Wurm Unlimited is your full standalone version of the fantasy sandbox world Wurm Online, the MMORPG where the players are in charge! A pioneer in the ideas of player influence, crafting and adventure, it is now one of the most deep and feature packed sandbox experiences available.
User reviews:
Mixed (33 reviews) - 63% of the 33 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mostly Positive (860 reviews) - 74% of the 860 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 21, 2015

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August 31

August Devblog

Hi Everyone!

August has been another busy month for the Wurm dev team, with armour balances as well as addressing soome PvP related bugs, the introduction of some new clothing, and one of the next big updates, cooking!

Cooking and nutrition have always been a bit lacking in Wurm, dozens of ingredients, but so few options! This will change in our next bug update planned for later in the year. Tich has been working on overhauling the entire cooking system, with hundreds of new recipies, ingredients, crops, and that's not including beverages and bees!

I managed to ask a few questions while she was waiting for some pies to cool on the windowsill

A lot of people have theorized that the new system will be aimed at improving food via spices and tools before cooking, is this close?
No, food will be prepared and then cooked, not improved prior to to cooking.

How will cooking change? Will it be meat + crops in a frypan still?
Cooking will be done with recipes, and there are recipes to be able to make meals like in the current method. There will also be new cooking utensils and containers.

A lot of suggestions in the past have been about alcohol, will there be new methods of brewing?
There will be more alcoholic drinks, e.g. mead, beer.

A copper still

Mead? Does this mean there will there be honey?
Yes, there will be wild hives that appear during spring, and vanish in winter. These will slowly get honey and beeswax. But beware bees sting.

Will there be new crops to farm?
Yes, e.g. carrots and tomatoes.

Herbs are currently found via botanizing, a popular suggestion has been for the implementation of herb gardens, will herbs play an important part in cooking and will it be possible to farm them?
Not able to be farmed, but there will be planters that they can be planted in, which will produce herbs over time (for a while). These pots will also be able to be used to grow spices (well most of them).

How will we cook these foods?
There are different types of recipes,
ones that require using an item on an item, (e.g. making flour)
ones that require using an item on a container, (e.g. making pastry)
ones that require a container to be heated (e.g. making bread)
and ones that take time (e.g. making wine)

Recipes that use a container, require a match of what is in the container to a recipe, and at the end of the action (whatever type that is), the contents of the container are replaced by the result item.

How will different foods benefit?
Each meal will have an associated Calories, Carbs, Fats and Proteins, these will give a bonus to various things. Also there is another bonus associated with meals that will give a timed affinity, this affinity can be different per person, and will depend on what cooker, container, and ingredients that are used.

Will skilling cooking be different in the future?
Only in the fact that you will not be able use nails...

Will this be any different in Wurm Unlimited?
For WU, they will be able to add their own recipes if they want to.

What is your favourite food?
Roast pork and all the trimmings.
Looking stylish is always important, and coming next update to Wurm Unlimited is some new cloth clothing! we teased the coloured sets last month, but along with these will come plain white clothes, which will be the base items to create the coloured items.

We also have the new textures for adamantine and glimmersteel chain armour!



Expect to see those new clothing items in the next update!

Work continues on the new client renderer, with hopefully a beta line coming to Wurm Unlimited soon focusing on optimising it for you all, until then, continue to drool at just how improved it is!

That's it for this month folks, be sure to keep up to date with us by:
Liking us on Facebook
Following us on Twitter

Until next month, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & The Wurm Unlimted team

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August 8

Patch Notes LIVE

New versioning system!
Version number: a.b.c.d
a = Major release version. (Required to be equal)
b = Compatibility version (Required to be equal)
c = Client version (Not required to be equal)
d = Server version (Not required to be equal)

In order to be able to connect to a server, both client and server must have matching version numbers for a and b, the latter two do not have to be equal.
This allows us to push out hotfixes without forcing the need for servers to upgrade prior to connecting again, and will greatly improve how smoothly updates go

