Kingdom is a 2D sidescrolling strategy/resource management hybrid with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic.
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Release Date: Oct 21, 2015

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June 23

Kingdom is 50% for the Steam Summer Sale! (Plus New Lands news!)

Couple of announcements: Kingdom is 50% off on the Steam Summer Sale right now! $4.99!

Exciting time to get on the game if you've been on the fence. ESPECIALLY since New Lands will be yours for free if you own the base game before New Lands launches NEXT MONTH!

We put up a blog post with new details, and an actual stream of some of the new content can be seen over on our blog too.


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June 2

Kingdom: New Lands news is coming at E3!

E3 is less than two weeks away now and that's where we're going to be revealing Kingdom: New Lands. We've done some small teases here and there, but expect a bunch of new info to hit then.

In the mean time here's a few things you should know about New Lands:

– It’s an expansion, and it adds a bunch of content and a new win condition while keeping the same core gameplay and simplicity.

– If you own Kingdom before New Lands launches this summer, you’ll get New Lands at no charge.

– If secret beta testing has told us anything, it’s that even if you’re a Kingdom vet you’ll still have a lot of things to puzzle out.

– We don’t intend on spoiling a lot, just like we didn’t spoil things the first time around, because we want players to be able to discover things on their own.

If you’re at E3, come visit us at IndieCade @ E3! We’ll be in the South Hall at booth #623.

Oh and here's a picture of a new creature. Wonder if you can ride it ...

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About This Game

Wise Rulers know their kingdom will fall,
Brave Rulers do not despair.
Great Rulers know their riches can rule,
And spend every coin with great care.

In Kingdom, each coin spent can tip the balance between prosperity and decay. Attend to your domain, border to border, or venture into the wild to discover its wonders and its threats. Master the land, build your defenses, and when the darkness comes, stand with your people, crown on your head, until the very end.

Kingdom is a 2D sidescrolling strategy/resource management hybrid with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic. Play the role of a king or queen atop their horse and enter a procedurally generated realm primed to sustain a kingdom, then toss gold to peasants and turn them into your loyal subjects in order to make your kingdom flourish. Protect your domain at night from the greedy creatures looking to steal your coins and crown, and explore the nearby, mysterious forests to discover curious and cryptic artifacts to aid your kingdom.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 8.1
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6)
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 320m (or equivalent)
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • OS: OS X Mavericks (version 10.9)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Steam OS or Similar
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • OS: Steam OS
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
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Very Positive (257 reviews)
Very Positive (3,096 reviews)
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( 3.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
Amazing game! Would totally recommend,

-Amazing graphics (well for a pixel game)
-Easy to handle and figure out
-Plays a good challenge!

-Coins can be a little slow at the beginning
- The horse can run for about 15-20 seconds before tiring
- Can't seem to find a wiki for this game, if anyone finds one please message me!

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( 5.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
My first time playing I made it to day 19
But now I die on day 3
Very hard game
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( 3.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
Well put together! When you first start you may feel like there's not alot going on but, when you get going you'll be wishing for more time in the day to repair, recruit, and super glue your crown to you head. Props to the Devs on this one.
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Barbaric Monkey
( 7.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
Fun game, but ultimately your hours long run can be ruined by a simple mistake such as building a wall accidentally. The ability to "stop" construction would go a long way.

At first the idea of the Roguelike "No Saves" system was appealing, but really it just leads to frustration and repeating the same slow beginning of the game over and over.

If you're okay with a wrong button press to ruin your run then this is worth $10.

I don't think I'll bother trying to beat it again. Once you find the optimal strategy, it seems like there is no real reason to deviate.
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( 15.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
I find this game frustrating yet strangely addicting, all in a good way. It's so beautiful and elegant in execution. I hope it's successful.
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( 27.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
The game is minimalistic and has very simple mechanics. Some might complain about the AI but I consider that as just another obstacle to get around. Kingdom is fun for the first couple of playthroughs and interesting when tackling some of the achievement challenges. However, this is not a fully positive recommendation as there are design flaws within the game that you should address (hopefully in the new expansion coming out)

1. The only interesting challenges are the day achievements and winning as fast as possible. The survival aspect is very poorly done as there is only really one dominant long term strategy: maximize how many workers you can recruit each day and turn them all into archers. In the long run, gold is not a limiting resource. Workers are. Set up two farms, clear one side, and max wall on the other. Never build catapults as the rocks they throw only present a liability. After day 40, I just left the game running while I did other stuff until I got the day 100 achievement.

2. Nothing is explained ingame. All the knowledge I have regarding how things work I only got off the internet. A player should be able to learn the mechanics without looking for the sources outside the game.

