Take on the role of a spaceship captain. Explore new worlds, and engage in intense ship-to-ship battles. Develop unique battle tactics, upgrade your ship, and recruit crew members as you fight for peace or piracy.
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Release Date: May 14, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early access is a great opportunity for us to get a lot of feedback and suggestions for further game development — and for you to participate in the creation of the game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Initially, we planned to release Space Rogue at the end of 2016. However, due to a huge list of critical additions and improvements we were (unfortunately) forced to push release date forward. At this stage of development, we want to release the huge update in Q1 2016. This update will include new gameplay mechanics and improve general stability and user experience. When the update will be successfully deployed we'll clarify the final release date.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“You can expect battles with huge space monsters, combat drones and, of course, new in-game events. Also, we will drastically improve UI and make sure that general game balance is interesting and fair. And we promise: annoying bugs will be terminated! We working on it right now! If you have a proposition and/or ideas how to improve Space Rogue, contact us. We always open for communication.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Space Rogue is fully playable. All game features you can see in the description are present in the game. You may encounter errors and bugs here and there, we're working on fixes.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Most likely, the price won't change after the release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Please, feel free to share your experience and ideas. It's important for us to discuss them together and improve Space Rogue in any possible way. You cam leave your feedback here:
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Recent updates View all (35)

August 26

Space Rogue 1.41 Patch Notes

The 1.41 update is live! Here's the detailed list of changes. Please, take a notice that some changes will be visible only when you start a new game.

Main Features
  • Crystal
    • Adventurers have recently noticed mysterious Crystal floating through space. According to eyewitnesses, it's behaving very hostilely – very few pilots survived the encounter. They haltingly telling that Crystal shards shimmer in different colors when it activates its abilities. Crystal has powerful beam weapon which might burn your ship's hull as dry brushwood
    • Galactic Council is organizing the scientifical study of these terrifying creatures. Be prepared to receive assignments during your flight.
  • Extended crew management
    • Now you can manually distribute crew members' stats with level-up. Choose specializations for your guys by focusing on some characteristics or make balanced handymen proper for anything;
    • Now your engineers can get the ability to improve systems' effectiveness. Unlike the captain, who can do it whenever he wants, your engineers can specialize on 2 bays max.;
  • Captain orders
    • Now your captain can give orders: emergency repairs and vent bays;
  • Stats rebalance. In order to make numbers more understandable and to improve the game's balance, some stats got multiplied:
    • Hull, devices' health, shield – x10
    • Drones' and weapon's damage – x10
    • Crew HP and damage – x2.5
    • Cartridges damage/heal effect to ships – x10
    • Cartridges damage/heal effect to crew – x2.5
  • Now your crew members receive additional EXP for their actions during a battle according to their classes (warriors and engineers);
  • New battle events added;
Usability, graphics, and technical issues
  • Now you can save positions of your crew members;
  • Some tooltips were redesigned;
  • Options window were reworked;
  • Intruders notifications were reworked;
  • Some graphics improvements
  • Fixed some bugs that caused freezing of gameplay. If you experience anything like this again, please, send us your savegame. It's located here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Red Beat LTD\Space Rogue, we need the whole 1.26 folder. E-mail: support@red-beat.com;

1 comments Read more

August 17

Update 1.41 Announcement — Reworked Balance, Crew Management And Mysterious Crystal

It's been a while since our last news publication, and it's time to tell you what we're doing right now. Our main focus is the next update — version 1.41. It will include several quite important features and changes which are going to be a massive shift in the way you play Space Rogue. Keep in mind that work is still in progress and some of the features described below may change. 


First of all, all game stats will be multiplicated. For instance, ship hull will have thousands of hit points instead of hundreds. Why? Mainly, because fractional numbers are complicated for understanding and balancing, so we got rid of them where was possible. However, these are not just cosmetic changes. Different types of stats get different multiplicators in order to make weapon damage more significant for crew members. Accurate numbers will be in the patch notes when the update is released.