New Domain system added
  • Altars will now extend their domain depending on quality.
  • Underground and above ground zones are no longer separate, instead domains will have a 50% reduction in their power in the opposing layer.
  • Metal and wood altars may now be pushed/pulled.
  • Altar creation restrictions were removed.
Creature spawn counts altered
  • Bison, dogs, roosters, pheasants and hens will be a smaller amount of the total population
  • Spawn cap for horses has been increased
  • Bred creatures now have a 1 in 20 chance of giving a rare coin when killed, as opposed to the former 1 in 50 chance.
  • Removed small axe Combat Rating nerf.
  • A minimum cool down period of one hour was added to the meditation ability Final Breath.
  • Path of Insanity followers can change path one time with no penalty via an option on the meditation rug.
  • Tile borders will now show slope information again when examined.
  • Enchanted grass chance of reverting to grass on deeds with good ratio has been halved to have a 1 in 240 chance when an animal grazes. If the deed has a bad ratio (less than 15 tiles per animal) it has the usual 1 in 120 chance of reverting to grass. Off deed enchanted grass now has a 1 in 80 chance to revert to grass when an animal grazes.
  • Source crystals can no longer be mined from veins. This is to prevent excess crystals being mined in a short timeframe.
  • New settings window has been updated, keybindings and more added.
  • Bugfix: Boulders from volcanoes will no longer become part of an item pile.
  • Bugfix: Fixed text error for brass brass ribbon on unfinished birdcage examine.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a permission bug which allowed some paving without permissions set.
  • Bugfix: Corrected the fix for source crystals being removed from veins.
  • Bugfix: Focus icon mouseover text will now update properly when focus is lost during combat.
  • Bugfix: Text error for examine of rift beast heart was fixed.
  • Bugfix: You can no longer cast dirt on a smelter.
  • Bugfix: Pick up items and pick up planted permission are no longer needed in order to fill a lamp inside a building.
  • Bugfix: Plugged a few loopholes for trading new player tents.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error with socketed rings.
  • Bugfix: Traders and Merchants will once again stay on the the same story where placed instead of falling to the ground level.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when burying a body at sea.
  • Bugfix: Attempting to send mail to a server that is offline will no longer attempt to send and then destroy your mail.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with no drop items remaining in locked chests upon death.
  • Bugfix: Fix for cakes not cooling down when removed from a heat source.
  • Bugfix: Increased the tolerance for lag when moving on vehicles, random dismounts when riding on a horse or other vehicle should occur less often.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug to prevent rejected mail being auto-sent back to the person who rejected it if not picked up by the original sender. If the original sender does not retrieve the rejected mail, it will be deleted after 2 weeks.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a respawn issue on servers. If a spawn point does not satisfy requirements (above water, not too steep, empty) It will not show.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer cast dirt in a tent while in inventory.
  • Bugfix: Converting to HOTS only sets you to Libila and faith to 1 if you are coming from Fo, Magranon or Vynora.
  • Bugfix Text fix when creating new unfinished items, no more extra space and capital U.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few capitalization issues.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where higher nutrition was not properly giving the healing bonus to wounds.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with Village Healing bonus which could have increased damage instead of heal damage.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the dirt spell sometimes giving 7 dirt.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with planning/building an inner wall in a cave dwelling if there was a wall or fence on the same tile border above ground.
  • Bugfix: Tools should no longer take massive damage when destroying unfinished fences.
  • Bugfix: Fixed adamantine weapon bonus to actually be +10%.
  • Bugfix: Fix for randomized tunnel height calculations so that the distribution is now symmetrical.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for lost items when mailing across servers.
  • Bugfix: Fix for shoulder items not displaying.
  • Bugfix: Settings window fixes for the launcher, your profiles should now work.
Server Notes
  • Bugfix: Fix for hell creatures and other non-newbie creatures from spawning. (Hell creatures, Worg, Valrei, anaconda, Lava creatures, Fog spiders, Spiders, Kingdom animals, Trolls, Scorps, Unicorn, Bears, Crocs = All NON_NEWBIE)
  • Added a new setting under Advanced for "Newbie Friendly". When enabled, this will prevent non-newbie creatures from spawning on that server.
  • Bugfix: Fix for TIMETRANSFER errors in logs.
  • Bugfix: Fix for PvP Travel Blocking option not showing in player profile.
  • Bugfix: Fix for achievement timestamps bugging out when crossing servers.
  • Changed the default internal server port due to nVidia reserving it.
  • Internal IP will now default to localhost. This should help with some servers not being able to bind properly.
  • Creative will no longer start in winter when rebuilding the database.
  • Adventure will reset properly when rebuilding the database.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause inventories to be lost on server transfer.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Steam versioning schema.

