommended
471.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 2
While Tree of Savior has a lot of appeal on the outside, it's really just a turd covered with a thin layer of gold. Yeah the graphics look nice, the music is nice, and the choice of classes gives you the hope of endless possibilities but there is so much going wrong with this game it's hard to even start.

1.) Not noob friendly... If you do pick up this game make sure you put in the time to learn about classes, builds, and exp walls. I understand that no game should hold your hand, and thats how I like my games but many people end up wasting their time and end up rerolling. So study before you even make a character. Just a sidenote I had two of my buddies quit because they were just casuals and wanted to jump right into the game. I respect people who just want to jump right in and have some fun but this isn't that type of game.

2.) Yes there are a lot of bugs and lag issues pretty much at all times. It doesn't really matter how good your rig is. This game is not optimized to perform well.

3.) Yes there are always bot spammers selling gold etc. You can go back to a location a month later and find the same bots farming under some generic name like farmingbot128. I assume they use numbers just to show their dominance and persistence. It's probably their way of saying "hahaha you can't get rid of me! lolololol#@!$"

4.) Trade/Market restricions. Well first off you are going to want a token if you plan on using the market. Hell I'd go as far to say you want a token to play this game. Back to the point you can't trade gold, and your market will be limited to 1 item for sale with a 30% commission if your f2p... dat tax doe. As you can see the developers try very hard to limit the bots/goldsellers but it has only ended up hurting the players gaming experience.

5.) The Grind... The grinding aspect of this game is not meant for all. It is long and feels unrewarding. Expect to grind a lot at later levels 140-16* and at 200+. A tokken should heavily be considered if you don't have one. And Exp Tomes can really help you save time. Yes you have to spend money to reduce stress... this is a buy to win game.

6.) Dungeons and bosses feel lackluster. Dungeons just don't feel good to do as most people just rush bosses. There might as well not be any trash packs. On top of that magic mobs can really mess your day up if you aren't tanky enough and don't have a healer. You have to pray that you get matched with tank/healer if not premade. Most boss mechanics don't feel very challenging either. The tank/melee are the only ones that have to worry about boss mechanics most of the time while the range dps can stay safe away and just drool on their keyboards.

7.) Where is the PvP? Where is it! All guilds are now neutral and team battle should have been functional since release. Seriously where is team battle, is it ever going to exist? I mean these things are advertised in the game info. You may as well take that off because your just false advertising your game. Unreal

8.) Imba Imba Imba... Imba everywhere. Do expect a handful of classes to be better than others. I don't advise going swords unless you plan on going full tank, or for a pvp build (cataphract). If you choose to be a dps swords you will hate yourself later on. As for me I hate myself because I made a cataphract for pure pvp.. no peltasta for tanking... And guess what there is no pvp for me to do even with being in a guild. No grind groups will want a swords without pelt, you will have to make your own group. On top of classes being imba items are also imba as well. There are few items to select from in general that are miles better than the rest. There are low level items that exceed much higher level ones so as long as you have those few good items you don't have to worry about upgrading to much.

9.) Incompetent developers. These guys don't address any issues or make any attemps to respond to the community at all. Posts by these guys are just a few sentences long and mostly just "we are sorry, thank you for your patience." Stop being sorry give us some information about whats going on god damn it. This game has the potential but there is a lack of polishment and any concern to address issues to the public. Far as I'm concerned they are just milking this game for the quick $$$ now and letting this game die out.
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Not Recommended
206.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 14
With 184/6 2 Cleric/Kravis/Sadhu, recently quitted the game because of these reasons.

1.Monster bottleneck - There are many maps that monster spawned less than people who is farming there. It causes many people start suffering to farm on the items they need. Especially on a quest items that the npc required.

2.Quest bottleneck - At a later time (mostly when you are about to change class. For example, around level 70s, 170s) you will find out that there is no quests that match out your level and you have to do a quest that mostly overleveled of your characters. Some maps are +10 of your level and the monster of that area usually more than 10 level of your characters and the game make a penalty to increase the mobs damage more than usual.