Balance improvement isn't only change affecting your crew. With 1.41 update you will be able to decide which way your crew members will develop. Whether you need a tank warrior who takes all damage by himself or engineer with amazing repair speed, you will have such options. Besides, engineers will receive the ability to improve bays effectiveness — just like a captain. Oh, by the way, your captain's possibilities will also be enhanced. He will receive some unique passive skills and ability to give combat orders (more info about the later). 

Space is dark and full of terrors. Who knows what you might encounter on your way to the glory of the greatest cosmic adventurer of all times. Recently, rumors appeared about strange giant Crystal floating through the galaxy. It behaved very hostilely and even shot down a few trade ships without any warnings. Some would say, they are just scary stories for newcomers. However, we'd be on the alert, if we were you.

Other changes relate to your comfort and stability of the game. Some improvements and new options in the interface are waiting for you as well as some bug fixes. The 1.41 update will be live later this month.


Space Rogue is getting better with every single update and the main reason for this — your help. Thank you and stay tuned!

5 comments Read more
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About This Game

Take on the role of a spaceship captain. Lead your crew across the galaxy, where the ultimate goal is up to you. Fight for peace or piracy as you explore new worlds, improve your ship, recruit crew members and engage in intense ship-to-ship battles.

Space Rogue combines strategy, tactics and adventure in a game that gives you complete freedom to explore the galaxy and choose your own goals. In Sandbox Mode, you even have the ability to fine-tune various game parameters (enemy strength, random event frequency, weapon power,etc).

Keep cannons at the ready! Nearly all the random events have several different outcomes.


  • Every playthrough is different from the last — the entire world is generated, from scratch, each time you start a new game
  • 6 races with distinct features and battle tactics
  • Fast and exciting space battles
  • More than 200 random events and quests (and that's just the beginning!)
  • Ability to mine planets for minerals. Exploration for exploitation!
  • Sandbox mode in which you can fine-tune the game world generation algorithm and core game parameters.
  • Stylish graphics inspired by the golden age of science fiction
  • Atmospheric "retro" soundtrack

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: SM3 512MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Snow Leopard (10.6)
    • Processor: Intel
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: SM3 512MB VRAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Mixed (129 reviews)
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3.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 22
Game freezes. Game-breaking bug. Will reconsider if fixed.
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17.7 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 1
GREAT GAME, but completetly unplayable right now. Prepare to play a decent game that will kill your saved games, burn your hopes to finish a mission, and ♥♥♥♥ on any progression you've made in the game. You'll experience memory leaks, crashes, and much much more. I really like playing this, but screw this total saved game getting corrupted ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t
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8.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 26
One of the best, well designed current space-themed rouge-likes out there! love the art style!
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96.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 25
Caution: addictive stuff.

It's solid roguelike which will keep you coming back for a while. I completed it several times, but there always was something new and frustrating events to discover. :D
I'm also sucker for low-fi, so I really loved visuals and soundtrack which provided that unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Game had few annoying bugs though, but i guess it can't be helped since it's Early Access title.

My advice: give it a try if you're fan of slow paced games/low-fi/roguelikes and need something to keep you occupied for a while.
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5.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 5
Overall a good and addicting game with potential.
A few bits are missing such as airlocks that can be opened to the vast expanse of space.

It's in dire need of bug fixes, the game freezes during game play and can't be resumed.
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10.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 1
Definitely a very cool title.

A clearly FTL inspired space rogue-like with the same, and if not more depth and feel. Space Rogue features the greatest asset to come from FTL, the real-time and pausable combat system. You choose which subsystem to fire your weapons, and where to send your crew.

Space Rogue is a cartoonish and colorful play on many aspects we all enjoy from a good rogue-like experience. Get as far as you can, with the limited resources available. Gain ship parts, new weapons and crew members, while trying to stay alive to make your next run easier and more enjoyable. You WILL die and restart plenty of times. Each giving a new generated galaxy to overcome.

Unlike FTL, when you die you are rewarded a score. These points go towards your overall level, and when gained enough levels, you will unlock additional missions and ships.