Class Changes

Wurm Server
  • com/wurmonline/BatchEncrypter
  • com/wurmonline/server/Constants
  • com/wurmonline/server/DbConnector
  • com/wurmonline/server/Features
  • com/wurmonline/server/Items
  • com/wurmonline/server/LoginHandler
  • com/wurmonline/server/LoginServerWebConnection
  • com/wurmonline/server/MiscConstants
  • com/wurmonline/server/Players
  • com/wurmonline/server/Server
  • com/wurmonline/server/ServerLauncher
  • com/wurmonline/server/ServerProperties
  • com/wurmonline/server/batchjobs/ItemBatchJob
  • com/wurmonline/server/batchjobs/StructureBatchJob
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Action
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Actions
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/ArtifactBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/AutoEquipMethods
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Behaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/BodyPartBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/CargoTransportationMethods
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/CaveTileBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/CorpseBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/CreatureBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Emotes
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/ExamineBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/FenceBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Flattening
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/FloorBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Forage
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Herb
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/ItemBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/ManageMenu
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/MenuRequestBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Methods
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/MethodsCreatures
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/MethodsItems
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/MethodsStructure
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/MethodsSurveying
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/PlanetBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/ShardBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Terraforming
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/TileBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/TileBorderBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/TileCornerBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/TileRockBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/TileTreeBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/Vehicle
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/VillageDeedBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/VillageTokenBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/behaviours/WallBehaviour
  • com/wurmonline/server/bodys/BodyTemplate
  • com/wurmonline/server/bodys/Wound
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/Archery
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/Armour
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/Arrows
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/combatEngine
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/combatMove
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/ServerProjectile
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/SpecialMove
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/Weapon
  • com/wurmonline/server/combat/WeaponCreator
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/AnimalSettings
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/Brand
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/combatHandler
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/communicator
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/Creature
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/Creaturecommunicator
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/CreatureStatus
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/CreatureTemplate
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/CreatureTemplateCreator
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/CreatureTemplateIds
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/CreatureTypes
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/Creatures
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/MineDoorPermission
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/MineDoorSettings
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/MountAction
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/MovementScheme
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/SpellEffects
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/SpellEffectsEnum
  • com/wurmonline/server/creatures/VisionArea
  • com/wurmonline/server/database/MysqlConnectionBuilder
  • com/wurmonline/server/database/SqliteConnectionBuilder
  • com/wurmonline/server/effects/Effect
  • com/wurmonline/server/effects/EffectFactory
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/CollectedValreiItem
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/EpicEntity
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/EpicServerStatus
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/EpicTargetItems
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/HexMap
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/Hota
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/Valrei
  • com/wurmonline/server/epic/ValreiMapData
  • com/wurmonline/server/gui/WurmServerGuiController
  • com/wurmonline/server/gui/propertysheet/ServerPropertySheet
  • com/wurmonline/server/intra/IntraServerConnection
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/AdvancedCreationEntry
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/CreationEntryCreator
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/CreationWindowMethods
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/DbItem
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/Item
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemFactory
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemSettings
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemTemplate
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemTemplateCreator
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemTemplateCreatorContinued
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemTemplateCreatorThird
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/ItemTemplateFactory
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/Itempool
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/Possessions
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/TradingWindow
  • com/wurmonline/server/items/WurmMail
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/Achievement
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/Achievements
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/Cultist
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/DbPlayerInfo
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/ItemBonus
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/PermissionsByPlayer
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/Player
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/PlayerInfoFactory
  • com/wurmonline/server/players/Titles
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/ChangeMedPathQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/DemolishCheckQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/GmSetMedPath
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/GmTool
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/LCMManagementQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/MailSendConfirmQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/MailSendQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/ManagePermissions
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/PlanBridgeQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/PlayerProfileQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/QuestionParser
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/SwapDeityQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/TerrainQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/TwitSetupQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/VillageFoundationQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/questions/VillageSettingsManageQuestion
  • com/wurmonline/server/skills/Skill
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/Dirt
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/DrainHealth
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/Fungus
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/Heal
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/HolyCrop
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/Rebirth
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/RiteDeath
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/RitualSun
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/ScornOfLibila
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/Spell
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/SpellEffect
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/SpellGenerator
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/Summon
  • com/wurmonline/server/spells/WildGrowth
  • com/wurmonline/server/steam/SteamHandler
  • com/wurmonline/server/structures/Fence
  • com/wurmonline/server/tutorial/MissionPerformer
  • com/wurmonline/server/utils/DbUtilities
  • com/wurmonline/server/villages/Village
  • com/wurmonline/server/villages/Villages
  • com/wurmonline/server/webinterface/WebInterface
  • com/wurmonline/server/webinterface/WebInterfaceImpl
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/FaithZone
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/Rift
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/Trap
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/VirtualZone
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/VolaTile
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/Zone
  • com/wurmonline/server/zones/Zones
  • com/wurmonline/website/StatsXMLWriter
Wurm common
  • com/wurmonline/math/Quaternion
  • com/wurmonline/math/TilePos
  • com/wurmonline/mesh/BushData
  • com/wurmonline/mesh/CaveMesh
  • com/wurmonline/mesh/Mesh
  • com/wurmonline/mesh/MeshIO
  • com/wurmonline/shared/constants/BridgeConstants
  • com/wurmonline/shared/constants/
  • commonConstantsUtility
  • com/wurmonline/shared/constants/Enchants
  • com/wurmonline/shared/constants/ProtoConstants
  • com/wurmonline/shared/constants/SoundNames
  • com/wurmonline/shared/constants/SteamVersion
  • com/wurmonline/shared/util/MovementChecker
  • com/wurmonline/shared/util/StringUtilities
Wurm Client
  • com/wurmonline/client/
  • comm/ServerConnectionListenerClass
  • com/wurmonline/client/
  • comm/SimpleServerConnectionClass
  • com/wurmonline/client/console/WurmConsole
  • com/wurmonline/client/game/SpellEffect
  • com/wurmonline/client/game/SpellEffectSet
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/LauncherConstants
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/WurmLauncherFX
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/WurmMain
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/WurmSettingsFX
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/controls/ColorOptionControl
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/controls/DisplayOptionControl
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/controls/KeybindOptionControl
  • com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/controls/OptionControl
  • com/wurmonline/client/options/keybinding/KeybindButtons
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/PlayerBodyRenderable
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/cell/CreatureCellRenderable
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/cell/MobileModelRenderable
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/cell/PlayerCellRenderable
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/gui/HeadsUpDisplay
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/gui/MissionBar
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/gui/SpellEffectWindow
  • com/wurmonline/client/renderer/gui/ToolBeltcomponent
  • com/wurmonline/client/settings/Profile
  • com/wurmonline/client/startup/ServerBrowserFX
  • com/wurmonline/client/startup/TabbedLoginFrame
  • com/wurmonline/client/steam/SteamServerFX
  • com/wurmonline/client/util/ServerStatus
  • com/wurmonline/client/util/WurmStats
  • com/wurmonline/client/util/WurmXMLStats