3.EXP card system - The card system makes the group of players scattered apart. Many people start "not to use" there exp cards and grind out like a guide founded in Reddit. It causes some of the players to left behind since there is a quest bottleneck. People who spent out all there cards will have a hard time to find party to match out their level in both maps and instance dungeons.

4.Lagness, delay and instability - It has been improved somehow since the first day of the server, but there are still some bots, bugs and spammers around the server.

5.Limited in trading - This one is a mandatory system that should be implemented for the players to trade freely. It should not be blocked and give this advantage to the player who is willing to pay for a real money. The reason "to block an RMT player out" or "controlling the game economy" is not quite strong enough since the economically design allowed the people to trade out the "cash items" between the players. It shows that the company is indirectly supported the RMT.

6.Limited amount in instance dungeon/mission joining - For the same reason of #5, they are trying to control the players out not to receive more experience and items. Basically to slow down the players progress and cause the boredom of the game to people since there is nothing to do. It is related to #1 and #2 I have mentioned above since you are hitting the huge wall between job changes or starting on an end game phrase.

7.Flooding of RMT/scammer in town - You can see this on a main starting towns. Bots keep spamming the message and create the lagness/annoying to the players since they are located at a major point such as a warping fountain, repairman or shops.

8.Monster spawning time in some maps and oddly drop rate - From #1, we can see that not only there are less monster on some area, monster spawning time are also awfully adjusted. Some of them are up to few minutes to be respawned and cause people to keep waiting for it forever. Also, some monsters are even harder to get the items since it has really low drop rate such as a red Infrorocktor who drops a Red infrorocktor shells at Mage Tower 3F. It is insanely takes around one full day to get just 2 pieces to turn them into an npc. (based on my and my brother experience who is done the quest at a different time because the quest is spawned from daily npc in Fedimian).

9. Monster stats are not evenly balanced - Some monsters have an insane amount of hp that have to use "full combo" to get rid just one monster down while many other monsters in the same map use only few hits of the skills to take them down. The hp of that insane mobs are 10 times larger than the other mobs in the same map.

10.Game doesn't suited for solo player - I understand that "game online" is based on the multiplayer that has to group up together to achieve some hard quests. However, this game is so hard even just trying to do some basic quests. Mostly when you are entering the stage before the ending game (around 170s) you will find out that there will be actually no suited quests available for you. Many classes have to give up due to the lack of something such as dps, sustainable and few players to party with since many of the high players are premade group who is aiming for group battle. Also, the matchmaking system for instance dungeon are really bad.

11.Class (un)balance - Most of the class you will see in the server today are the archer/mage based class that can boost out a maximum possible damage, wave clear. And the class that mostly rare to find is support based. The more level you have, less cleric-base support class you can find in the instance dungeon because this based class is really hard to grind up. (Even my character has to play as a attack/support to keep up the level when soloing since it is really hard to find the party to leech the experience). It creates a lag of class variety since the game has a strong point of many various class you can choose, but there are few classes that really effective (OP) and make the people only play few of the classes.

12.Limited number of people to join queue when it reaches the maximum number that server can handle - Not only on a character login state, but on the instance dungeon. This limited number has been lately fixed.

13.Some of the quests are carelessly created without an actual test - Some of quest are hardly to do such as a monster dragged quest that has to lure the monster near to the location and killed. Since there is #1, monster usually spawned really less and has to wait for a really long time. You have to spend up to few hours to done the quests. You cannot pulled out the mobs further away from the quest point because the faraway mobs will reset the threat and relocate back to the initial position. Also some quests like "Carving the pillar" has absurdly long delayed time that the npc will spawn to get the quest. This quest has to wait around 2 hours for npc to spawn up for 5 minutes to done that quests.