3. The lack of a few key capabilities make the game very grindy. One is that you cannot minimize the game and have it keep running in the background, which is really annoying it essentially forces me to wait and stare at the screen to get through a period where I have little to do. Two is the inability to skip phases of the game. If I want to wait it out, is there really a need for me to sit through a whole minutes doing nothing waiting for the day to pass?
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( 11.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
The gameplay is simple, but also extremely challenging. It's interesting how the relatively simple mechanics force you to really strategise about elements that might not otherwise occur to you. Every choice you make has consequences, from how much your people can hunt, to whether there's even enough villagers left in the land to survive until the next night. It's a good game to play whether you only have an hour or so to spare, or plan to hunker in for a night of gaming. It's definitely worth the full price, and the music really adds to the atmosphere.

tl;dr: It's good. You should buy it- as long as you don't mind dying a lot.
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( 23.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
Amazing Game with suprisingly deep stradagy given its simplicity of controls.

1. Strategic use of Money and Purchases
2. Day and Night Cycle
3. Darkness in Forest creates that oh god what time is it feeling. Wonderful!
4. Weather Effects
5. Assigning jobs and upgrading your camp.
6. Risk v.s. reward to run to the shrines excitement
7. Timing that attack just right or learning from a bad choice.

1. Needs more content. After a few playthroughs you start to know the game too well too quickly.
2. Same stradagy to win seems to work despite random layouts for me.
3. Game does not enforce expanding. This is the main issue that causes the above to be true on the repeat stradagy.

If the expanding is enforced then I would packrat men before begining. If there is no counter for this then it would be my second stradagy to win every game. Just a heads up Devs ;)

Despite the minor flaws I would come back to this game again for each of its updates as it is very fun to play.
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( 3.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
*dies first two attempts
*wonders what he did wrong
*watches some playthrough footage
*attempts one last time
*goes from start to finish in one sitting
*best 3-4 hours of life

10/10 would not pay for the merchant again
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( 3.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 29
This game is really fun, and it has a realy good art style, it is a beautiful game to look at a real treat for the eyes.
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8.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 11
Product received for free
Original, fun and HARD game. You need to figure out what do rather than having tutorials and numbers tell you.

- Beautiful, coherent graphics
- Great atmospere
- Scary nights and monsters
- Original, unique gameplay

- Harder than you expect
- Hard to manage your kingdom
- You always wish for a faster horse
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16.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 22
I love this game.

Lately my life has been so busy, even when I have the time to sit down down and enjoy playing a game I rarely feel like doing it for more than 45 minutes or an hour. Kingdom has taken me back to what gaming use to be like for me: Losing hours of my life in a different world; Becoming completely immersed and forgetting about everything else.

It's hard for me to say exactly why this game is so great. At first it seems really basic, the entire game can be played with three buttons on the keyboard. Don't be fooled though, there is a lot of strategy here and the game will definitely kick your butt once or twice before you start getting the hang of it.

What makes this game special is not just gameplay though, it's the entire feel and atmosphere of the game. Whether or not you like pixel art, it's hard to call this game anything other than beautiful. The way day and night cycles, the sunsets, moonlight, fog, rain, clouds. Every day and night feels slightly different and it always feels special. This is complimented by the subtle yet suberb sound and music.

If you like the look of this game and think you'll enjoy it you probably will. Don't spend too much time researching it and potentially spoiling things for yourself, just know that it's a great experience and it is worth your time and money.
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10.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
Outstanding concept and exemplary execution! Swords & Sworcery and Terraria atmosphere, remixed and presented in a beautiful, minimalistic way. I am impressed!
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
16.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 27
Kingdom may seem simple on the surface, but surprises you with a good amount of depth, paired with a stunning 8-bit aesthetic and a moody soundtrack. One of my favourite indie games of 2015, and the developers are working on an expansion pack that will come out completely free of charge for existing owners in a couple months' time.
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
6.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 23
I launched this game and played for two full hours exploring the grand majesty that is this title; and even as I watched my Kingdom finally crumble... I felt oddly at peace. I can not accurately describe how magnificent and beautiful this game is with mere words. The phantasmagoric elegence that accompanies its simplicity is bewilderingly breathtaking. It is unlike anything I have ever played, a truly unique experience that is worth every cent. I can not say more. Half of the fun is discovering it for yourself.
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6 of 7 people (86%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
nice music, nice pixelated graphic and immersive gameplay (for e.g. no ui to tell you that you are running out of stamina, look at the huff and puff of the horsy)

after completing it once there is no reason to play it again, map might be procedural, but there is only one way to play the game, anyone that gets near far enough will know what i'm talking about, wont write it here to ruin your experience.