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About This Game

What is Wurm Unlimited?

Wurm Unlimited is your full standalone version of the fantasy sandbox world Wurm Online, the MMORPG where the players are in charge!

A pioneer in the ideas of player influence, crafting and adventure, it is now one of the most deep and feature packed sandbox experiences available.
Whether you enjoy building your home, conquering kingdoms or hunting dragons, Wurm will let you.

Explore the world and make your mark!

In Wurm Unlimited, players can explore an elaborate fantasy sandbox world in the predefined Creative or Adventure modes as well as set up their own game server and invite friends to live and experience the Wurm universe.

What can I do in Wurm Unlimited?

  • Host your own Virtual World! The Server Management GUI hels you change settings such as skillrate gains, action timers, creature count ...
  • Explore huge, diverse landmasses with creatures and mysteries!
  • Modify the terrain; dig, raise, flatten and sculpt the land around you!
  • Craft and use thousands of unique items.
  • Wage war on other kingdoms, and lead yours to victory.
  • Discover and fight over religious artifacts on a PvP server.
  • Capture and breed animals from the environment.
  • Train 133 Skills, 10 Player Characteristics, and 3 Religion Characteristics.
  • Follow one of four unique deities and religions. Or attempt to become a Deity yourself and join the existing ones on the moon of Valrei!
  • Hunt creatures such as the unique red dragon, forest giant, kyklops, troll king and others!
  • Become a priest or champion of your religion and learn powerful spells and enchantments.
  • Choose one of five meditation paths and take advantage of special meditation abilities.
  • Earn as many of our 200+ skill and achievement titles as you have time for!
  • Mount various creatures, from horses and carts to unicorns, bears and even dragons!
  • Construct, crew or even captain six different ship types with other players, from small rowing boats to impressive caravels.
  • Build a variety of structures, from guard towers to stone houses to fences, bridges and statues.
  • Found your own settlement wherever you desire; own land, build a farm, a castle, or perhaps an entire village!
  • Pave roads to connect settlements and plant signs to improve local infrastructure.
  • Live off the land by creating fields to farm a variety of crops including potatoes, garlic, cotton, wheat, strawberries, pumpkins and more!
  • Cook nutrious food using a huge range of ingredients.
  • … and much more!

