Pure stealth action and infinite level creation from the award-winning studio behind Thomas Was Alone. Enter the Volume to halt Gisborne Industries' corruption and train the masses to rob from the rich. Features weekly content updates in curated Staff Picks section.
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Very Positive (240 reviews) - 83% of the 240 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 18, 2015

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“A lovely thing made up of spellbinding puzzles that demand the player's attention. Its beauty, wit and intelligence are nicely offset by its quiet anger.”
9/10 – Polygon

“Volume’s story levels are designed with the same care that players must use when playing, and I enjoyed the experience from start to finish. With true stealth games a rare breed today, Volume stands as a declaration that the formula can still work.”
88/100 – Game Informer

“The atmosphere, voice acting and plot had me coming back for more even when the puzzles overwhelmed me.”
5/5 – The Guardian

About This Game


A hundred levels lie ahead, but that's only the beginning of your adventure in the Volume. The community is busy creating new missions, which have been curated to offer their own challenges. Volume will evolve, warp and grow as players make their mark.

Volume's campaign mode is a near-future retelling of the Robin Hood legend, starring BAFTA-winner Danny Wallace (Thomas Was Alone), Charlie McDonnell and award-winning, critically-acclaimed actor Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes) as Gisborne.

The game’s campaign follows Locksley, who commits crimes through non-lethal stealth. Sneaking, distracting, avoiding. As he grows in popularity and notoriety, so will his inventory. An arsenal of gadgets await discovery in a quest to rob from the rich and give to the unheard.

Key Features

  • Three modes to play your way. Voume’s new Checkpoint Update now supports players interested in speedrunning or stealth. There’s even a new mode with no checkpoints for those seeking extra challenge. All modes feature separate leaderboards.
  • 100 levels introduce a suite of gadgets for use to avoid, distract and evade detection.

  • The 'Staff Picks’ section continues the challenge with maps created by the community and curated weekly.

  • Full suite of easy-to-use content creation tools to build and share your own levels with the world.

  • Starring Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes), Danny Wallace (Thomas Was Alone) and Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike)

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7+
    • Processor: 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.10.3
    • Processor: 1.4GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1.5GB
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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Very Positive (240 reviews)
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10.0 hrs
Posted: August 28
Short review. Its very much like Metal Gear Solid VR Missions. If you enjoyed that game, you will enjoy this.
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9.8 hrs
Posted: August 20
It is more akin to a puzzle than a stealth, though it borrows some thrill elements from stealth game which is not very successful. The real fun comes from understanding the rule and AI, which are as simplistic as the art style, and exploiting it. There is a super friendly check point system to help you when you mess up things. Control could get a little tedious when using cover.

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0.1 hrs
Posted: August 6
Yeah, nah.
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2.8 hrs
Posted: July 25
On paper I should have liked Volume, a lot. But unfortunately it turned out to be totally different type of game what I originally thought. And I feel that it is unfair to dislike a game partially based on its genre / type but I still have to give the title a thump down.

I bought the game looking for a stealth game. It turned out that Volume isn't really a stealth game, it's more like a puzzle game. After I realized this, I felt like 'Oh, what a shame, I was really looking forward playing a great stealth game like Mark of Ninja but it's ok. I like puzzle games.' Except it turned out that Volume isn't really "that" type of a puzzle game either.

In Volume the goal is not to complete the level. The goal is to complete the level as fast as possible. This means that from a puzzle-point-of-view the game is *really* easy I and I get no satisfaction restarting a level again, and again, and agains just to steal one more second from the time.

I'm sure that the game is a good game to those who like this kind of games but for the fans of stealth or puzzle games, it's a grave disappointment.
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9.3 hrs
Posted: July 23
Well. TLDR: Buy this game.
Story: V for Vendetta, and that gives you a goot feel for the story. Not the gameplay, that holds it's own.
Gameplay: Metal Gear Solid

Seriously, mind. blown.

There are some "not really spoilers" in here, but they explain a refenrence or two that I picked up on in the game.