Being in early access, you can assume that it is unfinished, unpolished and not fun, but that isn't the case with Space Rogue. If you liked FTL, to pretty much any extent, you will get plenty of hours out of this game. More galaxy to explore, a better looking and colorful game screen, and a less linear exploration model. Many things, are improved over FTL and some things fall short, but you can't have the two games be perfectly indentical. You should see most of the differences for yourself.

Space Rogue offers, in my opinion, a more detailed and enjoyable galaxy to explore, and an overall more immersive setting than FTL.

The music isn't half bad either.
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6.6 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: June 29
So far I am enjoying the game. I also played FTL but I thought it was so difficult.

Space rogue is a game for those who want to play a relaxed game and those who like to explore.

-You don´t need to keep couting weapon, android parts and fuel;
-You can explore all places in the system; no pressure and no need to rush;
-Things happen in each place you stop by;
-Easier to manage the ship and weapon power

If you enjoyed FTL but like a enjoyable and funnier game to play, Space rogue is the one.

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5.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: June 19
Huge FTL fan here. This game might be obviously inspired by FTL, but it stands on its own feet as a great game so far. Has a lot of potential. And as of now, it's very playable despite being pre-release.
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9.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: May 29
The game is pretty fun to play and replay.
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1.5 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: May 11
It's a reasonable take on the FTL genre, but not quite good enough yet. The potential is there, but it needs plenty more work.

Pros: Nice graphics. That's essentially it. (And the room-on-fire animations need work!)

Cons: Crashes a lot, at least the Mac version does. Two complete lock-ups in an hour and a half of play. I've not tried the Windows version, but it's safe to assume that is no more stable. Takes over the entire Mac in full-screen mode, preventing task-switching. And windowed mode is, like with 99% of games, utterly unplayable due to not fitting properly on the screen (i.e. there's no borderless option).

Limited keyboard control, e.g. dialogs require mouse input. Mouse control is a bit laggy and unresponsive. The music (at least the initial title music) is repetitive and annoying. Selecting your crew and moving them around is clunky compared to FTL's interface.

It's difficult to see what your drones are doing due to the zoomed-in perspective, although granted the zoom level can be adjusted somewhat. But the graphics are designed to be viewed large and close-up. Due to their isometric design, it's not always clear what's going on. It can also be difficult to tell your crewmembers apart at a glance, but I guess that'll come with practice.

Can't de-power rooms, which is a nice micro-management mechanic in FTL. Also there's no manual door control, so you can't defeat boarders by flushing the atmosphere. Missile-based weapons don't use ammunition either, which essentially means they're identical to lasers, except pass through shields. So why would anyone use lasers?

Upgrade window doesn't tell you the effects of a subsystem upgrade until you have bought it.

I don't like the cartridges, they're of limited use and fiddly. They're like the curses in Diablo - you have to keep re-casting them.

Bottom line, they seem to have taken FTL, beefed up the graphics, and simplified the gameplay. Granted, improving on FTL (at least the iOS version) is a difficult task; but the fact remains that Space Rogue - while not a "bad" game - is nowhere near as good. Yet.

Oh yes... and their support email address, as given by Steam's game support page, DOES NOT WORK!
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Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 22
Game freezes. Game-breaking bug. Will reconsider if fixed.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
487 of 528 people (92%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 14, 2015

I am leaving the original review below, so that you can compare for yourself, if you'd like.

While the changes are really nice, I have to give a reluctant maybe to this one.

If you're REALLY into rogue-like games, then you'd probably enjoy the punishment you need to endure to get up to a high enough level to be able to tweak things like difficulty level, but for myself I'm not really willing to invest that amount of time beating myself up so that I can get beat up a little less. My main enjoyment with a game is being able to go through the content.

I'm going to address my commented items below, in order, for clarity's sake:

Mining: They have made one large improvement to mining that I think is quite good - your ship no longer takes hull damage EVERY drone that hits an event. It takes three events for this to happen now. While a vast improvement, I am still confused how my ship in space takes hull damage from planet-based mining. (Developer: An easy workaround here is to a) do shipboard systems damage related to drone work, like the main computer, and the engines, or b) have a large credit expenditure for the retrieval and repair of said broken/exploded drones; if no money is available, they lose the drone and it's drilling chance for a number of turns until your engines make another). I still lost 8 hull to a mining incident, which made me hesitant to continue mining, even though it was my main source up upgradable parts.

