Everybody wants to rule the world! Achieve global power with EVIL GENIUS, the one and only complete world domination simulator. All the everyday tasks of the deliciously wicked mastermind are available to experience and master from building your ultra-secret base to developing spectacular super-weapons to carry out your nefarious master...
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Release Date: Sep 28, 2004

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About This Game

Everybody wants to rule the world! Achieve global power with EVIL GENIUS, the one and only complete world domination simulator. All the everyday tasks of the deliciously wicked mastermind are available to experience and master from building your ultra-secret base to developing spectacular super-weapons to carry out your nefarious master plan. How evil are you?

  • Choose from 3 notorious Evil Genius characters to serve as your icon and represent you in your quest for power.
  • Create the ultimate doomsday device and use it to achieve total global domination.
  • Create your lair with over 300 items including kung fu academies, rocket caverns, and laboratories.
  • Use ingenious traps and wicked 'interrogation' devices to toy with and dispatch obnoxious overdressed government agents.
  • Manage your minions as you train them in treacherous trades such as experimental research programs, heavy weapons usage, and international sabotage.
  • Recruit dastardly henchmen to patrol your base, take out your enemies, and undertake outrageous missions to increase your power and notoriety.

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
    • Processor: Pentium® III 800MHz processor
    • Memory: 128MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce2 16Mb or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 1.4 GB of free hard drive space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
    • DirectX9®: DirectX 9.0c
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (23 reviews)
Overwhelmingly Positive (1,156 reviews)
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( 8.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
Wasn't gripping at all, none of the aspects of the game feel that perfected and some options (like a fast forward button) feel missing.
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Snuggle Basercer
( 2.7 hrs on record )
Posted: July 28
love it when the tourist's get in your base and watch the interigation then walk off to the room with all the bodies so you take them out slowly filling the freezer then running out off freezer space cause you had to kill so many tourist
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( 9.0 hrs on record )
Posted: July 22
One of the best old school games i have ever played. Used to play it a lot back when i was a kid, Highly recommend!
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( 12.1 hrs on record )
Posted: July 22
Torturing prisoners by doing a Michael Jackson leaning trick. 10/10
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( 60.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 21
Honestly this game is too good to be true!! I love the classic graphics, the fun gameplay, the combination of strategy and building. Im a aspireing game developer and I hope that at somepoint in my career I can make a game just as good as this one! I still wish that there would be a sequal to this game.
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( 0.7 hrs on record )
Posted: July 18
If it had a fast-foward button, it could be a fun game, but sadly it's just a boring, waiting game.

Buy if you enjoy looking at the screen for hours while you wait for your cash to pile up.
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( 3.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 16
Waiting time without fast forward. Justify it however you wish, it is still boring to just wait.
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( 8.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 13
Good comedy, good story, very fun. Little repedative some times, but well worth a playthrough.
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( 15.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 13
This is so much fun but annoying bugs got in the way of my enjoyment halfway through my first island. Rather spoilt things for me.
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( 12.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 12
A awsome game
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8.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 11
Evil Genius is an excellent, if old game that is not without its flaws. Players are the Evil Genius, leader of the evil organisation that is planning world domination. The evil genius builds their evil lair, on their evil island. He brings in evil minions to do nefarious deeds and generally just manages the organisation's island lair. And he's evil.

You begin by building your base, designing corridors and rooms and placing the neccesary furniture in them. A place for work, a place to let minions relax and recover, a power plant. And then you gradually unlock more rooms and more items, expanding more and more until you've outgrown the small first island. But that will be a while.
During your growth, you're going to deal with agents of the forces of good, investigating your base for wrongdoing, and sabotaging, stealing, or outright assualting you. And for you to defeat them there are varying kinds of traps, misdirection, and just plainly having them taken care of by a minion with a gun(Or indeed, multiple minions)

The basic gameplay is solid, and while it has a few annoyances in the minion and agent AI, it is still very enjoyable. Base building tickles all the right spots for those who want to be creative, and managing your evil base is even immersive in some ways as you get to be the big boss cartoon villain for a change. It provides you with every tool you may need to feel like you're in charge, with systems that are neither too complex, nor too simple to enjoy.