14.Do not have a global quest tracker - You will never know that you are missing some quests unless you are using an add-on (that is legally to use in game) and causes many players underleveled they should be. This is one of the example shows the carelessness and laziness of the developer to implements many of the mandatory functions to help out the players. (For add-on information, search "Tree of savior add-on Manager" and you will see many useful add-on that developers "should" implemented them on their server).

15. Randomly froze while loading - Sometimes when you are changing the channel or maps, the loading screen is struck at 75% and you have to close and re-open the client. I'm not sure this one has been fixed or not.

16. Skill cooldown does not relate to skill used and mana - You can see that some class based has unfairly amount of cooldown time. For my experience is cleric magic based class. You have one full wombo-combo skills set and has to wait around 30s to use that combo again. From #9, you can see that it takes loads of time to beat out few mobs. This one also create the boredomness to the players since they cannot massively beat out the moderate amount of mobs. Additionally, some of the multiple amount of cast skill cd counted when finish casting on the last spell activated. You can see it when whether you insta-double cast the spell or delay-cast the spell (around 10-20 seconds later from the first one). The cooldown will equally toggled.

17.Some patches are not available in global server - This is well-known among the veteran players that the company decide not to patch in some of the patch that already updated in a Korean server such as no cooldown on Skyliner skill (here is patch details link)

This review are written based on my experience in the game so far until I decided to quit.
I'm not gonna review on the cash-items since I've not bought any of them.

Due to wording limitation, you can find more reasons from another veteran player on
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Not Recommended
750.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 6
Well another "I think i've spent enough time in the game to make a comment about it"-review.

Tree of Savior has the core to being a good game. You have plenty of classes to choose from, you have a huge world and it has the basics to keep you interested for a long, long time.

Sadly it is plagued by huge performance issues, bots and the incompetence of IMC to use this core they got to make the game a great game.

Once you reach Level 280 (the max level right now) you have pretty much finished the game. You can go into the Earth Tower, which is the only 280 content right now, but only twice a day. That's like saying a guild in WoW that they only have 2 attempts on a new raid boss and then they have to wait 24 hrs before they can try again.

No other dungeon on that level or equipment you could grind that would be fit for that level. High level maps are also pretty bad cause there's no sense in doing them since they don't yield any profitable reward and the monsters hp/dmg grows very steep after 200 making it almost not worth grinding there at all. Which results in those maps being completely empty except for 1-2 maps where grind parties form.

White Knights will then point out that you could farm silver for your attributes, which is not really rewarding and at the current state is not really worth it anyway cause it seems like it's designed for higher levels because the amount of silver you need is just beyond what a normal person could farm anyway.

Also farming "Monster Gems", which will give you +1 to a certain skill, is not really worth it. You can't trade those the normal way so you have to basically find it yourself with a 0,01% droprate (approximately) from monsters that only got like 8-10 on the map sometimes.

The frames drop as soon as there's 10-15 people on the map using their skills and often over time the lag gets worse until the weekly maintenance again (which is on Tuesdays) so sunday and monday are often a real pain in the rear cause the servers are just running poorly (even with steadily declining player numbers)

Then there's the problem of this game being really infested with bots. On certain maps you have 5x the amount of bots than you have human players. And IMC is very slow to react to this problem, too. Some got reported weeks ago and are still botting ruining the economy by farming certain, valuable items.

PvP is rarely existent but due to the performance issues also not something you want to do anyway. Unless you like a clusterfu** of effects while your high end pc is showing you 1-5 fps.

Then again the balance is horrible. The swordsman class is pretty much reduced to being a tank because compared to other classes they nerfed the damage so much that even clerics do more damage...and from all the possible class combinations you COULD choose only a small handful is actually needed and wanted. If you play anything else you will have trouble finding a party for dungeons or grind.

The cash shop in its current form is not pay2win but also doesn't really offer much that would makes you spend money on the game. You could buy tokens but you can also purchase them with ingame currency so there's not really a need to spend real money on the game unless you really want to.