Away Teams: Despite efforts, I never ran into an away team dialogue. I can't comment on this one, sorry!

Jumping to Planets: Happily, this seems to be fixed! I jumped to a dozen different places and wasn't damaged for simply moving myself along! Yay!

Ship Combat: This is the big sinker/floater, still. While I wasn't destroyed on my first encounter I was destroyed on my second encounter. And, after restarting I was destroyed again on my first encounter by... Psionics. A giant space squid? Great... but don't make it the damned spaghetti monster with shield-penetrating triple wave psionic beams at literally the second planet I fly to!

Also, while I'm on space combat: Boarding parties should scale with my crew/ship abilities. I don't know, maybe make an algorithm based on the level of my ship's systems for toughness of boarding parties? And, if there is already something like that, please dial it back a touch. I had to continuously repair this one open gash in my ship hull in a tiny 2-slot room while trying to defend my ship from another ship while trying to beat down a boarding party. Moving crew between my (destroyed, and still trying to fix that, too) healing room, and the hull rupture at the very furthest point of my ship was infuriatingly slow... no sense of urgency from my crewmembers who seemed to think that walking is about as brisk a pace as is possible. While this whole way of combat is fun sometimes, it's not fun when you know you're just really slowly losing the fight. If this was simply a review of combat it'd be a solid thumbs down.

Pop Up Dialogues: They didn't kill me every time, or cost me money. So, that's quite a bit better!

Other things I noticed: Damage indicators have been VASTLY improved. The captain still appears to be the only one that doesn't just stand around when put on a station; but, I'm still not certain if he's doing anything to give a positive benefit or stat to the station he's on. I also noticed many little changes here and there that have added to the ambience of the game, however, they aren't game changers in and of themselves.

Overall: The game is definitely getting to where it needs to go, and while this is a vast improvement on the previous iterations it's still not really hitting the mark at the core of it's gameplay. With some more combat improvements the game could definitely be a hard hitter. (Developers: If you want me input on those items, you can feel free to contact me directly.)

It's getting there, it really is.

I wrote this review on May 5th, 2016. Almost exactly one year after the previous review. And, still: Hopefully in a few months when you read this they'll have a playable game out there, and my opinion will be outdated, again!

Until then, happy gaming in whatever game you choose!


Much has changed, combat still frustrates, ship go boom, crew go poof, shinier game, buy it? maybe, devs working hard, captain is a mad scientist.


You're going to want to hold off on buying this one...

I think I'd really like this game a LOT more than Faster Than Light if it wasn't so damnably annoying.

You want to mine the planet? Don't... you'll somehow get hull damage, even though you sent a mining drone to the surface.

You want to send an away team to that ship with no life signs? Don't... you'll lose a crew member.

You want to jump to the next planet? Don't... you'll once again get hull damage.

I've travelled through about 5-6 different "sectors" of 12-15 "systems" so far, and I've had to Alt + F4 the game because I got a random shipboard fire (from who the hell knows where...) and it wouldn't zoom in on my ship, so I couldn't assign crew to fix it.

It doesn't matter, though. I was about to close it out anyway.

Every single move you make in this game is infuriating, annoying, and irritating.

Let's take mining for example... you have four SEPARATE drones you send down, but if just one of them hits some event your ship WAY up in orbit takes hull damage, and you lose everything you've mined from previous drones in that encounter.

Let's take ship combat... my first time playing the first ship I encounted used psionics on my crew, pierced my shields, and used hull breaches to destroy me in about 15 seconds. My VERY first encounter... A little excessive for my weak shields and 2 weak weapons...

How about pop up dialogs? You will (90% of the time) lose out on these. You'll lose credits, crew, or hull. Usually hull... they LOVE destroying your hull in this game.

