Everybody wants to rule the world! Achieve global power with EVIL GENIUS, the one and only complete world domination simulator. All the everyday tasks of the deliciously wicked mastermind are available to experience and master from building your ultra-secret base to developing spectacular super-weapons to carry out your nefarious master...
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發售日: 2004 年 09 月 28 日


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Everybody wants to rule the world! Achieve global power with EVIL GENIUS, the one and only complete world domination simulator. All the everyday tasks of the deliciously wicked mastermind are available to experience and master from building your ultra-secret base to developing spectacular super-weapons to carry out your nefarious master plan. How evil are you?

  • Choose from 3 notorious Evil Genius characters to serve as your icon and represent you in your quest for power.
  • Create the ultimate doomsday device and use it to achieve total global domination.
  • Create your lair with over 300 items including kung fu academies, rocket caverns, and laboratories.
  • Use ingenious traps and wicked 'interrogation' devices to toy with and dispatch obnoxious overdressed government agents.
  • Manage your minions as you train them in treacherous trades such as experimental research programs, heavy weapons usage, and international sabotage.
  • Recruit dastardly henchmen to patrol your base, take out your enemies, and undertake outrageous missions to increase your power and notoriety.


    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
    • Processor: Pentium® III 800MHz processor
    • Memory: 128MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce2 16Mb or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 1.4 GB of free hard drive space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
    • DirectX9®: DirectX 9.0c
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張貼於:2015 年 08 月 29 日
One of my favorite games of all time. Where other games similar to Dungeon Keeper failed, Evil Genius succeeded in so many ways while also creating a world that was unique in itself. The goal of the game is to build an evil secret base on a deserted island and further your plans of world domination. Be careful, however, for the forces of good will do everything in their power to stop you from fulfilling those dreams. You control everything from a birds-eye view where you build rooms and objects via "blueprints" which Minions then proceed to purchase and place for you. The game overall is very smooth and challenging. After all these years, I still haven't managed to beat the game and I bought it when it first came out! All in all, I love this game and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to rule the world and throw foolish special agents into giant mixer bowls.
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60.1 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 11 月 29 日
Old game, but still manages to be fun and entertaining for hours on end. Great game for the value. Wish there was a Evil Genius 2.
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張貼於:2015 年 09 月 20 日
This game is nto what you'd expect. it is quite fun, and very challenging. it is extremely addicting too. you'll start playing it then all of the suddden you played all night and the sun is coming up. there are things that will be frustrating with it soemtimes, and the late game is extremely hard to get through. but its worth every penny.
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77.9 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 09 月 3 日
I love this game I just wish it had achievements and/or trading cards
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張貼於:01 月 30 日
All of my reviews are based around my personnal opinion, they're not swayed by a majority of people liking or disliking it.

Better than
Prison Architect

Worse than
Dungeon Keeper 2

Steam for some reason, hasn't included my entire playtime. My actual playtime is roughly around 6-7 hours.

All of my reviews are laid out in a particular format that fits the game.


Evil Genius was a hard one to review, but alas, I've finally done it, and I can say that I'm quite impressed. I first played this a couple of years ago but didn't really like it back then. I thought, since its sitting in my library, I'll give it another go. It has turned out a lot better than I thought it would. You play as an evil mastermind, tasked at building your own base and gaining noteriety around the globe by completing devious missions. Basically being a James Bond villian. If base building is your thing then yes I would recommend this!


Evil Genius is a base building game, where you play as one of three different evil masterminds and attain noteriety across the globe by completing missions. If you've played games like Dungeon Keeper, this will be very familiar to you. You are first placed on an island, with a few tasks to complete. You are also given a huge mountain. This is where you build your base. You are given a selection of rooms to begin with plus gaining more the more tasks you complete. Pretty much simple right?


Obviously, for the kind of game it is, your camera is set from above so you can manage your base easily. The game isn't as simple as it seems. Plenty of things can happen at any given time such as blackouts, attacks, e.t.c. The game gives you tutorials on how to do things when they're needed so in some ways the game does hold your hand. As I mentioned before, there are three different leaders to choose from, all of which, are different in their own ways. But no matter which one, you always start on the same island. People who are familiar to these kind of games will find it easy. Newcomers won't find it hard to adapt.


Being a game from 2004, the graphics, of course, are a little bit outdated, but that didn't bother me at all, and it shouldn't bother you. Everything is clear to understand, and there're different graphics options to fit your PC, some of which might make the game look better for you anyway. As of the design, I can say that the island you start on is a bit plain in terms of detail, but that doesn't really matter since you're trying to build a base anyway. The rooms are interesting and can have added detail anyway. It's one of those games that doesn't try to be lazy when making it.

UI [User Interface]

Again, for people unfamiliar to these kind of games, they might struggle on where to find things. Like I said earlier, there are tutorials on how to do things, but not everything. Sometimes the game leaves you to try and find out where things are and what they do. At some points I did struggle on finding my way through things, but again, you adapt. In terms of settings though, I never had a problem, nor should other people.

- Interesting James Bond feel
- Unique Idea
- Plenty of entertainment
- Sinister soundtrack :D
- The game is quite humorous at times.

- Can be confusing at times
- Sometimes left at points where you have no idea what to do

Final Recommendation

Evil Genius is one of those games that doesn't look amazing, but when actually played, suprises you. The idea of the game is what intruiged me the most. Playing as an evil mastermind that made you feel like a villain of James Bond is excellent in my opinion. Although sometimes confusing, Evil Genius makes up for it with It's excellent features and the enjoyment of annoying other countries. :D Worth buying if you like these kind of games, or want to get into them.

Final Verdict - 8/10.



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