Also the community is toxic as hell with lots of attention seeking trolls and dare you to say one word that isn't english, boy you'll get it...

I really wanted to give this game a fair chance but at this point I think IMC really blew it. There's not even the slightest of info what the next big content update is going to be so you can't even look forward to anything new...and the current patches are pretty much only small fixes and new loading screens.

TL;DR: If you're really interested in the game give it a few months to see how it evolves and if it even survives...if it does okay, if not then you did yourself a favor and saved yourself some pain and disappointment.
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Not Recommended
1,045.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
- Extremely intrusive chat filter
- B O T S E V E R Y W H E R E
- Gold sellers
- Massive restrictions have been implimented to combat gold sellers and bots, but its doing more harm to the players than anything, and the gold sellers and bots haven't slowed down at all. I don't think I've ever seen a company as dedicated to combatting bots as IMC. Or as effective.
- Guild system requires you to undergo enormous grind and to sacrifice your level 226+ character to make a guild, even then the player limit is only ~40.
- Terrible client optimization
- Broken and imbalanced PvP and GvG, complete with blatant spawnkilling and 0.5 fps with more than 5 characters on screen
- No endgame content
- Bugged controls and platforming
- Extremely long respawn timers, forcing players out of grinding/questing/farming spots because there isn't enough monsters for everyone
- High level content is reskinned maps and enemies with inflated health and damage
- World boss monopolization, allowing these groups to dominate the market
- Terrible class balancing
- Pet AI is horrendous
- No official documentation on any game mechanics
- Thoughtless auto-matching system
- You are rewarded more using the auto-matching system instead of forming your own party with friends. This game actually punishes you for trying to socialize.
- Broken and easily exploitable game code that allows ANYONE to do almost anything
- Rampant sh*tposting on shout chat and forums with almost no moderation. Gay pornography was present on the forums for almost 3 hours before any mods took action.
- Extremely incompetent developers.

The game itself has zero resemblance to the original RO. IMC used "Project R1" as the pilot name, mentioned RO in interviews and used the RO aesthetic in Tree of Savior. Don't say this game shouldn't be compared to Ragnarok Online.
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Not Recommended
841.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 21
After playing for 800 hrs the game starts to lose steam, I seriously would have liked to recommend this game, even spent hundreds of dollars on it, but the truth is at it's current state the game is not playable. even the end game where you can only do is freaking Dungeon and Quest fails you, every map brings Disconnection, the worst part is if you get disconnected its to hard to get back since the server is not good, for the meantime if they can't fix this DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

- The game is entertaining to explore for your first char
- Great visual
- Great soundtrack
- diverse job types that can keep you busy for months
- nostalgic feel for those RO enthusiast
- neat GUI
- Grind fest GALORE!
- GM and Admins are responsive and is always trying to clean the game from (hacks, bots, RMT..etc)

- BUGS, NOPES, BUGS everywhere
- Not much content after your first char (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
- Lack of PvP system that makes the game stale once you reach max level
- Unbalanced game play for Job Types
- Magic > Everyone
- The Con is the CON since there is no need to put points on other ATTR for your char
- ATTR are not balanced a WIZ can go on without an INT and just place it on their CON! CON! CON!
- items doesn't matter you can use your equipment from lvl 75 till your 280 ( cough ~ Cafrisun ~ cough)
- NO NEW CONTENT, the main quest just drops after reaching Fedimian
- GIMMICK's that aren't even rewarding or interesting
- WORLD BOSS HUGGING, want to get rich? hug the spot with lv 280 char and camp there FOREVER!
- MSPEED is love, MSPEED is life.. want to win ? invest in this and you will win the whole game.
- No use for GUILDS since there is no GUILD WARS or EVENTS

I know that this game is still in ALPHA but at lease try to put in competitive contents for your game. PvP is where you should be able to have fun with your hard earn char not leave it as a display on your lounge once it reaches max level.