This game DOES have the ability to be good... even better than Faster Than Light (which it seems to be a glossy version of), but they'll need to add configurable ships, better ship damage feedback (instead of that silly wheel on the ground to tell you how damaged your components are), and make it so that ANY crew can take a station... not just your captain.

They also need to make the game 250% less irritating (hull damage, drone mining, crew deaths, etc, etc, etc).

BUT! If they can fix it... and I realize it's (incredibly) early alpha... maybe they can pull a game off.

I bought this knowing that the 5 thumbs ups before me were all from developers. They always pull that crap with their own games... so I decided to take one for the team.

I wrote this review on May 14th, 2015. Hopefully in a few months when you read this they'll have a playable game out there, and my opinion will be outdated.

Until then, happy gaming in whatever game you choose.
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Not Recommended
10.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 19, 2015
Update 12 May 2016

This review is really out of date, As seen from the developer's comment below many changes and content has been released. I am presently replaying the game again to experience the changes that have been made and will update the review to reflect once I've beaten the game or put in enough hours into the game. Kudos to the Devs for continuing to fine tune and push updates to their game.

Update ends

This is an extremely hesitant not recommended and let me tell you exactly why. Many of you guys reading the review section are almost undoubtedly fans of FTL and you are wondering. Is this a blatant ripoff? Are there any differences? If so, do they make Space Rogue stand out enough on its own to justify a purchase?

In my opinion right now, no. But, it has potential to be as good and even better than FTL and this is from a guy who played the ♥♥♥♥ out of FTL several times with and without mods and beaten it several times. (Didn’t play on steam). I managed to reach the second last zone in Space Rogue several times in the campaign and they have a lot of work to do if they want to surpass FTL.


Power – This is a difference that primarily affects battle. In FTL, power is doled out by you to the various systems and this adds a layer of strategy in battles where you can boost the power to your shields, weapons and engines but at the cost of taking power away from other systems like the medbay.

In space rogue, there is 0 power management as each system will have power independent to the other systems and how much power available depends on how much you upgrade each system with Tritanium, a separate resource from credits which you acquire from mining. Without power management, Battles become less hectic and chaotic but also more focused. Some may find this a positive, I personally find this a negative.

Battle – Battle is largely the same as FTL and veterans will be familiar with hull breaches, enemy troops teleporting onboard, fires and the way shields and hull damage works. Weapon types are also fairly similar but there are some unique to Space Rogue but not many.

Crew - There are 3 kinds of crew available to you. The captain who is well, the captain of the ship, engineers and warriors. Unlike FTL where different crew members can man stations and improve its efficacy, the captain is the ONLY crew member who can man a station.

Why this is so is beyond me, as the ability to man stations with your crew members and have them become more skilled and level up is a fantastic part of FTL. There are different species but the only difference between the species stats. So, unless you are a data/stats min max kind of person, it will reach a point where you go eh whatever and pick randomly. Crew is a missed opportunity here and needs more work to be more engaging and more relevant to the ship instead of being wrench monkeys or gun drones.

Resources - The amount of resources you get throughout the game is so pitiful to the point where I was backtracking through cleared systems just to grind out to credits and tritanium I needed. By the way, levelling up your crew costs you credits which.... is stupid and extremely cost prohibitive.

Random events – This is where FTL and Space Rogue take a different approach. FTL’s random events could have devastating effects, but never does it go “oh you know what? I think your hull doesn’t have enough holes. Here, lets fix that by having a system randomly explode and oh yeah fires too cause why not”. Think I’m exaggerating? Heh no. I found it infuriating and blatantly unfair that my ship could suffer damage literally just by travelling to another planet.

This is of course the worst example of what could happen, but there are a ton of other encounters and most of them seem to end badly for me one way or another. Sometimes I do come away with a nice haul of credits but most of the time.....

Now lets talk about mining. *Huge sigh* Mining is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ expensive as it costs credits to send a drill down to a suitable planet. I’ve mined literally every single planet that could be mined and even backtracked to earlier systems just to see if i can scrounge up some tritanium to upgrade my ship and holy ♥♥♥♥, let me tell you that mining is stupidly unfair and not fun. Send a drone down, lol it hit the planet too hard and made a whole planets worth of ore sink so deep that it becomes un-minable just because your drone landed a little too hard.