Basically, a 2.5D ish top down, stealth game. You're running a simulation of the real world, and broadcasting it, hoping that the Utopiates that watch it, can use the information to overthrow a Dystopian dictatorship.

Stealth: perfect. it feels MGS (PS1) ish - the Best stealth game ever - you can evade enemies, who are rediculously OP. But that's the point. You empower a nation, without ever harming a single person. You gain abilities later on, and maps are literally designed around manipulating these to bypass obsticles and guards. A story of New England is revealed to you, along with your role, your goal, and an emotional connection is quickly established.

Some of the references are cool, I'm sure I missed quite a few of them, but:

Rob Loxely (Robin Loxely of Sherwood)
Mr Gisborne - Guy Of Gisborne (Robin Hood's main competition for Marion)

Alan... Alan.... Alan.... (and later) ...is that you, Steve? Its funny if you know this;

Anyway. I'm a tight-wad. This game is worth every cent of $15. Just make sure you read every single text in the first playtrough, or else you are up for another 5h of slogging trying to find "that one that you missed" to get the achievement.
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22.0 hrs
Posted: July 17
Really good game. I love Alan.
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Not gay if it's in a threeway
6.4 hrs
Posted: July 14
I bought this game ages ago, and after a couple of months of not playing it, I came back to finish it off and I'm glad I did. This game is excellent, with good stealth mechanics and a good plot. And it sets the scene well as some dystopian version of Britain.
Considering the last game these guys made was about 2D quadrilaterals, this is an astounding transition.
Tools and gadgets are great. However some repeat (with minor changes made to them) but some are fun to use, espicially the ones that stun the guards that were a pain in the ♥♥♥ before you got it.
Soooo satisfying to electrocute them.
And I found it surprising to be listening to the usual banter between the two main characters when Dan Bull suddenly started rapping in game, so it was cool for the creators to reach out to him and make a song for it.
In short, Volume is a ♥♥♥♥ing beautiful game that I enjoyed immensly, and if you like the casual stealth games, this is one I recommend for you to buy.
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7.4 hrs
Posted: July 11
I'd rate this a medium - wish it had been more challenging. Missions are completely linear, there is some unnecessary handholding (e.g. hints like "you might want to be careful here"), you can often recover too easily from accidentally being spotted, checkpoints after each step, and some items later in the game reduce the challenge even further (in particular the invisibility cloak). Also, the story and (British?) humor didn't do much for me, but that could be subjective. On the bright side, it was enough fun for a single playthrough, occasionally getting new items was fun, graphics were simple but flawless, and the moderate pace and low difficulty made for a relaxing experience. Bought this on sale for $5, which seemed about right.
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13.7 hrs
Posted: July 8
I really enjoyed this one. A solid stealth title, with great writing and acting. It takes a while to find it's feet though, and feels a bit too simplistic at the start. But the design opens up later on, and allows for a little more freedom in the approach to levels.
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2.3 hrs
Posted: July 5
Im not sure why this is so popular. I've been bored for at least 75% of the game so far. It hasnt been challenging at all. every puzzle is obvious. The only reason I've lasted this far is because I assume it must get good eventually due to all the hype.
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Not Recommended
7.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2015
Volume is a stealth game where the main objective is to sneak your way through the levels, navigating around guards using different means such as whistling, hiding, throwing a distraction grenade type thing etc. Ultimately, the goal of the entire level is to collect all of the cones and reach the exit. There are 100 levels of the main story which will take you around 10hrs to complete. Every few levels a new element is added to the game which will change the way you play out the next few levels while some narrative/story telling goes on.

Firstly, I want to talk about positives. The games option menu is good. It's perfect and what you should expect from a game like this. Different sliders for volume, AA, shadow settings, resolution and fs/windowed. All keys are remappable (for keyboard). I also really like the art style. It's really unique, colourful and visually appealing.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negatives for me. (Please remember this is my personal opinion so please keep that in mind and be respectful).
Ok first the voice acting. The voice acting of the robot (Alan) is well done. I believe it's the same voice that narrated TWA. But then your characters voice (Locksley/Rob) is a bit meh to be honest. As soon as he says a few lines it completely breaks the immersion of the game for me.