I will change the review again once I reach 1500 hours of game play as this is my 2nd review, that is if I ever reach it, hopefully I don't drop this game before that happens.

1st Review (POSITIVE)
2nd Review (NEGATIVE)
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Not Recommended
692.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 14
If you have to make a facebook account to get support for the game?

Yeah, amateur hour here. I'll leave the complaints about the game performance, issues and bots to the others reviewers.
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Not Recommended
53.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
So many mix feelings about this game, a game that when you play feels so good but after some gameplay you start to find annoying after annoying little things.

Economy: if you want to sell an item, you can only announce a single one and it'll have a 30% tax ( if you have the premium 10 items and 10% tax), but you can't sell for any price that you want, as they have a min and max limits for every items. Trying to stop the gold selling the developers turn off the option of golf trade player-player ( meanwhile the gold sellers are using high price items to do the same thing or just buying a item for a high value in the market). So the gold sellers are still using bots, spamming the chats and selling silver while normal players are restrict. btw if you don't have premium account you can't even acess the public stash, so you'll have trouble to transfer that great staff to your wizard.

Monsters: there are so little of them, sometimes there are only 5-10 in the whole map. A single party can easily clean most of the maps and them you have to sit and wait for the long respawns. Some monsters can be erased from all the channels by a single player crossing the channels for rare monsters.

Support: my ticket already have a week, so I really pray to never have any serious problem. (Edit: It took 2 weeks)

The game is good, you can have fun. But you will have trouble with the market/trades and you won't have a good time while trying to farm for mons. It's a grind game that you can't grind because of the lack of monsters. They are also really trying to throw the players in certain servers. We use to have some public servers, now they are trying to separate so if you are from NA you will play NA servers, if you are from EU you'll play EU servers and so on.
A shame because this game could be so much more.
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Not Recommended
426.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 15
I dont know what gotten into IMC but this game turned horribly wrong.
The beta was fun , in fact I was one of top 100 players in beta.
But now, 3 month after release this game has gotten worse every day, in every way. They try to define management that differentiate this game from any other MMO, but every decision that they have come to was a huge mistake.
The game is itself excellent. But 99% of fault was at the publisher.

I this point I think they should just better go with pay to play model.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: June 4
I don't really ever write reviews so bear with me. I really so much wanted to love this game, as I was a huge fan of RO. It's not a terrible game and I actually ended up enjoying it, though not half as much as I wanted to. I was extremely disappointed when the DLC that was implemented offered about half as much reward for twice as much money as most other NA games. Customer service was at first quick to answer, but very short on satisfaction or comprehension or both and finally no answer for a couple of weeks. I'd really like to try this game again, if any decent company were to run it and if many tweeks were made. IMC is just not a good company to run the English version of this game in my opinion.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: June 19
The Cons(a lot)
1- Game is riddled with bugs, some quests left untranslated.
2- Some features break EVERY week(chat bugs, market bugs, party system bugs)
3- Lag, Laggy Lagged
4- Some features are REALLY bad designed(party system throws you with people 10 or more levels higher than you and make dungeons pretty much one shot for people with lower levels, If you die in mid boss battle and they manage to score the kill you lose loot, exp and silver)
5- Graphics get clunky, opening the world map lag even good machines, depending on what is on the screen can even make a GTX titan cry due to poor optimization.
6- Leveling is somehow boring, with no alternatives other than questing and grinding.
7- Pretty much Pay 2 Play, because key features such as interchanging items thru main/alt characters being a token feature, market fees and quantity of items are pretty much a rip off without it.
8- Game pretty much doesnt know how to deal with lag(sometimes it takes forever or you don't even DC at all forcing you to manually close it), you get stuck on skill animations pretty often or the skills not even working at all.

The pros

1- Visually pretty
2- Somehow nostalgic for Ragnarok players
3- Not that difficult to play on the start

Not recomended until they fix EVERYTHING that is broken(and i'm sure it will take a LOOOOOOONG time seeing their pace.
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