Oh the drone below the planet surface explodes for no reason (yup that’s the reason you are given, your drone blows up for reasons unknown) and not only do you lose ALL the resources you mine, but your ship IN ORBIT ABOVE THE PLANET SOMEHOW TAKES DAMAGE TOO. Send your drone down, lol some mockconglers shoot it down and tell you to run off and there is nothing you can do about it. Oh hang on, your drone actually made it to the surface, that’s fine I’ll start drilling.... oh ♥♥♥♥ I found unstable tritanium and your drone immediately blows up and again your ship takes damage. Oh crap, I found a trap on the planet THAT SUCKS MONEY OUT OF MY SHIP IN ORBIT.

After reading all that, you might think, well I’ll just not mine. Well you won’t get very far since mining is literally the only efficient way to get tritanium which is needed to upgrade your ship and since mining is stupidly unfair and unfun, its very likely that mining will cause you to lose both credits and hull integrity and set you back even further than before.

Aside from the stupid random events and how most of them are basically out to screw you over in every way imaginable, the game is pretty damn fun. While it may seem like I didn't enjoy it at all, I did get the "FTL feel" back again but way too many problems. The progression needs work. The difficulty spike is pretty crazy and I had to flee many battles to backtrack to systems I already conquered to scour them for credits and tritanium to get my ship to a level where I would not get blown up instantly.

The game does have a lot of potential and I believe it could be great if the devs make the improvements that Space Rogue sorely needs as it moves along in early access. But right now, Its just an echo of a great song that is FTL.
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2.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 14, 2015
This game wants to be FTL & fails miserably. I realize it is early access but like so many EA games it seems to have gotten of track early and doesn't show signs of getting back on track.

Just a of the things that make the game less than enjoyable.

Too many choices without information as to the outcome.

Upgrading crew offers no choices so it should be automatic. Why waste the player's time?

Very cute graphics that obscure rather than reveal what the player is to do. For instance, weapon targets are not highlighted on the primary enemy graphic. Damaged systems are indicated by tiny icons in upper left screen instead of on primary graphic.

No sense of progress. Neither is there the conflict of resource management that underlies FTL.

Crew merely repair damage and fight boarders. No specialized skills. No crew posts so no real reason to choose any one over another

Too much focus on graphics at cost of game play. There is no sense of progress. No meaningful upgrades.
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Not Recommended
3.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 26, 2015
- ftl rip-off
- almost no updates
- limited content
- bland gameplay
- bugs (really, a lot of bugs)
- expensive (twice the price of ftl which is ten times better)

pro tip: when you read that an early access game has "potential", run.

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Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 15, 2015
I had a longer more detailed review all typed up but it somehow got dropped.

Long story short: Space Rogue is a poor copy clone of FTL and it doenst improve on much of anything other than the graphics and sound and unfortunatly neither is a good change and actually makes the experience worse. In fact takes several steps back in terms of the balance and playability....

Thumbs down. No reason to play Space Rogue if you have FTL already.
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2.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 31, 2015
(Disclaimer : This review is based on a very Early Access version so this is subject to significant change, if material change requires me to update this review, then I shall revise the relevant areas)

Welcome to Faster Than Li- err... no, wrong review, this is Space Rogue, right? Yes, Space Rogue...

You'd be forgiven for thinking at first that FTL had just undergone a facelift. The game plays very, very similarly. Welcome to Space Rogue, another entrant in the opening wave of "FTL-Likes" to go along with Convoy. It's been quite some time since FTL came out, and to be fair nobody has really gone out of their way to try and cook up what FTL achieved, indeed, FTL set the bar so ridiculously high there was a sense anyone trying would have to differentiate themselves pretty hard lest they wind up being seen as a poor version of FTL. So far we've had things like Death Skid Marks (Excellent), Convoy (Reasonable) and now we have Space Rogue. Space Rogue however hews closest to FTL's formula, in so much as it puts you in command of a ship which you fly through sectors of space.