Secondly, I would like to talk about the AI. The AI seem to suffer from a very serious case of short sightedness. Their entire view is about 2m in length and spews out in a cone shape. This means you can literally stand 2.1m in length away from them and bingo! They can't even see you! Or you can stand right by the side of them (clearly being in their peripheral vision) but they won't know any different! Ok, I really like the fact that if you do get in the view cone, the enemies begin to chase you down. A really nice element. This is where you can try to run away from them and avoid being in their sights for too long otherwise you fail the level. The AI on this is a bit so so. At one point a guard was right on my tail and I reached a dead end. So, I decided to go up against the only wall in the dead end room and yeap the AI couldn't for the life of him work out where I had gone! It's like I vanished!

I'm also just going to add a little section here. It's a "Stealth game" but to be honest, it's pretty linear. Everything is kinda layed out for you and there only really seems to be one way of doing particular sections. For me, this is one of the most important aspects of a stealth game. Having the freedom to choose exactly how I progress through the level, but unfortunately that seems to be missing from this game.

Finally, coming from the creator of TWA (which had an excellent story) I was a little disappointed with this. I couldn't seem to get to grips with the story of the game and the notes dotted throughout the levels didn’t really seem to add much to the story. The whole story felt a bit disjointed.

Worth £15? Well, to be fair you get quite a lot of content for £15 so I think that is well justified. You also have online, and a level editor which is an excellent addition to this game. But for me, it doesn't quite do it. It needs more depth. I want the freedom to approach levels how I want to, play the way I want to.

(Again, please bear in mind that this is my opinion, and all I ask is to be respectful towards it. Because hey, not everyone is going to like the same games) :)
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137 of 184 people (74%) found this review helpful
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2015
Great stealth/puzzle game with insane narration and great looking shadows and fragmenting textures.

-Offline play
-Controller compatible
-Havent encountered a bug
-User content;endless gameplay

-Menu is slow with a controller and there are text and numbers everyhwere
-2gb required for graphics, holy ♥♥♥♥ no wonder vita is late...
-A little repetitive
-Devs' highscores already on the board, making users a little left out

Overall I'd rate 7.5/10
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134 of 185 people (72%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 19, 2015
Volume combines an eclectic cast of voice actors with poor delivery and poor characterisation. Charlie McDonnell plays his character well, but the character is "twee British person who streams a video game", and those lines manage to be both cringeworthy and repetitive. The world-building is severly hampered by it's rigid adherence to a "retro" aesthetic, with all evidence of a future Britain controlled by a dictator being limited to 3 line paragraphs before each mission and the mission spaces themselves are completely utilitarian "house", "office" or "museum" spaces. There is no further variation in level style, but you wouldn't notice because those 3 spaces look almost identical anyway.

The stealth mechanics are expected to be innovative but instead boil down to "the noisemakers" that stealth games have employed for years and various flavours of invisibility/disguises. Unlike other stealth games though, those noisemakers are on an obnoxiously long cooldown which you must wait for after every death, adding another 15 seconds to the respawn time. In desperation, you may find yourself running at enemies, chrouching intermittently around non-descript blocks to temporarily break line of sight to avoid instant death before leaping at a checkpoint that will reset the guards' positions while moving yours further. This is the most fun the game gets, but the results are inconsistent and the fact that the developer has announced that he wants to remove this feature indicates that is not intentional. Volume also features much slower movement than other excellent action/stealth games available on Steam at the moment, which will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat not because the action is tense but because "Rob Locksley" refuses to stop crouching for any situation and move a little faster when he has a gun trained on him.