The graphics may be a little out of date, but they are still perfectly fine in most cases. It is true that characters viewed up close don't look as shiny as they may be able to with today's graphics, but when zoomed out and inspecting your lair you will not notice much of this, with an artstyle that matches the game's theme. It remains even today a nice sight to see the corridors and rooms with your minions walking around in them.

Sound design is well done, with the music being the best fit for the theme that I could imagine. All other sounds are very much what one expects of them, clean and clear so you can tell what's going on, and the only sound that becomes annoying is your blaring alarm. When you're dealing with a base under attack, you're going to want to keep the alarm on. But your ears will want it off after a while because it is loud and repetitive. More reason to finish off those intruders then!

The game happens to also be laden with humour, as after all, you are a cartoon style villain of sufficient evilness, I highly recommend taking a look at interogations and reading the fluff text of your nefarious deeds on the world screen, almost every part of the game fits seamlessly into the others, with a unified theme that never seems to fail or fall apart except for technical reasons.

But then, there are issues too. As there are always issues with games that will lessen your enjoyment. Luckily for Evil Genius, these issues are few. Specifically, they are twofold, though other flaws exist.
Super agents, and the AI.
The AI is the simplest to find, and simplest to complain about. It is incredibly simple, and even without resistance it will not go deep into your base, or pose a threat to your evil genius avatar. A little planning and you will always be safe, though you may lose all your minions as they too don't think about things. You will see a horde of minions happily run into an attacking army to repair the door that is being broken down, or to use a fire extinquisher on an item that is still being actively attacked.
The agent AI is not much better. For the 'forces of good' they are remarkably bloodthirsty, with some super agents and soldiers shooting everything that moves on sight. They will enter a hotel and shoot all the valets, bomb the tourists' bedrooms, and declare their mission a success. They will destroy a cardboard target and explode the pressure plate triggering it, then get injured by their own explosion and go on alert because they took damage. The AI is, sadly, incredibly simple and completely incapable of making sense or anything resembling planning.
That said, it is still functional, though the killing spree and indiscriminate destruction these agents cause will be most annoying as you can not tell a few highly trained minions to sit back, thus almost guarranteeing that you will be spending the next 30 minutes recovering from AI sillyness. And recovering is a slow thing, as everything is expensive, and income is low.

As for the super agents, I won't spoil them. But I will say the complete anticlimax that is the final super agent is a shame. Instead of an interesting ability like the other agents, the only thing this one has is boosted stats and an interface screw. The best way to deal with his ability is to pause the game and fix what he messed up, which can take a while with bigger bases, and manually set everything back to normal.

In the end, there is a lot I can say about Evil Genius, but even with its flaws it remains a very solid game capable of hours of enjoyment, unique and interesting with all the right things to make you feel like you are, indeed, the evil genius.
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
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22.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 1
Minion has chosen to desert! - Click - Terminate Minion. 10/10
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0.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
I am sorry tourist, you know too much...
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
31.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 1
You want to be an Villain? This game get's you going. Swirl enemys around and conquer the world.... kind of.
Everything you've dreamed of,... or not. It's fun, It's old, It's totally insane - Best game ever!
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 5
An Amazing Game Still Despite Evil Genuis Being +10 Yrs Old I Found This Game Via Youtube And Wanted this game So Bad.
When i got this game i loved It,I've Never regreted getting this Wonderful piece of Gaming
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
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59.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 1
Old game but still great. Also makes a nice change playing the evil roll.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 13
Good comedy, good story, very fun. Little repedative some times, but well worth a playthrough.
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31.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 20, 2015
Evil Genius is a base-building strategy game, similar to Dungeon Keeper.

You play as a malevolent mastermind during the cold-war era, with the sole aim of taking over the world.

As with all plotting masterminds circa 1970, you have a secret base built within a mountain on a tropical island, and of course, what evil genius is complete without his evil henchmen? These fellas are under your total command and do all dirty work you task them with. You start off by hiring basic henchmen, which carry out menial tasks such as construction or basic room staffing. These henchmen then branch into three different paths: military; science; and social. These paths each have four henchmen types each, ranging from basic guards, to valets, and mad scientists.

Henchmen aren't the only things you'll find in your evil lair. There's a variety of room types to be constructed, from barracks for the men to sleep, or security rooms to manage CCTV cameras and hold prisoners. Your base requires power, and your staff have many stats (needs) that must be met. By building each type of room you can meet the demands of your ever growing lair. As you progress, more rooms and various objects for rooms can be researched via your science minions, allowing more depth to your base as well as better ways to meet the ever growing needs of your minions.