Gameplay might be immersive but i won't recommend buying it unless its on sale for less than $3
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9 of 13 people (69%) found this review helpful
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14.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 30
TL;DR It's the only game that actually makes you care about NPC's

You know, I think Kingdom may be the only game that actually made me emotionally invested in anything other than my loot. When you build up your own Kingdom, you really feel like the people are your responsibility, and you feel awful when any of them die. It has pretty good progression, and you really feel like you constantly have to be doing something. It kinda has that Harvest Moon feel, you know. You feel like you wasted time if you stand still for even a second, since you kinda did. There are lots of ways to get gold, but they can't really be accomplished purely by yourself. You depend completely on your archers, builders, farmers, and everyone else. But in a roundabout way, they also completely depend on you, since you are essentially the strategist. I mean, it's not too uncommon to be the strategist, case and point Fire Emblem, but rarely do you still have a playable character who can get stuff done on your own. It creates a really interesting gameplaym style, and really reinforces the whole feeling guilty when your recruits die. Like, you recruited them, for a measly gold coin, to defend you and do all of your other dirty work, without much choice on their part. When they die, they die for you, and purely because you recruited them. Additionally, the graphics and overall feel are really spot on for this kind of game.

Since I'm not a big fan of /10's, I'll just say whether I recommend it or not, and in what circumstances. Basically, it's not a game for everyone, it's not a game that will give you 100's of hours, and it's not the game with crazy cutscenes and story. It's a game you play to be fully immersed in and actually give a damn about. If that interests you, buy it. If you refuse to play a game without that stuff. then don't play it. But at the end of the day, there's really no reason not to pick it up. It's really cheap and something that can really be called an experience.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
If you came looking at this game for exciting gameplay, complex mechanics, or next-gen graphics, you should probably leave. This game is very minimalistic and simple, with pixel graphics and nice Terraria type music. I think the graphics make the game great and the music is beautiful. In my opinion, this game wasn't made so you can have fun reading lore or building your character or killing bad guys or any other normal game stuff, but it was made to make you think. Personally, walking through the forest on my horse and seeing the past civilizations in ruins made me think of how my kingdom was going to fall, just like all the ones before it and that later someone else might ride past the overgrown ruins of mine and think the same thing. As you may be able to tell, I love this game.
-Amazing Music
-Throw gold at peasants
-Nice graphics
-The feeling of accomplishment when you take out a portal or make it another ten days
-Being dumb and teleporting behind the enemies
-Sometimes the AI gets you. I have one archer tower and no one gets in it
-You may not think there is enough to do. I think there is, but I am not you
-Walking from one side of the kingdom to the other
-Finding peasants to throw gold at
I know there seem to be a lot of cons, but I think the game is great. Also, sorry if you read this, bought the game, and didn't like it, I just wasted you 10 dollars. Whoops. :(
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9.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
Very pretty and polished but the depth of a flash game. A wonderful game to pass the time and get some great enjoyment for 10+ hours but not much more. Once you get familar with all the mechanics, down to the number of breaths from your horse before it's ready to sprint, you will notice flaws or area of improvements in the games. The most notable change that needs to be made to the game is for idle archers to divide between both walls instead of grouping up at either the right or left for no specific reason and for them to move to the side that is in more danger. In some cases you will have 4 archers on the right ignoring the fact that on the left you have 1 archer trying to fight off the entire hord, and once they make it through the wall it's game over.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
33.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
This is one of the strategy games where you get better with every playthrough and your death will be postponed a little bit further every time you play. And you will die. But you will also understand the game mechanics better each time you play.

The best indicator to see that this is a great game is that after my last playthrough when I died after destroying one of the four portals is that I was actually glad I died so I can start all over again and do a better job.

A more detailed description of the game:

You recruit people living outside of your kingdom and they become archers, smiethies or farmers or knights staying in your kingdom as long as there is something to do and there usually is. The next step is to put up buildings for them to work in. At night wou will be attacked by demons spawning out of portals somewhere to the right or to the left of your kingdom.

So you always have to decide how much you put into defense and how much you put ino money making.

You also have to decide when and how far you dare to expand your kingdom into new territory. Before you do that you have to explore the region to the left and to the right with your avatar: a horse riding king or queen. Your avatar is moved with the left or right arrow key and acts with the down arrow key. That is all. Just three keys. Excellent for those who don't like hitting too many buttons at the same time. Don't get me wrong here. This game still has speed and action at times and you will have that one second where you need to make a decision and a mistake will be disastrous.

It is very impotant that you don't give up on the game after you die once or twice. Just keep on trying and you will understand the mechanics or read about them in the internet. Doing that will not ruin the game because it is still hard enough to build up your kingdom correctly. Defending against a huge wave of demons can be very rewarding.

Anyone who is interested in exploration, new game concepts, permadeath, strategy, game mechanics should give it a try.

I guess people who like games like FTL will like this one, too. Although FTL probably has more replayability thatn this one. (Saying that I have to admit that I haven't beaten Kingdom at this moment)

At the time I am writing this, the game is on sale and for 5$ you will be delighted and have a lot of fun.
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