The Robin Hood imagery is not just unsubtle, it's spotlighted multiple times. In fact, the game has a habit of highlighting it's own flaws, with a cameo starring Jim Sterling being particularly galling as he completely demolishes the game's plot with his characteristic flourishes. The game awkwardly acknowledges this and then continues on, doing little to rectify its issues. There's been a lot of talk about the game's humour, and not the good kind. It makes jabs at today's streaming culture but doesn't follow it up with a message, and it briefly flirts with the meta-humour found in Thomas Was Alone, but that tragically fails when the game is no longer examining the nature of platformers, as in Thomas Was Alone, but instead turning inwards on it's own mistakes. These issues are compounded by the inclusion of 100 levels, as the talent has to be spread thin among endless identical corridors. I stopped playing at around 50% and the game had already outstayed it's welcome by about 2 hours. I knew it was around 50% because the game proudly tells you how far you've progressed. If the game was enjoyable, then it would feel like an unwelcome harbinger of when the experience will be over. The game is not enjoyable.

If you are looking for a stealth game featuring comedic elements, I would reccomend Gunpoint.
If you are looking for leaderboards in a stealth setting, I would reccomend Monaco.
If you are looking for a stealth game set in the near-future featuring mega-corporations, I would reccomend Invisible Inc.
If you are looking for meta-humour (humour about the game itself), I'd reccomend Bithell's own Thomas Was Alone.
If you are looking for geometric people shooting at you, I would reccomend the upcoming SUPERHOT.
If you are looking for British People, Charlie McDonnell vlogs on Youtube at charlieissocoollike.

The above games are all much cheaper than Bithell's offering and are all made by independent studios with smaller budgets than Volume's. Maybe one day we can get an update to Volume, offering faster movement for abilities be usuable immediately after spawning as well as lowering their cooldown and to balance that smarter AI that can't be ignored by briefly touching a wall. Then this game might be able to compete with some of the stealth antics offered above, even if other aspects pail in comparison. Maybe Bithell could call it Volume II.
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2.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2015
Volume is Metal Gear Solid burned down to it's very core, keeping it simple with classic stealth game tropes but not losing the fun in the process. I have been looking forward to playing Volume for a long time, as I am a big fan of it's creator Mike Bithell, who also created Thomas Was Alone.

Instead of taking place in large areas with different rooms, Volume is set in multiple small levels. Each one has a different colour scheme and layout, so you don't have to worry about getting bored quickly. The game has a very minimalistic (cheap, hehe) design, similar to Thomas Was Alone, but in a 3D enviroment. All in all, Volume is a beautiful game. However, I must note that a lack of a death animation or even sound effect means that death has almost zero impact. The fact that all items aren't already loaded when you pick them up or respawn means that you sometimes also have to wait around for them to hurry up so you can use them.

It is also oozing with charm, with spot-on voice acting featuring not only multiple YouTubers such as Charlie McDonnell, Jim Sterling and Dan Bull, but also Andy Serkis, from Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes fame. The dialogue is brilliantly written, with humour often tucked in. There is also plenty of backstory to read while wondering through the levels, which adds a nice layer of mystery to the game's plot.

For the speedrunners out there, leaderboards for the time it takes to complete a level are placed to add a layer of challenge to the already rather difficult game. I wouldn't advise rushing through it though: take your time to marvel at the visuals, laugh at the dialogue and read through the creative backstorys.

Everything about Volume reeks of Mike Bithell, from the design to the wonderful music, composed by Thomas Was Alone composer David Housden. If you liked Thomas Was Alone or the Metal Gear Solid series, you will adore Volume.

EDIT: Unfortunately, some negative stuff, but just tiny nit-picks in the general scheme of things. You should be warned that I have found a rather glaring issue with the checkpoint system, which almost feels like cheating. It involves plassing through a checkpoint to save your progress while being chased by a guard. The guards sometimesalso don't do what they're supposed to do when using an item called the "gimmick", which is supposed to distract the guard by making them look at a certain place and note respond to sound. On numerous occassions, however, the guards have moved to where the sound came from, even though the visions cone stayed focus, and on others they have straight up ignored the gimmick when they hear a sound. The not-so-smooth transition between the standard stealth music track and the "seen" track is rather irritating after a while, and Charlie McDonnell's portrayal of the main protagonist can get a little I-don't-really-care-anymore. I wish I didn't have to say negative things about Volume, I really do.
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36 of 47 people (77%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
6.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 24
Missions become repetitive very quickly, despite constant additions of new features. Most of all, I never felt challenged by this game, there's nothing demanding logic or wits. Only reflexes, memorization and trial and error. On the contrary, I see that someone can be into this type of gameplay. Just don't make a mistake assuming there is something puzzly about this game, how it's written in other reviews, just scroll to the top and read the tags: "action", "stealth" - very descriptive.