Finally, no evil lair is complete without traps. Throughout your campaign for world dominance, you're bound to draw the attention of various justice forces. From agents who snoop for incriminating evidence, to burglars trying to steal back ill-gotten gains, building traps can have all kinds of nasty effects on intruding spies. From simple pressure pads and toxic gas, to wind corridors of death, the game offers a wide selection of traps with endless customisation for you to build the ultimate defence against intruders.

Outside of your lair, hotels can be built on your island. Pesky tourists want to visit, and in order to keep them busy these establishments can be constructed to help prevent them wandering into your base. Social minions such as valets will man your hotels, and ensure tourists remain outside the base. Hotels can have a variety of recreational objects for tourists to pass time.

Away from your island is the rest of the world. Accessed via the world map, you can deploy your henchmen all over the world to perform multiple nefarious acts. From stealing money, to plotting schemes. Henchmen can also be deployed on missions in each region to build notoriety, as well as steal priceless artifacts, or even research that can be used for new objects and rooms.

The game itself, in the spirit of most similar British games made in its time, has a strong sense of humour. These moments show in the little things, such as your evil genius gloating over agents locked in your prison cells, or torture scenes consisting of the torturer smoking a cigarette, whilst the unfortunate agent being interrogated begs for a puff.

Visually, the game has aged amazingly well. Though the game was released in 2004, the clean and sleek aesthetic has allowed the game to remain as beautiful as it was at release. A rare accomplishment for many older games. Evil Genius visually competes with a lot of games released today.

Overall, if you're looking for a base-building game, look no further than Evil Genius. This game is both incredibly fun and absolutely stunning, whilst having plenty of depth and an amazing sense of humour. The game only offers a campaign mode, but will easily keep you playing for around 50 hours or more. If you find yourself wanting more, there are sandbox mods available for you to just freely build the ultimate evil lair.

A brilliant game, even by today's standards, and one of the best PC games to have ever been released.
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0.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 13, 2015
First : Dont Look at my Steam Hours,i played that game way before Steam a long time when it was released.
An Evil Genius Tycoon as i would explain it in one sentence.
Its pretty unique you cant find any game like this out there.
You Play one of 3 Super Villains of your choice and start with bunch of money and handfull of workers on an abandoned island.

Now you gonna begin to build your first super villain base inside an old hill,while the game goes on you can send your workers on the world map to every location and let them steal money or let them do missions like kidnapping a specialist

( example : you need to kidnapp and interrogate an police officer for train your workers to be an guard, this goes on with even more specialized experts as you go further into the game ,like scientists, snipers , technician .....)

you have 4 types of workers, the normal workers ,an military tree ,an scientists / technician tree and an public worker tree which you need to run an hotel / holiday plant later on the game on your island as camouflage for your underground base.

you need train facilitys for that and every worker needs to got though every stage to get trained to an later one inside a tree.
and you need every type of your unit,example : only technicians in the scientists/ technician tree can repair equipment and facility machinery.

when your people doing missions or stealing money in an country too long it can get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and send agents,you can either avoid them or distract them or you lead them into deadly traps inside your base.

you also need an mortuary inside your base for placing killed enemys agents there,very late in the game the countrys will send super special agents,for example a rambo like from th US and an chinese super agent from asia.

The First Island you have isnt the only one,when youre further in the Game you will get on an bigger one dont worry,there is where its maybe a good choice to build an hotel / holiday plant

the game is very old now and im not sure which version this on steam is,there are to find 1 official and 1 community patch in the internet which make the game very playable,but without the steam overlay,atleast at me.

you need to get into the game and it takes time to get that,if you wanten an super villain game and was disappointed with Omerta for example,you should try this, especially when its on sale.
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32.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2014
So sad that as of last week I still played this game on cd, yes the org cd... The hundreds if not over a thousand hours I've put into this game. Then i see it on steam (compleatly unware) and have to build my game hrs all over again like I'm new. Great game. From the little comedy antics to the satisfaction to see your gold has filled the room. HEY GAME MAKING DEV PEOPLE. Make an EVIL GENIUS 2 (this time add a sandbox island).
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