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Processor: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent AMD CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java Version 8
    • OS: Windows 10 x64
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD CPU
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java Version 8
    • Processor: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent AMD CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java Version 8
    • OS: Ubuntu 14+
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD CPU
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java Version 8
Customer reviews
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Mixed (33 reviews)
Mostly Positive (860 reviews)
Recently Posted
MAHES77 (aka Bran Muffin)
422.7 hrs
Posted: August 27
Fun game, better with a group because it can be a bit of a grind (depending on the server you play) I love how the crafting menu breaks down everything you need and clicking on a missing item tells you how to make it. It really does its best to help you craft. Some parts get repetitive, like grooming and maintaining your animals and farm but again with a group its no big deal. plenty of creatures to kill but DONT do it right away, make some armor first.
Had a blast but the group wanted to break into smaller groups and then started playing new games. I sill jump into servers and join a village or just go solo. setting up you own little place is easy enough and a small stone wall with a gate will keep anything away from you... if you can make it back :)
Helpful? Yes No Funny
495.3 hrs
Posted: August 27
I still love this game after a year of on-again, off-again playing. I love the challenge of building a city from the ground up. The graphics are very good and the gameplay is challenging. Wish there were more features like making glass, mud huts that dont require iron, and such. But overall, it has a real back to earth, pioneering feel. Happy building!!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
2.7 hrs
Posted: August 27
While most of my time is spent on the original When Online, this is such a welcome addition to the community. We'd all begged for modding support for ages in the original and When Unlimited delivers that and so much more. I still have yet to put some serious time into this version but it still deserves a terrific review!

Wurm Unlimited is unlike any other sandbox MMO you have ever played. There's no easy instant anything out of the box and there's a real sense of accomplishment when you put it the grind to build your settlement. The level of realism is unmatched by any in the genre. While it may not be for everyone, if this is the type of game you enjoy, be prepared to neglect the rest of your game library!

Two big thumbs up!
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0.5 hrs
Posted: August 25
I really enjoy detailed games with in-depth crafting systems, and I purchased this based on many of the reviews. Unfortunately, I found this game to be unplayable. The controls are clunky, which is made even more apparent as a new player fumbles through trying to figure out how to do anything since there is no tutorial (if there was, it was poorly implemented and never started in my brief excursion). To be fair, I requested a refund almost immediately, so it is possible that this game has redeeming qualities. However, controlling the character should be intuitive and easy, even if the game is designed to be difficult and meticulous.
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95.6 hrs
Posted: August 23
Pros -
This game taught me that real life is for pansies and communists.

More realistic that real life.

Cons -
Damn it I died.

Overall -
10/10 would get chased by a bear until i starve to death again
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74.4 hrs
Posted: August 20
I liked the challenge
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1.1 hrs
Posted: August 20
Combat is trash. Interface is close to trash. It has a lot of potential but those are two major failings that just prevent it from being enjoyable.
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81.6 hrs
Posted: August 19
Everything I had been looking for.
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Posted: August 17
wow not impressed . crappy graphics . no one even online to play .. not even close to what is described on the video for community. waste of money.
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320.9 hrs
Posted: August 16
Great game, heaps of fun. Always something new to try out, friendly community all together, played for 7 years now. Couldn't ask for a more fun grinding/skilling game
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Posted: August 2
Disclaimer: I am a wurm noob - a true newbie who has legit only played the game for about 30 hours. If I miss speak about the actual mechanics of the game, I apologize ahead of time.

I know I don't have many hours on Wurm but I figure it's a good enough time as any to write a review for it based on what I have experienced so far. Apparently, Wurm Unlimited was a game created ages ago and built on a platform that sort of resembled something of an online MMO version of MineCraft. I'm not 100% clear on the history, but there are many other reviews and websites that go over it. I do know that the game has a rich history and is deeply complex (more on this later). But I am here reviewing the Steam version of the game along with my experiences.