Story is very flat and totally rudimentary, which is bad, because if it was good, I feel I actually would have been able to drag myself to the end.

# Update
After thinking about it a bit more I changed my view on this game. I came to realization that this is not really a stealth game at all. Indeed it has some mechanics, but I understood what kind of feel I got from this game. This is actually a pure platformer with some stealth mechanics duct taped to it. It sounds really strange, but stealth here really feels like a substitute to a jump button and guards are just pits you fall in. Creator's previous project was a platformer, and even his game in a completely different genre is still smells of platformer.

Old part of review is still legit, but I removed recommendation for stealth fans.
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22 of 24 people (92%) found this review helpful
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29.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 4, 2015
Well, I'm sure I'm not going to be able to do this game justice, but with sales rolling around and me continuing to enjoy it, I felt the need to strongly recommend Volume.

First of all, it's got excellent gameplay that is expanded greatly due to the driven community content. Stealth elements contribute to some fantastic puzzles, both from Mike and also from the tons of talented geniuses that make full use of the level editor. The gameplay relies a lot on sound, using tools to distract enemies or get them to move, rather than taking them down. In case it isn't obvious, I'm a huge fan. It was quite the experience, finding the Bugle for the first time and having to use it in the refreshing situations that really utilize it. Of course, the game does get more complicated. One small complaint from me would be that eventually the tons of elements don't completely bring out the best in each other, and tend to get separated quite a bit in the level design. Again though, there are plenty of examples of that not being the case, if you play levels made by players. The level editor is available and relatively easy to use. I haven't had any breakthrough ideas yet, but I did try it out at least :P

In case you didn't know, this game had a pretty big update - again responding to the community and feedback - maybe a week after it released. This expanded the checkpoint system to set up 3 "gamemodes" - differing at whether or not you could use checkpoints (and fixing the main complaints surrounding around being able to hit a checkpoint while running from a guard!)

The whole top down perspective thing is cool, a virtual simulation basis is brought to life by a distinct art style and surprisingly subtle storytelling. Volume is gorgeous to look at, listen to, and overall just take in. The voice actors did a phenomenal job, the soundtrack is sublime, and the premise really makes the most of artistic concepts along the way.

Now, since this is Mike Bithell's next project after finishing Thomas Was Alone, obviously there will be comparisons drawn. But the thing is that Thomas's story was the drive of the gameplay in TWA. With Volume, things are much more game-y, meaning they are arguably a little less artsy in the process, but I don't see that as a bad thing. Volume's gameplay is what drives the plot. It's nothing exceptional, but it's exciting and fits the game perfectly. That's what I see as consistent between TWA and Volume, not that they are similar, but that they both have elements that fit well and balance out each other. Volume has an overarching tale, inspired by Robin Hood (how awesome is that?), of someone using simulators to inspire stealing. What I enjoyed was the uncertainty. There are tiny bits of backstory that are told gradually and form more of a setting than a plot line, meanwhile the main characters' actions are explored without straining the focus away from the fantastic gameplay. So for what it's worth, I still consider the story a huge positive. I'd almost argue that it's more impressive this way than Bithell's magnificent writing in his first game. Everything else in Volume is a step up, so I think a story that works with that well is a story worth praising.

Hope my 2 cents helps you decide if it's for you. The past few months really flew by for me, so when I noticed that there were 99 reviews I figured that Volume deserved me to bump that number up even if I couldn't do the best job explaining myself.