It looks nice but er, door control, power subsystems, events that don't want to immediately murder me?

In the current iteration of SR, events are taken from a nice diverse pool, and most of them end up with combat. Unlike FTL there's not a lot of subtlety going on, the vast majority of the time you'll be murdering whatever gets in your way, or you'll be getting rewarded FOR murdering whatever got in your way. There are the rare, thankful occasions when that's not the case, but in this game, combat is the norm, not the exception.

This would be fine if combat was solid and satisfying, currently it's rudimentary. It takes a lot of cues from FTL (with the PiP view of the enemy ship) to allow for specific targetting of areas of the enemy ship, but unlike FTL there's no real benefit to nuking the enemy engines, life support or navigation. Right now the only things that matter are shields and weapon systems, and maybe the medic bay if you have the right facilities.

But for the downsides, there's some flashes of light on the edge of space...

This is a shame because in some areas it genuinely improves over FTL's combat model, such as the concept of ammo weapons having a shorter reload between shots and then a "long" reload as the clip is refilled with ammo. There's program "Cartridges" which allow you to conduct cyber warfare on your opponents, such as setting fire to target bays, puncturing sections of the ship, and sending their crew into a panic. These are seriously good steps forward.

Equally there's the navigation system, unlike FTL you're not time constrained, so you'll be moving back and forth between sectors, completing quests. Right now it's a very barebones system, with planets you've cleaned out not being of importance or note once you've dealt with them, but there's always the possibility of systems becoming event markers so that after an extended period, sectors become more difficult, forcing you to keep pressing onwards and preventing you from farming for easy planets and mining opportunities.

The scaffolds are in place, but there's a lot to go...

There's potential here to be sure, there's definitely a good idea of where the game is going, and there are some intriguing possibilities in the future. Right now however, it's a case of "It's a lot like FTL but... not really as good." and that makes it entirely impossible to recommend -yet-. I say yet because there's a patch due in the next couple of weeks, in other words, put this on your wishlist, and watch this space. There's a very good chance that the game will start improving significantly, and that my opinion of it will move more towards a cautious recommendation, and then eventually a wholehearted recommendation.

Verdict : Wishlist it. Wait. Watch. This is one for the future. Right now you'd be investing in potential, but in the future, this may be FTL 2.0, if the devs can take the feedback they've got and convert it into results.
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Not Recommended
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 25, 2015
Like FTL only worse. Very few "random" events (I say this because I get several of the same ones. sometimes in the same system.) Few choices for play style, not many weapons, upgrading your ship is tedious. This game could be better than FTL if it tried and maybe one day it will but for now, just go play FTL so you will have more fun.

4/10 Try harder guys
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 28
For an early access game, my first impression is a positive one. Unfortunately, Space Rogue is held up to the high standards of Faster Than Light (FTL), even though it is a different company, designing a completely separate game. It does, however, have large amounts of borrowed UI and game mechanics, making it appear much like FTL. The game is very similar to FTL in many respects and at the same time it is its own game. If you enjoyed FTL and want to try a new type of strategy for this budding genre, this game will probably be fun for you. If you're expecting a 100% clone, you will be disappointed (and why aren't you just playing more FTL?).

Judging the game purely from a genre standpoint, it holds its own. There is a level of difficulty and challenge to everything you do. The game's strategy is deeper than space battles and economics, as it requires you to weigh in risk and probability. I've read several reviews complaining about the amount of failed events you find, but to be honest, I felt like it added another layer of challenge. Even if you skip events to breeze by without extra hull damage or lingering effects, eventually, you will find yourself wanting more Tritanium (A critical resource) than you can't always collect by doing missions or battling pirates.

I look forward to playing more of this game and I can't wait to see what the developers continue to do with it.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 22
Patch 1.27 has brought some vast improvements to the stability of the games, I have completed 4 games end to end without hitting a game ending bug. The ability to use new ships and new major plot lines has also enhanced the game.
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