When you first launch Wurm, you're greeted with a sort of generic server selection screen. These servers are the "free" servers that exist out there on the internet. I actually engaged in dialogue with a fellow Wurm player named Mizova who runs the Valoria server (http://valoria-rpg.com/). Not only did she take the time to answer all of my questions, but she invited me to play on her server...and I am glad I did.

Once I found my server (Valoria), I was greeted promptly by the several dozen people playing there (I think about 30 when I logged on) and I slowly started exploring the landscape. I knew going into this that Wurm would be complicated, confusing, and hectic - I wasn't entirely sure how crazy until much later. My best honest impression of the game is that it’s a cross between an old school MUD, EverQuest, and Minecraft sort of rolled into one.

I knew I had to get something to eat and get near some water, so I started exploring. I started botanizing the fields and foraging for food. After I had secured some potatoes, rice, and a belly full of water, I explored. I just…wandered. I stumbled upon a village whose members cautiously greeted me and welcomed me to join them and the rest is history. Within a few hours I felt like a member of the community, a valued member of the server – I was doing things and learning and I had tasks and adventures ahead of me.

But…server stuff aside, let’s talk a little bit about the game itself: I know I said it's like Minecraft, but...it's also not. It's complicated. This is by far the most complex, most complicated crafting sandbox game that I have ever experienced. There are over 130+ skills, and each skill directly relates to something else. It’s very deep and very, very complex. But, that’s not a bad thing.

The best way I can explain this is by using an example that I experienced first-hand within the game. One of my new friends was telling me that I should work on making some of my own tools so that I could perform all of the various tasks around the village. Tools like rakes, brushes, carving knives, files, hammers, etc. You know…tools!

Wurm has an interesting crafting menu where you can search and find the items you want to make, and it tells you what you need to make them…and the sub components, and then it tells you what you need to make those and so forth. I wanted to make an iron file. This would be a useful tool for improving the quality of my other tools and objects. So I went to our village’s storage area and brought up the crafting window.

The file requires a handle, and a file blade. Okay, easy enough. The handle requires a shaft, a shaft is made from a log, and a log is cut from a tree. Grab a log, make a shaft, spin it into a handle …done.

Then, the file blade. The file blade requires a lump of iron and must be forged into a file blade. Grab a lump of iron, put it on the anvil. Uh oh…needs to be glowing hot. Light the forge, put the lump in the forge, finally the lump is glowing red hot. Forge the lump into the file blade. Try to fasten the blade to the handle, uh oh, I waited too long and it’s cooled. Better toss it back in the forge. Okay, blade is glowing hot, now I can forge the file. Done! Then, I started looking at ways to improve my file. Polish it with a pelt, hammer on it with a hammer, then…toss it back in the forge, hammer more iron into it, quench it in water to temper it, polish it again… etc, etc.

You get the idea. Everything in Wurm is vastly complex and complicated, but it makes you feel like you’ve actually achieved something when you finish it. Even though I only spent about 45-60 minutes at the forge in the game making tools, I actually walked away chuckling to myself about how it’s the closest thing to realistic I’ll get for forging something in a game.

There are, of course, some odd things – negative things that would be impossible for me to ignore. The music gets on my nerves (easily disabled). Sometimes the camera makes me nuts. I would LOVE to drop it into 3rd person view for a few minutes, just while I’m riding around doing menial tasks or exploring. I know there is an "over-the-shoulder" third person view, but it's not useful at all and your toon blocks 3/4ths of the screen. I like to play in 1st person, but I like to watch my toon do things when I am just standing in fields harvesting crops, etc.

Another thing that only slightly annoys me is the running speed/movement speed/stamina drain. You have a stamina bar that you use to perform actions. You can get stronger, and better, but you can't seem to get faster. You can't sprint, or run, or expend your stamina for a quick burst of speed (at least I don't think you can, lol).

The skill grind is real, and it’s something that most people that play Wurm will tell you about. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to playing Wurm and if you don’t have patience it’s not the game for you. For example. You can get to 100 in each skill. I am our village's farmer. I've farmed over thousands of squares of fields and tended fields and harvested, re-planted, farmed, tended, and harvested again. My farming skill is only at 28. It levels slowly. That doesn't mean you can't do what you want to do, it just means you might be producing lower quality or less quantity than you'd like.