* Stealthy puzzling gameplay with some great original mechanics
* Refreshing light plot that is engaging and compliments the strong focus rather than overpowering it
* Replayability, gamemodes, scoreboards, and more, to go along with the driven community
* Growing game, feedback is considered and has helped make it better, as well as staff picked custom levels highlighted
* Interesting characters
* Well thought out art style, the OST is sublime, and between great VAs and writing, it's executed quite well

Traditional rating: Bugle/10

Final verdict: This game is definitely for me. If it sounds like I'm just singing endless praises, it's because quite possibly every aspect of this game is in line with what I love and enjoy. My goal was to give you an idea of that, but closing I'd just like to point to that thumbs up symbol that stands for "recommended."

Because I really do recommend this game. It's well done and it stands out, I can see a wide variety of people enjoying it, and at the very least, you should give that a shot.
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 29
Volume is not what I thought it would be but is still a well-made game. I had envisioned some sort of top-down Mark of the Ninja type stealth game. Instead, Volume presents a progressively harder series of challenge maps. I've played for an hour and all the ones I've seen are quite small, as in they can be beaten on your first run through in anywhere from 10 to 90 seconds. There is a story but it's kind of meh and involves a lot of side reading.

My main disappointment is the focus isn't so much on finishing the levels as it is doing it as quickly as possible to try and compete on the leaderboards. If you're like me and don't care so much about leaderboards, you will blow through a lot of levels and they won't leave much of an impression on you. So far each level I played was pretty easy as long as I took my time. The only difficulty stems from trying to rush through a map.

However, I like the graphics, the spoken dialogue, the music, the virtual atmosphere, and the gameplay & controls were designed well (if you're using a gamepad, at least; haven't tried with keyboard controls). They also have a level editor and allow people to post online challege maps. And if you DO like leaderboards and speed runs, this will be a real treat for you.

Good game, just not my cup of tea.
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 6
Half puzzle, half stealth game. Kind of reminds me of the Metal Gear Solid VR missions. I played through the first 40 levels before I realized how much time I spent at it.

A few notes:
- The game takes critical thinking and tactics to escape/evade the guards. If you have them already it mostly comes down to timing. If you don't you will get the chance to work on them provided you work through the frustration. I have a pretty good ability at looking at a path puzzle and figuring my way through it without really thinking. Useless gift, but it is one of only a few talents I have. :D
- That said, you will often really need to think outside the box. Find a spot where you can use a distraction long enough to run behind a guard or through its line of sight to evade/escape. Some of the early levels escaping isn't always viable, but later on when the levels with twists, turns, and obstacles, it is.
- Decent voice acting, and I am actually intertested in the story progression. Speaking of which, if you start a new level, or perform an action which splits some narration it will start the audio conversation over. Generally it seems to be at a decent point, not rehashing several sentences back.
- Controls, both keyboard and controller work well.
- UI and graphics are pretty smooth; no graphical issues so far.
- I have not come across any bugs either.
- I can't seem to find a way to see your personal best time on a mission without entering the mission. Maybe it is there, but if it isn't it definitely should be.

I got this a while ago and wish I would have played it sooner! If you are into this sort of thing I highly recommend it.
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5.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 22, 2015
it's like metal gear without all the metal gear
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1.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 19, 2015
Volume is all about stealth and speed. Everything has a cool almost Tron-esque glow to it all. The game does its best to inject story and personality into all its scenes, this is also supported by the excellent voice acting and amazing soundtrack. Story tidbits aside the gameplay is pretty straight forward, gather gems, avoid guards, and exit the level. The controls are rather simple as well, and to be honest the entire game is simple in design. This isn't a bad thing but the game does end up feeling like it lacks something. Other problems crop up like silly AI. The robot guards seem to only chase you 4 feet and then give up, on top of that is the checkpoint skipping that allows you to simply by pass some obstacles. Despite these hiccups, Volume is a entertaining stealth based game, it has over 100 levels and more with the built in map editor. Giving players the chance to let the mechanics of the game shine. The game does a good job of escalating the difficulty and changing the level design. Even if things start feeling slightly repetitive. I still had a good time with the game and there isn't many games completely based on stealth out there. This is a fine edition and just needs a couple of patches to work out a few kinks in the armor.

I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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