This game is for crafters. It’s for visionaries. It’s for people who like to relax after work with a calming zen garden type game where they can relax, brush down their cows, milk them, and make cheese from the milk. This is the game for people who like to make something out of nothing. Erect a castle, dig a canal, or run a farm. It’s like a medieval village simulator. Play by yourself, play with friends, play as part of a community like Valoria – but if you enjoy crafting sandbox games, I recommend this. You won’t find super high stakes action here.
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Posted: August 3
I bought this game because a previous reviewer described it as the lovechild of Minecraft and EverQuest. That's somewhat of an accuate description. But Wurm takes strongly after it's Minecraft parentage, which makes sense. After all it was made by some of the same people.

- INCREDIBLY DETAILED crafting system.
- you can build houses and furnish them, make food and clothing, weapons and armor, even build ships
- sailing is a huge gameplay feature on most servers.
- sandbox feel lets you build whatever you want
- no class overstructure means one character can do pretty much everything
- great to play with a small group of friends, get on a young server and start your own village.

-although combat is a feature, I didn't find it to be well fleshed out
- very limited character customiation and armor options means that after a while everyone starts looking alike
- there are extremely few functional NPCs (just traders, really) and no quests so combat is entirely sandbox
- game engine is a 2D engine trying to depict a 3D world - leads to bugs
- very difficult for single players to get into if no villages are recruiting, you really can't play this game solo well
- everything involves right clicking and drop down menus, lots of wrist fatigue =)

Things that could be pros or cons depending on your perspective:
- building takes time and skill, so you get that feeling of really having accomplished something
- because it is so difficult to be successful alone, playing with others is a bit of a must
- because the game is cooperation based, you get to know your entire server community, not just your village.

I really enjoyed Wurm for several months until I finally ran out of ideas of stuff to build. And then I didn't know what else to do. I'm not a PVPer and played on a PVE server, but if you like PVP I hear that that is amazing in this game.

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Posted: August 2
I would have to compare this game to an adult version of Minecraft. This is a community based game. The crafting is complex with a steep learning curve but once you get the basics down it is hands down on of my favorite sand boxes. Recommend the game wiki for all new players. It is you life line.
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Posted: August 3
I played the MMO version of this game for a couple months and really enjoyed it and I was pretty excited when they released a b2p version. For someone who loves this game 30 bucks isn't really that expensive, but I think a modest price reduction would really help bring more people to this game. People would be much more inclined to give this game a shot for around 10-15 bucks. With how old and different this game is people will be wary to spend $30.

That aside, this game is absolutely fantastic. I just wished it was less expensive so it would be easier to convice people to purchase it.
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Posted: August 6
The game is rather easy to launch and manage. Each "server" is in it's own folder, so I can easily make copies, zip up the good ones and store them for later, or switch between if I goof up too badly. There's a Linux-based dedicated server for cheap, cost-effective hosting.

That doesn't even touch the Adventure mode, which allows a player who has never played Wurm get a real feel for some of the aspects that even MMO players never really experience. You get to work on ascending to godhood, to gain powerful sorcery items, or do what ever! Totally up to you. It's what I'd like to call "rails-optional"
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Posted: August 16
Great game, heaps of fun. Always something new to try out, friendly community all together, played for 7 years now. Couldn't ask for a more fun grinding/skilling game
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Posted: August 27
Fun game, better with a group because it can be a bit of a grind (depending on the server you play) I love how the crafting menu breaks down everything you need and clicking on a missing item tells you how to make it. It really does its best to help you craft. Some parts get repetitive, like grooming and maintaining your animals and farm but again with a group its no big deal. plenty of creatures to kill but DONT do it right away, make some armor first.
Had a blast but the group wanted to break into smaller groups and then started playing new games. I sill jump into servers and join a village or just go solo. setting up you own little place is easy enough and a small stone wall with a gate will keep anything away from you... if you can make it back :)
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Posted: August 12
A grinders dream! You will appreciate every success no matter how small. It has a steep learning curve and really not for the casual player and may seem like a second job sometimes. So if your looking for instant gratification, this game is not for you. The community is very helpful, active and pleasant and teamwork is the best way to get things done.
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Posted: August 27
I still love this game after a year of on-again, off-again playing. I love the challenge of building a city from the ground up. The graphics are very good and the gameplay is challenging. Wish there were more features like making glass, mud huts that dont require iron, and such. But overall, it has a real back to earth, pioneering feel. Happy building!!
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Posted: August 12
Played Wurm Online before getting this version, I love the fact that it's a one time fee rather than a monthly fee to get over 20 in skills, the mods are pretty cool too.
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